How to get unbanned from a SA-MP server

Here is a tutorial for how to get unbanned from a SA-MP server or other games....sorry for my bad english link:

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Author saif hisham (5 days)
like and subs :)

Author Half Changeling David (15 days)
It never works... -_-

Author L'armata Playing (6 months)
It didn't work...

Author Solute Solvon (14 days)
works only 1 time -_-

Author saif hisham (5 days)
thank you very much

Author liwaa alrayes (3 months)
dude it does not work it ruined my internet now evreytime i join a server
it says im banned even though i wasnt 

Author Fabian Channel (3 months)
dude it works thanks
i like your video

Author luka kopala (1 month)
i cant turn on hotspot shield

Author Aston Goldsmith (2 months)
It works on 0.3z my friend tested it

Author Alex MC (2 months)
Not work for samp 0.3z :/

Author Lukas Makový (1 month)
not vpn a need samphack

Author Sandeep Panchal (2 months)
it worked but only 1 time

Author Obaid Gamer (7 months)
i tryed it and it works for me thanks and i subscribed ur video

Author Matúš Pavol (2 months)
I have new section 3.41 and shows me there anything else please help list

Author Khaled Bouzid (7 months)
Me error :(

Author LushikuteZikatojirik (3 years)
Nab...this doesn't unban you, this is called a "VPN", or a "Virtual Private
Network", slow as fuck and uses a range IP which is most likely
SprunkBusted(Black listed) all over use.

Author e a (3 years)
dont work anymore use to

Author Napaljeni Hrast (2 years)

Author Alex Antisgamo (1 year)

Author IONEL629 (3 years)
If you want to unlock the server that is blocked, can watch my video, but
is in Spanish. I leave it as an option. Seper serve them! Greetings! :) The
video is called: Como Desbloquear el Server en que Jugamos (en SAMP) "You
are banned from this server" [HD]. translated into English would be: how to
unlock the Server that played (in SAMP) "You are banned from this server"

Author LowMaxi (3 years)
@DestinationMan Soo, i Turn off Internett connection .., THen Reinstall
SAmp, Connect Internett?, then change NIckname? Thats not work, because
some Server Go after IP, not nick name :S

Author andrei ricu (1 year)
auzi..asta merge daca am ban pe nume?

Author Adji (2 years)

Author HoLyEtHaN1 (1 year)
nope it is a proxy which changes your ip address, most proxies don't work
in the recent update, it the old version of samp it will work though.

Author lightning5566 (3 years)
fuck you mutherfucker go fuck yourself in the toylet you ugly bith it does
not work

Author AsasinCreed1000 (1 year)
da e roman

Author Ilija Volnarov (1 year)
Proper Grammar: Don't download this at all it's just a waste

Author elmalomelleva (3 years)

Author albania917 (2 years)
It says that im banned again what should i do ???

Author djdeejayf (3 years)
You are noob/cheater if you are banned several times, and you need this

Author TheSfinxy (2 years)
is hotspot shield a anti virus progam?

Author Sahil Singh (3 years)
@yochucky2008 can u tell name of this song

Author Jesus Christ (2 years)
Well, i tried this, i play on a cops and robbers server and when i turn
this on, it says conncted. So i go onto the server and it says you are
banned from this server. i Run windows 7 and SA:MP 0.3d

Author iJoyStick (3 years)
@MrStefan4o LOL your so stupid...if you just comment on youtube so how this
"SHIT" rowend your internet?!

Author PrRp1338 (3 years)
Thanks alot man

Author MascoTJ17 (2 years)
when i try to join a server it just sais it cannot connect to it. Any Help?

Author GloryRunners100 (2 years)
not working bitch

Author Efrain Salinas (3 years)
lost my internet

Author Mir Lesnar (2 years)
this is not working cuz when i turn on the protection, the SA-MP servers
get closed u can't connect!

Author HitATreeWithThatOne (2 years)
are you selling any boom boom?

Author lilwillie3055 (3 years)

Author psycowarrior1 (3 years)
its virus don't download it

Author zdravko812 (2 years)
How to solve lag.

Author Darren Orton (2 years)
it works music's gr8

Author Charles Redd (1 year)
No comma?

Author TOM4E0 (2 years)
this is so stupid i need to change my nickname to get unban

Author Ramón Pasterkamp (3 years)
I extaly worked for me!

Author aNdReYuTz2011 (2 years)
@nicksta1127 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Multiplayer

Author THEGOTH1999 (2 years)
i think an admin banned u and unbanned u then u got on all just like a big

Author fisherhazzel1 (2 years)
@pinkforever1996 it is actualy a mod

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