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Author Thisguy ( ago)
Sleep paralysis was the single scariest thing ive ever experienced

Author Sam Maluth ( ago)
That Fresh Prince Christopher Columbus rap was so good

Author Ana's Channel ( ago)
Jonathan Gay.

Author Martin Gutierrez ( ago)
9:42 Jonathan Gay

Author HijabIntention ( ago)
Jonathan Gay.

Author Travis7060312 ( ago)
Does the live part end March 24th?

Author namegirl12 ( ago)
best sourcefed trio ever

Author MaxYComics ( ago)

Author TaiTai ( ago)
Awwww I'm so glad this was in my what to watch section. :c I miss them all.

Author Mena not Nina ( ago)
(Trigger Warning)
So Steve's photo got taken down for being 'inappropriate,' but I've seen an account that posted a photo about 1. Masturbating to audio of a little girl getting beaten and raped
2. A girl cutting a (live) cat's stomach
And it didn't get taken down for hours! I haven't checked in a bit, but it might STILL be up.

So yeah, that's messed up.

Author valkyr ( ago)
i know someone named gaylord

Author MidNite ( ago)
I had to come back to watch this.

how I miss these times

Author dmrc43 ( ago)
Jonathan gay is my hero for these moments

Author dmrc43 ( ago)
we need a Kickstarter started for the ogs

Author phoebealiceh ( ago)

Author Miguel Salinas ( ago)
How am I still laughing at turd socks after 2 years of coming back to this video dozens of times!?!? The good ol days...

Author li yeya ( ago)
2 years come by and it still cracks me up

Author SpelledWITH2Ls ( ago)
There's actually a person in one of my classes this semester named Jonathan Gay. I wonder...

Author durbz2088 ( ago)
this is my go to video when im feeling down. i cant not laugh with steve when he just looses it. i remember when this video came out and it still has the same effect. i wish we got to see more of you steve. its a bummer that your moving on. you could always bring me out of a funk. best of luck!

Author SMH ( ago)
Was Steve stoned during this?

Author SMH ( ago)
And now there's an Olympian with the last name gay

Author Syiktus ( ago)
I occasionally have sleep paralysis and at first, it was terrifying. Though, I've noticed that right before I fall asleep, I will have this weird falling sensation, as if I'm falling on my back through space (that's the best I can describe it). That's when I know I'm going to wake up with sleep paralysis. I can't move, can't talk, can barely open my eyes and every time I try to do any of those things, my heart races and a tingling sensation comes to whatever body part I try to move, even in my throat when I try to speak.

Author dbzlinkinpark99 ( ago)
I live in houston and there is a car dealer ship here called "Gay Family Auto"

Author Cory Armstrong ( ago)
Jonathan Gay, one of the greatest moments on YouTube

Author I. Helriegel ( ago)
I miss this cast- when the chemistry/bits weren't so forced. It was just friends on a couch. I get that SourceFed needs to compete with other channels so they had to bring up production value and do all those podcasts, but I feel like that forces creativity in a way that it wasn't forced back when Comment Commentary was around.

Author The DarkSide ( ago)
I once woke up in the morning with my whole right arm limp for like 3 mins I freaked out and then feeling in the arm slowly came back

Author Quinlan Brooks ( ago)
wait wat ever happened to norg

Author The Gibster ( ago)
In my top 3comment commentary videos lol 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Author Vasti Flores ( ago)
The part you've journeyed to is at 9:44

Author ThePerrperr ( ago)
what ever happened with #fightforsteve ?

Author Diliana Williams ( ago)
I love that during the turd socks bit, it was Steve balking at the cost of the domain that broke Joe

Author Tomiwa Aina ( ago)
So was Jonathan Gay his real name?

Author Chevonne Williams ( ago)
I dare you not to laugh

Author Kat Doughty ( ago)
Having a bad day so I decided to watch old Sourcefed videos and rediscovered this gem.

Author Cailin McGuire ( ago)
Damn I miss comm comm...

Author You are breathing ( ago)
I'm listening to this while playing American Truck Simulator and I'm laughing while hauling construction equipment. I almost ran a red light.

Author POSKIDS TV ( ago)

Author POSKIDS TV ( ago)
Jonathan gay wearing turdsocks

Author Kalen Wilson ( ago)
back for Jonathan gay

Author Emily Lantzy ( ago)
Jonathan Gay will always be one of the funniest moments in SourceFed history

Author Mister R31 ( ago)
I miss this

Author Vice Gucci ( ago)
I'm gonna comment this on one of Steve's social media's at 4:36 AM

Author Vice Gucci ( ago)
"Did you know there's another verse to that song?".

*Both of them stare at Steve*

*Steve laughs* "Jonathan Gay"

Author Zack Turner ( ago)
i love how steve denies it at first "Are you laughing at the name jonothan gay?" lol dying

Author DominatorGaming ( ago)
Jonathan Gay is still so, so funny.

Author Matt Medrano ( ago)
I this is an older video but I literally couldn't stop laughing, every time Steve laughed I was in tears!!

Author cant think of a name :/ ( ago)
ahaha turd socks still gets me

Author MrTingles ( ago)
still probably my favorite SF moment

Author Guessan Effi ( ago)
Jonathan Gay brought me here.

Author thewinterizzy ( ago)
Randomly remembered Jonathan Gay today... Man, I miss Comment Commentary.

Author Jono G. ( ago)
Oh how the time flies....

