Virgil Fox Legacy | Franck | Piece Heroique

The Virgil Fox Legacy

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Author AndreIsoirFansClub ( ago)

Author Hank Carrillo ( ago)
Just let more and more people turn away from this fabulous instrument and
all it's superb music with your ignorant ranting. 

Author Hank Carrillo ( ago)
Which is because he was trying to get the message of the organ out there to
all those people. In case you didn't know, the organ is a dying instrument,
and the only way to get it to survive is with people like Dr. Fox (I'm not
going to mention CC-Don't get me started on him) going out there and doing
the heavy organ concerts and encouraging the appreciation of the organ and
of classical music. So if you don't appreciate that, go ahead.

Author jumnicorn ( ago)
you stop say that mayby you are bullshit!

Author Gertjan Ronner ( ago)
@LAN748 "Feelings" equals acoustics? I hear a lot of emotion. Btw. he's
playing it flawlessly from memory. That alone deserves a lot of respect.
Usually I would advocate these kind of commercial circus organists, but in
this case.. it's not that bad at all. Just my $0.02

Author Frost69 ( ago)
@organopleno - Me either

Author Gertjan Ronner ( ago)
whether or not you like this performance is a matter of taste, but many
people forget that before the performer can make his own
arrangement/interpretation, he needs to be able to play it correctly
first!! So it's not that VIrgil can't play it as it's supposed to, he
deliberately chooses to play it differently... and that takes a lot of
courage. If no organist would take any risk and play it his own way, our
musical world would become terribly dull!

Author GLYNN TILLERY ( ago)
a "showy" performance by Mr. Fox but technically sloppy ,hurried and
uninspiring. The interpretation at 6:00-6:25 is just awful.

Author titan steel ( ago)
Quel gâchis ! Minable !

Author Sam F ( ago)

Author polsterj ( ago)
This is... undescribeable bad! Feeling? Acoustic? Good Organ? Nothing! Ok,
when he wants to make a good show - I can't stop him. But he shouldn't
abuse the french organ school for it!

Author tastenmensch12 ( ago)
horrible and ridiculous!!

Author Brent Badon ( ago)
Where is this organ located? And we all need to stop arguing about the fact
whether Mr. Fox was talented or not. It's an opinion that each of us holds.
In my opinion he's one of a kind.

Author polsterj ( ago)
Das ist ja grauenhaft! Wie kann man Franck nur mit so wenig Gefühl
interpretieren, mal angesehen von dieser schreckichen Akkustik? Mich nerven
echt alle diese dummen Benutzer, die ihn wegen seiner sinnlosen Show und
seinem maschinenartigen Schnellgespiele so verehren und es wahrscheinlich
auch tun würden, wenn er sich bei Alle Meine Entchen verspielt.

Author organman52 ( ago)
If you only knew what you are talking about. In any case, what exactly do
you admire about this performance ?

Author organistspectacular ( ago)
Hey Organman, Because he is Virgil Fox and YOU are NOT!

Author Musehroom ( ago)

Author organman52 ( ago)
This is the most atrocious performance of any piece I have ever heard. Who
the hell is ANYONE - even if he is named Virgil Fox - to mutilate the music
this way? The master Franck would laugh at this pathetic clown.

Author Caocao8888 ( ago)
Sir, I'm sorry that you missed the sarcasm in my comment about Fox and
Liberace. Why in the world do you think that I used those ridiculous caps?!
Caocao8888, BM, MS, DMA

Author BansaiMont3l ( ago)
nice registrations wtf lol

Author Caocao8888 ( ago)
I AGREE!!! Virgil FOX and LIBERACE are both the GREATest. Isnt it GRAND?

Author sngtenor ( ago)
One must also take into consideration the acoustics of the room the organ
is in. It is much, much more than the instrument itself. This room sounds
pretty dead from what I can tell. You could take the same organ stops and
play this piece in Cathedral of St. John the Divine with their famous 8
seconds of reverberation and the sound would be totally different. Virgil
Fox was truly incredible and in my book he is a legend.

Author graant71 ( ago)
I have several of his records, and they are really much better than this
kind of show with people laughing at him.

Author RonN448 ( ago)
I have loved watching and listening to Virgil Fox since I was about 14
years old, and I'll be 60 next month. I saw him in-person three times: In
Kankakee, IL, Naperville, IL, in the Field House of North Central College
where he played his Allen Organ, and finally in Milwaukee, WI shortly
before he passed away. He was born on May 3, 1912 in Princeton, IL, and
passed on Oct. 25, 1980 from cancer. Sadly, I never heard him perform live
on his Rodgers Touring Organ.

Author adhtz21 ( ago)
Furthermore, this aaron whatevre his name is claims to be 17. Virgil Fox
died in the 1960's or 1970's as I recollect.

Author adhtz21 ( ago)
Furthermore, this aaron whatevre his name is claims to be 17. Virgil Fox
died in the 1960's or 1970's as I recollect.

Author adhtz21 ( ago)
What a buffoon to say Virgil Fox is a friend of his and he has asked him.
This great and brilliant, talented man sadly died many years ago. A small
piece of research will uncover that.

Author steelersfanhawaii ( ago)
Arronfolwell, there is nothing more awesome than the growl of the 32'
contre bombarde in the pedal --- Awesome instrument --- awesome
organist!!!!! In a month, I will have the chance to play a large four
manual organ in the Philippines that has a full length 32' contre bombarde

Author principale8 ( ago)
Is this Franck or Astor Piazzolla ?

Author Francesco Cavagna ( ago)
mamma mia AIUTO

Author irkibby ( ago)
I have a recording of this which is miles scarier... . The stops used made
the whole piece sound far far meaner and menacing. Is this a digital organ?
don't they have a capacity to add a reverb to the notes played? This still
just sounds like he is rushing it because he really needs to go to the
toilet. A bit slower would have been much better even if it had no echo.

Author professorjmp ( ago)
One needs to remember that in Notre Dame de Paris, the acoustics are highly
different from where this recording was made, and do therfore require a
much slower tempo. Had he played with thtat tempo in this setting, it would
have been an excercise in agony.

Author graant71 ( ago)
I have a cd of Virgil Fox playing César Franck's Cantabile and Chorale n.3,
and they are played way better than this Pièce Heroique. All his LP/CD
recordings are very well played, surely better than the pieces he plays on
this and on other videos here. The reason probably is that during public
performances he liked too much to "show up" and so, in my opinion of
course, he plays often without the accuracy that he has in his audio

Author David White ( ago)
Absolutely agree. A poor rehash at that. I had not seen this particular
video before. But had made an adverse comment - justifiable at that - on
another Fox performance.

Author irkibby ( ago)
agreed, Piece Heroique sounds far better when it's much slower than this,
much more menacing

Author Matt Gerhard ( ago)
No feeling? I can't say that I've heard much of anything that Virgil played
that didn't have feeling.

Author pmo1969 ( ago)
Shame the piece isn't played with any feeling.... another Fox rehash!

Author dartagnan926 ( ago)
Thanks for posting this. I was re-reading "Midnight In The Garden Of Good
And Evil" and it made reference to Jim Williams playing this piece on
Mercer House's organ to annoy his neighbors' dogs and I just couldn't get
the tune in my head. Thanks!

piece heroique :) Cesar Franck... very nice...5 points :)

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