Never before seen real life footage inside of North Korea (Documentary)

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  • ThedragoonaFilms
    ThedragoonaFilms 7 minutes ago

    Man, I wish I could move there. They look so much more advanced than America!

  • Nathan Blackman
    Nathan Blackman 21 minute ago

    Victory to dear leader Kim Jong un, if any diplomats from the DPRK please contact me as I would like to claim asylum.

  • 2J-XD CCY
    2J-XD CCY 1 hour ago

    i hope north korea and south korea united peace

  • Brad Holkesvig
    Brad Holkesvig 1 hour ago

    A child raised in North Korea will never understand what it's like to be a child raised in the ghettos of the U.S. and survive a drug infested environment.

  • Vigor The Sloth
    Vigor The Sloth 3 hours ago


  • HyperCyclops
    HyperCyclops 3 hours ago

    If North Korea makes a move on South Korea than American troops will be on their ass quickly

  • Chris Whited
    Chris Whited 7 hours ago

    beggars,, pretty much that simple. we place our entire future in his hands. Nice escape hatch, nothing to worry about (supposedly)...............and in the end, in the back of all their minds.....................someone else to blame if things go south. All waiting around for instructions on what to do, at what quantity to do it, at what quality to do it, at what time to do it. And when they don't get answers they'll stare in the distance like sheep.

  • Stew
    Stew 7 hours ago

    It's like North Korea is showing us that they live in a commercial.

  • Theo Lucas
    Theo Lucas 7 hours ago

    Experimental popular surgeon whisper develop participation consumer child dirty.

  • Chris Whited
    Chris Whited 7 hours ago

    Lenin was probably the first to say it. That the dictatorship of the proliteriate meant a dictatorship of leadership over the proliteriate. just as North Korea has carried the same type lie once again. That man should support himself. That means A MAN SHOULD support (rule over) all his people. You can't trust folks that constantly speak in riddles.

    notice all those women communist premieres and number 1 rulers in history................oh wait never mind.

  • Chris Whited
    Chris Whited 7 hours ago

    the whole trick was to set up the secret police and security services in the way that would accept the new leader.

  • Chris Whited
    Chris Whited 7 hours ago

    a communist doesn't even COMPUTE. So much for the czars being a problem in principle.

  • Chris Whited
    Chris Whited 7 hours ago

    strike a blow. there won't be a north to unite with the south if they do as they "say".

  • Chris Whited
    Chris Whited 7 hours ago

    So does the FLAT PANEL represent a man's penis?

  • Chris Whited
    Chris Whited 7 hours ago

    they are in such a bubble world that they just don't get that they fool no one. Here is our titty chandeller and here is where our holy leader slept, etc etc. YSee when they say you just have to believe they MEAN IT. They just have to trick you into believing it in order to get to their ends. It doesn't matter if it's true, or that they themselves believe it to be true. They just know, giving the context of the times, what the masses must believe to be true for their dream to become true. You just have to you can see a new angle on the term MAKE BELIEVE.

  • Chris Whited
    Chris Whited 8 hours ago

    they have two things. the great revolutionary father (movies and songs, you name drilled into them day and night) and the bomb.

    • Chris Whited
      Chris Whited 8 hours ago

      what some do with George Washington doesn't hold a candle to these jokers and their great revolutionary leader

  • PaJeremy
    PaJeremy 9 hours ago

    Screw North Korea 🖕🇰🇵

  • Infinite Loop
    Infinite Loop 10 hours ago

    I love watching/listening to foreign propaganda. It comforts me to know our western propaganda may be more subversive in nature but our production value is through the roof! Someone get North Korea good sound engineers and directors, for the love of fuck! XD

  • imhereAbenatsumi
    imhereAbenatsumi 11 hours ago

    7:51 ive seen this style of greeting before

  • Depresticles
    Depresticles 12 hours ago

    I thought there'd be people being killed omg eh streets and people eating babies

  • Hannu Koistinen
    Hannu Koistinen 14 hours ago

    Just like in Soviet Union or China!!!

  • Sunlessland
    Sunlessland 15 hours ago

    "Maybe we can go into town?"

  • Serena
    Serena 17 hours ago

    wtf destiny and future in that shitty leader's hands? i was so sad seeing the young girl sing and that song is about their fvcking leader.

  • Gussy Gatlin
    Gussy Gatlin 19 hours ago

    The ex refugee officer is doing a REALLY GREAT thing telling what he knows!

  • Gussy Gatlin
    Gussy Gatlin 19 hours ago

    A fair documentary... how about the TRUTH!!!

  • Gussy Gatlin
    Gussy Gatlin 19 hours ago

    Well Kim son yung is dangling fun over N. Korea's head as a way to lead those people into the NWO!

