Why Engineers Used a Flute ? How Juggernauts Work? Mother Juggernaut's Fate - Alien Covenant

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  • Why the Engineer use a flute to start the Juggernaut?

    How juggernauts work?

    What Happened to the mother Juggernaut?

    Remember, this is just a theory and when I first read it it seemed a little bit hard to believe but when I looked at the evidence from Prometheus and Alien Covenant it actually made sense.

    First of all, the most obvious explanation is that the ship's navigation system requires a flute sound to ensure that the pilot is in fact a living and intelligent being and not to a robot. But because David was programmed with an ability to create, he is able to pass as a humanoid.

    Besides this simple explanation, there is much more to what the Juggernaut actually is and how it works.

    From outside, it is a large, asymmetrical, wishbone-shaped craft, with thickened central sections between two horns, which bend upwards.

    The ship resembles an ancient symbol called the Ouroboros. It represents cyclicality, especially in the sense of something constantly re-creating itself.

    Jugernaut had numerous tunnels that go off to many places. The Juggernaut measured 170 in length and 116 meters wide with 61meters between two prongs

    The Juggernaut had three large openings near ground level between two horns, leading into the interior of the Juggernaut.

    When David opens the door to the big head room he uses some sort of substance that is organic (evidenced by him pulling his fingers apart and seeing those tiny little bits). This substance could be packed with information interacting with the hieroglyphs on the panel which then opens the door. W hen David's playing around with the controls he presses on those little egg-like buttons and they produce sound as if they were reacting to the touch.

    When the crew meets the Engineer If you pay attention to the suit you’ll notice that it's integrated with his body because of the way it merges with his neck. In fact, Engineers are able to create life they are highly skilled in manipulating bio materials, so thier suits are also bio-engineers. For instance, it is integrated with the engineer's body. So their suits are also bio engineered and may act as living parts of their bodies

    That brings up a theory that the ship or at least a part of it is organic and a result of bio engineered

    Probably many people originally assumed that the Jugernauts is a nonbio technology because of the way we build our space ships, cars and other mechanisms. But since Engineers are so advanced in biological engineering, they integrate living organisms in to their spacecrafts.

    That’s why the Jugernaut is a mix of a biological and mecanical components so we can pretty much say that the ship is alive.

    I know it may sound a bit ridiculous, but hold on because it actually answers many question from prometheus and what happened to Juggernaut and the mother ship in Alien Covenant

    That would explain why the interior of the Juggernaut resemble more a living organism than a space-going vessel, with skeletal walls, circular gangways and steep passages. When the Engineer prepares to lanch the ship, it seems like the seat envelops him, and he becomes a part of in.

    When the crew enters the Jugernaut, the texure of walls starts to change as if the ship detected an unknown organism and responded by changing the environment. The crew also notices that something inside the ship generates an atmosphere so it’s possible that the Juggernaut has a mechanism to produce oxygen for Engineers or on organic of the ship needs oxygen itself.

    The engineer plays a flute to activate a part of the navigation system, the sound must be of the right frequency to communicate with the Juggernaut’s bio part and thus activate the ship. This can be a producers’s refence to the string theory that suggests everything is made of vibrations so by playing a certain frequency the Engineers are able to get access to interstellar travel.

    I also noticed in the scene where the ship Prometheus crashes the Juggernaut, you can hear some weird low frequency sounds and it may be just the music but id doesn’t fit to the rythm so if this theory is correct these sound can be produced by the Juggernaut itself as a response to being destroyed.

    Now let’s talk about how the Jugernaut and the mother ship crashed. Yes actually know from the movie that the mother ship was also taken down. when Daniels and Lope leave the Paraise planet, For a few seconds we can actually see the crashed mother juggernauts in the background at the base of the mountain.

    So how did the ships crashed. We know now that they have biological or living components and so when David released such a big amount of the black goo in the atmosphere, some of the pathogen might have penetrated the Juggernaut and affected the organic part of the ship. The Juggernaut was infected and later due to mutations couldn’t function and crashed.
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  • Nodak81
    Nodak81 3 days ago

    I always thought of the ships as being partially alive. Their very design is defined as BIO-mechanical. That's why I thought the Space Jockey was going to turn out to be a living "pilot" of sorts that was a permanent part of the ship, and why I was so disappointed when they made it into a glorified space suit.

