NHL/Funny Moments (Mic'd Up Edition Pt.2)

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  • Kristy7226
    Kristy7226 1 month ago

    Hockey player: "I just pushed them back in." Pulls out one tooth and then another.
    Any other sport: "Carry me off the court! I got a cramp!"

  • Kristy7226
    Kristy7226 1 month ago

    Who's the Flames player who yells "Shut the F up!"?

  • Daanny cyllebn
    Daanny cyllebn 1 month ago

    Weird but awsome

  • Peekingduck
    Peekingduck 1 month ago

    That feeling when soccer fans say soccer players aren't pussies... (pulls his own teeth out)

  • WakeeWakee
    WakeeWakee 2 months ago

    Canadian/ hockey insults are the best!!!

  • Linus Scordia Ericsson

    Haha Dupuis pulls out his tooth and just don't gives a shit. That's one of many things I love about hockey!

  • Alex P
    Alex P 2 months ago

    I like how this person faded out another watermark and added their own. Dickhead.

    • Siobhan W
      Siobhan W 2 months ago

      pretty sure its just a shadow effect on the text shes using.

  • Sniper Eye
    Sniper Eye 2 months ago

    Is this your first game?
    No it's like my eight I laughed so hard

  • Michael Frena
    Michael Frena 2 months ago

    "Keep your fucking head up"
    "Calm the fuck down"
    lol omg

  • Nathan Traylor
    Nathan Traylor 2 months ago

    "I'm done having kids that's alright"
    "You got a great beard going"
    "Thanks you got a good one going"

  • mr.Rager
    mr.Rager 2 months ago

    alyssa hope sound like a pornstar

  • YoureAPillock
    YoureAPillock 2 months ago

    Fuck I miss Thorton.

  • Gita Viakarina
    Gita Viakarina 2 months ago

    "I'm done having kids, that's alright" Omg EAVES hahaha

  • tn 15_
    tn 15_ 3 months ago

    fuck hockey players are great

  • Alex LeBlanc
    Alex LeBlanc 3 months ago

    lol Dupuis just pulling his teeth out on the bench, Thats hockey won't see that in any other sport

  • Hockey Pluck
    Hockey Pluck 3 months ago

    James Neal be like '' He slashed me in the face''

  • KendooF01 aws
    KendooF01 aws 3 months ago

    Krug complaining about a slew foot? Coming from him being a Boston player it's pretty funny. Guess you do see something new everyday.

  • Allure Lane
    Allure Lane 3 months ago

    These are priceless

  • Christopher Odenweller

    fucking sharks players are assholes...

    • Furio Giunta
      Furio Giunta 2 months ago

      I thought their off-topic banter is quite hilarious.

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 3 months ago

    "He fell down" XD XD

  • Newyorkrangersfan 74
    Newyorkrangersfan 74 3 months ago

    100th like

  • Etienne steve
    Etienne steve 3 months ago

    lol 4:45 what is violence anyway

  • More Wolfie
    More Wolfie 3 months ago

    It was funny Boston player watch out how that feel old man lol

  • Jeremy Gregson
    Jeremy Gregson 3 months ago

    Please keep making these!

  • JishyTheSwishyFishy
    JishyTheSwishyFishy 3 months ago

    "What is violence, anyways?" рЯШВ

  • dsgaa
    dsgaa 3 months ago

    2:55 "He fell down" :D

  • David Aladzhanyan
    David Aladzhanyan 3 months ago

    Lol subban hits someone in the head and says m:"Srry I thought you were Marchand"

    • Alex LeBlanc
      Alex LeBlanc 3 months ago

      David Aladzhanyan Perfect Excuse

    • Doikel
      Doikel 3 months ago

      David Aladzhanyan I was about to say that рЯШВ he wanted to fuck marchand up

  • Justin DaCosta
    Justin DaCosta 3 months ago

    Awesome vid. Keep em up

  • Energy Topaz
    Energy Topaz 3 months ago

    Amazing video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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