Creepy Tide Pool Creatures!

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    On this episode of Beyond the Tide, Coyote discovers some of the most bizarre and creepy tide pool creatures Costa Rica has to offer!

    From 5 foot long sea worms to hundreds of slimy sea cats this video is sure to make your skin crawl!

    Get ready to head back out beyond the tide!

    Our new series Beyond the Tide explores the mysterious world of the ocean and brings you closer than ever to its most fascinating creatures. Whether it’s tide pools, lagoons or the deepest depths of the sea Coyote Peterson and the Brave Wilderness crew will take you there!

    The Brave Wilderness Channel is your one stop connection to a wild world of adventure and amazing up close animal encounters!

    Follow along with adventurer and animal expert Coyote Peterson and his crew as they lead you on four exciting expedition series including the Emmy Award Winning Breaking Trail, Dragon Tails, Coyote’s Backyard and Beyond the Tide - featuring everything from Grizzly Bears and Crocodiles to Rattlesnakes and Tarantulas…each episode offers an opportunity to learn something new.

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    GET READY...things are about to get WILD!
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  • Raphael Soh
    Raphael Soh 2 hours ago

    His Like The Bravest Guy I Would Not Even Put Wear Jeans And Walk In A Pull

  • Auguste Skilinskaite

    your so brave you get bitten,stung and you muve on

  • Fray Fray
    Fray Fray 4 hours ago

    He doesn't swear because he's used to it

  • Lana Ali
    Lana Ali 4 hours ago

    Is the Brittle star in nourth

  • JustJoking
    JustJoking 5 hours ago

    So they eat and crap out of the same mouth??? Say wha now??!

  • daniela perez
    daniela perez 5 hours ago

    i love tide pool creautures and ocean creutures

  • Juanda Sisnawan
    Juanda Sisnawan 5 hours ago

    He must know a lot of animals

  • Juanda Sisnawan
    Juanda Sisnawan 6 hours ago

    The crab is strong

  • MYST3RY1242
    MYST3RY1242 6 hours ago

    7:18 MIMICS!

  • riley toler
    riley toler 6 hours ago

    I've been bitten by a fullgrown male pacific rock crab it didn't draw blood

  • Dustin Maldonado
    Dustin Maldonado 6 hours ago

    coyote:get bite by a shark

    mark: you okay?

  • Annabelle De Leon
    Annabelle De Leon 6 hours ago

    great video

  • Avalon 110
    Avalon 110 7 hours ago

    That crab got you good didn't it Coyote? 😫

  • AdolfogetBuckets
    AdolfogetBuckets 7 hours ago

    If that crab pinched me I would have put it back where it was and kick it between the rock

  • Zack7770link
    Zack7770link 8 hours ago

    there was a possum on my porch when my dog was outside

  • trucomment
    trucomment 8 hours ago

    7:34 organic fidget spinners

  • Wolfa 0510
    Wolfa 0510 10 hours ago

    LOL! When Coyote said "Warty Sea Cat", my cat looked up and meowed

  • whispering crown
    whispering crown 10 hours ago

    brittle stars look like mimics from prey

  • nicole
    nicole 10 hours ago

    *the spines look dangerous*

    picks it up

  • Tom Wooden
    Tom Wooden 10 hours ago

    Man ur so crazy I love ur videos

  • Jamie Coombe
    Jamie Coombe 11 hours ago

    I subbed. Love your vids. Like if u agree

  • Killersoul 103
    Killersoul 103 12 hours ago

    I played a game that had brittlestars in it but it had 4 legs and it killed humans and then duplicated itself

  • Zoe Jackson
    Zoe Jackson 12 hours ago


  • Alyssa The Fox
    Alyssa The Fox 13 hours ago


  • zintosion
    zintosion 13 hours ago

    Damn. I wanted to know more about the zebra worm

  • sNICKerz
    sNICKerz 14 hours ago

    Subbed since 200

  • Jacky gomez
    Jacky gomez 14 hours ago

    EWW imagine human beings having their m.. mouth as their booty hole 🤢🤢 I dont know how those type of star fish do it but it is still not a plesent sight

  • popped poplio
    popped poplio 14 hours ago

    Me if I see a crab in water:kill it with fire cyote:let's let it punch me!!!