  • Martin Blom
    Martin Blom 3 days ago

    I think the hologrem in prometheus is some kind of organic nano bot emit light and flying together form the image of the past event,star system ,jaggernout system etc.

  • hand pump
    hand pump 3 days ago

    awesome video!

    i personally dont find it strange because organic parts to a space craft isnt really a new concept in sci fi tales

  • Jim Martin
    Jim Martin 4 days ago

    Did you see the unicursal hexagram design within the circle below David has he dropped the black goo?

  • Dashock Pixle
    Dashock Pixle 4 days ago

    if its alive what if a giant ass face hugger gets on that

  • Ellie Williamson
    Ellie Williamson 4 days ago

    All Giger's , artwork for "Alien" was designed to be organic, even "living", especially the ship. This theory, that the "black goo" is responsible for the ship's crashing is plausible. I'd love to see how the crash occurred, in the next movie..Not holding out much hope for this though :(

  • OneManWolfPack66
    OneManWolfPack66 5 days ago

    Wasn't the black goo leaking inside of the juggernaut when the scientist in Prometheus were looking around. Wouldn't that have caused the ship some damage in the time it took to get to the engineers home world?

  • David Evans
    David Evans 5 days ago

    String theory == Flute playing... :) you should have been a movie consultant for this horrible film. But I do believe the Engineers favor bio-tech over mechanical tech. The Engineer didn't start to frown and rip David's head off until he touch David and discovered he was an android.

  • Diego Londoño
    Diego Londoño 5 days ago

    la flauta el medio para transfirir datos a la nave.

  • Varun Mani
    Varun Mani 6 days ago

    Hmmmmmm... Interesting.
    Now David, get me my tea.

  • Lamark Eaton
    Lamark Eaton 6 days ago

    if the ship is alive,wouldn't the black goo infect the ship?

  • scannaunderscore1
    scannaunderscore1 6 days ago

    the video needs to be sped up so i don't fall asleep

  • rnldmanuel88
    rnldmanuel88 7 days ago

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  • rnldmanuel88
    rnldmanuel88 7 days ago

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  • rnldmanuel88
    rnldmanuel88 7 days ago

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  • Benny Mcewen
    Benny Mcewen 7 days ago

    How can an android play a flute when it doesnt breathe, as explained in Prometheus in a conversation between David and Holloway!

  • Trill Gates
    Trill Gates 7 days ago

    It sucks that you do a better job of telling this story than Ridley Scott.

  • madero2025
    madero2025 8 days ago

    I thought that was just a gay engineer giving another a blow.

  • fidel folchi
    fidel folchi 8 days ago

    Hey mate can you make a video explain why The xenomorpth is a perfect creature !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fidel folchi
    fidel folchi 8 days ago

    One f the best technical comment that I ever hear

  • cynthiful _
    cynthiful _ 8 days ago

    David send a "message" to Elizabeth, when playing at the flute :)

  • Kacpa2
    Kacpa2 9 days ago

    i think it may be some old tradition, a custom like we have in many areas also military and naval. which could be just there for that sole purppse of upkeeping tradition maybe used as additional security mechanism to avoid un authorised personel of controling the ship.

  • xor negatronix
    xor negatronix 9 days ago

    Skin flute playing bald buff dudes... you blow and I'll finger now there's a concept!! Ridley fuckin nailed it.. lmao

  • Vincent Vega
    Vincent Vega 9 days ago

    There have been reports from abductees stating they felt as though the UFOs they were on were somehow alive. At least somehow.

  • Quagigitymire
    Quagigitymire 9 days ago

    I have heard some way out there speculations about these movies, but this one is just a bit too far gone to believe it anything near the truth.

  • hyou zan ren
    hyou zan ren 9 days ago

    if engineer in movie covenant use heavy metal guitars instead boring flute it will be huge success!

  • Matthew Murphy
    Matthew Murphy 10 days ago

    i wonder if the bio-ship thing is right, that will be how the xenomophs from the black goo will make the jump from more organic to more bio-mechanical looking creatures or possibly that is how david got bio material for working on Elizabeth. just a thought

  • Андрей Чепурнов

    I still think that the Juggernaut is not the same as the Derelict. I prefer to think that Juggernaut is not alive and is a built in metal replica of the Space Jockey's Derelict, which has a different shape and is in fact a prolongation of the Space Jockey himself. And yes, I do consider Space Jockeys being a completely different and not humanoid species.

