yet another

me and stazey b.

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Author Luigi Broz ( ago)
omg both shakes good i wanna fuck them

Author Billie Fauntleroy ( ago)
pause fucking freeze to all the hating ass comments.... they are both girls
cause I used to roll with these bitches... they are not dudes...

Author Once More The Sith Will Rule The Galaxy ( ago)
chicks with dicks alert im fking outta here dis is bullshit

Author Kissuania Smallwood ( ago)
Lmfao I have never actually sat and looked at the comments on my videos its
entertainment! Seriously fun haters eat a dick! We had fun.

Author radiatrex17 ( ago)

Author John Simth ( ago)
Lol they clowin

Author StazeyyBae ( ago)
To all the NEGATIVE comments. . . FUCK OFF! The video was for FUN! It ain't
nothing serious! To all the questions about the one in yellow. . No that's
not a man, she's a GROWN WOMAN! To all the hatin ass bitches: AIN'T NOTHING
HOOD, RATCHET, PROJECT about us! See us on the DAILY & I bet you, your
boyfriend & FRIENDS want us both!

Author MarryMe Maryjane ( ago)
yall bitches sexciiii!!!!!!!!

Author BearTheLegend ( ago)
Damn yall did the damn thang hit me up...get at me...

Author Johnny55161 ( ago)
duss ya dawg Mista Hollywood Aka Yellow Boi im diggin dhat video check out
ma musik click dha JOHNNY55161 LINK get at me ASAP 843-743-6646

Author Dezmond Jones ( ago)
damn she on the fone and still shakin her ass

Author Pete Rocksu ( ago)
low buget Project hoes...yuk!

Author luciano9009 ( ago)
That shit was funny ass hell, but yall do got that jiggle...

Author babyboyrix1 ( ago)
the one in the yellow can suck my dick

Author MonsoonPhilly ( ago)
Sweet! :)

Author KEYDEEGUNZL4L ( ago)
dat shit wavy lol

Author 7Tapanga ( ago)
Yall funny is shit

Author Uneekre ( ago)
yo bitches is whak

Author keishateamo08 ( ago)
when she laughed that shit scared the shit out of me lmfao the vid was cute

Author Tiger Hood ( ago)
what a terrible laughing haha -.-

Author danielruizvega18 ( ago)
crack kicks in at 1:46

Author MrPhillyjazz ( ago)
the one in yellow is beat up from the feet up.

Author realiceman2013 ( ago)

Author Armindo Tué na Bangna ( ago)
ganda rotcha the one in brown

Author SuperTweezy11 ( ago)
Fb me suckafree tweezyana

Author SHEROD31 ( ago)

Author Fantasy Tube ( ago)
im horny

Author Fantasy Tube ( ago)
fb me "ire ice" when u see the hard six pack u cant me

Author Rodney Mason ( ago)
hi babes ride your rodney hard white cock damn your both fine hunnies xxxxx

Author bigshane0221 ( ago)
yellow ass stupid dum phat

Author Jamahri Jackson (1910 years ago)
damn put that dick in tha booty shorts kid marz

Author Tyrell Jordan ( ago)
grind wit me sometimes

Author JuanPonceDeLeon ( ago)
ol girl in yellow strapped!!! but kinda favors mos-def...

Author dink brown ( ago)
faces= fail dance moves= average asses= wht makes the vid worth watching

Author Mrdute12 ( ago)
2 bad bitches

Author Michael Lasker ( ago)
jean shorts is nice but yellow toooo buff for me lol

Author mzeastside16 ( ago)
Is that a dude in the yellow?

Author antoniofrazier2007 ( ago)

Author PinkDooley ( ago)
why da snow boots

Author Ashley Johnson ( ago)
@Laqresha damn!

Author Delano Omar ( ago)
one in tha yellow can get it..

Author Crazy Faster ( ago)
0ne in dah yelow what ur number or facebook ??? u got tha cake

Author sAvAqeLifeLynch ( ago)
Damm yall look qood hmu onn fb wuhs yall name upp dere...Nd lmao datt was
funnii azhell

Author Laqresha ( ago)
how yall ex's mad?they laughin at yall retarted asses

Author tetee9108 ( ago)

Author King Lil Shaun ( ago)
damn on 0:17 i thought my headphones turned n to a lawnmore

Author yung k cash ( ago)
blue shorts can get it da long stroke way

Author jleron22 ( ago)
dam bbygirl n da shorts u sxy as hell, get @ ya boy!!!