  • Michael Felipe
    Michael Felipe 15 hours ago

    Most adventurous and humbling videos with gobbs of educational material

  • Dear Soap
    Dear Soap 15 hours ago

    Coyote: It just keeps going!
    Cameraman: I feel like it's gonna break.

  • where's the lamb sauce?

    You know that looks like the monster in prey

  • Jason B
    Jason B 16 hours ago

    *Crab pinches Coyotes finger causing it to bleed*
    Mark: You alright?

  • Discogamer 137
    Discogamer 137 17 hours ago

    "These are Warty Sea Cats"

    Sounds like something from Pikmin

  • Cat Box
    Cat Box 17 hours ago

    britlestar looks like a mimic from prey

  • Callum Crawford
    Callum Crawford 17 hours ago

    do a starfish and show us

  • Dylan Ward
    Dylan Ward 17 hours ago

    o my god😱😒😱😱😱😁

  • Dylan Ward
    Dylan Ward 17 hours ago

    that must be really sore cheese

  • Crab With Knife
    Crab With Knife 18 hours ago

    where am I at

  • Bloom Official
    Bloom Official 18 hours ago

    You're videos are cool to watch, but the blood and dreadful bites, leads cringe. Also I have question, how much does you body hurt having SOO many bug bites or sea creatures?

  • Crispy Snipes
    Crispy Snipes 19 hours ago

    At like 4:20-4:30 one of the slugs was groping the other 🌝

  • AnnaBanana6671
    AnnaBanana6671 22 hours ago

    Can you do more weird creature stuff plz!!

  • Joshua Gilbert
    Joshua Gilbert 22 hours ago

    its kinda like wild kratts😂😂

  • the nobody
    the nobody 22 hours ago

    i wonder what will happen when you kiss a leech

  • UmbraHasACoolName
    UmbraHasACoolName 22 hours ago

    bruh the thing in the thumbnail looks like the Typhon from Prey

  • Adzy Domain
    Adzy Domain 23 hours ago

    Doesnt the brittle stars look like a mimic from prey the game

  • Maricela Rendon
    Maricela Rendon 1 day ago

    can you do a worrior wasp sting

  • Rose Gold Dreams
    Rose Gold Dreams 1 day ago

    Those sea slugs show you are what you eat quite literally

  • SMART 7K
    SMART 7K 1 day ago

    Please be careful

  • Spike 152310
    Spike 152310 1 day ago

    You have been bitten pitched and skunded and you don't die like are you invisible cuz good jajaja keep it up bro you do a good job love your videos

  • Derp Club
    Derp Club 1 day ago

    He should have his own show like on nat ego or something.

  • Mitchell Thomas
    Mitchell Thomas 1 day ago

    Creepy Tide Pool Creatures! in the Sonoran Desert

  • Kdksksk Mdkdkdk
    Kdksksk Mdkdkdk 1 day ago

    he. is. AWESOME!!!🙌

  • Gillis Boys
    Gillis Boys 1 day ago

    what type of dangerous animals could be in there???

  • Micah Ramos
    Micah Ramos 1 day ago

    Love this dude

  • Ivan Youk
    Ivan Youk 1 day ago

    He get to much hurt he gunna losing blood

  • Choices247
    Choices247 1 day ago

    and also its, its butt. eww

  • Chris Brewer
    Chris Brewer 1 day ago


  • C Blankenship
    C Blankenship 1 day ago

    when he was punched by the crab he acted like me when a bug lands on me

  • C Blankenship
    C Blankenship 1 day ago

    It looked like he had wet sand in his hand

  • Josh Gillies
    Josh Gillies 1 day ago

    No lie at 7:21 that thing look like those prey monsters

  • Andrew Shubie
    Andrew Shubie 1 day ago

    The brittlestars look like a lovecraftian horror

  • The next diamond gaming

    He has guts to hold a female black widow that is scary and he doesn't say a single curse word

