Exploring for Tide Pool Creatures!

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    Did you see Coyote catch that extremely venomous Sea Snake in Costa Rica?! If not make sure to go back and watch that wild encounter here - http://bit.ly/BTTseasnake

    If you have already seen that episode then this video is for you because it gives a great look at all of the other sea creatures we found tide pooling that day…including one super tiny Octopus!

    Get ready, exploring for tide pool creatures is always an amazing adventure!

    The new series Beyond the Tide explores the mysterious world of the ocean and brings you closer than ever to its most fascinating creatures. Whether it’s tide pools, lagoons or the deepest depths of the sea Coyote Peterson and the Brave Wilderness crew will take you there!

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  • mimi polio
    mimi polio 1 day ago

    put it in a water bottle

  • ZapperPlayzGaming #Awesome

    where is a sea stars eyes

  • Brayden Vanderhoff
    Brayden Vanderhoff 4 days ago

    Once I was in puerto vierta with my family and we found a huge pufferfish trapped in a tide pool right next to the hotel we were staying at. We released it.

  • First Name
    First Name 5 days ago

    coyote-"gotta be careful these are extremely venomous"
    2 seconds later-brings straight up to eyes

  • Mauro Impens
    Mauro Impens 6 days ago

    'a little tiny baby octopus'

  • sheza fathima
    sheza fathima 6 days ago

    I subscribed. can I join u

  • sheza fathima
    sheza fathima 6 days ago

    cayote petersen. is star fish and baby octopus dangerous. ???

  • Mlg Doge
    Mlg Doge 6 days ago

    You should make a TidePool fight club by just snagging tidepool creatures and putting them all in a bucket

  • Michela S
    Michela S 6 days ago

    There all excited about catching a sea snake but i wouldn't even go near that thing.

    RANVICTOR RUANTES 6 days ago

    guys geez i never would have seen a SEA STAR WOWOWOWOWO

  • Muzawir Arief
    Muzawir Arief 7 days ago

    that's slamie

  • Samsungboy Waagdt
    Samsungboy Waagdt 8 days ago

    cayoti do u have a figet spinner

  • Desiree Hess
    Desiree Hess 11 days ago

    you need to learn some self control bro. its cool and all but you're flinging a deadly yellowbelly around while you're falling, all while telling your buddy to be careful and watch his step. .

  • Xander Howell
    Xander Howell 11 days ago

    the baby octopus was so cute

  • Tyler Little
    Tyler Little 12 days ago

    I watched the part where he fell so many times..." wooooooo! Yeah it's a sea snake high five! *falls*

  • Anthony Potocnik
    Anthony Potocnik 12 days ago


  • Xbread 09
    Xbread 09 12 days ago


  • jackie hughes
    jackie hughes 13 days ago

    I caught a anomes Optus.

  • Luz Castaneda
    Luz Castaneda 13 days ago

    Putin our videos our cool even over press the likes butin

  • Maggie Kam
    Maggie Kam 14 days ago

    I ate noodles on a plane and it was like sandpaper

  • daddy hernandez
    daddy hernandez 15 days ago


  • Dylan Pursley
    Dylan Pursley 16 days ago

    is is a sea star or a star fish help me

  • Laurencia Chan
    Laurencia Chan 16 days ago


  • Liam But
    Liam But 17 days ago

    That puffer is worth $150

  • Cousins Vlog-play
    Cousins Vlog-play 17 days ago

    Its a sea star

  • _ psychø
    _ psychø 17 days ago

    why did he point at the octopus when he said stay wild? the octopus doesn't live in the wild!

  • Julio Farias
    Julio Farias 18 days ago

    for a next challenge you should get shocked by a elrctric eel

  • Chinoblade Alexander

    can you make a fishing video plz it will make me happy 😊

  • Audrius Jankus
    Audrius Jankus 24 days ago

    can you make a vidio about hermit crab?

  • john kay
    john kay 27 days ago


  • Octoling Girl
    Octoling Girl 28 days ago

    "Hello Mr.Octopus"Me:Mr.Octopus where do you work?

    Octopus:In the Tide Pools!

  • DBS Entertainment
    DBS Entertainment 29 days ago

    holy cow 😂😂😂

  • Jeny Sundiang
    Jeny Sundiang 29 days ago

    I want fish :(

  • Chelsea Vargas
    Chelsea Vargas 1 month ago

    I have always wondered if he has ever accidentally steeped on any animals.

  • Melly Davis
    Melly Davis 1 month ago

    catch big foot

    GGBABE 1 month ago

    baby squidward lol

  • Paddy StongJohn
    Paddy StongJohn 1 month ago

    It's Patrick and Mrs. Puff!!!

  • Keolin Moodley
    Keolin Moodley 1 month ago

    when you are in south africa
    let me know.

    there's a place that has sooo much if living organisms corals and fish.

    its quite populated with life and very few have permits to get in

    privileged enough to have

  • Raymond Lam
    Raymond Lam 1 month ago

    how come the octopus only have 5 tentacles

  • Raymond Lam
    Raymond Lam 1 month ago

    cute pufferfish

  • Stella Ekelöf
    Stella Ekelöf 1 month ago

    More tide pool videos!