Author Easa Al Janahi (1802 years ago)
I miss the old Sourcefed😔😩

Author Zachariah Chmielewski ( ago)

Author Evan Rogers ( ago)
My great grandma's last name was Gay XD

Author Steven Friedman ( ago)
Watching this live in 2015. Now that's high tech!

Author Daimon Clarke ( ago)
most of my ig photos are pooping selfies

Author neko blue ( ago)
I didn't need to sleep tonight. Thanks steve

Author mason buzby ( ago)
How high was steve lol

Author Brendan Cummins ( ago)
I hate that when anyone on Sourcefed, especially Steve is trying to be serious the other hosts just don't take them serious and keep making jokes about what they are saying

Author helloheleen ( ago)
I miss Joe and Lee awe and Elliott too:(

Author JJMR322 ( ago)
I always come back to this video to hear Steve's laugh. Never gets old.

Author jugeoben ( ago)
Jonathan Gay enters 9:43 - 10:44
Round 2 11:41 - 12:18
Joe adds some chaos 13:51 - 14:28

Author Tess Grady ( ago)
Regarding Sleep Paralysis:
Persian legends say that a monster called a Bakhtak would come into your room and give you nightmares. It would sit on your chest and cause sleep paralysis because it weighed so much.

Author Mattew Saev (1136 years ago)
that sleep-paralisis thing heppend to me it was horrible it was as if i could not move at all, like someone had straped me in the bed i literally could not move any thing

Author St. Jimmy ( ago)
This was 1 year ago? Holy shit that went by quick.

Author Nugatory Plebeian ( ago)
I miss comment commentary

Author faded rainbow :3 ( ago)
I came here from that comment commentary compilation 1-100

Author missoxymoronaddict ( ago)
I know it's nearly been a year since this vid was posted, but this still makes me laugh harder than anything :)))))

Author Kath Stewart ( ago)
Lee Newton looks like Carrie Brownstein in a blonde wig, both equally funny and amazing. I would like to see them in something together. Lee would be great on Portlandia!!

Author Liz Jennings ( ago)
to be perfectly honest i remember absolutely nothing from the first 9:40 of the video. My god

Author Olivia ( ago)
Funniest episode of comment commentary ever! XD

Author Bob Bill ( ago)
where has steve picture gone i check his instagram and it is no longer there

Author david garcia (1324 years ago)
Joe had HAD IT with everyone

Author The Pretty of the Odd ( ago)
Turd Socks

Author Jules Dartois ( ago)
wear your seatbelt: a small click is better than a big clack

Author THE BANANA NINJA ( ago)
I had sleep paralysis 2 its one of the fear Indic tranches ever

Author ColdSlot ( ago)
I'm here for Jonathan Gay.

Author Karina P ( ago)
It is impossible not to laugh.

Author AckAck (204 years ago)
9:42 is why you're here

Author TeddyG210 ( ago)
Steve has the most infectious laugh.  I didn't find the Jonathan Gay thing funny but damn I laughed because Steve was cracking up!

Author Maverick The Cow ( ago)
The beginning of this is why Joe left XD

Author Thea O'Brien ( ago)
i love steve so much this video made my cry happy laughy tears

Author Samuel James Kisthardt ( ago)
I smoked an excessive amount of weed and had sleep paralysis and I swear to god I thought I was fucking paralyzed. It was horrifying.

Author Cody Turnbow ( ago)
The words sizeism steve

Author Lenny_has_arived ( ago)
Well Steve, I know a Vietnamese guy named Phat Hoe, so.... Yeah... also Facebook wont allow him to have an account.

Author Becky Miller ( ago)
I just woke my brother up from laughing to hard!!! STEVE IS SUCH A CHILD I LOVE IT😂😂

Author polkadotpanda33 ( ago)
Oh my gosh, Steve's laugh is the happiest sound ever, I love it so much!! <3

Author Ireallyreally Hategoogle ( ago)
I knew a girl in High School who's family name was Gay.

Author TheAdamBBB ( ago)
The part about Jonathan Gay reminded me about another video I saw. It was about an australian tv morning show where the host couldn't stop laughing about Sheila Dikshit's name who's an indian diplomat. ( pronuonced: Dixit )

Author JJMR322 ( ago)
I always come back to this video just to hear steve laugh. lmao

Author Julie A. ( ago)
Now I really want my last name to be 'Straight'...

Author Tom Widgery ( ago)
This is my all time favourite comment commentary!

Author OnlyDavidWould ( ago)
poor guy #fightforjonathangay

Author RacerM53 ( ago)
Johnathan Gay

Author Nicolas Fajardo ( ago)
HOLY SHIT! I thought my house was haunted for all these years!!! Your telling me it was just sleep paralysis?!?!! JesusChrist so many nights of scary stories told and it really was just a physical mumbo jumbo?!

still believe in ghosts

Author Abby W ( ago)
There is a street in my town called, I kid you not, gay street.

Author Alfredo Heredia ( ago)
Don't google William Gloryhole...

Author eeveelover416 ( ago)
You guys are F*cking assholes.  
  It's just a name really?  What's so funny about it?

Author IceMetalPunk ( ago)
Yeah, for a little while, I did techniques to induce lucid dreams, and they worked. I loved the dreams, but I too had the sleep paralysis as a side effect, and it was NOT fun. I didn't get the feeling of someone on my chest; rather, the stress was mostly on my neck muscles. But it was PAINFUL as hell, and after a couple weeks, I decided to stop the techniques. After a few days, the lucid dreams faded.

Also, Jonathan Gay.

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