Robinson R22 Helicopter 12 Maneuvers done smoothly

Hovering, Laterals, Backwards, Pedal Turns, Pirouettes, Running Takeoff, Running Landing, Hovering Auto, Straight In Auto., Max. Perf. T/O., Quick Stop and more

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Author Alex o (4 months)
Ill get there..........eventually. 

Author 32Cakes (10 months)
Wow. Awesome video!! i hope someday i can become as skilled as you are
flying helicopters!!

Author Akshay Kumar (9 months)

Author pilot66videos (2 years)
Great flying demonstrations ...very nicely executed!

Author superphap2000 (3 years)
@jabr800 no disrespect on the previous comment, just seemed a lot of people
are all applause, and sometimes negative criticism can make us better. I
wish i had the privilege of flying my very own 22.....damn, cheers.

Author klk1900 (3 years)
this is one bad ass i learned in a r22 but we all say if u can fly the r22
u can fly anything now im an EMS Pilot n fly a AS-350 B3 if any of you can
evr get ur hands on one of them jst take it to town the only difference is,
ours has a bigger transmission so we can max it out further than the
civilian model

Author headstockfagburn (3 years)
VERY SMOOTH Dude! like a good woman !!!!! Some guys gonna come back as
eagles! good on yer!

Author jabr800 (3 years)
@superphap2000 Not smart to slide on grass sometimes, due to a possible
forward rollover, hence, we only did the failure, not the recovery! Flew
this copter for 500 hours in Denver at 5,863msl field elevation, and DA's
of 9,500+. You'd probably be surprised what it will do when flown smoothly
up there! Max. Takeoff is about like you descibed, the "Screw up", going
against the horsepower, shows some of the vertcal capability of this
machine with two people in it! Any videos of you flying a R-22?

Author hondacrxrus (3 years)
This is my favorite r22 video. Cant wait till the next time I can fly one.
Something about the purring of the blades got into my blood.

Author Preston Clark (3 years)
Great job by the pilot!

Author Billy Bell (2 years)
Nice!! Now I want to do it!!

Author superphap2000 (3 years)
Touche. No videos up at the moment. Finishing my cfi this month. Havnt
really logged any time since 09 '. You fly commercial at all?

Author ELX222 (4 years)
@jabr800 Ha! I was just looking for videos on quickstops and found this
again. Did indeed start my training 20 days ago, and am loving every second!

Author Dan Fischer (2 years)

Author Nate Wells (2 years)
Starting r44 training next week.....any pointers, Jabr?

Author jabr800 (5 years)
You are correct. To people like yourself that know about that, it shows a
little bit more of the versitility of the machine!

Author H Scott (4 years)
@jabr800 please do, this is a great video!

Author Jeff Abrams (2 years)

Author jabr800 (4 years)
Good Luck to you Jeff B. !!

Author tyrrellsq (5 years)

Author ThE3rdEV0L0UTI0N (3 years)
Wow this is so cool its like in an action Movie!!!! Great Job!!!1

Author jabr800 (4 years)
Hope you enjoy your training as much as I did? Good Luck !

Author motokid032 (1 year)
You're smooth dude.

Author marcos65221 (3 years)

Author Justin Kiang (1 year)
It was parked next to houses! I assume houses of rich people!

Author jabr800 (3 years)
@bellfilippi It's called a Fly-In Community. It's in Central Florida in the
USA. Rules allow us to land anywhere we have the property owners
permission, as long as a zoning ordinance from a nearby government agency,
doesn't say we can't. Very cool. I landed at a friends house in the forest
2 days ago, and a may be headed to a Lakefront restrauant later today!

Author pedrosoandrew (3 years)
do you own that or for rent? cause having a R22 is awesome!

Author hasifkpkk (1 year)
Really nice job i like it and thanks for the video ............

Author jabr800 (3 years)
@neal08ni Thanks

Author jabr800 (3 years)

Author Chris Andonoski (3 years)
wow r22 is a good helicopter for filming

Author Sociowrath (1 year)
Simply awesome

Author r6ruffrider (5 years)
You are one skilled pilot sir. I definetly appriciate your skills more
after you let me fly it a bit. Very nice video, thanks for sending it to me.

Author Jeff Abrams (2 years)
Thanks for the kind words. Where are you located?

Author kingcora14 (3 years)
dude ur video rocked and ur flying was a plessure to watch. i fly rc helis
would love to fly the real thing.

Author headstockfagburn (3 years)
Quick stops r cool!

Author Tristan Silverstorf (3 years)
That was very skilled flying! I usually fly Cessna 182's and 172's
airplanes but I've had the chance in R22's and Bell 407's and the r22 is a
lightweight fun aircraft. It's amazing how sensitive it is to me, but you
have it mastered!

Author kopterkowboy (3 years)
so smooth

Author IRISHROVER (2 years)
Superb masterful flying, had a wee shot myself in one, only 20 minutes mind
but it was awesome. I have a wee vid my son took of the takeoff and landing
with myself attempting some maneuvers.

Author Junken (3 years)
How much cost?

Author mave1995 (1 year)
Very good and interesting!

Author Paul G. (4 years)
@jabr800 Where is your son's video? Would like to see it.

Author marlles9 (4 years)
is this like a boat where te nose will dive and eventually level out or are
you always flying at an angle

Author yang young (1 year)
goood flying skill and the skilled pilot. I really wanna drive one.

Author bellfilippi (3 years)
@jabr800 Hi, Very impressive video, i have a question though. You seem to
be flying in a housing estate or something and you've landed on your front
lawn? Is that legal in the U.S. ? (sorry I'm assuming you're in the U.S.)
Its very cool either way! Thanks

Author jabr800 (4 years)
@JeffBomareto Thanks Jeff. Very Kind Words!!! Currently at 1200 hours in
the R-22. Wait until you see my 21 year old son fly when his video comes
out. He's at 41 hours right now and can hold is own for sure!

Author Gabriel Reyes (1 year)

Author geomo44094 (2 years)
Quite a machine! Thanks . . .

Author Brandon Hilburn (2 years)
pivot sprinkler and helicopters mike liksthat

Author superphap2000 (3 years)
skilled, but not necessarily smooth, kind of aggressive at times. I didn't
see the recovery for the "simulated tail rotor failure," other than using
more tail rotor. the max takeoff seemed to be HIGE for a mere second and a
half, the rest forward flight. i would dare you to try some of these
maneuvers on a high D.A. day.

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