How to get unbanned from a SA-MP server

Here is a tutorial for how to get unbanned from a SA-MP server or other games....sorry for my bad english link:

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Author Mr Majhoul ( ago)
thnx dude its is workin :)) i will hack any way :)

Author Ivan Dimitrov ( ago)
thanks man its works :))

Author SnowCat Gaming ( ago)

Author Superaver ( ago)
+Cole Trane Don't be rude! He's $howing How to get unbanned! So don't be

Author Superaver ( ago)
+Cole Train sorry wrong message #SuperSorry

Author Superaver ( ago)
+Cole Train don't be rude #PlsDontBerude

Author Cole Trane (1196 years ago)
fuck you ugly piece of shit

Author TheHyng ( ago)

Author TheBest YTB ( ago)
dont work son

Author DżGämërDż ( ago)
music ?

Author Jovan Jerkov ( ago)
Works to me :) Sub, like

Author TehSonarchy98thSpartan ( ago)
Thanks a Lot it Works 

Author spirovskih ( ago)

Author hesham adeeb ( ago)
its run but run slowly internt

Author viki2133 (1185 years ago)
Not working you idiot!

Author [Z]EKTOR ( ago)
Not working

Author Prull És a Haverok ( ago)

Author skon houas ( ago)
hhh bro your ping :p

Author skon houas ( ago)
it works on .03x????

Author Saif HishamVii ( ago)
like and subs :)

Author Saif HishamVii ( ago)
thank you very much

Author Solute Solvon ( ago)
works only 1 time -_-

Author Half Changeling Dave ( ago)
It never works... -_-

Author Lukas Makový ( ago)
not vpn a need samphack

Author luka kopala (239 years ago)
i cant turn on hotspot shield

Author Sandeep Panchal (560 years ago)
it worked but only 1 time

Author Matias Gamer ( ago)
I have new section 3.41 and shows me there anything else please help list

Author Aston Goldsmith ( ago)
It works on 0.3z my friend tested it

Author AlexMan TV ( ago)
Not work for samp 0.3z :/

Author liwaa alrayes ( ago)
dude it does not work it ruined my internet now evreytime i join a server
it says im banned even though i wasnt 

Author Fabian Channel ( ago)
dude it works thanks
i like your video

Author L'armata Playing ( ago)
It didn't work...

Author Khaled Bouzid ( ago)
Me error :(

Author Obaid Gamer ( ago)
i tryed it and it works for me thanks and i subscribed ur video

Author Raisavo ( ago)
OMG, this really works, subscribed

Author BlackEagle ( ago)
this is what I think his friend is an admin on the server so he unbanned
him. or wizard magic!

Author Alex Antisgamo ( ago)

Author RICHARD PREDA ( ago)
this shit doesnt even work retard@!!!!!!

Author Thievingnoob ( ago)
Range bans are impossible to get unbanned from...

Author Axel Patria ( ago)
black eyed peas-boom boom pow

Author TheOnlyMedy (375 years ago)
do u install it in the gta sa folders?

Author MuMeProduction ( ago)
haw tu music name ???

Author Charles Redd ( ago)
No comma?

Author ahlach41 ( ago)
Thx dude!

Author Ilija Volnarov (1116 years ago)
Proper Grammar: Don't download this at all it's just a waste

Author Duy Nguyễn ( ago)
What about range ban ! :@

Author Duy Nguyễn ( ago)
That's why my server always has GOD DAMN ban evaders !!! But dont worry,
you can only play for more 5 mins and then say BB again ! ;-)

Author shai shy ( ago)
dont download this all its just a wast

Author Antonio Cindrić ( ago)
first of all it dont steal anyithing it just hides your ip adress that
servers cant see it.

Author christopher charest ( ago)
its really my avast warned me

Author Jordanholliday (1752 years ago)
Just use a VPN like hotspot Or if you play ngg then Kiss ass admins or Have
a dynamic ip

Author TheCatdog1991 ( ago)

Author woutty123 ( ago)
but then u must ALWAYS turn on hotspot shield ?

