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Author EZ Blaze (1 year)
Actually the word I'm saying is " frickin " ...

Author brandon10255 (2 months)
what scooter is that, i have the same one, and i cannot for the life of me
find out what it is. btw, if you have an impact wrench that does 200 ft-lb,
the nut comes right off. thats what i had to do.

Author Shaun Collins (1 month)
Do this with a spanner wrench and an impact wrench. Everything is easy with
right tools. :) 

Author Corey French (25 days)
vice grips are better

Author Gina Wright (7 months)
pull the spark plug out and feed a rope in to the spark plug hole it will
stop the piston so you can break the nut! easy as that

Author monstercolorfun co (1 year)
i figured that frigging meant female masturbation... in which case frigging
seems not very rude. hmm will have to check it out. Theres a video on here
that says that you can wedge the variator by stuffing rope in the candle
hole/cylinder so it stops the piston from going round and jams the
variator. pretty good tip too. i seen a pic on a forum of a guy using a
giant screwdriver and a block of wood to wedge it, sounds like a trouble.
my book has a pic of a |y| shaped home made tool made of 2 metal bars that
allows to screw into bike and ajust into variator teeth.

Author monstercolorfun co (1 year)
definition Frigging
The art of performing a clitoral stimulation. cf frig
Lisa was frigging herself in the library again today.

AHA! i was right!

Author robert penner (7 months)
What is the torque specification when re tightening the nut?

Author Seth Willow Michael Saucedo (10 months)
good video tips thanks

Author mercganso (1 year)

Author Patrick Pilgrim (1 year)
Look what I found. 

Author EZ Blaze (2 years)
Found a solution for you ..look under my video in the description for help.
Hope you get that scooter going :)

Author Gavin Bartlett (2 years)
variator is easy try and remove the clutch bell bolt, its a fooking joke to
take off

Author trey new (2 years)
damn i couldnt get the nut off mine with a wrench or a socket so i used an
electric impact wrench and it came off no prob

Author transamguy1977 (2 years)
two questions for ya.

Author Chris Gibb (2 years)
anyone please i have a 1984 honda aero 125cc scooter , mopad whatever i
need the correct belt size. iv been threw 3 belt in a week anyone with info
please . names james.

Author EZ Blaze (3 years)
Your welcome:) I only wish I could have videoed the actual procedure
because others are still not getting it off and are confused as to how I
held onto the variator and what not.

Author transamguy1977 (2 years)
do you have a gy6 engine? what series is it and what size belt did you use?

Author Pavel Garanin (3 years)
It was a bit unnerving watching you start it, coz when I did a similar
operation and didn't tighten the nut enough the whole damn thing flew off
like a rocket, all weights were lost or destroyed and hurt my friend's leg
real bad (he was standing off to the side, somewhat away from it, just in
case - didn't help). So, yeah, next time stand behind the scooter when you
do that. Good video though!

Author Solomon Cobb (1 year)
You can usually find a place to put a pry bar behind a tab and gently pull,
your kickstartl lever does not need to come off. Just work your way around.
Hope it helps or you already got it.

Author cookieDaXapper (3 years)
finally one that matches mine exactly, thank you very much bro; may you
continue to ride "free".

Author Spewedonyou (2 years)
Scoured the internet for days huh? Did you google "Variator removal

Author MrPfunkdafied (4 years)
thanks alot i've been having the same problem

Author gary verster (2 years)
what would cause a clutch or drive belt .. to break..

Author EZ Blaze (2 years)
Make sure the kick start pedal is removed if you have one..and tap the case
with a hammer and or screw driver to pry it open some. The reason it wont
just come if is because there is a gasket seal between the crank case seams
so as to keep water from getting in the case.

Author 67Screwy (3 years)
Loving your rant gewizz2 :)))))

Author EZ Blaze (3 years)
No problem :)

Author tani benzon (2 years)
This is hilarious!!!! brother i feel your pain...i'm having the same
problem..but watching this made me feel much better!!lol thanx...put some
more vids on please!!

Author EZ Blaze (3 years)

Author EZ Blaze (3 years)
Your welcome :) Glad you got it!

Author EZ Blaze (1 year)
Pretty simple really. The channel locks - pliers go around circumference of
variator to keep it from moving. Then use the ratchet with proper size
socket for the nut in center of variator. Put a piece of pipe over handle
of ratchet for leverage and fix the ratchet on nut. Lefty loosey...righty
tighty concept. So have a friend hold the channel locks..around variator.
While you use the ratchet to pop of the nut. It will come long is
variator does not move.

Author TheOnlyMXRider (3 years)
frickin !!!!

Author SHOR78R34D96 (2 years)
struggling to get the metal casing off, all the screws are out but it wont
budge.. help?

Author MrScubalol (2 years)
if your changing the cvt belt you dont need to take off the variator nut
just sqweez and twist were the rollers are and itll come right off

Author EZ Blaze (4 years)
no problem

Author BolsaDePiojo (2 years)
Would this variator cause a loud clicking or grinning noise? I was driving
my scooter (150cc Xingyue) and all of a sudden NO movement. Gave it gas,
reved fine, but wouldn't move. I didn't remove the cover to look yet.
Hopefully the it's only the same problem with mine. I'm scared to look.

Author MikeGanshin (3 years)
your onlu problem - this frickin chinese sh$t .

Author EZ Blaze (3 years)
did you have help?? because you cant do it alone. You need a person to hold
the variator wheel with big channel locks bro.

Author Texassince1836 (2 years)
I want a trans like that for my gokart! do they work on vertical mount
shaft motors?

Author EZ Blaze (1 year)
Nope its was the right size belt.. I found pieces of the belt which had the
number sequence on it for the size. Got the exact same one. Plus its tight
as hell around the variator so much that when I start the scooter on the
center mount the rear wheel spins fast.

Author EZ Blaze (2 years)
Nope ..didn't know it existed.

Author EZ Blaze (2 years)
not sure

Author EZ Blaze (2 years)
Just normal use after time like any other belt fed system will eventually

Author LiveToRide (2 years)
it does exist but it costs like $60 for a tiny piece of metal

Author Joshua Johansen (3 years)
yall are idiots

Author 94mikyyy (1 year)
that belt maybe too long? I think on the variator it should be tighter

Author Charles Colmus (1 year)
Did your scooter feel like something was slipping when the variator wasnt

Author cookieDaXapper (3 years)
to anyone having a hard time removing the nut; try a little heat to the nut
itself. mine came right off; after 6 weeks of trying EVERYTHING else!!!!

Author EZ Blaze (2 years)
Not sure if the engine is this gy6 you talk about..though after looking up
some info online I think it is the gy6 engine. This is the belt size I used
: 842 20 30. 84.4cm around the outside(33.25"), 77.5cm around the
inside(30.5") ..sorry for super late response

Author Rustam Kaitov (2 years)

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