  • Anton Glukhovsky
    Anton Glukhovsky 10 days ago

    Cool theory!! The ship may not necessarily be alive (although I really like your thinking), vibration and frequency relating to controlling matter is also a possibility. Matter responds to sound (frequency and vibrations) and could be said to play a part in holding atoms and molecules together. Tesla believed that frequencies, vibrations and energy were key understanding material creation. I might be going off course, but hey, this made me think :)

  • Symbolic Mind
    Symbolic Mind 10 days ago

    This is what I think, to many youtube channels overthinking bad movies based on alien and aliens.

  • John Worsley
    John Worsley 10 days ago

    ORRRRR Ridley might have just thought it was cool to have him play a flute?

  • davidbbbbable
    davidbbbbable 10 days ago

    where are the evidences?

  • Ismet Kutlu
    Ismet Kutlu 10 days ago

    Anyone else subscribe to this channel to hear this guy sat engineer?

  • barry auguste
    barry auguste 10 days ago

    The biomechanical universe imagined by Giger is all-encompassing....why wouldn't the the derelict and juggernauts be alive? I always assumed this from first seeing Alien in 1978 - why is it being debated?

    The space jockey technology would be far beyond the engineers copy and paste versions though - inside the derelict, space and time would be suspended, inner chambers stretching forever within a fifth dimension transcending our concepts of linear spacial boundaries (like a tardis....)

    Enjoyed and agree with your theory. Keep up the good work but go back to your original slower speech style....forget these fan-boys and their pet-peeves!

  • FrakU2
    FrakU2 10 days ago

    They are alien! Everything is different because they have an alien perspective.

  • thegreat dragon
    thegreat dragon 10 days ago

    no one saw the engineer flicking us off

  • TheRogueSquid
    TheRogueSquid 10 days ago

    A juggernaut sized skin flute by the sounds of it...

  • F0RG1V3N
    F0RG1V3N 10 days ago

    Great theory. There is a video of why Ridley Scott ruined the Engineers and the narrator theorizes that the Space Jockey grew out of the ship. The Ship is a living organism itself. This is why the floor of the pilot's room isn't smooth. There are pipes. Its not meant to be a walkway.

  • King Vegita
    King Vegita 10 days ago

    OK so when an engineer has to go to office he just has to blow a flute and say "Juggy come here boy."A huge Juggernaut will come from nowhere in front of the engineer. And then the engineer will say "lets see how smart my Juggy are.Roll over boy but don't kill Vickers."

  • Nexus2Eden
    Nexus2Eden 10 days ago

    The design of the juggernaut looks organic because H.R. Geiger designed it that way. Period. The rest is just a bastardization of his creation, which is why this franchise is failing.

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 10 days ago

    Where the fuck do you retard get your theory? I work with the studio and I don't know or even heard of this bullshit. The shit people do to get viewers and subscribers is unbelievable fucking retard.

    • Lassi Kinnunen
      Lassi Kinnunen 10 days ago

      well the plotlines outlined in the actual movies are so stupid that "true fans" try to find deeper meaning in them like they were scripture handed to them by gods and the non-true believers they label stupid for not seeinf the "truth" and "deep themes" of the movies.

      even if the people making the movies were just making a monster flick and changed space jockeys scale for practicality.

  • Yeros Syle
    Yeros Syle 10 days ago

    What if the black goo is actually an antibody much like every other living being has, something that is released to combat a foreign intruder. A sort of an immune system to neutralize threats or perhaps reprogram them, in the case of this advanced ship, and thus in stead of eliminating a pathogen, you make it work as another part/extension of "it's" body... assuming the spacecrafts are actually alive. This is why the ship was changing so fast from the inside as if it was getting sick, even changing it's color much like the reaction/change you would get in a human.

  • Kitty S
    Kitty S 10 days ago

    If you add flute music with your analysis; it will make a nice lullaby 😊

  • Toemas
    Toemas 10 days ago

    I am going to ask on all your videos, what is the background music!>!>??

    • Toemas
      Toemas 10 days ago

      Thank you very much. Now on to the content of this video - I looked at the Engineers' suits and ships like the novel Independence Day; however, in this case the suits were not former living beings that were enslaved - but organic none the less. Well done.

