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Author Sean Daniels (1 year)
As of the date, 3/31/14 from 3 years.....there has been over 6 brothers
healed to regular Freemasonry in the Augusta Ga area. Slowly but
.....surely. I make it my best interest to let a irregular mason know the
true history. 

Author Sean Daniels (2 years)
We can not come together until PHO fix that NGL problem they have.

Author calloyd64 (4 years)
Yes,,,,they are part of Arabia Grand Temple....

Author starmega5 (3 years)
So um this is what bootleg masons & Shriners do, they should come do this
silly show at one of the real shriners' hospitals for the kids

Author Hugh Williams (3 years)
There is no such thing as a Grand Potentate or Grand Temples

Author Hugh Williams (3 years)
But they are grooving

Author Sean Daniels (2 years)
Prince Hall Masonry didn't come to until after the death of Prince Hall.

Author calloyd1964 (3 years)
I love it when haters of the PHO fraternity comment. Please explain what is
meant by bootleg.....LOL....I'm ready....LOL....

Author phariseeterminator (4 years)

Author starmega5 (3 years)
Yes bootleg, you can fool the masses but real Freemasons know... Ask
yourself this, The 2 most famous Masonic sites in the world are the house
of the temple in Washington & Freemasons Hall in England & your
"fraternity" can't go inside either one

Author calloyd64 (4 years)
I like...those Nobles doing the damn thing...

Author Larry Stevens (2 years)
If there was no such thing as a Prince Hall Mason when Prince Hall was
raised, learn OUR history and research what Rite or type of Mason raised
him....??? PHO is origin or root word of original (which we are) and then
came PHA which happens to stand for Affiliated (you).... Come to the light
my brother and we could come together,lets all just get along.... Your
comments are just what other Rites want to see from us...

Author Sean Daniels (2 years)
It is true that PHA and Pho was once together , but when Pho got a NGL,
that was a violation against the book of constitution where it states no
other grand lodge can govern another. They must be sovereign. Then came
PHA, the only Regular Prince Hall freemasonry for men of color. If you have
done your history, Prince Hall the man was not raised by Men of color. He
was raised by a Irish military lodge. .

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