Installing Tsunami Decoder in Athearn Genesis SD70M

Installing a Tsunami Decoder in Athearn Genesis SD70M for the first time.

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Uploaded by: Allen Rockwell
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Author bobaroo58 (1 year)
What sze speaker did you use?

Author NSmodeler24 (3 years)
Nice engine. Those tsunami decoders are great!

Author Allen Rockwell (3 years)
@2005GLI I thought I mentioned their name a whole bunch of times ... but
it's DCC Installs and Sales

Author Blaine Pizzey (1 year)
Can you install sound decoder in a non sound locomotive

Author railroading29 (3 years)
nice sounding sd70m ya got after the decoder install

Author svinehunden (4 years)
great video :)

Author S0UTHERNPENNRR (3 years)
Great job.Sound is excellent.

Author freymaster4449 (3 years)
@AllenRockwell thx

Author MonsterRailroad (4 years)
Gooid video Allen!! my man Allen!!!

Author Allen Rockwell (1 year)
You can ONLY install a sound decoder in a non-sound locomotive ... unless
you had a sound equipped loco and took out the old sound board first and
then replaced it ... but would be silly.

Author Allen Rockwell (3 years)
@NSmodeler24 Thanks. I've used nothing but Tsunamis and I'm very happy with

Author James Steiner (1 year)
here can i find that boise locomotive please ?

Author Allen Rockwell (3 years)
@freymaster4449 Tsunami decoders are DCC and Sound decoders in one.

Author nnmodeler1999 (1 year)
What loco is in the background.

Author modeltrains1988 (1 year)
will this same Tsunami Soundtraxx decoder work with kato?

Author john Andie (1 year)
Allan. like you im a meticuous and i also work in broadcast on a polar bear
animotornics program 'Down Under' What ive been doing with my Tsunami
decoders is have distance recording of the respective EMD and GE engines so
you get a 'in location reverb rather than the tiny reverb we get because
the original field recording is usually recorded to close to the real
locomotives long hoods and then use a Harmon Kardon mini speaker the
difference is impressive. Try it and let me know what you think

Author James Steiner (1 year)
what is that loco with the white front end it looks like a HH20R

Author gdubret (2 years)
@freymaster4449 I have 2 - HO scale DC Tracks with 4 - GP 40 - 2 engines, 2
- csx & 2 - southern pacific, and wants to put decoder engine & horn sound
in them ( Athearn engines). I'm not going to convert the DC to DCC tracks.
I just like to make the 4 engine sound like train on my HO scale tracks.
Any help for DC engine and/or track to work. I'm hoping it will be easy to
install in the engines with no trouble to me.

Author Christopher Lakey (4 years)
I did the same thing puting a tsunami sound decoder in a sd75m from athearn
I bought a speaker for it for fourteen dollars but the speaker was half
that size and you don't have to take the enclosed speaker cover off you
just slide it in then you put the shell over it and it will fit perfict and
the small speaker sounds awsome and it's relly nice.

Author 2005GLI (3 years)
what brand speaker is that?

Author freymaster4449 (3 years)
do you need to have a dcc locomotive if you know your going to install a
dcc sound card in a locomotive?

Author AKrailroad (3 years)
I just purchased the same speaker and ran into the same problem. How did
you remove the case around the speaker?

Author nkp754 (2 years)
On the athearn genesis board that you have the side with the two tabs are
for the motor . the side with four tabs are for ditch lights. Athearn uses
two of them out of the four If you remove one side of the ditch lights and
put on the other two tabs . I use digitrax decoder .then set decoder and
they will flash from side to side

Author Allen Rockwell (3 years)
@freymaster4449 No. It's easier with a "DCC Ready" loco but you can install
DCC in any DC loco.

Author lanesteele240 (3 years)
@1989CJL where did you get and what is the part # of the speaker that yo

Author BArailsystem (1 year)
Is that a Boise locomotive sitting in the background!?

Author 2005GLI (3 years)
@AllenRockwell can't have the volume up while at work. kinda pointless with
a sound decoder, but videe's help pass the time.

Author freymaster4449 (3 years)
@AllenRockwell. Well what i meant was is the tsunami sound card, itself, a
dcc decoder with the sound unit built into it. I have a dc locomotive that
i want to convert to dcc but dont want to waste my money buying a dcc
decoder plus a dcc tsunami sound card. so could i just but the tsunami
decoder and not have to worry about a dcc decoder (without sound).

Author Iver Jacobsen (4 years)
You forgot to mention the speaker. Have you tried smaller units. TTE has
some speakers and enclosures that I find work fine and they fit into the
cab. I have some twenty units and never had a problem. Yours seem like over
kill with that port. I hate to give up any weight as I have grades.

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