  • Evan Lacy
    Evan Lacy 1 month ago

    that's awesome how you cought that baby octopus

  • Dream Dog
    Dream Dog 1 month ago


  • Isaiah Trumpet
    Isaiah Trumpet 1 month ago

    Coyote have you caught a Blue Ring Octopus from Isaiah

  • Ila Willis
    Ila Willis 1 month ago

    Every time he does one of these, I think about all the stuff he could have stepped on

  • Benny Hill
    Benny Hill 1 month ago

    Why all the screaming and yelling that might upset those animals. This is not a circus.

  • blaze 788
    blaze 788 1 month ago

    in my birthday I will be 9 and will have a pet stickbug

  • Ireland Holman
    Ireland Holman 1 month ago

    Coyote i really love your Tide Pool videos so if you could make more i would love it

  • Cathy-Ann Xavier-Kangaloo

    The octopus 💩 on you

  • bruce robertson
    bruce robertson 1 month ago

    starfish is what they say for sea stars in america

  • bruce robertson
    bruce robertson 1 month ago

    not a patrick a starfish

  • Ethan Tang
    Ethan Tang 1 month ago

    this was awesome

  • eri asri
    eri asri 1 month ago

    u should come to malaysia coyote..we have many exotic wild animal

  • Betty Sonnier
    Betty Sonnier 2 months ago


    My ballon

  • William Rickus
    William Rickus 2 months ago

    Sorry to correct you it's not an octopus its squid ward

  • the cry
    the cry 2 months ago


  • Xbox Kid
    Xbox Kid 2 months ago

    So awesome

  • McKenna Reasor
    McKenna Reasor 2 months ago

    If you want to see some more tide pool exploration check out the third beach Vlog on my channel :)

  • Wildhoney
    Wildhoney 2 months ago

    Coyote I want hour long episodes with you!

  • tim ford
    tim ford 2 months ago

    were should I go for tide pools

  • Vanessa slade
    Vanessa slade 2 months ago

    can you find more paff er fish please

  • Jaxzen Edmonds
    Jaxzen Edmonds 2 months ago

    I like your videos

  • omar bassuony
    omar bassuony 2 months ago

    When you showed us the pufferfish,I was surprised because like,how's that a pufferfish?!😂😂😂😂

  • bts memes
    bts memes 2 months ago

    "watch out, it's extremely venomous"
    *picks it up*

  • Sophia Gropp
    Sophia Gropp 2 months ago

    I live in INDIANA

  • Diego Goh
    Diego Goh 2 months ago

    It's not called a sea star it's called a star fish

  • roxy divaroblox
    roxy divaroblox 2 months ago

    me if I hear the word star (as in sea star)
    Me: PATRICK STAR!!!!!!!

  • Leah Mitchell
    Leah Mitchell 2 months ago


  • Leah Mitchell
    Leah Mitchell 2 months ago


  • Sarah Rhoades
    Sarah Rhoades 2 months ago

    coononut crab

  • McAvoyeur
    McAvoyeur 2 months ago

    Bye bye little octopus... Bloop! 😆

  • BlueTimberr
    BlueTimberr 2 months ago


  • glenn remigio jr
    glenn remigio jr 2 months ago

    Get pinched by the Samoan crab

  • Borhan Ali
    Borhan Ali 2 months ago

    coyote, can you do an episode with a baby squirrel?

  • Amanda Tringa
    Amanda Tringa 2 months ago

  • Amanda Tringa
    Amanda Tringa 2 months ago

    Hi you en sister no port mom is perfet

  • JellyCat Playz!!!! :3
    JellyCat Playz!!!! :3 2 months ago

    Coyote: be careful, their INCREDIBLY venomous
    Picks it up*
    Me: ...

  • Christi Maldonado
    Christi Maldonado 2 months ago

    Coyote said whach your footing and he falls

  • spam sloth
    spam sloth 2 months ago

    u should be bigger than pewdiepie ur so awesome

  • What's up guys? Scarce here! Roleplay

    Sea star- Patrick
    Pufferfish- mrs puff

    (Spongebob anyone?)

  • Braythan Brim
    Braythan Brim 3 months ago

    Make another tide pool video

  • Nmb2014 Burton
    Nmb2014 Burton 3 months ago

    I hope I can join him on his next adventure o do it with my dad in Casta mesa

  • AvaBayEels-Got YeColdRice

    I lost it when he fell. I love these videos.

  • jon nas
    jon nas 3 months ago


  • Young Legend 400
    Young Legend 400 3 months ago

    its Octavious

  • Bread772
    Bread772 3 months ago


  • Lucario_YT
    Lucario_YT 3 months ago

    He was so happy that he found a snake that he fell it was the fall of exciment

  • Mia Moo
    Mia Moo 3 months ago


  • martin nylander
    martin nylander 3 months ago

    Once i found a 40cm long dead eal

  • Jason Fender
    Jason Fender 3 months ago

    squidword in real life

  • The mutant marshmallow 123

    Pls subscribe to me please

  • NatNatCool
    NatNatCool 3 months ago

    Hi hi hi

  • Vanessa Delgado
    Vanessa Delgado 3 months ago

    The force of Mark's high five is what pushed Coyote

  • Ms Cupqake
    Ms Cupqake 3 months ago

    The baby octopus is sooooo cute😊😊😊😊

  • Trystan Farah
    Trystan Farah 3 months ago

    That octopus is so cute!

  • Jackie Flores
    Jackie Flores 3 months ago

    lol DJ H

  • XDestoryerXProX XGetReckXM8X

    mr octopus is so cute

  • XDestoryerXProX XGetReckXM8X

    he so cute

  • XDestoryerXProX XGetReckXM8X

    this is why you dont catch those or you will slide

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