Korban lembu di Hari Aidil Aladha 2007

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Author lagubrok92 ( ago)
some retards ain't have any clue of this....this is the most humane way to
get want us to kill it with your western way??using
electricity??using gas etc??if your western ways are more humane than
ours...then why your scientists or your biology experts do not have a guts
to make an investigating video about which method is better...they afraid
of nationwide will convert to ISLAM??where are your discovery
guys??national geo guys??just shut up and respect other beliefs...

Author khairul azhar ( ago)
idiots , if u didn't SACRIFICE these cows , then what you would have for
BEEF ? LOL~ little pretty BASTARDS , these animal are FOR EAT ? then why do
you suppose GOD created cows? to BE ur MOTHERFUCKER? faking idiots who
didn't know anything don't talk like u're GOD.

Author galilenne4972 ( ago)
des sauvages, des primitifs, des criminels, facke

Author adam leslie ( ago)
to prove that ur right? any statement in quran tat u can show or share here
abt can't animal sacrifices??

Author Pipe Reyes ( ago)
maja le pum la neta no c pero stoi de mamon asme jaja le jaja tijua na

Author ringostartrek ( ago)
org sembelih lembu nih bodoh. letak tmpat tak rata. biar org yg sembelih tu
jadi korban

Author ziey0484 ( ago)
habis tu,engkau lah yang jadi korban..apalah,kalau tak tau tolong jangan
komen k,kitaorang tak kacau ko,ko jangan kacau kitaorang k

Author Dan Md ( ago)
lembu itu lagi rela dikorban.

Author HangJebat1976 ( ago)
kesian jadi lembu

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