MR. GLOBE PHILIPPINES '10 Swimsuit Competition

The most-awaited part - the Swimsuit Competition of the 2010 MR. GLOBE PHILIPPINES Pageant. It was Jachin Delaviores who won the Best in Swimsuit title as earlier reported on. But Gino Quintana was adjudged Body Beautiful...

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Author Hector Gomez (5 months)
Bryan Esguerra !! Wow

Author Derek Williams (11 months)

Author ivan rondina (4 years)
ano fb ni bryan esguerra

Author Anne Lopez (4 years)
imal sad si Jachin Delovieres....hahahayyy..ang mga laki ba...makapaweak jud

Author dolphins4001 (4 years)
Ronnel Reyes yay!!!

Author utubefcuked (2 years)
are they mostly circumcised?

Author jason almendras (4 years)
so easy to pick a winner. 90% ng kasali ang babaduy ng mukha!

Author choxanakin (4 years)
เอ่อม...หล่อๆทั้งนั้นเลย หล่อไม่พอทำไมต้องปั่นให้แข็งด้วยง่ะ งงนะ

Author khalil cirej (3 years)
yung ronel malaki kasi naka side view yung si junior

Author LadyNightmare (4 years)
I love Mark Reyes...and Clark Campbell...Just my type...wekeke

Author Amour Dix Mille (4 years)
Très sexy :)

Author leelavalee (4 years)

Author ts0ngg0y (4 years)
ba't puro sa harapan nila ang focus ng cam??

Author dolphins4001 (4 years)
Alvin Balingit is a hottie..

Author jm deguzman (1 year)
hi mabuhaybeauties pa-upload naman ng go see ng fashionissimo 2011..thanks.
im a big fan of your site pero parang wala na ata sha.

Author abdhee20 (4 years)
look at 3:06 his name is Bryan... is his P erection????? :D

Author joeybulgeful (4 years)
Love to see guys in metallic gear.. so sexy and hot!!

Author djinocedric (4 years)
im in love with clark campbell

Author LadyNightmare (4 years)
@djinocedric he's hot indeed

Author nihilgrg (4 years)
who ever got big and large dick i want him to win.

Author narci villanueva (2 years)

Author nightblow25 (4 years)
i'll go for # 10

Author homer verona (4 years)
Gino of course

Author rishey14 (4 years)
sarap kainin ni clark at ni mark

Author haothienley (4 years)
Benson Hill....I love you so much

Author aspendxb (4 years)
@aswharya Gino Quintana,...extremely hot!

Author Gee Bantilan (2 years)
i love Ronel Reyes

Author kert kho (4 years)

Author leryjohn1 (4 years)
pano nya malalaman na nalaki ari namin eh naka podding kami nto...

Author Seth Yah (1 year)
Gino antonio.!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Anne Lopez (4 years)
ka imal ni Mark Ramos ug ni Clark Campbell....hahahy..

Author ChariceAustralia (1 year)
Omg I wish I was the FLOOR!!!

Author gog alexander (4 years)
little package all of them...?/?/

Author kkiittoooo (3 years)

Author Colin Hsu (4 years)
some are really cute and hung while most aren't.

Author LadyNightmare (4 years)
Bryan is on erection...hehe

Author erichxoxo (4 years)
Paolo & Gino! FTW!!!

Author wenwen ranz (4 years)
wow your so hot Gino Quintana at si Bryan Esguerra.ang sarap nyo.... hehehe

Author mynameisJM08 (4 years)
si clark campbell ang pinaka hitik ! pero bet co talaga si Gino Quintana !

Author luke larco (3 years)
tatlong beses akong

Author qwertyuiopz123 (4 years)
1:57 wat a babyface!

Author Jake Castillo (2 years)
pls help me. i ca not download this video. the video is not available.

Author swimered (3 years)
where do these guys get their undies from?? i mean seriously??

Author smoothbird1 (4 years)
whats the name of the song played?

Author aspendxb (4 years)
@aspendxb if i am not mistaken, this is the same or similar bikinis used in
the very controversial 2007 Ginoong Pilipinas!

Author charliehorsenm (3 years)
Absolutely AWESOME! Never seen so many absolutely beautiful pieces of young
male ass anywhere in my life!!!! Every one of these guys is unbelievably
cute, well built and the lovely skimpy shiny silver swimsuits show their
ASSETS off extremely well. And the EXCELLENT photography captures it all.
OUTSTANDING!!! Doesn't get any better!

Author thoz (4 years)
so hot

Author Giovani Benjamin (4 years)
ganda kahit di mko napatapos...ang gwapo nila..

Author Alex (4 years)
Di ba ito rin ang ,ga contestans

Author utubefcuked (2 years)
you really need to wax off all your pubes to wear this

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