yet another

me and stazey b.

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Author hunny652 (3 years)
the girl in the yellow got moooovezza booi!

Author TheMonkeydick (3 years)
I wana squirt on those yellow leggings!! squirt squirt

Author Mrdute12 (3 years)
2 bad bitches

Author Ye Moko (3 years)

Author GUARDIANtrooper (3 years)
@zaidnuriddin Dat ass don't look look a man sorry lol

Author BOB MARLEY (3 years)

Author charlie f. rollack (3 years)
watz good hmu

Author ashley101530 (3 years)
lol like seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author John Simth (2 years)
Lol they clowin

Author ebbyize15 (3 years)
is it just me or is the audio off some seconds

Author Maddog13 (3 years)
@kasibw Who cares, that's what paper bags are for! ;)

Author Taylorgangkhalifa11 (3 years)

Author eightg2000 (3 years)
nice asses nothing major

Author johnnie hedgepeth (3 years)
yall got some fat ol asses!!!!

Author mcneil1230 (3 years)
2 fools///////

Author MrTONYMAN23 (3 years)
the one in the yellow i thank thats dud he got man chest

Author flyvirgo231 (3 years)
Ohh shit I got scared wen she laughed ahha

Author YaBoiMartel (3 years)
Damn Yall Couldn't Even Wait 2 Ya Boi Got There,.. I Said I Was On My Way

Author umiumo (3 years)
yeah, yellow like a lil dude.

Author babyboyrix1 (3 years)
the one in the yellow can suck my dick

Author ThemainattractionTV (3 years)
I lik dis video n aye cn y'all dance to my song msg me

Author qblue994 (3 years)
nice video....the one in the shorts cute ass hell, and that ass

Author Kevin Haynes (3 years)

Author SuperFrance19 (3 years)
omg u all r so mean lol

Author 80DOGGS (3 years)

Author Uneekre (3 years)
yo bitches is whak

Author 13Simp (3 years)
now if dat ghetto ......... lol dey str8 though

Author Neurozoidd TFM (3 years)
0ne in dah yelow what ur number or facebook ??? u got tha cake

Author Gaduminati (3 years)
dem got good mouth for a blow job... I fi like eata for dem pussy

Author mzeastside16 (3 years)
Is that a dude in the yellow?

Author MrKooldaddykool (3 years)

Author bribabyyo (3 years)
Ewwwwwwwww yellow bitch yoour maddddd ugllyyy n ur ass yuck *-*

Author MzxHoney746 (3 years)
shut da hell up n dance

Author rozayyayo05 (3 years)
Yellow got it but the other one cute too( it might b them tights);

Author hoodniggajr1 (3 years)

Author yungcapva (3 years)
whoever yall was tryna make jealous mission accomplished

Author BearTheLegend (3 years)
Damn yall did the damn thang hit me up...get at me...

Author MarryMe Maryjane (3 years)
yall bitches sexciiii!!!!!!!!

Author shellrd11 (3 years)
hot new dance in va called shake dem dice & full songs from starmindz check
it out

Author SuperTweezy11 (3 years)
Fb me suckafree tweezyana

Author Gerardo Perez (3 years)

Author jermaine acey (3 years)
yellow ranger u a

Author iLickedit (3 years)
damn ma Im try hear from u in the blue shorts

Author Kissuania Smallwood (1 year)
Lmfao I have never actually sat and looked at the comments on my videos its
entertainment! Seriously fun haters eat a dick! We had fun.

Author dametriusw (3 years)
baby in dee blue jeans needa hmu

Author destineediannsmith (3 years)
a shame hell no

Author Laqresha (3 years)
how yall ex's mad?they laughin at yall retarted asses

Author Pete Rocksu (3 years)
low buget Project hoes...yuk!

Author brodericksgurl (3 years)
yall suk

Author woop205rep (3 years)
ck um out on my shit

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