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Hi There!!! IMPRORTANT! when you want to set crest, you must put crest in system folder,and write "crestname.bmp". ... .bmp is a must have, otherwise game wont recognise the picture :)

Its my first video about lineage 2..
My next video will be about lineage 2(pvp/pk/farm/quests/)and much more..
BTW:Have Fun and Play Lineage 2 xD
(song:akcent-that is my name and mattealica-seek and destroy)..

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Author ChaosReignZ ( ago)
the name of the first song can u tell me please? btw if anyone want to
stat one server i play ,its very nice x100 my name
in server is ZairaIsBack, thanks,very nice video

Author Bacod Gaming ( ago)
What is the song name ?

Author Юрий Семак ( ago)
PH-CLUB ELEANOR X50 (первый сервер без доната, на котором можно

Author Dovydas Šaučiūnas ( ago)
i need first song name

Author Bobby Shau ( ago)
Romanian music! Nice! :D Thanks!

Author sambor ( ago)
hey mam i have a problem. I made everything as You showed, but i cant put
"\" in game to make a direction to file..

Author Stefan Kostic ( ago)
hey zoran on what serw u play l2

Author paraskeuas kalatzhs (1513 years ago)
on step G you must fix the last word of second line is write not wtite!!

Author meia belle ( ago)
make me one pls :)

Author SpeedGrapher ( ago)
@granddadist save the cest at C:/ and try again

Author SpeedGrapher ( ago)
i crop ally crest 8x12 pixel and is ok.. but with clan crest i can not crop
cause i crop 12x16 and hes dont make my SYMBOL! please help mee!!!!!!!

Author granddadist ( ago)
i have do all the steps but at the clan it says unable to find file at
target location

Author giwrgos benk ( ago)
thx a lot ;)

Author audimas626 ( ago)
@dolofonos140 your video very usefull thanks dumb up

Author Giorgos Kazdaglis ( ago)
how to delete our clan

Author Guthix23222 ( ago)
How do i make ally crest ? plzz help ;(

Author Tou Novito ( ago)
tyvm man :)

Author StrikeL2 ( ago)
good progam " l2 crest maker " thx :)

Author Θοδωρής Σταρίτσης ( ago)
thank you man you are the best!!!

Author Tomaš Miličković ( ago)

Author zoran conevski ( ago)
@dolofonos140 how? :)

Author Darklline ( ago)
xXzoranXx1 can you help me ? for crest

Author Linas Gizu ( ago)
very good tutorial !! (Y) :)

Author Rodoula Rod ( ago)
thx your vid really helped me :)

Author anormal1234567 ( ago)
i cant make it, all times says unable to find file at target location...

Author IKD GR ( ago)
ty man u helped me a lot!!!

Author Teh Supperz ( ago)
i have windows 7 ultima the paint isnt the same help!

Author Twinblade TheBladeMeister ( ago)
@xXzoranXx1 i am playing l2 c4 (euroworld) high rate

Author zoran conevski ( ago)
@Vgeorge7 can u tell me what kind of server you play on? is it high rate or
low rate server... i'll tell you buffs :) tnx for comment :)

Author Nscence ( ago)
'tallica rulez at last :D

Author GDglobalDisaster ( ago)
i can set it it says unable to find location something like that:S

Author sta8ic ( ago)
Thanks a lot bro.. You saved us :)

Author RIMMON ( ago)
tnx tnx tnx :)

Author psych619master ( ago)
Guys On windows 7 i cant put it wtf -.-

Author Gesia Oliveira ( ago)
eu nao gostei porquw wu nao falo ingles

Author lockshark shark ( ago)

Author zoran conevski ( ago)
for ally crest is same easy as clan crest.. for ally: create crest in
paint(12x24-dimensions). when you done with drawing simply click file>>save
as>>and save it as "BMP 256color"(same as clan crest). Then put it in
system folder like clan crest... Open lineage(game). And ingame just write
in chat box: /allycrest then write name of ally crest you created
(ex:ally1.bmp). REMEMBER to put ".bmp" after name. AND SIMPLY CLICK OK or
APPLY. voila have fun ::D

Author spanoulis123 ( ago)
for ally crest???

Author zoran conevski ( ago)
Np guys! you're always welcome if y need i can make video with how to put
it on clan,some tips about leadership ,clan rbs places and some other stuff
about l2. just pm me or leave comment here. i will help you

Author LefosTheOwner ( ago)
That's it bro!!! thanks i love ya

Author Junior Rodrigues ( ago)
Passa seu msn aew nao conseguir colocar

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