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  • Michael Ullery
    Michael Ullery 5 hours ago

    funniest meme on the internet....trolled lol

  • Manuqtix
    Manuqtix 6 hours ago

    You know you get guys that like bragging showing off and wearing nice tuxedos
    but in reality they are very poor and can't afford money to eat

  • Please Insert Name
    Please Insert Name 8 hours ago

    Actually magnificent

  • Xinyan Huang
    Xinyan Huang 21 hour ago


  • PIKE
    PIKE 1 day ago

    S class ? lol

  • SeanDaBomb
    SeanDaBomb 1 day ago

    These people are sub human

  • nasko Nasko
    nasko Nasko 1 day ago

    bst armi of the world

  • Cable Techs On A Mission We are Back fat man


  • 김대근
    김대근 1 day ago

    38:14는 일본군의 재림이구만...

  • SC P
    SC P 1 day ago


  • Daniell 69
    Daniell 69 1 day ago

    Panem ;)

  • Mxm Eish
    Mxm Eish 1 day ago

    No terror attacks going off in North Korea I'm just saying 😕

  • callistomirmillo
    callistomirmillo 2 days ago

    put on twice the speed

  • tauntbracelet39 yt
    tauntbracelet39 yt 2 days ago

    I would be happy to see all of the soldiers in hell as well with kim jong in.

  • Barocco
    Barocco 2 days ago

    i have to learn to math exam , but im watching this .....

  • Marina Joyce
    Marina Joyce 2 days ago

    Nice 80s cameras!

  • caaaaaaaaaz
    caaaaaaaaaz 3 days ago


  • Ivana Dubničková
    Ivana Dubničková 3 days ago


    ABEL FLOORING 3 days ago

    If you look at the past the very firs dictator he had thousands more of people.. What happen to all the people in North Korea?? it is clear that the population has dropped dramatically

  • Footy Fanatic
    Footy Fanatic 3 days ago

    Not even true communist😂🙄

  • Warden_NL
    Warden_NL 4 days ago

    Really depressing knowing that these people will never know what freedom feels like.

    Hope their government gets taken down so the people can be freed.

  • beerborn
    beerborn 4 days ago

    They should have a military coup where they would arrest this fat fuck and strip his ass naked and let him parade down the same square in front of national television.

  • beerborn
    beerborn 4 days ago

    Just STFU and start the parade.

  • Terminate Tor
    Terminate Tor 4 days ago

    they use mercedes...what kind od communist are they?

  • Taysir Chaachoua
    Taysir Chaachoua 4 days ago

    No matter how far, no matter how poor you will always see Mercedes

  • Tomas Adewale Crosby

    To all those who may have been offended by my comments and posts - I want to say sorry. May God bless u all even if u are cursing me or working against me. Thank you.

  • cody evaristo
    cody evaristo 4 days ago

    Seriously love how the band is using sousaphones, you an instrument developed in America, at the request of John Phillip Sousa, for U.S. Marines "President's Own" Marching band.

  • cody evaristo
    cody evaristo 4 days ago

    Seriously love how the band is using sousaphones, you an instrument developed in America, at the request of John Phillip Sousa, for U.S. Marines "President's Own" Marching band.

  • k odu
    k odu 4 days ago

    Nobody does it better than North Korea. Long live the young Marshall!

  • TK
    TK 4 days ago


  • HadesiakPL
    HadesiakPL 5 days ago


  • nascardood fl
    nascardood fl 5 days ago

    Korean soldiers, disciplined out of fear not respect!

  • darkalpha50
    darkalpha50 5 days ago

    To all the severely misinformed saying they like this country, move out of the western sphere of influence and move to North Korea, then let's see exactly who the bad guy is.

  • Takyon
    Takyon 5 days ago

    김정은을 도륙해야 한다...

  • 김동민
    김동민 5 days ago

    WTF really !!!!

  • Christian Alvarez
    Christian Alvarez 5 days ago

    00:16 yo i like that chrome camo he has on the AK74U;)

  • Cosin San
    Cosin San 5 days ago

    long live NK

  • Corrine Tsang
    Corrine Tsang 5 days ago

    Contrary to what China and Russia says in the media.Both do not want a hostile neighbor.During the Korean War,Russian and Chinese pilots were flying Mig -15 given by Russia.NK was given the green light and T-34 tanks to attack SK.China lost one million men in the Korean War..On the April 15,parade 18 solid fuel ICBM (Puksuksong-3,KN-08,KN-14) were displayed on 16 or 20 wheels trucks with TEL made by Sinotrucks in China.Also 18 solid fuel IMBM were displayed(6 KN-35 made in Russia,12 KN-15 that looks like China DF-21D).I think China gave the solid fuel missiles and air compression canisfer to NK after the liquid fuel Musudan missiles  fails a majority of the time and the two Mercedes Benz.limousine

  • pinguvell 13
    pinguvell 13 6 days ago

    N.Korea pleas dug up your rockets!

  • pinguvell 13
    pinguvell 13 6 days ago

    Phsss I'm eat this rockets and soilders to launch.

  • Demertrius Archuleta

    So we basically gave them the shity bens?