    • Kroft talks about Movies
      Kroft talks about Movies 10 days ago

      it's Atlantis by Audionautix

  • jeremy simons
    jeremy simons 10 days ago

    Lucifer was the creator of 🎶

  • Justin Abdallah
    Justin Abdallah 10 days ago

    Pretty good theory man. I concur.

  • Georgios Papadopoulos

    The juggernaut is the metaphor of the woman's body anatomy, two legs and three 'holes', the whole movie is a metaphor of the birth trauma ( facehugger = two hands of the doctor delivering the baby violently by grabbing it from the head) .....

    • Georgios Papadopoulos
      Georgios Papadopoulos 9 days ago

      The engineers run in Prometheus is a metaphor of the sperm run inside the woman's body .... that's why all the movies are claustrophobic. Alien is a title chosen because after nine months we are delivered to a cold world full of light almost 'alien', the deacon has also two jaws a head like penis and a chest like the female genitalia because it is a metaphor of the embryo, in the first weeks you can't tell the sex. By the way 'what's the story mother?'. In some posters of alien movies we see a schism of light almost perpendicular and a man heading to the light, this is also a metaphor of birth, coming from the warm dark place in which we have done nothing to survive to the bright and cold world violently, through 'mother's genitalia', that's why in Nostromo the 'what's the story mother?' has an answer 'I am going to deliver you to the world' and in the end of the first alien Ripley was trying to avoid the birth and the baby was hunting its mother in the 'Narcissus' ship (read about the narcissus theory).

    • Kroft talks about Movies
      Kroft talks about Movies 10 days ago


  • shim
    shim 10 days ago

    engineer bj.

  • RidingwithSam
    RidingwithSam 10 days ago

    Prometheus is best movie ever.... more should be explore with the Engineers

  • VC YT
    VC YT 10 days ago

    As a sf fan I know other organic were - the lexx, Moya, an gumtoo, + Babylon 5 Vorlon ships.

  • RPS34V
    RPS34V 10 days ago

    mother jugernaught is seen crashed in one still from the movie

  • Matthieu Nogues
    Matthieu Nogues 10 days ago

    That's a lot of theorization. The juggernaught - uroboros thing made me smile. Giger actually picked this design because he used organic material, in this case... a rib. So it's just because a rib was used to design it that it looks so, nothing to do with uroboros :).

  • John Prescott
    John Prescott 10 days ago

    the juggernauts are totally different in prometheus and alien. scyfy explained came up with a great theory on why this is so. check it out!

  • MegaBspark
    MegaBspark 10 days ago

    what gets me is the scene where holloway asks david why he's wearing a space suit reminding him that he doesn't breath, yet he's able to breath into a flute.

    • me too
      me too 6 days ago

      He can inhale and exhale he just doesn't have to. He can hold his breath as long as he wants and can inhale and exhale in any atmosphere without problems.

  • Torace Dunlap
    Torace Dunlap 10 days ago


  • Omega Rugal
    Omega Rugal 10 days ago

    and i though they were v8 with auto tranny...

  • AlTiUCOFe
    AlTiUCOFe 10 days ago

    The flute may just be a password, like face recognition. If you don't know the code, you can't fly the ship

  • Nathan
    Nathan 10 days ago

    Then why didn't the normal sized juggernauts containing the goo have issues to begin with?

  • Lost Guardian
    Lost Guardian 10 days ago

    Is the Alien Universe better than Halo? Or vice versa?

    I know Halo took inspiration from Alien and other films.

    • Lost Guardian
      Lost Guardian 10 days ago

      Lark Im a huge fan of Halo and it's story. Im just diving into the Alien series and it is quite interesting.

      I don't think they are that similar. If I had to compare species I'd say The Flood and Xenomorphs/Neomorphs. Both are freaky man xD

    • Lark
      Lark 10 days ago

      Lost Guardian All the human stuff (except ancient human stuff) looks exactly the same to me with the gritty, primitive space technology look. But I would really like to see a comparison of the forerunners and engineers. Two extremely advanced civilizations that don't look too diffrent. One just uses sleek and symetric designs while the other uses asymetric biomechanical designs. Though, it's pretty obvious the forerunners are a more advanced race, it's still an interesting comparison.

