Queen & David Bowie - Under Pressure (Classic Queen Mix)

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    "This remix is very close to the final album version. The bass lines seem to be a bit more prominent in the mix and the overall sound is a little less muddy. Freddie singing "that's okay!" has been removed right before Bowie sings, "it's the terror of knowing..." It is unknown who did this remix. It is rumored that this is actually an old mix from around the Hot Space time period".
    Info taken from www.QueenVault.com

    This video is a new mix between the Wembley version (12/7/86), the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert version at the same stadium in 1992, and the now old video made by DoRo for Under Pressure (Rah Mix) in 1999.

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  • Michael Asquith
    Michael Asquith 6 hours ago

    Two talented men, reunited in heaven. Under Pressure is a classic, but too bad for Brian May as he didn't get a guitar like in other Queen songs. Under Pressure is a wonderful song, with 2 legends of music performing an amazing duet. Freddie Mercury and David Bowie, reunited in heaven, along with another brother, George Michael. I love listening to all their music on Spotify and YouTube.

  • Charlotte Hampton
    Charlotte Hampton 8 hours ago

    I love this version with Queen and David Bowie much better

  • Geanny
    Geanny 11 hours ago

    Today's kids will never know...

    II DIRECTx II 17 hours ago

    Heaven must be rocking it now what with all the greats we have lost.

    II DIRECTx II 17 hours ago

    Listen to this then listen to 99.9% of the music we get now, what the fuck went wrong ???

  • Roberta dos Santos Batista

    esses foram anos incríveis.😄
    com artistas magníficos.😘

    porque os bons morrem??😔

  • Andy Taylor
    Andy Taylor 23 hours ago

    Don't think they ever performed this song together... ..
    Just happened to be at same recording studio at the same time...

  • Oblio Oberon
    Oblio Oberon 23 hours ago

    don't know what Love is,but I know I Love.

  • BidolLestie
    BidolLestie 1 day ago

    David bowie makes me cry in this song. amazing

  • Crab Lord Quan
    Crab Lord Quan 1 day ago

    double rip

  • Spacey
    Spacey 1 day ago

    if only Freddy and David got along better we wouldve had more gems just like this one

  • Maria Rita Melo
    Maria Rita Melo 1 day ago

    Ninguém nunca soube conduzir uma plateia como Freddie. Sensacional

    GXLD SAM 1 day ago

    This looks so real

  • Kris Haffner
    Kris Haffner 1 day ago

    David Bowie and Freddy Mercury power voices

  • Rudineliss Oliveira

    qm curte aii deixa um oii..ai....24/6/2017

  • Adrian Landeros
    Adrian Landeros 2 days ago

    god bless to David and freddie forever RIP

  • Héctor Palacio
    Héctor Palacio 2 days ago

    Brian May, stop this idiocy. Feeddie does not deserve it.

  • Dark Days
    Dark Days 2 days ago

    This is one of the best possible videos to accidentally click on while baked! What legends!

  • tonya rolf
    tonya rolf 2 days ago

    One of my faves

  • Alan Winfield
    Alan Winfield 2 days ago


  • vincenzo formica
    vincenzo formica 2 days ago

    due monumenti

  • jim bob
    jim bob 2 days ago

    when live sounds better : )

  • Paula Carichas
    Paula Carichas 2 days ago

    O David Bowie é o meu cantor favorito.

  • Reyna N
    Reyna N 2 days ago

    Rest In Peace both legends :(

  • anna-maria Verburg
    anna-maria Verburg 2 days ago

    so a very good group

  • Jack iron
    Jack iron 3 days ago


  • greg miller
    greg miller 3 days ago

    as long as we can appreciate what we all have on this Earth we are all rockstars

  • Rhoda Gaspar
    Rhoda Gaspar 3 days ago

    Love and Respect for the 2 legends and for the song

  • Gamebro The gamer
    Gamebro The gamer 3 days ago

    Its Kira Yoshikage with Freddie Mercury

  • Pedro San Martin Caro

    como cresta pueden existir weones que le ponen "no me gusta" a este video!

  • Elaine RP
    Elaine RP 3 days ago

    These is ourselves

  • video
    video 3 days ago

    they are together now 2017

  • Bee Moriel
    Bee Moriel 3 days ago


  • Pickleorangricecream Pink

    R.I.P Daved bowy and Freddie mercury so sorry if I spelled your names wrong!😀🙁

  • james young
    james young 4 days ago

    One of the greatest collaborations in rock history!