Author Gaduminati ( ago)
dem got good mouth for a blow job... I fi like eata for dem pussy

Author Demallo Abraham ( ago)
umm yellow umm look me up on facebook I got some music for u to dance to

Author jermaine acey ( ago)
yellow ranger u a

Author jermaine acey ( ago)
yellow ranger u a

Author Malcolm Harris ( ago)
both of yall can get it...but lilmama on tha right get at me

Author 80DOGGS ( ago)

Author joan michael valenzuela palomares ( ago)
q culos buenos ummmm a de saber a chocolate la q mas me gusto es la de

Author 13Simp ( ago)
now if dat ghetto ......... lol dey str8 though

Author Dre White ( ago)
Damn they killed it the girl in the shorts is FYE

Author Walt Vinson ( ago)
Mad at Dem BOOTS!!

Author Ye Moko ( ago)

Author theredjay ( ago)

Author GUARDIANtrooper ( ago)
@zaidnuriddin Dat ass don't look look a man sorry lol

Author BhaddLi' Laady ( ago)
SMDH ' . . . .

Author Billyray Williams ( ago)
yellow got azz

Author Maddog13 ( ago)
@kasibw Who cares, that's what paper bags are for! ;)

Author kasibw ( ago)
ok yall right the one in the yellow looks like a dude lol

Author hunny652 ( ago)
the girl in the yellow got moooovezza booi!

Author umiumo ( ago)
yeah, yellow like a lil dude.

Author 3jaol ( ago)
Just dance don't talk cause when you do I start to feel bad about your

Author treesof410 ( ago)
yes im tryin goo watssup

Author SouthXHawthorne 424 ( ago)
@zaidnuriddin is a man lol

Author homer simpson ( ago)
@zaidnuriddin you stupid ...she must have to much ass for you my nigguh lmao

Author ss9kodak ( ago)

Author TheMonkeydick ( ago)
I wana squirt on those yellow leggings!! squirt squirt

Author Ray thornton ( ago)
Petite girls with Body is The shit

Author Dj Horton ( ago)
damyall bitches phat.. and dam she phat in dem jeans

Author rozayyayo05 ( ago)
Yellow got it but the other one cute too( it might b them tights);

Author Taylorgangkhalifa11 ( ago)

Author shottahboyslim ( ago)
da gurl in da yellow got da Cakeyy !

Author ThemainattractionTV ( ago)
I lik dis video n aye cn y'all dance to my song msg me

Author theman317317 ( ago)
Sorry that was supposed to be a period not ?mark

Author theman317317 ( ago)
Very nice lady. You both have very nice butts?

Author qblue994 ( ago)
nice video....the one in the shorts cute ass hell, and that ass

Author eightg2000 ( ago)
nice asses nothing major

Author RocThis2011 ( ago)
Yellow is nice, but blue can get it anytime

Author blondegirl323 ( ago)
very nice girls, Have you thought of dancing professionally, check these
guys out, they helped me get gigs, newtalenttoday, and they're really nice
too, good luck

Author dadecountyboiz ( ago)
they aight but is dey gay?

Author Gerardo Perez ( ago)

Author TheJgarrick ( ago)

Author xavier buitrago ( ago)
dam that girl in the shorts good go thick ass booty

Author MrBigJohn74 ( ago)

Author Dom Thomas ( ago)
damn is all i can say and yellow dat thang serious

Author baller player ( ago)
both of yall is fine ass hell keep yall head up and keep doing yall

Author 89itstime ( ago)
lol i like dis hoe mane yall did yall thang and had fun wit it

Author johnnie hedgepeth ( ago)
yall got some fat ol asses!!!!

Author mrtundra45 ( ago)
you dumb whores could have done us all a favour and cut out the first 65
secs of jabber...thnX!

Author charlie f. rollack ( ago)
watz good hmu

Author Artkiest ( ago)
jean shorts kan get it!

Author 1Prentispark ( ago)
............hell yea i luuuuv my ghetto gurrls!!! shake yellow!

Author Laporshya Polley ( ago)
ughh hood rats

Author ebbyize15 ( ago)
is it just me or is the audio off some seconds

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