  • thousand wolves
    thousand wolves 10 days ago

    ok so the ship is like a snake organism and so is the black stuff and the are related ok mind blown

  • John Jeffry
    John Jeffry 10 days ago

    That picture change isn't Jugornout changing, its because when they opened the door the atmosphere of the preserved room got corrupted & its immediately started eroding the inner walls .Shaw actually talked about that in proemetheus

  • John Jeffry
    John Jeffry 10 days ago

    Guggerknot being a Biological entity actually will make it weak on long distance travel ,don't think 2000 year life span organism exist .But instead a well built machine can last for millions of years

    • Jose
      Jose 10 days ago

      John Jeffry True

  • Matthew Spart
    Matthew Spart 10 days ago

    A long time ago, possibly in the '80s, I read that the derelict in "Alien" was the alien analogue of a whale that was harvested and outfitted with technology by the Space Jockey race.

  • Michael Bing
    Michael Bing 10 days ago

    In the thumbnail, it looks like the engineer is blowing a dick... not a flute.

    • Anheru Draken
      Anheru Draken 17 hours ago

      Michael Bing having withdraws huh?

    • Benn255 B
      Benn255 B 2 days ago

      Michael Bing if I didn't see this comment I was going to say the same 😂

    • Varun Mani
      Varun Mani 6 days ago


    • Trill Gates
      Trill Gates 7 days ago

      Michael Bing That's because you're a faggot.

    • 00 99
      00 99 9 days ago

      I knew a nigga was gonna say something like this

  • Adrian Schmadrian
    Adrian Schmadrian 10 days ago

    Fascinating and compelling theory. (I'd heard it elsewhere last week, I believe.) One thing that I'm still curious about is the discrepancy between the size of the Engineers (roughly 9') and the Space Jockey (at least double this). While your theory posits answers to questions many have asked re: the Juggernaut, including why the Space Jockey seems to have been fossilized over two millennia, when it's only been a decade, it doesn't explain this undeniable discrepancy. However, it might just be a mistake on Scott's part; that he didn't properly reconcile the end of the story ('Alien') with the beginning ('Prometheus'). AKA 'laziness'.

  • Ray ray Vidal
    Ray ray Vidal 10 days ago

    If Covenant was four hours long and give an in depth detail would you all pay for it , We are all in fantasy world when we are in the cinema ,thats why we all come out saying , Why an what if in some films .

  • Doctopus
    Doctopus 10 days ago

    That looks like he is sucking a cock tbh

  • tom spud
    tom spud 10 days ago

    The movies are immense. Just a pity most people are too stupid to appreciate it.

    • tom spud
      tom spud 8 days ago

      ................as i was saying!

    • Андрей Чепурнов
      Андрей Чепурнов 10 days ago

      If we judge them by visual appearance, you are right. Everything else, especially plot, raises a lot of questions.

    • Lassi Kinnunen
      Lassi Kinnunen 10 days ago

      it is not stupidity to see them as the shallow not fully thought shovelware scifi that they are.

  • Salted
    Salted 11 days ago

    So the Juggernauts are like the Wraith ships in Stargåte: Atlantis?

  • The DORUK
    The DORUK 11 days ago

    The flute played with a tone;
    Maybe its a type of Code system ?

  • A Closer Look
    A Closer Look 11 days ago

    Here's what I think; Ridley Scott is planning on living forever just like Weyland or else we would fucking know this shit by now.

    • tech limbo
      tech limbo 5 days ago

      not only RS,every human with alots money want eternal life.

  • ///AMG
    ///AMG 11 days ago

    The juggernaut we see is not bio mechanical they engineers from Prometheus copy the higher Up Alpha engineer the alpha is organic ship

    • 00 99
      00 99 8 days ago

      +robert paulson​

    • robert paulson
      robert paulson 9 days ago

      Hey Ann... how did you write your diary with that ball point pen that had not been invented yet?

    • 00 99
      00 99 9 days ago


    • Jose
      Jose 10 days ago

      +Rondo That's probably because the beings in covenent aren't engineers. There's alot of speculation on that topic.