Author LORD X ( ago)
nice ty

Author US marine ( ago)
hey you trick me! the connectoin from it is loosing

Author mczoze1998 ( ago)
doesnt work with 0.3 e

Author AsasinCreed1000 ( ago)
da e roman

Author TopMovies ( ago)
wanna say it hide your IP

Author TopMovies ( ago)
dude that just change your IP if your IP adress is banned

Author Dragos Ploae ( ago)
Thank you very much. This works on 0.3e. PS: I'm from Romania too ;)

Author Alec Baldwin Jr. ( ago)
69 Ping.

Author HoLyEtHaN1 ( ago)
nope it is a proxy which changes your ip address, most proxies don't work
in the recent update, it the old version of samp it will work though.

Author andrei ricu ( ago)
auzi..asta merge daca am ban pe nume?

Author Jocke ( ago)
i gave you the link as a private message.

Author Defalt ( ago)
where can i get it?

Author THEGOTH1999 (773 years ago)
i think an admin banned u and unbanned u then u got on all just like a big

Author Jocke ( ago)
Buy reall fucking VPN insteed... And don't forgett to change ingame name.

Author Deivis Pover ( ago)
works works

Author TheWhistlebird ( ago)
this is stupid... this didnt unban me...

Author GloryRunners100 ( ago)
not working bitch

Author Thug Life ( ago)
the only i like in the video is only the music

Author jhon doer ( ago)
Fuck you. /disliked

Author haaax20 ( ago)
ettől meg szar lessz a netemés magas ping miatt kickelnek...........

Author McKillerRus ( ago)
gotta dislike you gotta dislike you gotta dislike you you you comment got
too many negative voice voice voices

Author EpicZHW ( ago)
gotta hit that... gotta hit that... gotta hit that that that mute mute mute!

Author Mir Lesnar ( ago)
this is not working cuz when i turn on the protection, the SA-MP servers
get closed u can't connect!

Author Arcanine021 ( ago)
why hotspotshield did'nt work?

Author Airidas Staniunas ( ago)
dis i work ?

Author Frenchcore Hardcore ( ago)
veryy gooodddd

Author London Paris ( ago)
alot of cops and robbers servers like crazybob they have it in the script
if the ip adrees dosnt pop up it wont let you connect so it says you are
banned only works on some servers

Author Darren Orton ( ago)
it works music's gr8

Author sajadrsham ( ago)
This works thx man!

Author albania917 ( ago)
It says that im banned again what should i do ???

Author Jesus Christ ( ago)
Well, i tried this, i play on a cops and robbers server and when i turn
this on, it says conncted. So i go onto the server and it says you are
banned from this server. i Run windows 7 and SA:MP 0.3d

Author Zinedine. ( ago)
Man OMG.. thanks

Author Zinedine. ( ago)
Thanks... ;)

Author Marx Kaas ( ago)
yeei i get unban (Y) :DD:D:D:D: thanks !

Author Desmond Miles ( ago)
thumbs if you didnt get unbanned problem with internet and server didnt

Author Dejan Janeski ( ago)

Author LoganNZL ( ago)
My PING is like a turtle

Author aNdReYuTz2011 ( ago)
@nicksta1127 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Multiplayer

Author Daria Lazarescu ( ago)
I like this vid ! thx :D

Author iMarcell12 ( ago)
Lol it says im Snowman/121 banned by TehZone which im not....

Author Maklagen ( ago)
Please help! im has got two bans in my favourite server :( but this program
dont work!!! what need to do me? help please! sorry for bad english :(

Author Maklagen ( ago)
This shit dont work!!!

Author Rusek _ ( ago)
It doesn't work...:(

Author DjCaPpUcI ( ago)
Server doesn't respond

Author Pokadin Smoooth ( ago)
serve didnt respond ....

Author USER (1211 year ago)
@pinkforever1996 it is actualy a mod

Author nicksta1127 ( ago)
whats the game called? The full name

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