Katy Perry - Swish Swish (Audio) ft. Nicki Minaj

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    A tiger
    Don’t lose no sleep
    Don’t need opinions
    From a shellfish or a sheep
    Don’t you come for me
    No, not today

    You’re calculated
    I got your number
    ‘Cause you’re a joker
    And I’m a courtside killer queen
    And you will kiss the ring
    You best believe

    So keep calm, honey I’ma stick around
    For more than a minute, get used to it
    Funny my name keeps comin’ outcho mouth
    ‘Cause I stay winning
    Lay ‘em up like

    Swish, swish, bish
    Another one in the basket
    Can’t touch this
    Another one in the casket

    Your game is tired
    You should retire
    You’re ‘bout as cute as
    An old coupon expired
    And karma’s not a liar
    She keeps receipts

    Swish, swish, bish
    Another one in the basket
    Can’t touch this
    Another one in the casket
    Swish, swish, bish
    Another one in the basket
    Can’t touch this
    Another one in the casket


    Pink Ferragamo sliders on deck
    Silly rap beefs just get me more checks
    My life is a movie, I'm never off set
    Me & my a-MIGOS (no, not OFF-SET)
    Swish swish
    Aww I got them upset
    But my shooters'll make ‘em dance like dub step
    Swish swish aww
    My haters is obsessed
    ‘Cause I make M's
    They get MUCH LESS

    Don't be tryna double back
    I already despise you
    All that fake love you showin’
    Couldn't even disguise you

    Ran? When?
    Nicki gettin’ tan
    Mirror mirror
    Who's the fairest bitch in all da land?

    Damn, man
    This bitch is a Stan
    Muah muah
    The generous queen
    Will kiss a fan
    Ass goodbye
    I’ma be riding by
    I’ma tell my biggz
    Yea, dat’s da guy
    A star's a star
    Da ha da ha
    They never thought the swish God would take it this far
    Get my pimp cup, this is pimp shit, baby
    I only fuck wit Queens
    So I'm makin’ hits with Katy

    Swish, swish, bish
    Another one in the basket
    Can’t touch this
    Another one in the casket

    Music video by Katy Perry performing Swish Swish. (C) 2017 Capitol Records

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  • Joe Nguyen
    Joe Nguyen 1 minute ago

    Only like Nicki verse

  • Sunny Go
    Sunny Go 13 minutes ago

    You will kiss the ring.

  • bad boy
    bad boy 14 minutes ago

    is swish swish bitch or swish swish bish ?

  • Kris Kol
    Kris Kol 32 minutes ago

    I want the oficial video now!!!!!!!!!!

  • nyoka lasu
    nyoka lasu 38 minutes ago

    this song is so trash

  • Just Kaleb
    Just Kaleb 53 minutes ago

    Taylor and Remy Ma better team up and make the BEST comeback DISS

  • Llama Comet
    Llama Comet 1 hour ago

    What has triggered the change in Katy's musical style?

  • Karina Lizana
    Karina Lizana 1 hour ago

    i love song

  • Felicia Palumbo
    Felicia Palumbo 1 hour ago

    sounds like a 80s so g from paul oakenfold

    • Felicia Palumbo
      Felicia Palumbo 1 hour ago

      but shes making a making a statement..right!? the same statement we've been making since the 80s.. js

  • edgar quezada
    edgar quezada 1 hour ago


  • Telimoxo
    Telimoxo 1 hour ago

    When Miley and Katy switch places

  • Palma deNigris
    Palma deNigris 1 hour ago

    Swift, Swift, Bitch.

  • Badboyripp
    Badboyripp 2 hours ago

    The bassline before Nicki part is lush

  • jane tbh
    jane tbh 2 hours ago


  • Pointy Video
    Pointy Video 2 hours ago

    Imagine high-end Swiss bank teller free throwing old receipts in a bin while singing along: ''Swish, swish, bish Another one in the basket...'' 😂😂😂

  • Baby Squid
    Baby Squid 2 hours ago

    i only like nicki and the background

  • iComic
    iComic 3 hours ago

    fact Nicki Minaj is your explanation for Katy Perry cussing

  • Diogo Lima
    Diogo Lima 3 hours ago

    BR ???

  • Aura YT
    Aura YT 3 hours ago

    quando esce il video vevo?