  • The next diamond gaming

    Hexagon if death I agree

  • Matt DoesMC
    Matt DoesMC 1 day ago

    The brittle stars look like mimics from prey lmao

  • Fluffy Thing
    Fluffy Thing 1 day ago


  • sunshineluck313
    sunshineluck313 1 day ago

    i've held a brittle star before, and it pooped on me ;[

  • itzGamey
    itzGamey 1 day ago

    mess with the crabby you get the stabby

  • Mary Henrick
    Mary Henrick 1 day ago

    I've been here

  • Riplay GaminG
    Riplay GaminG 1 day ago

    I really like this guy but I hate the camera man that always speaks😂😂

  • Mei-Kun
    Mei-Kun 2 days ago

    I'm Coyote Peterson and I am here at the ER. Be Brave!

  • Skylar Nou
    Skylar Nou 2 days ago

    I really feel bad for him when he get bite or stung or anything

  • Cryptosporidium 137

    Now do a Steve Irving!

  • The Wild Official Hee

    I want to be in your crew

  • Sphynx
    Sphynx 2 days ago

    And I though it was a tide pool not a pocket

  • Sphynx
    Sphynx 2 days ago

    He said Look theres slugs 🐌 then he said know what they are

  • Sphynx
    Sphynx 2 days ago

    Gadeee he got pinched

  • nukesarentsafe lol
    nukesarentsafe lol 2 days ago

    did the bridlestar look like a mimic from prey

  • Julian Zaleski
    Julian Zaleski 2 days ago

    do the brittle stars NEED to be in water

  • Julian Zaleski
    Julian Zaleski 2 days ago

    the slugs look like moving poop

  • Julian Zaleski
    Julian Zaleski 2 days ago

    nice hat love the vids

  • Dankmemelord Memes
    Dankmemelord Memes 2 days ago

    Brittle stars? I think that's a mimic from prey...

  • DreamTalker
    DreamTalker 2 days ago

    In the thumbnail it looked like he was holding a little baby mimic from prey

  • KrazyTabbyKat _
    KrazyTabbyKat _ 2 days ago


  • Lisa Lemon
    Lisa Lemon 2 days ago

    Coyote: *Touches and holds every animal

    Me: Can't even touch a love bug

  • Braeden Salyer
    Braeden Salyer 2 days ago

    5:04 Steps on the group of slugs he just put down

  • Chase Tran
    Chase Tran 2 days ago

    It's suppose to be appropriate for kids

  • Camdon Rey
    Camdon Rey 2 days ago

    >Ooo look at that!
    >I dont see it what is it what is it!?
    >Its a .... rock... a beautiful rock

  • cupcake GirlGaming
    cupcake GirlGaming 2 days ago

    it is gross

  • Sami Rimy
    Sami Rimy 2 days ago

    he actually lost a lot of blood in his arm

  • SokiSamurai0214 #YOLO

    When coyote picks up the brittle star does anyone else think about the game PREY?

  • ElizabethXoXo
    ElizabethXoXo 2 days ago

    camera man: what do you see in there coyote?


  • Antidote Anims
    Antidote Anims 2 days ago

    What is the most innapropriatte letter?K ill let you figure that one out

  • The Falcon
    The Falcon 2 days ago

    Coyote is the wilderness forest gump if you get it at the start

  • Ethan Smith
    Ethan Smith 2 days ago

    Brittle stars look like the things from grabbers

  • 123nards
    123nards 3 days ago

    I want to be with you hunting some big octopus

  • WinterKitten122 122

    3:59 Coyote looks like he just has dirt in his hand.

  • David Cleveland
    David Cleveland 3 days ago

    I live in Costa Rica ❤️

  • Eusebio Gomez
    Eusebio Gomez 3 days ago

    What pens on if you stepping in a slug

  • Edite Visocka
    Edite Visocka 3 days ago

    Dr.Crab was waiting waiting for pweds.

  • 손기범
    손기범 4 days ago

    looks like edge of tomorrow movie

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