Heineken Rasta

Funny commercial for heineken
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Author Horacio Efren Solano Cruz ( ago)

Author Pedro Guzman ( ago)
+Bianca Vela +Yovanny Mercedes +Edwin Feliz +Geronimo Romney +Rafael George +Julio Henriquez todo sea por la cause verdad jajajaj

Author Julie Gaillard ( ago)

Author Modjah Aiddn ( ago)
Regardez cette vidéo sur YouTube : ahahah

Author Thomas Lorist ( ago)
Wow, het is alsof we dezelfde video hebben gezien!

Author Marije Miedema ( ago)
heel sterk haha

Author robin kemper ( ago)
deze reclame geniaal vooral dat die man belt en zegt hey swa neem effe 2
biertjes mee

Author schmunk42 ( ago)
looks like 34 people went to the phone

Author M Tarantino ( ago)
not all a dem. Bob Marley drank beer...

Author JeffreyRugbyx ( ago)
Btw amber-lynn you look stunnning hott

Author JeffreyRugbyx ( ago)
Eeehh swa neem ff 2 biertjes mee!!!

Author Jack de la cruz ( ago)

Author Zaagvis ( ago)
so they do drink... liar

Author Zaagvis ( ago)
who the fuck said they were rasta? theyre just black... and even black ppl
drink beer!

Author IcyPeanuts ( ago)
In welk opzicht is dit racistisch?

Author MrDDDenis ( ago)
Just epic :)

Author eotrampage ( ago)
Dikke faal negers drinken geen bier xD Sowieso nogal veel overdreven
racistische stereotypes in reclames de laatste tijd maar dat zal wel aan
mij liggen

Author Brendan Cornelissen ( ago)
Yes they do idiot

Author Hamacas Montpellier ( ago)

Author Guru Patik ( ago)
@JezykZawiercie Fuck the what? all drinking!

Author zezimaking ( ago)
Just like every dutch men. BEER.

Author Skrufmeister02 ( ago)
i like that there is a commercial for muslima here :p

Author LextNevel ( ago)
A message to you Rudy- The Specials

Author macbat1forever ( ago)
Antiliaan 4 life

Author fakoslaw ( ago)
challenge accepted

Author Konicava ( ago)
Now this alcohol commercial ride stops! Im leavin this!

Author Jack niks ( ago)
yeah top comment... nederlanders rule!

Author master1941 ( ago)
I knew it!!!! Nobody can't resist a heineken!!!

Author platonnelu ( ago)
@023wazup als ik ben Belgisch ? xDDD

Author EriK8520 ( ago)
@prohacker883 Dumbass.

Author yordin1022 ( ago)
Ook voor mij graag!

Author 22Dien ( ago)
Deze is echt geweldig!

Author StellaBaren ( ago)
dit is gewoon geniaal, 19mensen hebben geen leven

Author TheMarizzca ( ago)

Author 987032l654 ( ago)
eey swa, neem effe 2 biertjez mee! :3

Author Bugaroo Bale ( ago)
AAhahahahaha this is one hilarios comurcial

Author Kee Gee ( ago)

Author toomikeful ( ago)

Author zwolsehooligan910 ( ago)
deze blijft geniaal!

Author IndyTinTin85 ( ago)
I shall try this! ;)

Author szpiderman ( ago)
@Binkeh9 less than 0.5%, but not nothing.

Author Sati bomba ( ago)
jajajajajajajja este tendria qe ser el anuncio que ponen en la tele

Author szpiderman ( ago)
@Binkeh9 Also non-alcoholic beer contains alcohol, less than 0.5%.

Author Mateusz Zamarlo ( ago)
@Binkeh9 Yes :P

Author ClassyXCassy ( ago)
Hij Blijft geweldig :')

Author Dee Deedz ( ago)
Stop you messing around"

Author cartoon fox ( ago)
jajaja funnyfucker!!!!