    • Rondo
      Rondo 10 days ago

      yea. and we're talking about fictional alien supreme beings here which creates life as a part-time job.
      I agreed with the organic ship theory since the Alien 1 Movie's ship (the Derelict ship) had spines and bones supporting the halls.
      And about the Engineers, you can clearly see the difference between the Engineers in the city and the space faring Engi. The ones in Paradis were looking 'normal', more human like, had wrinkles, imperfect. While the Spacefarers looked like the Greek gods with porcelain/marble skins.

  • jothegreek
    jothegreek 11 days ago

    A theory to explain a badly written movie with logical gaps sorry but convenant is star war prequels

    • jothegreek
      jothegreek 1 day ago

      alien is supposed to be mysterious and well written scenario that everything make sense. The first movie was perfect also for that
      that the heroes do the right things . They do not go and pick their head over an alien egg when a weird android tells them when befor they saw a huge terryfing monster interacting with him .

      You realize how stupid it is .

      Star war had its huge Holes and moments but they are distracting to make you say wtf i am seeing this is full retard.

      Alien convenant went fully retard .

    • Benedict Zwartzneger
      Benedict Zwartzneger 1 day ago

      I like star wars, I really do not care about the holes in the story its just fun to watch. ALien is supposed to be scary, and I liked the idea with the prequals, but the whole thing was reatarded. Nothing made sense.

    • jothegreek
      jothegreek 1 day ago

      over analyze its not being nerdy its called thinking being analytic . our friend he is not being analytic The sad thing is that Alien became like Star wars a lazy written story

    • Benedict Zwartzneger
      Benedict Zwartzneger 1 day ago

      its not thiking its your imagination, maybe you like it, I don't, I like aliens, I like star wars. But whether you like it or not, you are a nerd, and nerds over analyze the walig dead, which is OK, and star trek, but that sais yo have no lives becase you pay attetion to details that actually "MAY YOU HAVE NO SIGNIFICANCE" and yet yo see it there. So sorry, these two films sucked, its just your imagination fooling you.

  • René Moncayo
    René Moncayo 11 days ago

    Ira in spines by Doctor who and its time lord technology and the zygons

  • Arturo Hernandez
    Arturo Hernandez 11 days ago

    great Alien video kroft! loved every moment of it

  • Player 9
    Player 9 11 days ago

    Actually juggernaut wanna suck some cock,LOL just kidd¡ng

  • Serj Romashkin
    Serj Romashkin 11 days ago

    It actually explains why in the original Alien movie, the interior of the ship is fossilized, Great Theory!

  • Trestan Emperor
    Trestan Emperor 11 days ago

    Once again it is called the black pathogen not black goo.
    The planet is called planet 4, no one called it Paradise!!
    The virus infects only non-botanical life; so if the Juggernaut alive: it is impossible it is infected

    • Trestan Emperor
      Trestan Emperor 10 days ago

      Lassi Kinnunen I don't remember Seeing Scott in the movie !!! Neither remember anyone called it such among neither the Prometheus crew or the Covenant crew !!!
      As for the Ship in Alien, OH why don't you guys cut the crap; who takes the world of truck drivers for granted ?!!! Like the ship is 1000s of years or the pilot is fossilized!!

    • Lassi Kinnunen
      Lassi Kinnunen 10 days ago

      scott and everyone calls it black goo. the ship in alien1 was organic.

  • omnibus01
    omnibus01 11 days ago

    the flute was the gayest part of the movie

  • Filomena Palesoo
    Filomena Palesoo 11 days ago

    Nice theory but even the black goo was leaked on the ship and no reaction from the ship maybe its because the ship was not active but then how would it react to an unknown living organism as you mentioned in the video but i do like and agree that there is some sort of life in the ship eg the bone like structures in it and how it merges with its pilot 😀

    • Kacpa2
      Kacpa2 9 days ago

      Filomena Palesoo Well it was storage room. Its safe to assume that its prepared for containing it with no harm to itself i. those few rooms.

    • Vishal Kanwar
      Vishal Kanwar 10 days ago

      absolutely correct

    • mannysaurus19
      mannysaurus19 11 days ago

      Filomena Palesoo 😀

  • saintjon13666
    saintjon13666 11 days ago

    never saw covenant.....I don't think I'm missing much.

