Strawberry Panic - Kaori no Theme (Piano version)

Strawberry Panic - Kaori no Theme (Piano Version)

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Author Taylor Brown (9 months)
it would be sooo amazing if you played unmei or hiren :O I have not seen
anyone play those yet and it would be cool to see you :D

Author nikkitaroXs (5 years)
thats ok ^^ your really awesome :D

Author adenachen (4 years)
I will send you the sheet if you give me your email. ^.^

Author adenachen (5 years)
Sure, send me a PM with your email account, I will send you the sheet music.

Author adenachen (4 years)

Author SkeletonMr (5 years)
I...cried. ;-;

Author adenachen (5 years)
I played by ear and wrote down the note myself. ^_^ I am hoping it's 90%
closer to the original.

Author Hope Vasquez (5 years)
amazing!!! its practically perfect!! very beautiful. :')

Author misskazumi (4 years)
mind sharing the music sheet with me? please and tQ

Author austyni (4 years)
Hi adenachen i send u message with my email if u have cifra piano and
guitar about this song Could u send me please ???? thanks a lot

Author NemoTristis (5 years)
Can I ask you for the notes?) Certainly with your copyrights.

Author lustmyeyes (4 years)
can you send the sheet please? would be much appreciated.

Author doognibor (5 years)
Could you maybe send the music sheet ? thanks

Author mbg1mbg (4 years)
OMG... is .. is ... awesome, I haven't words to describe it, almost makes
me cry! Just watching this video, I feel I must learn to play the piano!
Only a question ... how many years have you been playing the piano?

Author Lovelessview (3 years)
pls send me this ! i beg u , u're so talanted , and the song is so
beautiful ...

Author adenachen (4 years)
hahah, thanks for the lovely comment. ^.^

Author Nya99 (5 years)
Hello, i sent you a message through here (youtube) with my email, not sure
if you've received it or been able to check it. Would just really like to
get the sheet music for this beautiful piece.

Author Rubi Jauregui (1 year)
wonderful job! i love your interpretation! Please can you send the piano
sheet? i really loved

Author adenachen (4 years)
I will send you the sheet if you give me your email. :)

Author Yuri no Tenshi (2 years)
I recommend to check this tutorial watch?v=jBI23Js0x4s&feature=related
Great interpretation btw.

Author supergarfieldchat (3 years)
OMG, that's perfect ! GOOD !!!! I love this ! you are gifted! I admire you

Author infh4xmous (1 year)
could you send me the sheet, please? thank you
very much (:

Author paramoreXstile (3 years)

Author sweetlycan (1 year)
i really love strawberry panic...and this song is amazing, may i have this
music sheet, pleaseeee...or any other strawberry panic music sheet do you
have...i want to play it...

Author greenboy153 (3 years)
@adenachen Excuse me, can you send me the sheet? I'll inbox you my email if
it's possible

Author missAneila (1 year)

Author nurooooo22 (4 years)
That was fabulous!!, Can you send the sheet please? I would greatly
appreciate. My email:

Author NemoTristis (5 years)
Wow... where did you get notes?

Author Sera Good (5 years)
*tear* Kaori......:(

Author adenachen (5 years)
Sorry, I don't think I will make a tutorial video, but thanks for the
comment. ^_^

Author adenachen (4 years)
me too. ^.^

Author adenachen (5 years)
send me a message with your email account, I will send you the music sheet.
Thank you for the comment. ^_^

Author Reynna Noteerbook (3 years)
you play AWESOME!!! can you send me the sheet music
THANX ^__^

Author freakoo33 (4 years)
This is the type of things I see that want me to learn piano.... Amazing~
May I have the sheets? Messaged you :)

Author norloc00 (4 years)
Great playing! Could you please send me the sheet? I would appreciate it
very much! you may need my email, so here it is: norloc00@hot... etc

Author adenachen (4 years)

Author kynakinzys (5 years)
could you maybe do an overhead view of this? cuz i can't get the piano
sheets right :)

Author JennBear (3 years)

Author KukuHaku (5 years)
love this song! you did a great job! ^^

Author raaaawrx3 (4 years)
PLEASE ! can you send me the music sheet ? I love this song, I would really
appreciate it :3! E-mail : please please please :3

Author KaoriSakuragiLover (4 years)
is there any way i could get the sheet music to this beautiful song

Author Roxanne Fortin (2 years)
Could i have the sheet please? --> It's awesome... I
love this song ^^

Author oresamastar666 (2 years)
sheets please?

Author xlizzyx1004 (5 years)
wow. this is really good. can i get the sheets for this song?

Author adenachen (5 years)
Thank you for the lovely comment. ^_^

Author adenachen (5 years)
sure, I'll send you the sheets if you give me your email. ^_^

Author Charlotte Rossi (5 years)
Th-That was w-way too awesome!! *o*

Author adenachen (5 years)
send me a message with your email account, I will send you the sheet music
Thanks for your comment ^_^

Author adenachen (5 years)
Thank you very much. ^_^

Author adenachen (5 years)
sure, no problem.

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