  • SunshineStylinson
    SunshineStylinson 4 days ago

    Icons. Always.

  • Olya Lyasota
    Olya Lyasota 4 days ago


  • TheOakqueen21
    TheOakqueen21 4 days ago

    Sad to lose these two wonderful men!!! I know they are in a better place, singing & looking down on us!!!

  • Andrew Reynolds
    Andrew Reynolds 4 days ago

    Whoever cut this together is brilliant!

  • Couldn't think of A name

    Have people even heard about the Bible if they have they would be crying right now

  • CreamyGoat
    CreamyGoat 4 days ago

    Yet people are disliking the video

  • Alexandra Vasconcelos

    the best...2 singers like this..but they are bouth dead...never more 2 giants like this..but the show must go on...

  • Angel of the Valley

    This song just proves you can't say anything bad about Freddy Mercury or David Bowie

  • David Bowie Fan
    David Bowie Fan 4 days ago

    it was a good tribute

  • David Bowie Fan
    David Bowie Fan 4 days ago

    I did this song for my school talent show. I almost cried

  • jim bob
    jim bob 4 days ago


  • Нерусский Украинец

    ипать! даже спустя столько лет, смотря клип в ютубе, хочется аплодировать стоя! подобных гениев мы увидем не скоро, да и навряд ли... вокс не в счет))))

  • JordanStuff
    JordanStuff 4 days ago

    I almost said "yo VIP let's kick it"

  • queen debi
    queen debi 5 days ago

    Freddie's voice:. DAMN

  • Juan Carlos Garcia Gomariz

    Este video se comparte en : https://www.facebook.com/pg/TODOROCKMurcia/posts/?ref=page_internal

  • Jhonathan Martins
    Jhonathan Martins 5 days ago

    deveria existir o botão de 1 milhão de likes pra certas canções

  • crow offroad
    crow offroad 5 days ago

    I heard today that Jenifer Aniston and Larry King were getting Married

  • † Sweet Gabe †
    † Sweet Gabe † 5 days ago

    I cried at 1:52

  • Tailte Gallagher
    Tailte Gallagher 5 days ago

    Truly both remarkable Artists

  • Salman Tariq
    Salman Tariq 5 days ago

    Who is listening in 2017 hit like. There will be no front man like freddie ever, Just a master piece.

  • Tracey Clements
    Tracey Clements 5 days ago

    the greatest ever

  • arykyry
    arykyry 6 days ago

    две легенды

  • Rodrigo Luís Pereira

    Que espetaculo ao vivo, deve ser de arrepiar.

  • silvia pontes
    silvia pontes 6 days ago

    Sílvia. 2017 Brasil!

  • Lady Au-tumn Ra
    Lady Au-tumn Ra 6 days ago

    Ahhh man, I love this

  • Connor Ross
    Connor Ross 6 days ago

    my god this good

  • Travis Bickle
    Travis Bickle 7 days ago

    Those drums @236. The days of live recording drums.

  • miki benincasa
    miki benincasa 7 days ago

    Best duet ever done!!!!!

  • Robert Hall
    Robert Hall 7 days ago

    This song Under Pressure
    is so by far the best Freddie Mercury live performance and to think it is with another Band or with David Bowie another man whom has the same sexual motives, even thinking with or without this issue, Freddie just falls right into this song with his boom bah dah, and it starts with the thumb and middle finger snap after the baseline intro... b b boom bah deh deh, then he boom bah bah bet and bowie comes in with the And the terror of knowing what this world about... then the deh deh deh But Freddie doing the round round, why cant we give ourselves on more chance that rages into the Why cant we give love one more chance, .... This is our last dance or chance, Freddie comes in with the finale Under Pressure ending in finger snaps this song is so by far better than his live Aid appearance, sure he did his walk and the crappy short version of Bohemiem Rhapsody, it was good live but to shorten as song like that is robbery, mind you the Radio Goo Goo, in all was great but Freddie and David was to die for performance where that was i dont know but i wouldda remortgaged the house to see that LIVE

  • Michael Dunn
    Michael Dunn 7 days ago

    Give a listen

  • Yeuuy Pozo
    Yeuuy Pozo 7 days ago

    Queen es de las bandas que sólo no puedo escucharlas y hacer otra cosa al mismo tiempo, es como si hipnotizaran mi oído (si es que eso existe)... No puedo evitar sentir una profunda admiración y respeto por Freddie Mercury y su talento, muy aparte de la promiscua vida que llevó...

