Yuri Boyka Tribute (2) - Undisputed 2 & 3

Yuri Boyka compilation. Song name is "Till I Collapse" by Eminem.

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Author Sarah BEAUTIFULL (6 days)
WOW OMG si yo hiciera eso ósea es épico te amo Yuri Boyka *-* ♥♥

Author Amanda Dutra (3 months)
o boica e o melher lutador do mundo

Author Emre Aktas (2 months)
Yuri Boyka 

Author hicham artiste (8 months)
inho ajmal mokatl

Author LORENZO ITALIANO (9 months)

Author dg rusik (10 months)

Author Jesus Martinez (1 year)
esta loco mparaq hacer todo eso

Author LORENZO ITALIANO (9 months)

Author Andrei Pupkin (1 year)
Бля остой песня!!! Где песня Юрия бойко ???

Author Elimba Dikalo (1 year)
Looks so fake!

Author TheAshRaven (2 years)
I know! apparently its based after he got out of the prison and facing new

Author dan anto (2 years)
esta buenicimo el video

dios este tío buela de verdad

Author AdrianU30 (3 years)
God has given him a gift, only one he is the most complete fighter, in the
world. :)

Author MrDon0111 (3 years)
@7hYShoT7 NAME ????????

Author Darius Theos-King (3 years)
... Imma try that combo at 0:46

Author Adrian Johnson (2 years)
His FootWork is Sick!

Author ayoub daiffalah (2 years)
the gravity...bitch plzz

Author TheMINELL (2 years)
boyka has added new fight type,it s called UNDISPUTED xD, what it include:
mma ufc k1 and all other shit of caling fight:)

Author Don Boyka (3 years)
Turbo: Russia,Russia! Boyka: WHAT?! Turbo: Dude I need to take a shit,but I
can't find no place to do it! What you think I shud do? Boyka: I think you
should fucking hang yourself! LMFAO!@ Boyka = baws.

Author Thomas Hepburn (3 years)
I feel sorry for the people who think this looks remotely like MMA.

Author wwerawxx (2 years)
thumbs up! if you feel like you could go out and beat anybody now

Author Rhalner X-Silva (2 years)
Quem disse isso tekken 7 boyka ta loko

Author TheAshRaven (2 years)
its coming out, its called undisputed: boyka i think

Author TheGeneral2022 (3 years)
@BboyNiLeL ok sure sure ... fuckk u ^^

Author skogoskar (3 years)

Author Vasea Gorciag (3 years)
1:28 best.. I need to learn this kick :D who want to learn this.. thumbs up

Author Mnoyba (3 years)
Boyka needs to become a new member of "The Expendables"

Author KOMMA (3 years)
@BboyNiLeL Undisputed 4 vai chegar em breve, mas primeiro ele precisar
recuperar seu joelho que estav com problema. A vida imita a arte!

Author Norbert Faller (2 years)
That've be awesome! :D

Author forman191 (3 years)
song name pls ??? Eminem ?

Author MrDon0111 (3 years)
@im4d94 thanq

Author Imad Belli (3 years)
NAME IS : Scott Adkins

Author TheCanto007 (2 years)
Eminem "Till I Collapse"

Author bbbvvvv1 (4 years)
youre english is broken

Author joey BOYKA (2 years)
EMINEM till i collapse

Author Monkey D. Luffy (3 years)
@losquid101 street

Author berrada el azizi hanane (2 years)
yes he is the most complete fighter in the world my little girl like him
alot she like just all things ho have a relation with fight she s a good
fighter :)

Author Demoremda Rigel (2 years)
wow never seen this, great balance this guy

Author TerminalVelocity14 (3 years)
@MsBratt86 Boyka, no contest.

Author MrDon0111 (3 years)
can any1 tell me who is in yellow pajamas ??????

Author MOoOsTaA (2 years)
what is the name of this movie??

Author IenaRap (3 years)
@nachochip17 But he won anyway ;)

Author arhs lord (3 years)
@TheGeneral2022 yes iam...!

Author Marek Kalina (4 years)
boyka (scott adkins) is the best figher

Author salah m-zon (3 years)
boyka chad mo hwih

Author Robert Willian (2 years)
esse filme é ums dos melhres msm

Author krisztina majlath (3 years)
im bojka én orosz hüjegyerek vagyok

Author pidbullansatsusha (3 years)
No ma que chingon trabajo yea

Author patratzel96 (3 years)
@losquid101 actrobatics+ martial arts

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