  • Beverly Huttinger
    Beverly Huttinger 6 days ago

    I am from America and I love North Korea! Death to America.

  • Wildan Ramadhan
    Wildan Ramadhan 6 days ago

    RA 4 command and conquer world at war 4

  • Gebric Catembung
    Gebric Catembung 6 days ago

    Yeah communism is nice
    But have you tried fascism

  • Derek Garza
    Derek Garza 6 days ago

    Happy summer

  • orchid kang
    orchid kang 7 days ago

    I'm S.Korean living in Seoul. We want peace with N. korean.
    But they do never stop preparing for war during 70 years.
    They are saying that they make more weapons for war with S.Korea and the United States.
    We really want the US to strike N.korea preemptively.

  • Hylton Li
    Hylton Li 7 days ago

    Balls splitting style~

  • younes
    younes 8 days ago

    Lol 1935 weapons

  • Daniel Penn
    Daniel Penn 8 days ago

    Hey, N. Korea, what a bunch of idiots. I hope we make a parking lot out of your stupid country. The God of the Bible will soon take good care of you guys. Take that to the bank.

  • Nicolo Sta. Ana
    Nicolo Sta. Ana 8 days ago

    5:50 When Your Happy and You Know Clap Your Hands

  • Jason Bourn
    Jason Bourn 8 days ago

    if it werent for russia standing by KN they would be the nuclear waste dump of the world by now

  • Jason Bourn
    Jason Bourn 8 days ago

    north korea is in 1960 while america over here in 2050

    • Christian Alvarez
      Christian Alvarez 5 days ago

      No not yet we still havent invented the flying car yet so were probably in 2025

  • Israel Mendez
    Israel Mendez 8 days ago

    putos north coreanos ojala se acabe esto ya

  • Hong Y.K.
    Hong Y.K. 8 days ago

    Hulk Hogan will get fucked up. LoL!

  • Arlin Buntukaraeng
    Arlin Buntukaraeng 9 days ago

    1:30 the car using Go PRO

  • Farid V
    Farid V 9 days ago

    my one and only question is why these FUCKS are using Mercedes-Benz to transport their FUCKED UP assholes. I'm done, thx

  • bill grant
    bill grant 9 days ago

    They don't have the smarts to back down. Little Kimmy dung pig is going to get them all killed.

  • sam sing
    sam sing 9 days ago


  • John Romeo
    John Romeo 9 days ago

    Ultra-communist country with ultra-capitalist cars ,the irony

  • jvolstad
    jvolstad 9 days ago

    Bad haircut.

  • The History Nerd
    The History Nerd 9 days ago

    Kim Jong Un's North Korea is What happens when a teenager is given supreme control over a country

  • Tomas Adewale Crosby

    What then can one say about the demons directing, possessing controlling or presiding over them. Special vocabulary will be needed to describe those demonic spirits who deceive themselves that they are angels.

  • Tomas Adewale Crosby

    The hearts and minds of humans are desperately wicked. Who can know it?

  • nein just nein
    nein just nein 10 days ago

    11:27 "Yes these speakers are at normal volume. They're not too loud or anything."

  • Kevin F
    Kevin F 10 days ago

    This is insane and the world is fucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All those people who are so scared of there leader that they parade in perfect unity and stand for hours. They are not people to there leader just ants who parade for his enjoyment. We live in a horror movie

  • lispao lee
    lispao lee 10 days ago

    I ned go to training with you , after finish I can come back my country.

  • lispao lee
    lispao lee 10 days ago

    Oh !. very good My friendship. I wish you have a successful you work .

  • WaltherPPX
    WaltherPPX 10 days ago

    Fat boy gets fatter every year...

  • madara almada
    madara almada 10 days ago


  • Husky The Dinosaur
    Husky The Dinosaur 11 days ago

    So tiny... *Looks at Russia's Victory Day Parade for this year and in 1945*

  • Jia Liang
    Jia Liang 11 days ago

    the only fat ass in North Korea is the dictator who can't even stand straight.

  • Robert Reaves
    Robert Reaves 11 days ago

    scary north korea

    • Christian Alvarez
      Christian Alvarez 5 days ago

      Your mental if your scared of 4'11 guys and gals marching with very out dated technology

  • William Barrios
    William Barrios 11 days ago

    u suport north corrs

  • William Barrios
    William Barrios 11 days ago

    ostet pipn yom ho fpry support soldado de giatemaña didpuesto a pelear

  • William Barrios
    William Barrios 11 days ago

    piom yon bravo sir

  • William Barrios
    William Barrios 11 days ago

    pian yon my lord brabo soldier north corea

  • William Barrios
    William Barrios 11 days ago

    siii go for yrs yes yed lets fite yes camarada lets go fote go soldierd from guatemala cobra lets go guatemala cobra

  • William Barrios
    William Barrios 11 days ago

    np se cpreano pero tu vad a perder porque Dios te habla atrepirnteyr

  • Midnite Flicker
    Midnite Flicker 12 days ago

    fuck this fucking god damned country and itgs fat little shit of a leader this country would be fucked big time if they do ever lauch missiles at my country the USA USA USA USA USA

  • Bernd Jugendheimer
    Bernd Jugendheimer 12 days ago

    Koreanische Soldaten und deutsche Autos eine perfekte Streitmacht.Sehr beeindruckend.
    Aber man traut sich nicht uns die Übersetzung zu zeigen. Sehr aufschlußreich.