  • Nick Copek
    Nick Copek 19 hours ago


  • katie kawaii
    katie kawaii 19 hours ago

    Omg did anyone else see that film clip from the Pyongyang International Film Festival (at minute 26:40 or so)? It was a cheap knockoff of the Lion King with a warthog like Pumbaa and (for some bizarre reason) a turtle instead of Timon! I mean an exact, possibly even shot-for-shot, knockoff. And then the presenter says they are "about to watch films which are completely innovative in both form and content"! The irony of that! Incredible.

  • Gussy Gatlin
    Gussy Gatlin 19 hours ago


  • Nattys Remixes
    Nattys Remixes 20 hours ago

    if all the people stop going along there is nothing he can do

  • Mrjolie 666
    Mrjolie 666 23 hours ago

    What a ending!

  • KnightKraft
    KnightKraft 23 hours ago

    When Hitler did stuff similar to this everyone was against it and now no one cares

  • Wolfdogmom
    Wolfdogmom 23 hours ago

    These people are paranoid thinking every one is the enemy. Everything looks so fake. Feed your people you fatass

  • Omfgmofo
    Omfgmofo 1 day ago

    Guys, Im sick of people saying "don't have kids" what they don't understand as that the North Koreans think this is the normal way as life just as a deaf person does. They have kids because that's what have humans do. Search up someone stories of NK escapees you'll see that they thought it was the best way of life

  • Baskerville22
    Baskerville22 1 day ago

    Only a fool would go to N Korea on holiday

  • Noo0dles
    Noo0dles 1 day ago

    You know what is sad. You only showed the privileged people of North Korea. The poor part looks like a 3rd world country. It is extremely depressing.

  • Geoffry Vickery
    Geoffry Vickery 1 day ago

    That hospital looks like it belongs in a third world country

  • Nothing.
    Nothing. 1 day ago

    25:14 holy shit what a badass!

  • Cesar Razo
    Cesar Razo 1 day ago

    They need to blow that dudes brains out and free those kids man that 2 yr old girl its so sad when she sang that song...How we take for granted living in the US

  • Don Juan
    Don Juan 1 day ago

    And dumbass liberals will keep pushing for socialism, because you know socialist countries always thrive

  • Jimmy King
    Jimmy King 1 day ago


  • Darken Philip
    Darken Philip 1 day ago

    These scared humiliated sad faces tho, with no hope and no chance for change

  • Mark Robson
    Mark Robson 1 day ago

    I wonder if the people know there is freedom outside North Korea, could it be a case of they may have heard but not sure if its true , so to stand up against the regime would be to risky.

  • Cynthia Hill
    Cynthia Hill 1 day ago

    3 skiiers, damn

  • Mary Mikel
    Mary Mikel 1 day ago

    God bless y'all to know him In Jesus Christ name, have a blessed day.

  • Negan Stamford
    Negan Stamford 1 day ago

    Americans still visit North Korea? I'll be spending 15 year prison time for tripping over my shoelaces.

  • Joshua Zapata
    Joshua Zapata 1 day ago

    17:53 😂😂

  • Jamie Krouse
    Jamie Krouse 1 day ago

    this is too fucking Orwellian for me... it's unbelievable how this is happening in the world, it almost seems unreal, like a dystopian movie. but it is real, and I really hope that this will become nothing but a bad memory within my lifetime.

  • Amin Momtaheni
    Amin Momtaheni 1 day ago

    You mean NATO did not participated in north Korean war?! If they did , You mean France was not member of NATO?! You mean France is not paying for NATO as his share?!
    what the F are you saying? you start your video like this and the rest means nothing.

  • Carolyn Wright
    Carolyn Wright 1 day ago

    All the people must know it's not the right way to live, its like Nazi Germany why don't the army and people over throw the regime like they did in Romania

  • vidya sagar
    vidya sagar 1 day ago

    wow..that cars carrying late presidents.

  • Carolyn Wright
    Carolyn Wright 1 day ago

    Terrible country

  • Michelle Weger
    Michelle Weger 1 day ago

    those people are robots

  • Steven Universe nick wild

    americans can go to north koria but people is savage to americans

  • John Michelle
    John Michelle 2 days ago

    Propaganda from the illuminati

  • not Sauer
    not Sauer 2 days ago

    Dang, a couple minutes in, looks like a Minecraft world 😂. All these big ass buildings, but no one around or in them

  • SM rquer
    SM rquer 2 days ago

    My God, my heart feels like it's going to burst. Such vast brain wash and Satan Kim jung bog un . Oh Lord, let the light kill him immediately.

  • aaronsdavis
    aaronsdavis 2 days ago

    That's some pretty clunky propaganda.

  • aaronsdavis
    aaronsdavis 2 days ago

    What a blast. They have such beautiful shades of gray.

  • James Ellison
    James Ellison 2 days ago

    North Korea is a shit

  • Melbin Bautista
    Melbin Bautista 2 days ago

    Kill this Fat pig jim jom chom or what ever this fags name is.

  • These Eyes kaTrina
    These Eyes kaTrina 2 days ago

    I learned more from this then any class in school taught me.. blessed to be in the USA.. But wow !!!

