Forced hair cutting/head shave

This is from a TV show Secret Army. Two gals are shaved bald in public. One is captured fully.

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Author how tunisia ( ago)
shave my dick you bitch

Author 김은서 ( ago)

Author Miriyam Mahmod ( ago)
showing that humans are just as animalistic on every side.

Author PhelixJMech ( ago)
Here quickly shave my gooch for good measure

Author Maddison Hagan ( ago)
Shave my head!

Author Mackenzie Winchester ( ago)
Omg my sister keeps posting crap like that! I dont want a shave you jerk. I
will kill her later!

Author Jeff Tyrrell ( ago)
1:21 the best bit hiar all dajed

Author Mackenzie Winchester ( ago)
Hey somebody shave my head completely bald I'm a chick I would even do it
in public but I want it ALL off don't even ask why but I do

Author Billy Joe ( ago)
Givemeshortcut I will cut your hair like that if u want

Author Jeff Tyrrell ( ago)
mahhhwahhhaa shave shave her i am a girl 

Author Britney Blessing ( ago)
but poor woman.that guys sooooooooooooooooooo wicked :( 

Author Roselia James ( ago)
if i were thair, id take their plcs. then id get revenged!!!!! mwahaha!!!

Author parideify1 ( ago)
Bastard,you are only shit

Author Thenetor47 ( ago)
and after that, the hair cutter is been killed :)

Author jaskamakkara ( ago)
Is this a joke?

Author TheDraeStar ( ago)
@10putitax69 And if he cheats on you then I assume that you are allowed to
cut his balls off ...I mean, fair is fair!

Author sabrina ang ( ago)
i hope it was a wig or a bald cap!!!! these people are mean!!!!!

Author Danny Teh ( ago)
@ComeOnGe cannot la, i in south-east asia 

Author Danny Teh ( ago)
@dannyteh198 hard la, i in south-east asia 

Author That Girl on youtube ( ago)
what did they do wrong to dessrve that??!!

Author torie ee ( ago)

Author Brianna Ashley ( ago)

Author Danny Teh ( ago)
i jealous the 1st woman, so lucky. hu wan shave my pubic hair??

Author Danny Teh ( ago)
shave my pubic hair too

Author Danny Teh ( ago)
@ComeOnGe do it for me i m guy 

Author Lin1415 ( ago)
I wanted to see what was going to happen next!

Author sk8erflipdude ( ago)
fuck that bitch up the butthole oh wait that would b fucking awesome for
him cuz hes a gay fucking bitch that fucker

Author philbio66 ( ago)
I hope they were paid well for the roles.

Author james bogart ( ago)
brave mean here,thanks a bunch for shaving some helpless womans head,
really did a great job for everyone in the fight against the nazis. cheers!

Author Noelle Curran ( ago)
oh, thank you!

Author Noelle Curran ( ago)
Yes but why cut their hair?

Author Noelle Curran ( ago)
Why are they doing that?

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