Makkah - Khatam Qur'an Dua' Ramadan 1432 AH/ 2011

Please excuse the quality. We were experiencing the effects of Hurricane Irene in New York, at the time of airing.
Alhamdulillah, we witnessed another month of Ramadan and another Khatam Qur'an. May Allah (SWT) bless our Shaikhs and accept all of our Dua's. Ameen

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الهم امين

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Author Mahmoud omary (4 months)

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jiza'akallah for posting this video brother may Allah give you everything u
wish for.

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Ameen ameen ameen

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masyallah allahuakhbar

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@Maseeha1728 me too but in madina during the dua a bird came and sat on ma

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Author Sweetea22310 (1 year)
اللهم امين وتقبل الله من الجميع

Author Maseeha Mulla (2 years)
I Was In Medinah So I Missed Out On The Amazing Dua......

Author HijamaNL (2 years)
Aleikum salaam Akhi! I read many books, and i try to speak to my friends,
as wel as watch AL Jazeera news, to SEE whats happening & hear it =
learning! :D Sunnah4Life.

Author Simona Ichim (2 years)

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Masha allah...

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macha allah,allahouma yahfaz ce cheikh

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3 3 3

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aamin yaa rabi

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Nice Mashallah

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allah akbar

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Allah Allah Allah Uakbar...mashALLAH Brak Allah Ufik

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Ameen Ameen <3

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allohu akbar

Author SLRRoadster (3 years)
Is there any video with translation?

Author Qis rah (2 years)
Assalamualaikum..semua♥ .....سْــــــــــــــمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَنِ
الرَّحِيْـــــمِ..... "YA ALLAH,ampunilah dosa2 org yg mempost diwall
ini,ampunilah dosa2nya yg lepas&yg akan dtg.YA ALLAH,lindungilah
dia,suaminya,ibunya,ibumertuanya,anak2nya,keluarganya,keluarga suaminya&
jauhknlah mereka dri perkara yg tidak diingini&cucurilah rahmat keatas roh
bapanya,bapa mertuanya& anaknya&roh2 org2 islam seluruhnya&tempatknlah roh2
mreka dkalangan org2 yg beriman.أَمِِيْن يَا رَبَّ العَالَمِينْ.(Selawat)

Author Ghetto queen (2 years)

Author Abdirahim Aden (2 years)
amin, amin, amin, amin, amin, amin, amin, amin, amin, amin, amin,
amin,amin,amin yaa rabi!!!!

Author HijamaNL (3 years)
@SLRRoadster Try to learn Arabic; i dont learn it actively, but the last 4
years i've made a good progression! I understand more than half now...

Author usirajudin123 (2 years)
Quran learning on skype with free trial irga co uk

Author Savas Simsek (1 year)

Author Maseeha Mulla (2 years)
@apatelism Really.....Awww that is so sweet maybe it wanted to listen to
the dua alongside everyone!!! Inshallah I will be going this year as
well....May Allah give everyone the chance to visit the sacred places

Author Mohammed Irfan Ali (1 year)

Author IMTIAZ ASLAM (2 years)

Author halarou salifou (2 years)
amin .fiere d etre musulmans

Author Abdirahim Aden (2 years)
is there's any videos with english translation brothers and sisters?? can
any one translate this for us and reupload it again?? Jazzakallah!

Author Hummam Farooq Bhutta (2 years)
salaam. how have u learnt it? :)

Author Nihat Keles (2 years)

Author onnur saheb (2 years)

Author seemabbutt (2 years)
JazzakALlAh for sharing . . i was standing 10 rows infront of Sheikh Sudais
. .and saw him with hardly a distance of 7/8ft as he steped down to perform
namaz -e- Janazaa after dwa . . MASHALLAH . . 1 of the memorable day of my
life . . May ALLAH take e every year INSHALLAH INSHALLAH . . .

Author Manzoor Ganaie (1 year)
Ya Allah All Dau accept for us Aaimmmin ....Ya Allah.

Author Zain Sagheer (2 years)

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