RPGMaker xp Pokemon Game: Pokemon DarkFlame FireRed Remake

BETA Released Now!!!

Please help me make this game better by reporting bugs, and sending any suggestions!!!

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Added: 5 years
Runtime: 5:55
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Author Kauan Jose Da Silva Jose (2 months)
New pokemon julteon and glaceon and umbreon 

Author PokElx Chris (3 months)
Jolteon!!! PERFECT!

Author TakeADumpOnUrChest (1 month)
i believe these resources have been offline for a few years now

Author James Carter (1 month)
Best pokemon hack rom ever thanks dude

Author Franco Nahuel Barbaresi (2 months)



Author Kauan Jose Da Silva Jose (2 months)

Author Holy Pugster (3 months)
can the starter pokemon also be found in the wild?
and also, has the game reached a version where its possible to make it to
the end?

Author Arnold Aztecas (6 months)
sir..its phsycic if not mistaken..not phyhic..

Author JoshBurst Pie (4 months)
are they 5th and 6th generation pokemons

Author shary hedghog (7 months)

Author Enderbunny123 (5 months)
thnx dude i can now just come home and play pokemon :D

Author alexis alister (5 months)
Awesome. how many pokemon in game u have?

Author Dalton Burke (7 months)
Download won't work

Author Arnold Aztecas (6 months)
sir..its phsycic if not mistaken..not phyhic..

Author sone Tuong (7 months)
game này hay 

Author HYX (10 months)
Can i make a walktrough?

Author Hữu Quyền Nguyễn (3 months)
how can i load this game?

Author bruno lins (9 months)
thats one need gba?

Author Lucero Ortega (5 months)

Author Supermariofan64 (10 months)
This is a rpg maker xp game samuel bermudez not a hack

Author Jamesey (6 months)
The game would be long time finished when you didn't stop after 4.4, i mean
2011 to 2013 for ONE thing?!
You'd be finished for sure ^^

Author Pokeball Go (6 months)
THIS JUST KEEPS SAYING "Pokemon DarkFlame.exe has stopped working"

Author lucas leal (1 year)
parece bom...

Author Ghast101 (2 years)
xD the spinning

Author Cold Fire (1 year)
is it legal to download this

Author MsPokemonMaster14 (1 year)

Author mcrosco1 (1 year)
It was made in rpgmaker for the pc it is a fan made game.

Author bacak1010 (1 year)
how can i get the game in full screen?

Author samuel bermudez (10 months)
Good hack XD

Author XeX Productions (1 year)
Why take DAYS making a pokemon game in RPG maker when you can make/download
a pokemon editor? Doesnt make sense to me.

Author Mikey Drake (1 year)
the voice in the bigging is really like pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue
team and pokegear is from pokemon silver i believe

Author zigzigahproductions2 (1 year)

Author alexcus007 (1 year)
how do you turn down the volume??

Author Samuel King (1 year)
This is Glaceon Would you like the GRASS type pokemon LEAFEON? XD

Author Gamersv2X (2 years)
the rpg maker

Author MossehTheEevee14 (1 year)
I always wanted to make my own Pokemon hack that had almost all of the
starters... God, this looks awesome! Great job!!!

Author ScaryHotdog (1 year)
thats not how you get subs

Author trường trần (1 year)
cho link tải đi \

Author Gustavo León (1 year)

Author TheMiranda250 (2 years)
wow con chinchar me impresionastes kiero este hack :3

Author Eros Garcia (1 year)
cool you can use the code to walk when people talks and get all the starters

Author Skylord Invador (1 year)
why is the browser so small T.T

Author Kyo Himuro (2 years)
Of it doesn't.

Author Cong Tran Thanh (1 year)

Author marcos de lima (1 year)
Is FAKE ! No Rpg Maker !

Author Samo za Ribe (1 year)
Yeah yeah.....No!

Author El Rich Sarmiento (1 year)
Wath is the cheast

Author nyanperson (2 years)
So many choices for a starter! 0_0 I can't decide!! -explodes-

Author patrickiler (1 year)
yeah, i don't even know why i typed: pokemon in the searchbar O.o

Author yugiohcard0614 (1 year)
You use space bar, but it only does it on VBA

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