Heineken Rasta

Funny commercial for heineken
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Author crignos (1 month)
Rasta Men !

Author Modjah Aiddn (1 month)
Regardez cette vidéo sur YouTube : ahahah

Author Julie Gaillard (1 day)

Author Nando B. (8 months)
Hahahaha Henk met ze biertje

Author Erik Rijsdam (1 year)
Hij blijft leuk:

Author Jaap van Beusekom (1 year)
100 keer gezien, 100 keer lachen

Author Jottez (4 years)
@MSplusone no shit. he said take 2 beers with you, but those both could be
for the dutchman

Author MegaDrumbum (4 years)
Luv it

Author mijnblackberrie (4 years)

Author Chris S (3 years)

Author Skrufmeister02 (3 years)
i like that there is a commercial for muslima here :p

Author Charlotte Brandhorst (4 years)
hahahaha heerlijk!!

Author xxTaKe2xx (4 years)
nem ef twehj bjeehrs tjes mehhhhrhahahahahhahahahhaahahahahharr lol^^

Author zezimaking (3 years)
Just like every dutch men. BEER.

Author cartoon fox (3 years)
jajaja funnyfucker!!!!

Author Niels Dengel (4 years)
LOL, didn't know it, but definitely hilarious.

Author IcyPeanuts (2 years)
In welk opzicht is dit racistisch?

Author prohacker883 (3 years)
@JezykZawiercie fool didnt you ever play gta ıv ??

Author TheMarizzca (3 years)

Author LextNevel (3 years)
A message to you Rudy- The Specials

Author activesoldiers (4 years)
de ondertieteling is niet leuk maar in het nederlands:)

Author xHipHop795x (3 years)
@Binkeh9 Yes :P

Author Marciadita (5 years)
If this means, Is this not Bahia??? then no, it is in Amsterdam

Author macbat1forever (3 years)
Antiliaan 4 life

Author rechterbilflaplikker (5 years)
best commercial ever! hah

Author Felipe Baracchini (4 years)
very good

Author Jonathan Werleman (4 years)

Author ArmandNLD (4 years)
EEEEWWW swaa neem ff 2 biertjes meee :P

Author Floris Raven (3 years)
@turksepizzalikker 13 hehe.

Author thefirsthalo3junk (4 years)
hoe bedoel je stoned hahahahaaaaaaaaaa

Author M Tarantino (2 years)
not all a dem. Bob Marley drank beer...

Author UnrealMarc (4 years)
@julianoborges Nao Holanda cara

Author cradleoffilthrulez (5 years)
echt DE shit gewoon hahaha

Author James S (4 years)
They're dutch :D

Author gandziaalbn (4 years)
hahaha ;d

Author fluessigkleber (4 years)

Author schmunk42 (2 years)
looks like 34 people went to the phone

Author Krijnemans (4 years)
wij zijn skaafffaaaaa

Author 987032l654 (3 years)
eey swa, neem effe 2 biertjez mee! :3

Author Clement Breger (4 years)
@023wazup :P

Author RRRicard0 (4 years)
he says: Hey man, bring 2 beers.

Author John Wattson (4 years)
@CrazyTino1 what language is this?:D

Author NatteKatte (5 years)
haha dit is echt de masterlijkste heineken reclame die ik ooit gezien heb

Author Jim De Jong (4 years)
Stukgaan :')

Author toomikeful (3 years)

Author Mo Maghsoudi (4 years)
Doet hun naam eer aan.

Author Thomas Lorist (1 year)
Wow, het is alsof we dezelfde video hebben gezien!

Author Luca Shakison (4 years)
That's my daddy !

Author JeffreyRugbyx (2 years)
Btw amber-lynn you look stunnning hott

Author kidd5pujols (3 years)
woulda been better if he asked for weed :P

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