  • David Leng
    David Leng 3 hours ago


  • Esther Dhimal
    Esther Dhimal 3 hours ago

    Nicki killed it 😻🤘🏻

  • chelsey stafford
    chelsey stafford 3 hours ago

    Nicki killed her part😍🔥

  • Merlinnet Vélez
    Merlinnet Vélez 3 hours ago

    Swift Swift

  • DiablosWrath
    DiablosWrath 4 hours ago

    What are you think when you listening to this song guys?


  • Alex Davenport
    Alex Davenport 4 hours ago

    This has got to be the worst song Katy Perry has ever released.

  • Poo queen Evvie
    Poo queen Evvie 4 hours ago

    Omg i love this song soooo much

  • Codex
    Codex 4 hours ago

    Music video is coming :)

  • Luring Chandelure
    Luring Chandelure 4 hours ago

    Swift Swift Bitch! another one in the bucket!

  • Banda DoesRandomness

    Taylor's weave has been snitched

    ME DICEN LUISDA 5 hours ago

    love you too

  • Syed Abdul Haseeb Qadri

    Where's the music video!!

  • Fioo :3
    Fioo :3 5 hours ago

    I Love this Song 😍❤️

  • Christian Orbegoso Reyes


  • trippy. peppa
    trippy. peppa 5 hours ago

    at first i didn't like this song but now i do

  • Pawel Drajem
    Pawel Drajem 5 hours ago

    Mega Muza , Nicki super. ojjjj podoba sie.

  • Pie 4life
    Pie 4life 6 hours ago

    First 10 seconds kill the song and is stupid . The rest is fine

  • marek
    marek 6 hours ago

    is this a diss on someone?

  • Karson Ward
    Karson Ward 7 hours ago

    I like her older songs better

  • Mia Porcelli
    Mia Porcelli 7 hours ago


  • Adrian Kocik
    Adrian Kocik 7 hours ago


  • Elisa Grasielle
    Elisa Grasielle 7 hours ago

    A response to Taylor Swift? HAHAHA BR BR BR !!

  • Ooskar•-•
    Ooskar•-• 7 hours ago

    Tonight music video 💞💞💞

  • Richie Daniel
    Richie Daniel 7 hours ago

    This BEAT is Sick!!! Go Katy Perry & Nicki, this masterpiece of a song will KILL the DANCEFLOOR!

  • Syed Abdul Haseeb Qadri

    Katy Perry makes history with her third RIAA diamond certification till date only 14 songs have won this award and Katy Perry owns three of them!!
    1) Firework
    2) Dark Horse
    3) Roar
    A fuckin' legend of pop! 👑

  • *Krupa* *Thangaraj*
    *Krupa* *Thangaraj* 8 hours ago

    this kinda sounds like "girls like" I said a bit don't attack me

  • KonMan Gaming
    KonMan Gaming 8 hours ago

    This song's got a good beat💪

  • Aj is a Music Lover
    Aj is a Music Lover 8 hours ago

    *Swift Swift Bitch

  • Sashaboykovenk Fhug
    Sashaboykovenk Fhug 8 hours ago


  • Sashaboykovenk Fhug
    Sashaboykovenk Fhug 8 hours ago

    She good looks with blonde hair because she is blue eyed aryan dumb slut

  • Inpursuit ofSMT
    Inpursuit ofSMT 8 hours ago

    yet Nicki will always be lil kims STAN ASF... 😂😂😂😂... the irony

  • Marry Rosas
    Marry Rosas 8 hours ago

    ilove you Katy ✌✌✌👍🤘🤘

  • Marry Rosas
    Marry Rosas 8 hours ago

    wow wow i love you music

  • Colombia B
    Colombia B 8 hours ago


  • victor silva
    victor silva 9 hours ago


  • Justin Bieber
    Justin Bieber 10 hours ago

    *swift swift bitch* more like

  • FarsleyFarfield
    FarsleyFarfield 10 hours ago

    Not a clean playlist - track 13 has swearing

  • Noah Byrne
    Noah Byrne 10 hours ago

    i love katy perry... she makes me so happy!!!