    NERF KID 2 days ago


  • turandot ignoto
    turandot ignoto 2 days ago

    Do they have druggies, child molesters, racial discrimination, "street walkers", "celebrities", car racing, wrestling, traffic jams, karaoke "singers", jewish media, holocaust (hollow cause) crybabies, rednecks, people with a bunch of tattoos there?

  • keule888888
    keule888888 2 days ago

    zzzzzzt: all patients at the iron lungs take a deep breath lack of power incoming

  • Shadow S
    Shadow S 2 days ago

    This poor woman is like a robot just spewing information fed to her.

  • Aidan Convery
    Aidan Convery 2 days ago


  • Aidan Convery
    Aidan Convery 2 days ago


  • Aidan Convery
    Aidan Convery 2 days ago

    Commentary patronising to the viewer's critical intelligence.

  • Aidan Convery
    Aidan Convery 2 days ago


  • Aidan Convery
    Aidan Convery 2 days ago


  • Aidan Convery
    Aidan Convery 2 days ago


  • Alessandra Cruz
    Alessandra Cruz 2 days ago

    Is being gay allowed in North Korea?

  • Aidan Convery
    Aidan Convery 2 days ago

    Hospitals, infrastructure all pristine - better than a lot of  Western equivalents.

  • Aidan Convery
    Aidan Convery 2 days ago


  • Jakk Taylor
    Jakk Taylor 2 days ago

    trying to figure out if there scared to speak there mind or brainwashed

  • Novak
    Novak 2 days ago

    Seems like a lovely place for a holiday

  • Madison Erickson
    Madison Erickson 2 days ago

    for a place so against America, their buildings are very americanized

  • Anthony Williams
    Anthony Williams 2 days ago

    yea they probably got nukes . but they can't defeat America dumb asses we got land and air. if fat ass set off a nuke he might as well commit suicide. cause we will invade . yea he'll tear up some shit but In the end he'll loose

  • Gregg Powell
    Gregg Powell 2 days ago

    Brainwashed - North Korea comprises the largest cult in the World... and Koreans in general are prone to indoctrination, conformity, compliance, and acquiescence. Like ants in an ant colony.

  • Acoustic Child
    Acoustic Child 2 days ago

    This whole thing is like a giant play put on by Kim

  • Brian M
    Brian M 2 days ago

    If they had any idea what a free society looked like, I believe those people would revolt.

  • Therese Eklund
    Therese Eklund 2 days ago

    It´s not nice to brag....I´m sure no one has told them that.

  • claudio coppola
    claudio coppola 2 days ago

    living as robots...that is very sad...

  • claudio coppola
    claudio coppola 2 days ago

    people are manipulated and live like slaves... in the year 2017... God help us.

  • steven Calhoun
    steven Calhoun 2 days ago

    This little girl is brainwashed from birth so they know nothing else. If she knew how sick their leader is, she wouldn't be singing the propaganda that was indoctrinated into her head at a young age. Whose fault is it that these children are brainwashed, the parents. I would make sacrifices so that the indoctrination wouldn't take place. If they think they have it better there than anyone else, they are mistaken. I know thing though, no Muslim will ever enter that country with their religion because they would definitely be decapitated, like they do the infidels. Maybe release the Mussies over there and pork would run and hide for sure. He would definitely fear decapitation

  • Odette Sprong
    Odette Sprong 2 days ago

    Every video about North Korea features roughly the same footage. It's absurd how high the control levels are over there. Very frightening.

  • wesleymorris1
    wesleymorris1 2 days ago

    forced to believe in cum suck pun

  • XaZa
    XaZa 3 days ago

    can't wait for Kim to die!!!

  • MaryAnn
    MaryAnn 3 days ago

    I feel so bad for the lady in the blue coat, the one who was tortured in the labour camp :(

  • Germa2k
    Germa2k 3 days ago

    that ending was quite abrupt, good documentary tho.

  • SoaR Snow
    SoaR Snow 3 days ago


  • Heru- deshet
    Heru- deshet 3 days ago

    Take heed America. This is what Liberals want the U.S. to become. They are already doing the brainwashing in schools and the main stream media.

  • Brave Cat.
    Brave Cat. 3 days ago

    Who dafuq is that sick to visit North Korea smh

  • Lollipop Sucker
    Lollipop Sucker 3 days ago

    Better than Israel tbh. Living here is a nightmare.

  • sarah morelli
    sarah morelli 3 days ago

    ive never seen so many emtu fields or such a small piece of corn whats up? but hes the biggest consumer of hennessy in the world tf

  • Dávid Kuruc
    Dávid Kuruc 3 days ago

    What a fat loser. Would love to tell that to his face, if we were alone without his power.

  • 椎名 Shiina!
    椎名 Shiina! 3 days ago

    They look brainwashed...

  • AirScholar
    AirScholar 3 days ago

    A country where people suffer from a huge lack of medical care there are empty beds and the halls are empty.

    GARYINLEEDS 3 days ago

    How many Brits have fled their, Country?Let's be fair here.

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