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Author bolillin22 (4 years)
hola, I ve found another radson amp, maybe oldre than this and more hi fi :
stereo -bridged mono switch, no fm, just amplifier, golden metal in all the
front and very elegant typography marants style, shit they were outleting
old stuff in a shop in Rep del Salvador street downtown Mexico City, I get
a grommes 10PC mono amp in 1000pesos, they wanted 3000 for the radson , and
when I came back it was gone, so if somebody has it, share a video please,
hasta luego.

Author bolillin22 (3 years)
@K3nTPainkillers Thks for the comment, the song is Trigger Hippie by

Author joemasueru (4 years)
thanks for your information

Author joemasueru (4 years)
hi, i want a model of old radson and i cant found infomatio of this product
if you can help me to find history or catalog, thanks

Author Gurdeep Singh Virdi (5 years)
really nice

Author Andrei Ilies (3 years)
would you please tell me what song is this? The amp sounds... divine :D

Author Fabian Campuzano (4 years)
suena excelente, que recomendarías más tu un radson o un grommes?

Author bolillin22 (4 years)
This amplifier was made in mexico in 1966, i have tried to find if it was
designed or licensed from a major company and haven´t found nothing, I
heard from an uncle that radson used to be a belgian company that produce
licenced electronics from philips but cannot find facts. at this moment
radson still produce amplifiers but not hifi just commercial use and PA

Author boutiquezm (4 years)
hi! i own a 1978 radson guitar amplifier. really nice, although it's a
solid state. i love it. radson is a mexican company, but they don't make
hifi amps anymore, their major production are horn loudspeakers and such.
this was a great find! matius, mexico.

Author 3Deity (4 years)
If it has a valve rectifier then you don't need the standby switch.

Author bolillin22 (4 years)
yes, you are right, the radson has diodes, but i had another video of a
mono push pull 6v6 amp with tube or valve rectifier , but youtube remove it
because of the song I was playing on it, will upload again,

Author Sebastian Martínez Ramírez (6 months)
Que bulbos usa esa belleza?

Author bolillin22 (4 years)
son diferentes, el Radson es mas comercial y requiere de mas trabajo para
que suene bien, el Grommes es mas fino y tiene cierto valor comercial en

Author JorgeOrganero (11 months)
Super sound. Mexican engineering from the 50´s. Or tell me. Did Radson have
also a factory in th eUSA?

Author 3Deity (4 years)
YouTube are becoming so stupid, you should be billing the artist for
promoting their music! }:o) Radio just went digital only in the UK which is
such a shame as the quality has dropped off the scale! :o( I expect there
will be a lot of valve tuners leaving the UK soon.

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