Author hummer9191 ( ago)
My favourite commercial ever :D

Author xJG91x ( ago)
Fake Rastaman!

Author Floris Raven ( ago)
@turksepizzalikker 13 hehe.

Author Chris S (1214 years ago)

Author szpiderman ( ago)
Real Rasta can't drink alcohol!

Author Christopher Hennep ( ago)
whahahahahaha ik ging helemaal stuk om deze shit echt typisch

Author nazxify ( ago)

Author anyamata (1300 years ago)
@angyalatipeter Rudy, A Message To You by Dandy Livingstone / A Message To
You Rudy by The Specials

Author Francesco Di Natale ( ago)
12 mensen hebben echt geen humor?

Author Mulder21 ( ago)
Mouahah OWNED ^^

Author Tommy King ( ago)

Author ROmtd ( ago)
Dandy Livingstone at the end

Author kidd5pujols ( ago)
woulda been better if he asked for weed :P

Author activesoldiers ( ago)
de ondertieteling is niet leuk maar in het nederlands:)

Author Clement Breger ( ago)
@023wazup :P

Author Jack niks ( ago)
thumbs up als je nederlands bent

Author ArmandNLD ( ago)
EEEEWWW swaa neem ff 2 biertjes meee :P

Author indoootje ( ago)

Author pallas12345 ( ago)
should be on television again!

Author Niels Dengel ( ago)
LOL, didn't know it, but definitely hilarious.

Author RRRicard0 ( ago)
he says: Hey man, bring 2 beers.

Author James S ( ago)
They're dutch :D

Author Luca Shakison ( ago)
That's my daddy !

Author fate241 ( ago)
hahaha!!!! that was fuckin hilarious!!

Author Felipe Baracchini ( ago)
very good

Author Smokenhagendotcom ( ago)

Author janjaap gerritsma ( ago)

Author Rasta4Peace ( ago)
Brilliant :D

Author Ellenx93 ( ago)
@angyalatipeter I think it´s called message to you rudy!

Author Krijnemans ( ago)
wij zijn skaafffaaaaa

Author RangerLui ( ago)
these lazy rastas

Author thefirsthalo3junk ( ago)
hoe bedoel je stoned hahahahaaaaaaaaaa

Author sexykatie90 ( ago)

Author 9ames ( ago)
@leioleio, that how you get these awesome idea's ;) thats why there dutch
commercials (A) smoking..

Author leioleio ( ago)
thoses dude smoked at least 30 joints in the day AHAHAH

Author Douglas Neves ( ago)
Muito bom cara! Uma das propagandas mais engraçadas que já vi... Tenho que
fazer isso com alguém HSUAhsuAHSUhaUSHauhsUAHS

Author xxTaKe2xx ( ago)
nem ef twehj bjeehrs tjes mehhhhrhahahahahhahahahhaahahahahharr lol^^

Author sarrradomiin ( ago)
ey swaaa! neem ff 2 biertjes mee!!

Author Caxixi ( ago)
@julianoborges Nao Holanda cara

Author jasper alberts ( ago)
@ziggymarleyfan dutch

Author kortatu28 ( ago)
a message to you rudyyy♪

Author hezdunnah ( ago)

Author MegaDrumbum ( ago)
Luv it

Author julkesjanssen ( ago)

Author elgrosmax ( ago)
weed + beer = love

Author Harold Pot ( ago)
@ziggymarleyfan Its dutch man!

Author aua1894 ( ago)
@polanpl same here dude same here!!!!

Author John Wattson ( ago)
@CrazyTino1 what language is this?:D

Author Yannick GR ( ago)
Trop fort!

Author Polan ( ago)
I'm watching it over and over and still laughting : D

Author virgo29virgo ( ago)

Author Jottez ( ago)
@MSplusone no shit. he said take 2 beers with you, but those both could be
for the dutchman

Author Ruud2704 ( ago)

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