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  • WolfieRaps
    WolfieRaps 5 months ago

    Only savages will read this comment :)

  • Alfredo de Cardenas
    Alfredo de Cardenas 13 minutes ago


  • Vaibhav Bhatia
    Vaibhav Bhatia 46 minutes ago

    Why would any baby do all that crap

    SLYPRAYGAMER 2 hours ago

    Do a unbrakerble dog toy

  • BlackAssassin _64
    BlackAssassin _64 8 hours ago

    Baby wolfie

  • Gamergirl 1299
    Gamergirl 1299 9 hours ago

    That bowl would be useful for me I drop and spill everything I eat

  • Miguel Agoncillo
    Miguel Agoncillo 10 hours ago

    Ok Ima try the thing u told us to doodbbekenbenekekekekennenekeenebebebebebjbrhrjrrbbreejdjndnddkekne enemenkekekdodifhebebnekekdkd

  • mrhotdog77 2
    mrhotdog77 2 10 hours ago

    hi hivji

  • Cycotis
    Cycotis 11 hours ago


    WANDERING WOLF 14 hours ago

    i saw this on an imfomercial when i was 5

  • Sandy Flores
    Sandy Flores 16 hours ago


  • Diy Diy
    Diy Diy 17 hours ago

    "Some people don't EAT milk with their cereal" Wolfie2017

  • Junior Lopez
    Junior Lopez 19 hours ago

    david is a thug

  • FunWithzahra
    FunWithzahra 22 hours ago

    Does it work for Sylvia's "Baby"???

  • Lighter/JacobLTG
    Lighter/JacobLTG 1 day ago

    this is some how to basic shit and I like it 🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒

  • twalk174
    twalk174 1 day ago

    Dairy Queen in the states

  • twalk174
    twalk174 1 day ago

    we do

  • Gummy
    Gummy 1 day ago

    I smashed the like button with my head

  • Little Craze
    Little Craze 1 day ago


  • Minecraft and Legos

    We have dairy 🥛 queen

  • Kitty Crew
    Kitty Crew 1 day ago

    wolfie do the takis challenge please

  • Shawn Culver
    Shawn Culver 1 day ago

    Can you do the sleep challenge it's when you knock your friend out and then he wakes up in his bed?!? Try it please

  • rubba dub robin
    rubba dub robin 1 day ago

    Umm wolfie i think i split my keyboard in half

  • Diamonston Vonethanoulom

    hell ya!

  • ChaBoyChase Huber

    "Is there Dairy Queen in America?" 🤣 Were like the fattest country in the world!

  • Jalen Boston
    Jalen Boston 1 day ago

    Wolfe I banged my head on my phone and it cracked I'm sueing lol jk

  • The gaming Max 123

    I got a concoction because you told me to smash my head on the keyboard

  • Game Master
    Game Master 1 day ago

    I'm home I'm new hon mom mom and didn't want to you can you are you doing to her and say Hannah hello I'm getting hypnotized help I'm good connection peddler

  • Singrida Bogomoloviene

    the crindzs

  • Idris Veliu
    Idris Veliu 2 days ago

    Was up

  • Jaxson & Cayden
    Jaxson & Cayden 2 days ago

    The states have dairy queen

  • Kevin Sanchez
    Kevin Sanchez 2 days ago

    my favorite part was 3:45

  • Dark Gaming28
    Dark Gaming28 2 days ago

    just got a 50 sec add no skip ...R.I.P

  • Greg Johnson
    Greg Johnson 2 days ago

    I like

  • Marshmallow Mars
    Marshmallow Mars 3 days ago

    Wait there's Nesquick cereal? Well I've been living under a rock.

  • Aliyah Giles
    Aliyah Giles 3 days ago

    what kind of blender is that??? 😂

  • Jacob Saunders
    Jacob Saunders 3 days ago

    "I got cereal" *pulls out milk*😂

  • Cameron Camy
    Cameron Camy 4 days ago

    You use a mouse to smash the like button

  • Izzy Diddy
    Izzy Diddy 4 days ago

    Grammar check Wolfe!!!!!! You said, "some people don't EAT MILK with their cereal." But you can EAT MILK can you?

  • mnm778 trick shots
    mnm778 trick shots 4 days ago

    8:12 it's the super bowl 😉

  • Marlon Lopez-lumbi
    Marlon Lopez-lumbi 4 days ago


  • Mojo Minecraft
    Mojo Minecraft 4 days ago

    Wolfie can you give me some of that ice cream plz i want some ice cream

  • The Weirdo #5
    The Weirdo #5 4 days ago

    I'm legit watching u when my butthole is on fire in the washroom

  • Daws B
    Daws B 4 days ago

    can u subscribe to me my YouTube channel is Liz beaver

  • ASM Trolls
    ASM Trolls 4 days ago

    I'm using a new keyboard cause I smashed my last one by smashing the like button to hard...

  • Hacker hunter Productions

    He should of said
    Do you want your blizzard? Yes
    Buy your own

  • Princesses of puppies and kittens /my name:Bella

    I know two Davids they are my Dad and that David

  • Mackenzie Warren
    Mackenzie Warren 5 days ago

    DQ is all over the us just saying

  • Natboy 09
    Natboy 09 5 days ago

    Jelly belly pet rat gummy candy

  • F dog
    F dog 6 days ago

    the US does have Dairy Queen

  • Laryssa Palomo
    Laryssa Palomo 6 days ago

    who doesnt eat cereal with milk

  • Joey Hosford
    Joey Hosford 6 days ago

    It's unspillabowl

  • David Allen
    David Allen 6 days ago

    The first bold I almost Peed

  • Love kittens
    Love kittens 7 days ago

    WolfieRaps you have an amazing intro like I love the beat now you are the true savage!!!!

