Is KILLER BEE Honey Dangerous?!

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    Is Killer Bee honey dangerous to eat or just dangerous to get?!

    On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote and the crew go up against over 30,000 Killer Bees to find out if their honey tastes better than the farmed raw honey you can buy locally.

    Will they survive the encounter to find out?

    Get ready to enter the swarm for the ultimate honey taste test!

    HUGE THANKS to Chris Britton and his amazing team of Bee specialists for making this video possible. His knowledge of Honey Bees is nearly unparalleled and the natural raw honey his company “Life’Sweet” produces is INCREDIBLE! Visit his website to order some of the best honey in world - seriously it is THE BEST!


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  • 爪乇山ㄒ丨几ㄚ
    爪乇山ㄒ丨几ㄚ 17 minutes ago

    (^o^) <(Mmmm! Honey!)
    /> />🍯
    (@-@) <(What? You want my honey?)
    /v v/🍯
    {\ /}
    { \___/ }
    /\. /\
    \@ O @/. <(NEVEEEERRRRR)
    / V V\. 🍯

  • gumpkiller 123
    gumpkiller 123 23 minutes ago


  • Ricardo Contreras
    Ricardo Contreras 24 minutes ago

    The sound makes me cringe reallyhard

  • SirChickenOfCluck
    SirChickenOfCluck 35 minutes ago

    Yeah, I think Coyote went a bit too far with the honey...

  • Jon Felix
    Jon Felix 49 minutes ago

    Good singing 👏🖒

  • AliceTrancy#bling
    AliceTrancy#bling 1 hour ago

    It looked like he was eating ear wax when he was having the killer bee honey XD

  • KoastZZ Gaming
    KoastZZ Gaming 1 hour ago

    2:23 Astronaut?

    DERPY DINO 1 hour ago

    _oi mate_

    DERPY DINO 1 hour ago


    DERPY DINO 1 hour ago

    -bees are bees i have never got stung by one like if u have not-

  • Anonymous Shadow24
    Anonymous Shadow24 1 hour ago

    *Its finger licking good*

  • Ronny Thebest1
    Ronny Thebest1 1 hour ago

    Everyone subscribe to sml

  • Ronny Thebest1
    Ronny Thebest1 2 hours ago

    Subscribe to SML

  • Vladimir Sokolov
    Vladimir Sokolov 2 hours ago

    imagine him at 9:37 typing

  • Gabe The dog
    Gabe The dog 2 hours ago

    They didn't want your *BEES*Nuis here.

  • claire jia Kim
    claire jia Kim 2 hours ago


  • Gabe The dog
    Gabe The dog 2 hours ago

    I'm coyote Peterson.. and I'm about to enter the flight zone with United airlines...

  • Gabe The dog
    Gabe The dog 2 hours ago

    He went through the trouble to put THAT MUCH HONEY ON HIS FACE LOL HOW DID HE GET THAT OFF?

  • Polar Bear
    Polar Bear 2 hours ago

    11:17 Hunk takes 2 Loads at the same time.
    11:24 Hunk Dark Facial

  • Mias Crazy and wonderful world

    Cyote:"you guys want some"?

    Me: "ok"

    Cyote: "here" *gives to camera guy

    Me: :(

  • Frinky Dino
    Frinky Dino 2 hours ago

    I wanted someeee :(

  • Sammie girl
    Sammie girl 2 hours ago

    11:05- 13:00 what the heck? xD

  • Jianna C
    Jianna C 3 hours ago

    I think he got stung a lot cause he looks chubby

  • Brianna Jordan
    Brianna Jordan 3 hours ago

    they can sting more than once

  • jose correa
    jose correa 3 hours ago

    Coyote: this might be the craziest thing I've ever done
    Me: looks back to his other vids

  • Berghakker Playz
    Berghakker Playz 3 hours ago

    11:30 This proves killer bee honey is dangerous

  • Alexis00998877 Roblox player

    I think he was on drugs XD

  • Smile Army
    Smile Army 3 hours ago

    Why does mark sound so sarcastic

  • Billy Maronge
    Billy Maronge 4 hours ago

    are you okay from those bees

  • Kyle Calder
    Kyle Calder 4 hours ago

    winnie the pooh

  • Kyle Calder
    Kyle Calder 4 hours ago

    hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaaahhahahahhahahahhahahaahahahhahaahhahahahahhaahhaahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahah your face i love love your singing voice