  • Tomas Adewale Crosby

    Therefore the major/core criminals of these attacks were and are still spiritual and physical agents of Switzerland, very notoriously Canada, the Central Intelligence agency of the US army and of course the territorial army of the UK.

  • Tomas Adewale Crosby

    I also sent the book to the Kaduna state government and Delta state government. All these was back in 2013 when I was struggling with my Fountain company which is/was supposed to be a subsidiary of Crosby Foundation.
    A lot of things happened while I was working ceaselessly for myself as the CEO and Research doctor of Fountain company. My office and home at that time was the 3 bedroom flat at Ogba where I was sent the ICC Hague communique or letter to sue the numerous enemies of mine. An action of which their hatred for me was highly fuelled. An action which was inevitable and necessary but which I ended up regretting cos I was denied justice.
    Remember that these enemies were spiritual and physical - covert and otherwise. They used the neighbours against me a lot.
    It was while there that I encountered and suffered attacks from the Switzerland Cult or society of Angels who were trying to convert me into a bird and initiate me . Their so called reason for this was to save me from the attacks of Suleboy which had started while I was in the employment of Lagos State (Health Service Commission). It was the severity, frequency and my misunderstanding/ignorance of these attacks from Suleboy - the evil angel of the territorial army of the UK that forcibly led to my absence at work and subsequent resignation to start my own company.
    This Switzerland Cult of evil but powerful angels unforgettably for me contributed mainly to the damage of my dedicated bore hole machine and surface pump which was my only source of water supply. They did not want me to take my bath regularly which was a necessity or prerequisite for their converting me into a bird. I can't adequately describe to you what I suffered in food poisoning, property repairs, search for an alternate source of water and search for good food among other attempts to become financially independent amidst the spiritual and physical attacks. Some or all of these attempts ran me totally bankrupt and I had to start selling my property for money while asking/begging for small monetary loans. What was I to do? A beggarly situation of total bankruptcy which all these my enemies had been waiting for and want to continue to perpetuate and perpetrate. Oro Igbe ati oro buruku ni gbogbo e ati gbogbo won ti o ba lesi owo ati itesiwaju.
    They are horrible memories which I hate to recount. Very significantly , I can't tell you how many 25 litre kegs of water and petrol I carried uphill to my one storey 3 bedroom flat. It may have been 200 to 300 kegs or far more of water especially..

  • Tomas Adewale Crosby

    The Igbo ethnic group of Nigeria of which I have built friendships since childhood have also been pirating my book The Mule and the Child. I wonder whether the Abia state government which I sent the book to for reproduction and sales may be my point or channel of monetary compensation in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

  • Tom Kap
    Tom Kap 12 days ago

    Someone want to explain for me - what is the difference between this and this:

  • Tony Bonfiglio
    Tony Bonfiglio 12 days ago

    wow they copied the Russians parades

  • Paul Sadowski
    Paul Sadowski 12 days ago


  • Alexander Kapitza
    Alexander Kapitza 12 days ago

    there is only one country in the world starting wars all over the world, and it is not north korea, china or russia...

  • Amir Gamer YT
    Amir Gamer YT 12 days ago

    look they ride exaclty the same speed

  • Amir Gamer YT
    Amir Gamer YT 12 days ago

    how could they get thrse videos on youtube?

  • iHacker4U
    iHacker4U 12 days ago

    How did people manage to film this as soldiers aren't allowed to be filmed

  • alboz albozz
    alboz albozz 12 days ago


  • iran volley
    iran volley 12 days ago

    Death to America

  • JB Systems
    JB Systems 12 days ago

    IN K.P Blessed are the peacemakers. !!! give 👍 Share/with friends Subscribe to ZEE CHANNEL

  • Tomas Adewale Crosby

    Forceful enemies would ride.

  • Tomas Adewale Crosby

    And if wishes were thorough breds ...............

  • Tomas Adewale Crosby

    I made two or three hopefully significant calls today about the social and economic frustrations I have been suffering from at the hands of my enemies whichever form they may take. The central issue is about having my piece/peace in Nigeria my homeland and country of BIRTH.
    You can call it Paix d'esprit.

  • Harry Linsen
    Harry Linsen 13 days ago

    the world looked awy,but i say free the people,and the dchildren

  • louis Marshall
    louis Marshall 13 days ago

    North korea army big but the us military is bigger and more deadlier if ww3 break out its going to be all hell I said it first remember kim joung and Donald trump are both morons

  • Tomas Adewale Crosby

    Therefore in free will and decision making and just like our phones and computers today - which cannot do without operating systems (OS), OATH SWEARING against and for is also an operating system. With the power of consistency and dedication to the evil plots of these beings/enemies ( humans, animals, devils and whatever form they may take.) against one - You have no choice but to use OS against them to stay alive.
    Much like the animalistic and evolutionary theories of "SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST". How unfortunate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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