  • Dr. Dodge king
    Dr. Dodge king 7 days ago


  • RandomHappens
    RandomHappens 7 days ago

    Full functions because he got gyroscopic OT drains all of the momentum and I really circumference of the universe

  • Avielle Jannsen
    Avielle Jannsen 7 days ago

    1:34 I'm dying!! XD

  • William Baker
    William Baker 7 days ago

    they purposely make the gyro ball look good

  • George Ortiz
    George Ortiz 7 days ago

    A fairy only chases u if u turn another into an imp

  • Soereh Sharbu
    Soereh Sharbu 7 days ago


  • sophia glass
    sophia glass 7 days ago

    Nobody eats milk

  • Hannah Silvaz
    Hannah Silvaz 7 days ago

    That's just a baby bowl man! What are you saying. I used that when I was kid(I am turning 13 next month).

  • babyjade garcia
    babyjade garcia 7 days ago

    9:21-9:32 would be Wolfe working at dairy queen😂😂

  • Raven Roach
    Raven Roach 7 days ago

    I read the savage comment

  • Blazing Lion
    Blazing Lion 7 days ago

    Oh boy I love me some good "LOOPPYYEYES!!!!!!!!"

  • Graham Giller
    Graham Giller 7 days ago

    where did you get that kit kar ice cream i sounds and looks realy good

  • Kyla Wilson
    Kyla Wilson 7 days ago

    How do you not have roaches with all that food you spill everywhere

  • Vincent Kellerman
    Vincent Kellerman 7 days ago

    This reminds me of an old porn video 😂

  • Brandon Wolf
    Brandon Wolf 7 days ago

    where do you get milk cartons in ontario, all our milk comes in bags bro

    OPKILLLER R 7 days ago

    #ho loves bigdickdave and savegwolfie

    • Colin Halvorsen
      Colin Halvorsen 1 day ago

      OPKILLLER R if your gonna roast some body then spell it right

  • Rheminecrafters
    Rheminecrafters 8 days ago

    who still uses e machines keyboards

    THE GUNNUT J 8 days ago

    David broke the malk

  • Stormwatcher
    Stormwatcher 8 days ago

    So jelly of you having Nesquik. They don't have it in my location anymore. :'(

  • 09wolfboi swag
    09wolfboi swag 9 days ago

    6:36 that was satisfying

  • haleigh700
    haleigh700 9 days ago

    lol did I hear wolfie just say aka @ 1:11 lol I think his dad is rubbing off on him. 😂 love your videos Wolfie keep doing what your doing 👍

  • Dalton W
    Dalton W 9 days ago

    David is the best

  • Jackaboi
    Jackaboi 9 days ago

    This makes me smile

  • PurplePanda55555
    PurplePanda55555 9 days ago


  • David Gabriel
    David Gabriel 10 days ago

    when i watched this video my mom thinks im crazy

  • Iron Batcreator
    Iron Batcreator 10 days ago

    I smashed it now I have bruises and a new keyboard I hit it to hard

  • Elemental Ninja 9
    Elemental Ninja 9 10 days ago

    so wat if u need to pour something out

  • Danielle O
    Danielle O 10 days ago

    a grown man is acting like a baby right now 😑😑😑😑

  • Kelvin Hodge
    Kelvin Hodge 11 days ago

    Wolfe i wont some fidget spinners

  • Shardinay Windle
    Shardinay Windle 11 days ago

    I love your videos 😜

  • Anabel Ramirez
    Anabel Ramirez 11 days ago

    Anyone who likes this comment will be fucked up I am serious

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin 11 days ago

    instructions unclear got dick stuck in keyboard

  • Arianna Grimsley
    Arianna Grimsley 11 days ago

    wahy fuck did you do that

  • Arianna Grimsley
    Arianna Grimsley 11 days ago

    f my borthet

  • Lillia Luinstra
    Lillia Luinstra 12 days ago

    The fuck is molk?!

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith 12 days ago

    Yeah we do have DQ in the states

  • Lucky Keks
    Lucky Keks 12 days ago

    thats some bad german over there you just said that it cant be filled (instead of saying that it can be spilled /kann nicht verschüttet werden) but k

    BEEHD 12 days ago


  • Hunter Hippo
    Hunter Hippo 13 days ago

    "Air and salsa" ~KingWolfy 2016

  • Freja Schøsler
    Freja Schøsler 13 days ago

    WolfieRaps where did you buy the baby bowls?

  • BenGames22
    BenGames22 13 days ago

    I smashed my like button how you did then my mom came in and is like wtf are you doing

  • Bucci's Life
    Bucci's Life 13 days ago

    i guess um a savage

  • Diandre Reaction and gaming

    Prank ur mom with suicide prank

  • Plasma Prica
    Plasma Prica 14 days ago

    9:03 Wolfie looks like a mom

    HONG TRAN 14 days ago

    Have sec with your girl friend

  • DawsonProGaming
    DawsonProGaming 14 days ago

    dq is in the states

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