    • iamburak
      iamburak 10 days ago

      I dont have a hope about next movies for the creation or engineer story man because they will focus on Alien. Like surviving or evolation of xenomorphs probably. I dont think they will use creation or engineer story in next movies :(

    • Stylesinner
      Stylesinner 10 days ago

      I totally know what you mean! I was disappointed about this as well. I guess all that will be covered in the next two movies? hmm... But still, covenant showed what the inside of a creator's mind might look like. David's ideas of life and superiority could be the link to the engineers' minds... Let's hope that the bluray will have some cool deleted scenes. But yeah I really thought that covenant was waaay too violent! So much of the shooting and hunting was extremely unnecessary.

    • iamburak
      iamburak 10 days ago

      They show absolutly "nothing" about engineers. Not even a word about engineers. Alien Covenant was like a hollow in story of engineers or creation. All we see was neomorphs and creating of xenomorph. Nothing more. Those guys making a movie on an engineers planet (if they are really engineers) and they show NOTHING about engineers. It made me piss off man. Where the hell are the other engineers, why they didnt communicate with juggernaut, why they were looking so different and why there is only one small city of them on the entire planet. Some things are just weird man and doesnt make sense. Its like "fuck it lets make an action/horror movie and fuck all stories, fuck all logics, fuck all positive potential to make a great storyline. Just add more kills more death lloololollool"

      That made me really upset and sad.

    • Stylesinner
      Stylesinner 10 days ago

      naw, it's quite okay! I liked it, but Prometheus I liked more. Unfortunately, they don't show so much about the engineers as I hoped.

    • iamburak
      iamburak 11 days ago

      Believe me you dont

  • Toy Fan
    Toy Fan 11 days ago

    Too bad well never get these answers

  • Chris Jordan
    Chris Jordan 11 days ago

    a common mistake. The tapestry and leaky pots were NOT ON A JUGGERNAUT! They were down a long hallway completely away and separate from it. in Prometheus the 3d map clearly shows this, and David doesn't open the ship door by himself until way after they found the tapestry room in the main pyramid structure. C.

  • Shin Godzilla
    Shin Godzilla 11 days ago

    We are all psychos yay

  • Shin Godzilla
    Shin Godzilla 11 days ago

    I love all the comments

  • David the Android
    David the Android 11 days ago

    I heard that in the book of Alien covenant the engineers knew the juggernaut was attacking so there was a control room on paradise that disabled all flying aircrafts on the planet thats why the 2 ships crashed and why David couldn't leave Paradise to attack earth.

    • Toy Fan
      Toy Fan 10 days ago

      David the Android lol

    • David the Android
      David the Android 10 days ago

      Im just kidding Toy Fan Ill subscribe signing off.

    • Toy Fan
      Toy Fan 10 days ago

      David the Android umm ok

    • David the Android
      David the Android 10 days ago

      Okay Toy Fan just wait when you wake up in the morning you will find a dead face hugger next to you.

    • Toy Fan
      Toy Fan 10 days ago

      David the Android because i read it!

  • Uriel Gonzalez
    Uriel Gonzalez 11 days ago

    Prometheus is the best movie ever

    • Homophilically Meek
      Homophilically Meek 6 days ago

      The scientists in Prometheus were really smart. The movie even had a "pyramid" just like the actual geometric shape. I got attached to all the character and really cared a lot when they died. The concept of, instead of wasting time studying the Engineer's head after risking their lives to recover it, they immediately inject it with stuff in order to trick a 2,000-year-old severed head into thinking it's alive, was just so ingenious. I would have never thought of that. That's when I knew I wasn't wasting my time or money to watch this in theater, and even in 3D. David and that cool starship weren't the only redeeming quality in either film.

      PS: I think the Engineers are really onto something. We should travel to other planets and sacrifice ourself, completely destroying our very DNA in the process. That way ... we can spread life throughout the cosmos.

    • 00 99
      00 99 9 days ago

      NSA UpYoAss

    • NSA UpYoAss
      NSA UpYoAss 9 days ago

      You will burn and suffer in hell for all eternity for this comment.

    • jeremy simons
      jeremy simons 10 days ago

      Lucifer was the creator of Music 🎶

    • Foksik Foks
      Foksik Foks 10 days ago

      You didnt watch many movies :P

  • Shin Godzilla
    Shin Godzilla 11 days ago

    Am I cringy yet

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    Pin me please I subscribed

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    I Love you

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