  • Tsintseh
    Tsintseh 4 hours ago

    Yeaaa... no. I'm just gonna *stick* to the regular honeybee honey

  • Ariadne Benavides
    Ariadne Benavides 5 hours ago

    I am extremely scared of bees, I was covering my face the whole video LOL

  • TheGreenMario 05
    TheGreenMario 05 5 hours ago

    Honey is like drugs for Coyote. Lol

  • miamour 1738
    miamour 1738 5 hours ago

    at 9:25 I died 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • CarlyJohns Johns
    CarlyJohns Johns 5 hours ago

    Honey isn't good on spaghetti

  • lps futulu lps
    lps futulu lps 6 hours ago

    I hate bees

  • Nutella,Pickle And Peanut-Butter

    Anyone else think the killer bee honey looks like ear wax

  • Mac Podner
    Mac Podner 6 hours ago

    I don't know why but, I feel like Brave Wilderness is better than what's on TV, that's just me though.

    GODPLAYERGAMES 7 hours ago

    Who's else is getting the chills

  • Mortal Kombat Lover
    Mortal Kombat Lover 7 hours ago

    I would rather get honey bee c:

  • thedavinator 37
    thedavinator 37 7 hours ago

    I think at the end he was on a bit of a sugar rush...

  • Mr. Right
    Mr. Right 7 hours ago

    Stop at 10:03 his face looks hillarious

  • Hayley is not good Sugandi

    Coyote:oh its sticky

  • Hayley is not good Sugandi


  • Hayley is not good Sugandi

    Coyote: i am sourounded in bees right now

  • DeadAvo
    DeadAvo 8 hours ago

    How to get diabetes: 1. Find and cut honey from killer bee hive 2. Eat it 3. Rip you

  • Hayley is not good Sugandi

    Cameraman: I'm covored in killer bees right now

  • Vineet Thakrar
    Vineet Thakrar 8 hours ago

    🇧🇴🇧🇪🇧🇶🇮🇴try to eat a leeche

  • EyeNowC TheTruth
    EyeNowC TheTruth 9 hours ago

    11:29 what it feels like to be on drugs jk don't do drugs

  • coolstorybro 700
    coolstorybro 700 9 hours ago

    looks like something off of brazzers

  • Jacob Travers
    Jacob Travers 9 hours ago

    The bees on the microphone make me cringe

  • Serenity Boggan
    Serenity Boggan 9 hours ago

    I thought that Killer Bee Honey makes you halucinate like crazy after a while.

  • TheDJCB 216
    TheDJCB 216 9 hours ago

    people who has trypophobia

  • Beastly Lord
    Beastly Lord 9 hours ago

    Id rather use the flamethrower than take the suit.

  • One Guy Random Guy
    One Guy Random Guy 10 hours ago

    this thumbnail is very misleading XD

  • Keaton Hudson
    Keaton Hudson 11 hours ago

    That's crassy =-O

  • Keaton Hudson
    Keaton Hudson 11 hours ago

    yummy ;-)

  • Iswa
    Iswa 11 hours ago

    11:30 you ok Coyote?

  • Dave G
    Dave G 11 hours ago

    the small docile African bee physically could never mate with the larger European honey bee and even artificial insemination would only produce nothing because there DNA is so different it could never happen .And if by some type of magic they did produce offspring they would be dead in a day because everything eats bees in the Brazilian jungle and a meek, docile Hybrid wouldn't stand a chance, let alone head north and conquer North America .

  • Chloe Xu
    Chloe Xu 12 hours ago

    He wipes his face to look more presentable, next minute later he's purposely covering his face with honey.