  • gloria leticia santos martinez

    lastima que murio el bocalista de Queen el dijo yo sere alguin de no ser nada y lo fue y lo seguira siendo aunque no este yo soy !

  • Peter Verrastro
    Peter Verrastro 8 days ago

    2 great ones who have been taken from us

  • Karen Peterson
    Karen Peterson 9 days ago

    Freddie's version onstage on one particular version blows it out of the water.

  • ĎJ Męëńį
    ĎJ Męëńį 9 days ago

    The intro sounds like the music that plays in the background in Bully(Which one of my favorite games ever)

  • velouric
    velouric 9 days ago


  • Travis Benjamin
    Travis Benjamin 9 days ago

    Brings a tear to my eye, that both Freddy and Bowie have left us way too soon. There will never be another Freddy Mercury, or David Bowie. Two of my favorites growing up. RIP to you both.

  • Giuseppina Mureddu
    Giuseppina Mureddu 9 days ago

    Amore della mia vita Ti Amo Freddy😍

  • Shaun Phillips
    Shaun Phillips 9 days ago

    Two legends

  • spike284
    spike284 10 days ago

    Bowie+Stones= Blech. Bowie+Queen= One of the best songs ever. Mathematically speaking that means Queen>Rolling Stones....basic math.

  • Rose fashionista
    Rose fashionista 10 days ago

    favorite band of all time

  • PeasInAPod
    PeasInAPod 10 days ago

    I have a good feeling that Freddie and David Bowie have been rocking out to this song every night together. :)

    Thank you, Freddie and David. <3

    And thank you for the amazing video! :)

  • Mme choi
    Mme choi 10 days ago


  • bTrue387
    bTrue387 10 days ago

    QUEEN? oh. I thought it was QUEER.

  • Greta Grasso
    Greta Grasso 11 days ago

    I gratefully thank God for this collaboration

  • koshidc
    koshidc 11 days ago


  • Chris Lockhart
    Chris Lockhart 11 days ago

    I am hoping the Bohemian Rhapsody movie does Freddie Mercury legendary career Justice

  • Ishida Shouya
    Ishida Shouya 11 days ago

    Rare video of Kira Yoshikage and his S T A N D killer queen

  • sam stinson
    sam stinson 11 days ago

    I lovvvvvved BowIe and Freddie,,still do. until u return, RIP..

  • Zetsumei Black
    Zetsumei Black 12 days ago

    The performance..the song is just so BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • Laurent Meeuwes
    Laurent Meeuwes 12 days ago

    Me monica, my beautiful mommy Rozalia Mezei loved de Queen R. I. P. 2

  • A bottle of Auqafina left out in the sun


  • WHIRL Im not crazy
    WHIRL Im not crazy 13 days ago

    I always get a little sad when they say " this is our last dance."

  • i am not a weeb I swear

    This song always gives me the chills. I love it

  • Tatiana Castellano
    Tatiana Castellano 14 days ago

    no les pasa que no pueden ver a estás hermosas personas sin llorar

  • imafireingmylasar
    imafireingmylasar 14 days ago

    Did Queen get to play with David Bowie, or did David Bowie get to sing with Queen?

  • John Baillie
    John Baillie 14 days ago

    sad really off all these great singers now earned there wings for the gig in the sky..wow just majestic..thanks for the memories too all....

  • Dforce 10
    Dforce 10 14 days ago

    They just don't make music like this anymore

  • femmeduquartier
    femmeduquartier 14 days ago

    John 3:16-18 King James Version (KJV)

    16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that
    whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
    17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.
    18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is
    condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only
    begotten Son of God.

  • David McCarthy
    David McCarthy 14 days ago

    Momma just killed a man

  • M.L Gaming
    M.L Gaming 14 days ago

    two heroes with a lot of timeless songs . I mis them, R.I.P 😢❤🎸✌🌞

    JACIANE PEREIRA 14 days ago

    Gracas ao you tube podemos matar a saudade.

  • joe samm
    joe samm 14 days ago

    one of the absolute best collaborations love it

  • Epic Big A
    Epic Big A 15 days ago

    makes me cry

  • Mrgreenjeans
    Mrgreenjeans 15 days ago

    This is the most legendary video I have come across.

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