RPGMaker xp Pokemon Game: Pokemon DarkFlame FireRed Remake

BETA Released Now!!!

Please help me make this game better by reporting bugs, and sending any suggestions!!!

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Author Mariana Alesi ( ago)
i can play that in My Boy(emulator)?

Author a s ( ago)
what name is that game

Author Khai Nguyen ( ago)
cho em hoi cách dowlovd game pokemon do dj

Author Khai Nguyen ( ago)
cho em hoi cách dowlovd game pokemon do dj

Author iPhoenix ( ago)
In the next update,if you update it, then make the controls the same as an
gba emulator so it feels smoother

Author king Bat ( ago)
qual é o site

Author WiiParty2010 ( ago)
Misspelled Psychic, Treecko, Totodile, Bulbasaur and also called Leafeon

Author Yash Nene ( ago)
psychic is spelled wrong

Author themariolover9000 ( ago)
Treeko instead to treecko: Wow.

Author themariolover9000 ( ago)
Bulbasaur is spelled wrong.

Author themariolover9000 ( ago)
Am I actually the only person that noticed the misspelled totodile?

Author Gabriel Paganini ( ago)

Author messi aguero ( ago)
sorry but in the game there is no umbreon , aspeon, leafeon and glaceon no
one of them !!!!!!!

Author Luks Dahora TV ( ago)
are you still working on this?

Author Jose Gonzalez ( ago)
Is this GBA?😕

Author THE NASHO GAMER ( ago)
no lo descargen tiene virus

Author Fabian Peukert ( ago)
wie kan n ich es mir aufs Handy herunterladen

Author O5 Command Troy Klein ( ago)

Author Pro Gamer ( ago)
*put his hand on you akwardly* YOU:* turn back and smiles* IDK why i did
this help me?

Author GokuPLXD ( ago)
don't download this is virus

Author Kevin Guevara ( ago)
Malditos copiones yo iré ese hack

Author Joshley Ong (1235 years ago)
Why did you use the stone first!!! You're rival will find out!!!!!

Author Νικος Ρουμελιωτης ( ago)
i want to play it but i cant have an Umbreon like i saw in your video also
i want to ask about an Input Combination besides Prof.Oak. what's that?
please answer I WANT AN UMBREON!

Author TÜRK HUN IRKI Benan Deniz ( ago)
salute the pokemon game in front of stones coming out of my way for some

Author TÜRK HUN IRKI Benan Deniz ( ago)
how we do it full screen?

Author Sean Chung ( ago)
Why i can't chose eeveee evolution (umberon,espeon,leafeon or glaceon?

Author John Michael Sabay ( ago)
Is There Any Version Of This In Apk Format?

Author SurfingKyogre NL ( ago)
You said Totodyle, but it's Totodile :p

Author Erick Gomez ( ago)

Author sello oricalcos ( ago)
¿Como lo descargo?

Author sello oricalcos ( ago)
Pero si estaba de noche es xq hay noción del tiempo y eso significa q es
posible evolucionar a eevee en umbreon o espeon

Author Tanvir Hasan Hridoy ( ago)
Can you please tell me the name of this version??? pls I am saerching for
this game for a long time, it remembers me my childhood :'(

Author Yohaann Jafrani ( ago)
I am new to gaming and I would like to know whats the name of this Pokémon

Author Tera SkywindGaming ( ago)
Projects Dead, martin hasn't made an update in 3 years this room is dead. 

Author Miguel rodriguez chuckon (1737 years ago)
you should make Pokemon raimbown XD with all the pokemons XD

Author Evan “Rocket” Esparza ( ago)
How do I play this game 

Author XPegaso ExtremeX ( ago)
4:27 there´s a bug, you choice leafeon and it´s sais glaceon (My english
is not good, im from argentina) Congratulations for the game! it´s pretty
cool :3

Author azim okunola ( ago)
Can we get it on phone

Author Hammad Ahmad Khan ( ago)
How can we catch pokemons. I couln't catch any.

Author Sparky Jolteon ( ago)
Yay, Jolteon! *Howls* ^-^

Author jonatan smith valencia esterilla ( ago)
as I can download

Author joe wilkinson ( ago)
How do i download this

Author Gotham Michael ( ago)
can u make the tab bigger for the game it sucks right now I know its in
beta tho

Author Shmannel ( ago)
i believe these resources have been offline for a few years now

Author James Carter ( ago)
Best pokemon hack rom ever thanks dude

Author Kauan Jose Da Silva Jose ( ago)

Author Kauan Jose Da Silva Jose ( ago)
New pokemon julteon and glaceon and umbreon 

Author Franco Nahuel Barbaresi ( ago)



Author Hữu Quyền Nguyễn ( ago)
how can i load this game?

