"Boulevard of Broken Dreams" Green Day cover performed by Lindsey Stirling | GRAMMY ReImagined

Violinist, dancer, composer, and performance artist Lindsey Stirling performs a cover of Green Day's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams," at the Americana Lounge in Hollywood. The song won GRAMMY Record Of The Year in 2005 and was released as Green Day's second single off of their album American Idiot.

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"Boulevard of Broken Dreams" Green Day Cover Performed by Lindsey Stirling | ReImagined |

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Runtime: 2:53
Comments: 424

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Author HoneyMaty ( ago)
Aach, my favourite song + Lindsey = the dream! Love this one <3

Author akaa7 147 ( ago)
omg this was amazing ❤

Author abouttimeforachange ( ago)
I haven't played my violin in years....this makes me want to

Author Thien Thuan Tran ( ago)
<3 <3 <3

Author nimas karki ( ago)
This is so good.
Green Day !!!!

Author Nora Lights ( ago)
Middle school vibes! I miss those days.

Author Trinity Morningstar ( ago)
This was released on my birthday!

Author redhotchilifan98 ( ago)
this is honestly one of the best covers I've ever heard she is absolutely incredible I sang along the whole time but her violin playing brought out even more emotion in this song then ever before green day is my favorite band and hearing her do this was incredible

Author Hilman Pambudidoyo ( ago)
My god, so awesome

Author Andy Huynh ( ago)

Author Ingrate ( ago)
Clicked on the video because she looked hot and it mentioned Green Day. Thank you, shallowness.

Author Princess mair ( ago)
this is more than amazing and perfect

Author Thrifty Freebies ( ago)
The guy drumming looks *so* into it 😂

Author Shayna Goveas ( ago)
I have the original version of this song and I've probably heard it a million times so you can believe me when I say that this is an awesome adaptation especially since at least some instruments are different

Author Jorge Enriquez ( ago)
Excelente cover,...., buena idea incluir el cajón peruano!!

Author Claire Z. ( ago)
I about screamed when I saw this

Author Max Moon ( ago)
That guy at 0:51 "I'm high as fuck!!"

Author Tyto Alba ( ago)
Lindsey, when you do covers, how much of it is your own flourishes and how much of it is from sheet music?

Author Favio Parra ( ago)
I love the sound of the violin :3 <3

Author beezus garduno ( ago)
😍😍😍😍 la mejor!!

Author Anurag Pandey ( ago)
You can never get tired of this song :')

Author Battle Born ( ago)
Beautiful doesn't even describe it

Author Luna_DiAngelo༄ ( ago)
I am a simple girl, I see Lindsey and Green Day, I like

Author v dub ( ago)
Lindsey Stirling is amazing and I love her!

Author Mr Byson ( ago)
Ohh come on Darling dont do the Fuck off things, you can do it better Girl XP

Author Remington Wright ( ago)
Lindsey, you beautiful, beautiful soul you! how exactly is it you keep your wings hidden you angel!!!

Author JustSaiyanSteve ( ago)

Author xGraph ( ago)
Hi, I love you <3

Author 777scubadiver ( ago)
Loved it it. Lindsey going back t basics; no costumes, no big sets, no large scale production. Just a girl and her violin.

Author Grise001 ( ago)
Wish to heaven they had done this properly, with real drums instead of someone slapping an amp.

Author elliexc ( ago)
what kind of microphone is that? :O

Author Lynsi Keye ( ago)
This is gorgeous! (Hint: Try it at .75 speed. It is actually pretty nice sounding too, depending on what you're in the mood for.)

Author Crow Jo ( ago)
My love, my love, my love.

Author Alisa Baxter ( ago)
literally anything sounds sophisticated on violin

Author shuffle208 ( ago)
the original is so good you can't reach it, but still the best cover

Author Moon Lover ( ago)
Some broken dreams revive, and a tear come out...
Thank you for such an amazing cover

Author Real Madrid CF 1902 ( ago)
If you also sing this amazing song

Author zackdeux ( ago)
its beautiful

Author Anirban Das ( ago)
Green Day <3 Lindsey <3 🎻

Author Cameron Doyle ( ago)
Every time I here Lindsey play, I'm filled with joy!

Author Matthew Schmit ( ago)
Love Green Day and I love Lindsey! Love this combo <3

Author Xxwh0IamxX ( ago)

Author thegreenweirdo210 ( ago)
this was amazing! couldn't help but sing the words along!

Author Este es el blog de Eduardo ( ago)
it´s just... BEATIFUL!!!

