Forced hair cutting/head shave

This is from a TV show Secret Army. Two gals are shaved bald in public. One is captured fully.

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Haircut Short


Author PhelixJMech (2 months)
Here quickly shave my gooch for good measure

Author Maddison Hagan (2 months)
Shave my head!

Author Danny Teh (4 years)
i jealous the 1st woman, so lucky. hu wan shave my pubic hair??

Author Billy Joe (2 years)
Givemeshortcut I will cut your hair like that if u want

Author Noelle Curran (6 years)
Yes but why cut their hair?

Author Danny Teh (3 years)
@dannyteh198 hard la, i in south-east asia

Author Clawdeen Wolf (2 years)
Hey somebody shave my head completely bald I'm a chick I would even do it
in public but I want it ALL off don't even ask why but I do

Author parideify1 (3 years)
Bastard,you are only shit

Author lovelikepieandcookie (3 years)

Author jamieblond1 (4 years)
@DalmationBabe - They probably collaborated with the other side.....i.e.
sleepin' with the enemy (*_~)

Author Danny Teh (4 years)
@ComeOnGe do it for me i m guy

Author Jeff Tyrrell (2 years)
1:21 the best bit hiar all dajed

Author Noelle Curran (6 years)
oh, thank you!

Author TsarObezyanka (5 years)
It indeed was degrading at the time as these girls were envolved with
romantically with the enemy. It was common practice in France after WW2.
Many females had relations with German soilders and there were a lot of
children born from these unions. As punishment these women had their heads
shaved. It is similar story for the concentration camps in Poland it was
humliating and degrading for the people to have their heads/bodies shaved.
It was in part for health reasons, mostly to humliate

Author dinosourytori123 (2 years)
This is a movie I think

Author TheDraeStar (3 years)
@10putitax69 And if he cheats on you then I assume that you are allowed to
cut his balls off ...I mean, fair is fair!

Author Thenetor47 (3 years)
and after that, the hair cutter is been killed :)

Author james bogart (6 years)
brave mean here,thanks a bunch for shaving some helpless womans head,
really did a great job for everyone in the fight against the nazis. cheers!

Author Monkeyfeet47 (6 years)
Those women are part of the French resistance or Nazi collaborators. I

Author cutezzable (4 years)
luv this video............ want someone to forcefully shave mt head lik

Author Lin1415 (4 years)
I wanted to see what was going to happen next!

Author Danny Teh (3 years)
@ComeOnGe cannot la, i in south-east asia

Author melodie986 (6 years)
double sad

Author simsrockxx (3 years)
That is so sad, and why would they be so crew to shave their heads

Author sabrina ang (3 years)
i hope it was a wig or a bald cap!!!! these people are mean!!!!!

Author Katyushagirl (4 years)
for femminine girls who live in a small town this must be a terrible
punishment because u'd never be able to hold your head up again, not just
for helping the germans but for being ugly. no man would want to marry u
and the other girls would all look down on u. girls who choose short hair
always look good with short hair but some girls look really ugly without
hair. myself included. also having a bald head when u only wear sundresses
and fem shoes makes u look even worst.

Author Britney Blessing (2 years)
but poor woman.that guys sooooooooooooooooooo wicked :(

Author mirakasvaa (5 years)
adam berber galiba

Author dancingdanielle12345 (5 years)

Author killingamps (6 years)
Brit officer thought so, too..."go inside and give them a burst." The head
shaving was done to Dutch women who consorted (dated) German soldiers in
Holland during its occupation. It was a venting of all the frustrations of
four years of captivity on a helpless target. Was it fair? Hard to say,
after all of these years.

Author Danny Teh (4 years)
shave my pubic hair too

Author TsarObezyanka (5 years)
Did anyone notice two women trying to stomp on the girl's glasses?

Author kishoretheultimate (6 years)
hey SHTALAM,why havn't you completed the other headshave>That would be more
interesting than the first one!!!

Author DalmationBabe (4 years)
@sk8erflipdude wtf?

Author philbio66 (5 years)
I hope they were paid well for the roles.

Author aliasvapa (6 years)

Author torie ee (3 years)

Author jaskamakkara (3 years)
Is this a joke?

Author didgewoman (6 years)
thats a bit hardcore!!!!!!!

Author petar38ja (6 years)
Did he cut tht other girl's hair?

Author That Girl on youtube (3 years)
what did they do wrong to dessrve that??!!

Author DalmationBabe (4 years)
what they supposed to ave done wrong?

Author Noelle Curran (6 years)
Why are they doing that?

Author crakhedidiot (4 years)
i mean the man btw lol

Author Jeff Tyrrell (2 years)
mahhhwahhhaa shave shave her i am a girl

Author Emily tomson (2 years)
I wish I was her!

Author Monkeyfeet47 (6 years)
If they were part of the Resistance, the French did it to punish them and
to show the Nazis that they did not approve. If they were Nazi
collaborators, this sort of thing happened a lot after the war. Its marking
out those who collaborated with the Germans.

Author lay6501 (3 years)
haircutting is ashameful punishment.

Author Roselia James (2 years)
if i were thair, id take their plcs. then id get revenged!!!!! mwahaha!!!

Author Clawdeen Wolf (1 year)
Omg my sister keeps posting crap like that! I dont want a shave you jerk. I
will kill her later!

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