  • Q
    Q 10 hours ago

    Really were sampling maya jane coles again? Lameee

  • Jast Grande
    Jast Grande 11 hours ago

    me: ok, it's time to sleep
    my brain: swish swish bish

  • Catharina Mota
    Catharina Mota 11 hours ago

    I really loved this song, but in the middle when Nick starts her part I hated listen

  • Mark Migas
    Mark Migas 11 hours ago

    2 Illuminati puppets together

  • Tigris Aquino
    Tigris Aquino 11 hours ago

    I love how Nicki got more than a verse she got like half the song. Love it!!!

  • LaSmanacciaLobont
    LaSmanacciaLobont 11 hours ago

    great song

  • Estelle Jordach
    Estelle Jordach 12 hours ago

    i realy realy raealy realy love you katy perry my dream to see you my dream

  • sherry ai
    sherry ai 12 hours ago

    This song is a piece of shit.

  • Игорь Швепс
    Игорь Швепс 13 hours ago

    Сосите хуй пиндосы!!!!!

  • MoondoggyX16
    MoondoggyX16 13 hours ago

    the beat at 1:20 is 😍

  • Еркин Камзин

    Without nicki the song defective would be

  • Nicola Ginetti
    Nicola Ginetti 13 hours ago


  • ca tion
    ca tion 13 hours ago

    This song should be used in Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

  • Martina Zuñiga
    Martina Zuñiga 14 hours ago

    truje truje prra

  • Carmen GV
    Carmen GV 14 hours ago

    who else is desperately to watch the video!!?!?!??!?!?!?

  • Artyom
    Artyom 14 hours ago

    Why does 1 tea cost 99 $ ???

  • Oliver Dexx
    Oliver Dexx 14 hours ago

    This is house music!!!

  • S N
    S N 15 hours ago

    Such a good way to denote Taylor' Swift

  • Key Tandi
    Key Tandi 15 hours ago

    Translate: Swift Swift Bitch

  • mike martinez
    mike martinez 16 hours ago

    liked ittt

  • Michal Urbančík
    Michal Urbančík 16 hours ago

    Where is video? :/

  • meme king
    meme king 17 hours ago


  • Joanne Hume
    Joanne Hume 18 hours ago

    I love this song

  • ExcaliburAmi
    ExcaliburAmi 18 hours ago

    that "WAT DA FUACK" in the beginning cracks me up everytime xD

  • Camille Wright
    Camille Wright 19 hours ago

    this sorta really fucking sucks like, swish swish bish, did a 3rd grader write this?

  • Jamey Britton
    Jamey Britton 19 hours ago

    Gather around! What are my #Swifties at! ❤️

  • V Sen
    V Sen 20 hours ago

    disliked by Swish fans...

  • Hector Pacheco
    Hector Pacheco 20 hours ago

    hated this song first two times it played but then caught myself shaking my ass by the fifth time

  • Javi i
    Javi i 21 hour ago

    Swift Swift Bitch 🐍🐍

  • Jerry's Garcia
    Jerry's Garcia 21 hour ago

    love this song!

  • DiegoMd
    DiegoMd 21 hour ago


  • Gilded Sin
    Gilded Sin 22 hours ago

    This song is amazing, I'm obsessed.

  • Lailee Golesorkhi
    Lailee Golesorkhi 22 hours ago


  • Little Crow
    Little Crow 23 hours ago

    i love you katy

  • Dany Lemon
    Dany Lemon 23 hours ago

    Shake it Bishhhhh!!!!
    Hhahaha sorry , I had to say it

  • Armond Sanford
    Armond Sanford 23 hours ago

    When you patiently waiting for Nicki part to come.......

  • Call Me Crybaby
    Call Me Crybaby 23 hours ago

    They know what is what, but they don't know what is what, they just strut... what the fuuuu

  • Lydia Alonso
    Lydia Alonso 23 hours ago

    that beat tho😏

  • adam beldjilali
    adam beldjilali 23 hours ago

    This Music It's Look Like Zara Larsson Like Girls
    True ? :3

  • The Bella Swan
    The Bella Swan 1 day ago

    Katy Perry hates Taylor Swift so am I, Swift Swift Bitch

  • emellen Batista
    emellen Batista 1 day ago


  • helgi olafsson
    helgi olafsson 1 day ago

    is the line (another one in the basket) a reference to (another one bites the dust)

  • Ricardo Torres
    Ricardo Torres 1 day ago

    YESSSS KATY AND NICKI👏🏽👏🏽👌🏽👌🏽👍🏽👍🏽

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