Author Holy Pugster ( ago)
can the starter pokemon also be found in the wild?
and also, has the game reached a version where its possible to make it to
the end?

Author CalamityKing GT ( ago)
are they 5th and 6th generation pokemons

Author alexis alister ( ago)
Awesome. how many pokemon in game u have?

Author Lucero Ortega ( ago)

Author Enderbunny123 ( ago)
thnx dude i can now just come home and play pokemon :D

Author CatlyNat ( ago)
The game would be long time finished when you didn't stop after 4.4, i mean
2011 to 2013 for ONE thing?!
You'd be finished for sure ^^

Author Pokeball Go ( ago)
THIS JUST KEEPS SAYING "Pokemon DarkFlame.exe has stopped working"

Author Cynthia Ting ( ago)
sir..its phsycic if not mistaken..not phyhic..

Author Cynthia Ting ( ago)
sir..its phsycic if not mistaken..not phyhic..

Author Dalton Burke ( ago)
Download won't work

Author Israel Péres ( ago)

Author Gabriel lins ( ago)
thats one need gba?

Author Supermariofan64 ( ago)
This is a rpg maker xp game samuel bermudez not a hack

Author Uunamedd ( ago)
So is this a online game? Can i meet other players in this game?

Author gundam x ( ago)
Good hack XD

Author Krutejbalvan ( ago)
dont you want some help?, i love pokemons, and making own pokemon game
looks so easy in your movie, it looks so original and maybe better:-) very
good work...i always wanted to create some dark story with pokemons, little
apocaliptic, and with diffend style of people, not dudes like... i wanna be
the best trainer, but dudes like...i want a survive :-D and i was always
pissed off , when Ash doesnt fight when there is time to beat up some
bitches...he only uses pokemons

Author TheGamerSwag1 ( ago)
martin can you make the pokescreen big?

Author Alexia Kitty ( ago)
The evolvtion looks retarded xD

Author Arcanua the Red Mage ( ago)
This is a well known rom hack, so yeah no rpg maker was ever used.

Author Lillian2167 ( ago)
Btw you spelt Totodile wrong.

Author kangaroo jumping ( ago)
I found a few bugs which I am about to report. I'm not sure exactly how it
happened, but after healing my Pokemon at the PKMN Center the first time,
every text after that has no spaces. Also, I'm not sure if it happens with
every trainer battle, but when that guy asks if you are a new trainer and
battles you, if you lose, you will regain movement, but moving anywhere
causes the "Hey,wait!" to appear, but no cutscene/battle.

Author Martinixon ( ago)
Yes, go to the link on the description, and then click on the pokeball on
the right, or click on the downloads tab and then the installer link.

Author Martinixon ( ago)
I tried downloading and it worked just fine, could you tell me what
error/problem you are getting? You just need to click on the Pokeball on
the right side of the website or in the download section. It will take you
to MediaFire from where you can download the installer.

Author Lisandro Flores ( ago)
i cant dowload it help !!!!

Author marcos de lima ( ago)
Is FAKE ! No Rpg Maker !

Author Les aventures de Didi & Gino ( ago)
How did you do to insert the running shoes?

Author Lester Estillore ( ago)
Ang hirap

Author L.Jaigirdar ( ago)
This game isn't letting me pick an Eeveelution from the machine at the
start of the game.

Author Samo za Ribe ( ago)
Yeah yeah.....No!

Author allan bachtiar lyne ( ago)
and a quick save and load from f1 - f10? and the "search for cheat" tools?

Author Anna Silver ( ago)
What is this on???

Author Austin Wrenn ( ago)
why is the browser so small T.T

Author NutwiisystemRocks ( ago)

Author Samo za Ribe ( ago)
The only reason i wont play it,its because it dont have fast forward... :P

Author zeaker108 ( ago)
Nice work ^_^ You try changed interfaces... if its you game not copye at
the games of pokemon... you be creative :)

Author elijah mar ( ago)
there is a link... -.-

Author erreotorre ( ago)

Author erreotorre ( ago)
that'd be a digimon

Author wrm_ ( ago)
Totodyle? xd

Author Filipe Silva ( ago)
parece ser bom

Author chanlian100 ( ago)

Author chanlian100 ( ago)
link plz

Author TeraByte ( ago)

Author TeraByte ( ago)
1:46 mom screams

Author Maisie Sherriff ( ago)
Why you no play fighty brawl

Author Shadow Master ( ago)
cool game

Author 94anas ( ago)
tout pourri f r a n c e

Author AnimeLover08 ( ago)

Author AnimeLover08 ( ago)

Author ToxicFire Bubbles ( ago)
Spinning Pokemon yeah that's what we need dizzymon

Author Michael P ( ago)
Auto correct sorry

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