Robinson R22 Helicopter 12 Maneuvers done smoothly

Hovering, Laterals, Backwards, Pedal Turns, Pirouettes, Running Takeoff, Running Landing, Hovering Auto, Straight In Auto., Max. Perf. T/O., Quick Stop and more

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Author Shivam Singh ( ago)

Author Sasan Shirmohammadi ( ago)
Is there a version of this type of video that shows the pilots cockpit

Author Max W ( ago)
I've got 10 hours and I can do 95% of these!

Author odomi121 ( ago)
someday... SOMEDAY!

Author Plane Flying ( ago)
excellent stuff - and a great piece of machinery! Looks better in yellow

Author Winston Conklin ( ago)
I don't understand. Why do helicopters fart exhaust but not poop? The
tailpipe is the helicopters butt! This video should be renamed Robinson R22
farting smoothly (just kidding)!

Author John Beall ( ago)
I want one.....

Author Alex o ( ago)
Ill get there..........eventually. 

Author 32Cakes ( ago)
Wow. Awesome video!! i hope someday i can become as skilled as you are
flying helicopters!!

Author mave1995 ( ago)
Very good and interesting!

Author Alex GARSIA ( ago)
Of course , you must be rich to have an helicopter. If not, i would be
pilot myself.

Author Justin Kiang ( ago)
It was parked next to houses! I assume houses of rich people!

Author Vengeful Softworks ( ago)
Simply awesome

Author Gabriel Reyes ( ago)

Author hasifkpkk ( ago)
Really nice job i like it and thanks for the video ............ 

Author Mariana Haikönnen ( ago)
I'm looking into becoming a pilot myself and your video has inspired me so!
Thank you for posting it :]

Author motokid032 ( ago)
You're smooth dude.

Author yang young ( ago)
Were you driving for testing the performance of the chopper for R22 or just
playing anyway. like your vedio

Author yang young ( ago)
goood flying skill and the skilled pilot. I really wanna drive one.

Author Jeff Abrams ( ago)
Thanks for the kind words. Where are you located?

Author Pablo Picapiedras ( ago)
Nice job! Looking great. I would love to take an R22 for a spin, but no one
rents them around here. And I am S70 rated too. 

Author geomo44094 ( ago)
Quite a machine! Thanks . . . 

Author Jeff Abrams ( ago)
Thank you

Author serega876 ( ago)

Author scott gorham ( ago)
Fly into a radio tower. 

Author Nate Wells (331 year ago)
Starting r44 training next week.....any pointers, Jabr? 

Author Billy Bell ( ago)
Nice!! Now I want to do it!!

Author Jeff Abrams ( ago)

Author Dan Fischer ( ago)

Author Tim Gilbert ( ago)
Really neat flying. It's not easy to make an R22 look that rock steady.

Author The Well Rounded Square ( ago)
wait... is that like someone's yard?

Author Junken ( ago)
How much cost?

Author iHatePRND ( ago)
Great control, cool machine. Will be starting my training on one of these
bad boys shortly. Hope to reach your skill level one day. Thumbs up.

Author Chris Andonoski ( ago)
wow r22 is a good helicopter for filming

Author headstockfagburn ( ago)
Quick stops r cool!

Author headstockfagburn ( ago)
VERY SMOOTH Dude! like a good woman !!!!! Some guys gonna come back as
eagles! good on yer!

Author hondacrxrus ( ago)
This is my favorite r22 video. Cant wait till the next time I can fly one.
Something about the purring of the blades got into my blood.

Author Tristan Silverstorf ( ago)
That was very skilled flying! I usually fly Cessna 182's and 172's
airplanes but I've had the chance in R22's and Bell 407's and the r22 is a
lightweight fun aircraft. It's amazing how sensitive it is to me, but you
have it mastered!

Author browing7 ( ago)
Awesome video and awesome flight.

Author bellfilippi ( ago)
@jabr800 Hi, Very impressive video, i have a question though. You seem to
be flying in a housing estate or something and you've landed on your front
lawn? Is that legal in the U.S. ? (sorry I'm assuming you're in the U.S.)
Its very cool either way! Thanks

Author pedrosoandrew ( ago)
do you own that or for rent? cause having a R22 is awesome!

Author klk1900 ( ago)
this is one bad ass i learned in a r22 but we all say if u can fly the r22
u can fly anything now im an EMS Pilot n fly a AS-350 B3 if any of you can
evr get ur hands on one of them jst take it to town the only difference is,
ours has a bigger transmission so we can max it out further than the
civilian model 

Author marcos65221 ( ago)

Author kopterkowboy ( ago)
so smooth

Author Dean Trace ( ago)
very good video. you show a good amount of of different flying manouvers.
very nice to watch. thanks for taking the time to do this. cheers.

Author zx1400a7f ( ago)
Great Demonstration! It's nice to see the R22 showcased in such a positive
light. I will begin instruction next year in Nashville (JWN) for Rotorcraft
and look forward to piloting the R22. I hope to find an instructor as
gifted as you! 

Author oortseam ( ago)
Brilliant video, great pleasure to watch :)

Author Paul G. ( ago)
@jabr800 Where is your son's video? Would like to see it.

Author schmitti9 ( ago)
max performance^^?? R22! no no no no bad.....

Author ELX222 ( ago)
@jabr800 Ha! I was just looking for videos on quickstops and found this
again. Did indeed start my training 20 days ago, and am loving every

Author H Scott ( ago)
@jabr800 please do, this is a great video!

Author Helicopter755E ( ago)
Nice skills! Particularly liked the quick stop with perfect control and no

Author ELX222 ( ago)
Love this video! Nice tight flying. Starting CPL(H) training in 20 days on
the 22. Can't wait!

Author ooli1 ( ago)
Thanks for that

Author r22accipiter ( ago)
Beautiful work, Jeff!!! I repeatedly watch this just for pleasure.

Author tyrrellsq ( ago)

Author r6ruffrider ( ago)
You are one skilled pilot sir. I definetly appriciate your skills more
after you let me fly it a bit. Very nice video, thanks for sending it to

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