  • Angel Playz
    Angel Playz 12 hours ago

    why 8k ppl dislike this isn't clickbait wtf

  • クリントンヒラリー

    you dont know you ar eating poop

  • Dolphin Guy
    Dolphin Guy 13 hours ago

    love how none of these are click bait

  • Raymond Wu
    Raymond Wu 14 hours ago

    Wait did his lips get stung???? - they like a little puffy

  • Moist Granny
    Moist Granny 15 hours ago

    Coyote you should visit Canada!! Like PLEASE PLEASE COME AND TRY AND FIND BEAVERSS!!!

  • simmersimmersimmersi
    simmersimmersimmersi 15 hours ago


  • Lucas Sandoval
    Lucas Sandoval 15 hours ago

    looks like ear wax

  • Burger Man40
    Burger Man40 16 hours ago

    Coyote:wow!!! That is sooooooo delicious mark:mmmmmmm

  • TLBeef
    TLBeef 16 hours ago

    Who else was itching for the entire video?

  • elgordoronaldo
    elgordoronaldo 16 hours ago

    Every time I get an ad I'm gonna watch it all to give you extra $$$ you deserve it😩

  • Grimmified
    Grimmified 17 hours ago

    Coyote.Exe Not Responding

  • Chanel Tapia
    Chanel Tapia 17 hours ago


  • Geno Silva
    Geno Silva 17 hours ago

    Are you rich or not I watch a vid and said you make 1.5 millon

  • Woozy
    Woozy 18 hours ago

    * opens killer bee honey jar *
    Coyote: *smells it* "mmmm mmmm"
    * Bee flies up nose *

  • nimo love
    nimo love 18 hours ago


  • Bret Nelson
    Bret Nelson 18 hours ago

    You sound like Charlie from Always Sunny in Philadelphia

  • Gif MSP
    Gif MSP 19 hours ago

    GOING FULL POOH BEAR, Stick my paw in there!! 😂😂😂

  • Kennedy Lanham
    Kennedy Lanham 20 hours ago

    is he drunk on sugar

  • poop poo
    poop poo 20 hours ago

    Lol 11:23

  • xXDerpynessXx
    xXDerpynessXx 21 hour ago

    He got high off of honey 😂

  • J Hare
    J Hare 21 hour ago

    no one else can survive a beehive of killer bees balls of them

  • Sofia Gray
    Sofia Gray 21 hour ago

    Honey= the new drug

  • Jack Gallagher
    Jack Gallagher 21 hour ago

    I can't take him seriously without the beard

  • Secret Agent
    Secret Agent 21 hour ago

    savage can u sub to my YouTube channel secret agent

  • Rochelle Ramos
    Rochelle Ramos 21 hour ago

    the cringe

  • Carmen Wheeler
    Carmen Wheeler 22 hours ago

    killer bee honey almost look like it was poop running down your mouth

  • alex chavez
    alex chavez 22 hours ago

    cdhyd hu j

  • BIG! Kabuto
    BIG! Kabuto 22 hours ago

    someone's gotta put brazzerz on that thumbnail

  • Krunch V
    Krunch V 23 hours ago

    you're so mean

  • Tricia Charlton
    Tricia Charlton 1 day ago

    why didn't they use smoke?

  • Mr KosovanGamer690

    I like pineapple on pizza but do you think honey on pizza would be good ?😂😂😂

  • xx master674xx
    xx master674xx 1 day ago

    7:09 The tumbnail

  • MrTerrokk
    MrTerrokk 1 day ago

    That's right coyote...get it all in there. Ziiip. Fap Fap Fap Fap.

  • Kevin García
    Kevin García 1 day ago

    Does honey go good on honey

  • Max Nickle
    Max Nickle 1 day ago

    He said it wont harm the bee's but he is destroying there home, and taking THERE honny that they made and that might've taken FOREVER to make.

  • Oonagh Fox
    Oonagh Fox 1 day ago

    Get stung by the warrior wasp please I would like to see it but if you are to nervous that is fine :)

  • Game Glitchy
    Game Glitchy 1 day ago

    Dose honey go on rice ?

    WAIL CRAFT 1 day ago

    no offense but that was weird and disgusting 11:36

  • Gareth King
    Gareth King 1 day ago

    Wish I had some

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