Author kevin castillo placencia ( ago)

Author Deborah Hemsworth ( ago)
on the violin

Author Deborah Hemsworth ( ago)
I'm 9 and I have to play this song at a summer concert no joke

Author Chantal Belanger ( ago)
this was done on my birthday. ♡

Author sailor moon chackam ( ago)
linda melodía eres de las mejores, Saludos desde México

Author Michael Ibey ( ago)
I've always enjoyed violins, but she adds that special "something"

Author Johnny Joles ( ago)
😱 wow you go Lindsy

Author Casey J Moreno ( ago)
Where my fellow gear nerds at looking to see what brand of In-ears she has?

Author Erica Hertzberg ( ago)




Author Siddharth Bhandari ( ago)
lIndsey stirling-- more of this please. A timeless classic song.

Author Tom Rabbani ( ago)
She looks like Lily from How I Met Your Mother.

Author Nylessoj Zerimar ( ago)
I love this woman :'v ❤ Stirlingite ❤

Author Francisco Fernando Olvera Perez ( ago)

Author Khloe G ( ago)
I never knew I needed this till now

Author decondemon ( ago)
Lindsey, your are wonderful. Thank you for your talent.

Author pineapple guy ( ago)
Lol I was just thinking of this song the other day

Author Alejandro Alvares ( ago)

Author GDT - Ω96 ( ago)
my life is complete

Author Pajazet P ( ago)
Holy shit, she's REALLY pretty

Author Alex Mercer ( ago)
this is eeepppicccc

Author Ali Nicole ( ago)
Omg yes

Author Alex Montoya Rodríguez ( ago)
You should do a collaboration with Billie Joe ;D

Author Annabella Rose Prinx ( ago)
It's so beautifuuuuuuuul! :')

Author Kruzthewolf ( ago)
Imagine this: Lindsey Stirling + Apocalyptica + Two Steps From Hell.

Author Kruzthewolf ( ago)
You gotta love that guy going ham on the drum thingy

Author Belgarionhlw ( ago)

Author Dhemeas ( ago)
That's cool indeed, but, not "better than the original"... imo, at least

Author Jon Champion ( ago)
is this available on iTunes

Author iris42118 ( ago)
I just love you. It's simple. I LOVE YOU AND YOUR MUSIC AND.... YOU!!!!!!! 😍😍😍

Author TheWaldiboy ( ago)

Author Cassandra Scott ( ago)
Wow! And some....

Author Guillermo Isaac Najo ( ago)
si si !!! buena versíon , claps claps!!!!!

Author a pigeon una paloma ( ago)
i just had an amazing wee

Author First Name Last Name ( ago)
I only clicked because she is hot as fuck

Author PierceTheBlackVeil FallingOutAtTheMyChemicalDisco ( ago)
This is wonderful. Love Green Day! Love Lindsay Sterling! Have to learn how to play a simpler version on my violin.

Author moonriva ( ago)
too much.

Author Evelyn's Life BTS ( ago)
Omg this is amazing!! 😍😱

Author Henry Andersen ( ago)

Author MoonWolf945 ( ago)
It is magic ! All you touch is gold <3 <3 <3 <3

Author zoomysketchbook ( ago)
this is so fucking cool! my favorite band + beautiful playing

Author PLHTV PLHTV ( ago)
A genera of music never before heard on this channel? Metal core XD if you ever do... here's a song "Hope Remains"

Author SuPerstar VeeResH Sh0w ( ago)
Fucking awasome

Author Feerd.inand Genzz ( ago)
I love how happy that drummer is.

Author Nothing Else Matters ( ago)
She. Is. Fantastic.

Author sasuke chibi ( ago)
amo a esta nena. toca hermoso. amo el violin. me fasina escucharla

Author MC Dexpo ( ago)
lawl, lik if u hav a pulse rawr XD😂😂👅👍💯😎😜❤👎😢😭👈

Author Electric paisy ( ago)
Damn she really rocks every thing she does and this video is just another proof of so many before!

Author Rowing Peta ( ago)
better than original 😍😙

Author Unwanted Jeans ( ago)
oh my gosh.. Lindsey... *likes video*

Author alexei echevers ruiz ( ago)
does anybody knows how can I get this song on my iPhone I pay apple music but this cover isn't on apple music and men I am losing my mind listening to it!!!!!!!!

Author Maria 2397 ( ago)
wooo alove this is song in violin is really beautiful^^

Author semonka ( ago)
amazing.. :)
- I thought at 0:17, he unconsciously smiled thinking how amazing Lindsey played it then after a second he just come back to his flat affect face again.. hehe

Author absmvstars5 ( ago)
This is amazing! I love it!

Author TickleMeEmo ( ago)
I came to the vid cause it said Green Day

Author Budd Mac ( ago)
Will this be available at some time? Please :-)

Author Conor Jones ( ago)
Not a fan of green day... but this is quiet good xx I might learn it xx

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