A Secret Love Affair (Episode 1)

READ DESCRIPTION!This story is in Bella's POV unless i decide to change it if so ill tell you.This is my first story video and i am really new at this i really dont make vids that much but I decided to try something new.I dont have sound or an intro because my computer is all jacked up and wont let me put anything in my videos but what you see.This story may only be a few episodes or may turn into a whole series depending on your responses.okay so here is all the characters

Bella-Main character and girlfriend of Jared
Jared-Bellas long time boyfriend
Alice-Bellas best friend and girlfriend of Jasper
Jasper-Alices boyfriend and Bellas Older brother
Emmett-Alices brother and boyfriend of Rosalie
Rosalie-The school bitch and Emmetts girlfriend
Edward-New kid in town
Jacob-Bellas friend and neighbor

Well i hope you like this series and if not in sorry but please comment rate and subscribe
And the plot gets better i promise!

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Author lovelylbc (5 years)
Bella is dating Jared and Alice is dating Jasper

Author kally990 (5 years)
who the hell is jarod

Author AmericanTeenagerGirl (5 years)
i like it, i think u shld continue it : )

Author chocolateedward123 (5 years)
pretty good u should keep going

Author shannon critchley (2 years)

Author BellaSwan528 (5 years)
keep going! what does she do?!

Author teddybear4093 (5 years)
i am confused is bella dating jarod or is alice dating jarod?

Author AliceCullenFan3 (5 years)
Keep going (x5,000)

Author TeamEdwardForever08 (5 years)
aww no problem !!!! and i know i'll love watching all the episodes :D i'm
going to go watch some now :]

Author Paula Cardoso (5 years)
Aww.. Stupid Cliffhanger. D;

Author piaulatom (5 years)
awsome loved it keep up the amazing work!

Author TeamEdwardForever08 (5 years)
you have to keep this going !!!! it's really good so far !!!!! LOVED IT :D

Author xxelissaandemiliexx (5 years)
wow awesome ;) keep writing! o and i subbed xo elissa

Author lovelylbc (5 years)
Thanks very much!I appreciate every comment and I have up to episode 7 up
right now and 8 will probably be up tomorrow!So I hope you enjoy the rest
of the series!

Author ytsim7x (5 years)
yes, continue :)

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