Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Hammer & Knife Scratch Test

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  • Mahiri Yt
    Mahiri Yt 30 minutes ago


  • Md Rafi
    Md Rafi 52 minutes ago

    very bad it is so many cost

  • gollnaz
    gollnaz 2 hours ago


  • NN
    NN 2 hours ago

    how can I peace out when you smashed my favourite phone to death?

  • Clash Of Clans Hack
    Clash Of Clans Hack 3 hours ago

    techrex i am very excited to see the newly launch oneplus 5 hammer test

  • Clash Of Clans Hack
    Clash Of Clans Hack 3 hours ago

    techrex this video is awesome

  • Nanda Angel
    Nanda Angel 5 hours ago

    waw keren

  • عشت على ارضك ياشام وعشقت ترابها

    whyyyyyyyyy whyyyyyyyyyyyy yuo doing this whyyyyyyyy

  • Caterina Biondi
    Caterina Biondi 15 hours ago


  • Heigo Kadastik
    Heigo Kadastik 17 hours ago


  • Fareen Qazii
    Fareen Qazii 18 hours ago

    nuu your channel is a horror movie for Samsung and Apple phones

  • Alex Chmidt
    Alex Chmidt 19 hours ago

    и нахуя этт делать?
    свою бошку б лучше разбил

  • mcpawlito paweł
    mcpawlito paweł 20 hours ago

    give me this phone no crashtest

  • shital roadlines
    shital roadlines 20 hours ago

    why guys if you dont wanna phone please send me i realy want phone

  • shubh panda
    shubh panda 21 hour ago

    what is that to the right side of the back camera is it fingerprint sensor

  • Mák Norbert
    Mák Norbert 21 hour ago

    te se vagy százas!!!!!

  • Степан Смирнов

    лучшоб мне отдал

  • Moises Menuzzi
    Moises Menuzzi 22 hours ago


  • Alex Munteanu
    Alex Munteanu 22 hours ago

    I think this retarded , is the most stupid guy ever on YouTube. I really don't know how YouTube didn't blocked your useless channel. First of all , the Gorilla Glass , is for SCRATCHES , the test were done in NORMAL SITUATIONS , like putting the phone in the pocket and in that pocket we have keys or dropping it. Since , when NORMAL people ( not retardeds like you ) are using knifes and hammers during a normal day ? I don't know but someone must tell to this kiddo to stop his bullshit cuz' we can see how people in these days are getting stupids and stupids. Stupid kid --' and poor America. If you show your intelligence by doing this kind of tests then , I must say again POOR AMERICA ( IQ below 20 , but ehhh :/ )

  • Han Han
    Han Han 1 day ago

    fuck king

  • Arcarde Azhurk
    Arcarde Azhurk 1 day ago

    Could you send one to me? test

  • Fares Hani
    Fares Hani 1 day ago

    Fuck you

  • El Teacher
    El Teacher 1 day ago

    no lo tomes a mal,pero...quien compra un teléfono así solo para destruirlo!??pobre telefono :(

  • yudhvir sing
    yudhvir sing 1 day ago


  • Sam Sosa
    Sam Sosa 1 day ago


  • marius bosu
    marius bosu 1 day ago

    the phone its still work

    SHORT CLIPS 1 day ago

    seems phone is more durable then its predecessor.. soon i will get s8 not s8+. thank you

  • Caleb Murrill
    Caleb Murrill 1 day ago

    But it was nice to see a piece of crap destroyed!!

  • Caleb Murrill
    Caleb Murrill 1 day ago

    You hit like a girl

  • narsingh verma
    narsingh verma 1 day ago

    hiii baba

  • Zarah Jean Puig
    Zarah Jean Puig 1 day ago

    oh no!! samsung galaxy S8 ..

  • uriele 87
    uriele 87 1 day ago

    sei un frocio you are a little shit

  • Koctail Games
    Koctail Games 1 day ago

    I have my s8 plus next to me.I'm holding him covering his little eyes away from this...

  • atteug wehttam
    atteug wehttam 1 day ago

    is this a phone stress test, or stress relief for him?

  • Amaro S.
    Amaro S. 1 day ago

    Was soll so eine dumme verschwendung von einem so schönen Smartphone??


    Its really shocked my eyes. How strong a s8


    How you Could Do this to your beautiful phone.

  • hussien Alawedat
    hussien Alawedat 2 days ago

    It is a good phone hahahahahah

  • Denzel Morrison
    Denzel Morrison 2 days ago

    You is an ass

  • Estell Torres
    Estell Torres 2 days ago

    Nooooooo :'(

  • Rasul Aybov
    Rasul Aybov 2 days ago


  • عباس عبسكه

    عير بختك ناج رب التليفون

  • julie gillanders
    julie gillanders 2 days ago

    Never mind the phone RIP the tallest

  • Сергей Петров


  • Danny Hogan
    Danny Hogan 2 days ago

    in what real life situation would this happen!!! rich kids again

  • Anjan Kumar Kumar
    Anjan Kumar Kumar 2 days ago

    as some mobile

  • Crossa Chhangte
    Crossa Chhangte 2 days ago

    wow i gonna buy this phone

  • game funny girl and boy

    I want s8+

  • Fookat TV
    Fookat TV 2 days ago

    why anyone will hit their cellphone with hammer ??

  • Rehan Fazal
    Rehan Fazal 2 days ago

    that looks soooo wired 😲😂

  • Dyan Mahanama
    Dyan Mahanama 3 days ago

    click me and watch the upcoming movies till 2020. And please sub me please please!!!!!!! I beg you please!!!!!!!!!!

  • 김케이
    김케이 3 days ago

    미친놈이네 부실꺼면 기부나하지 폰아깝다

  • 고광자
    고광자 3 days ago

    your crezy??

  • Ali Ali
    Ali Ali 3 days ago


  • YanKiwi
    YanKiwi 3 days ago

    fuck you mom

  • Feeh
    Feeh 3 days ago

    que idiota isso, dor no coração

  • Fernanda Alves
    Fernanda Alves 3 days ago

    porra mano para de quebra os celulares e manda 1 pra min, é meu sonho

  • sr_stil
    sr_stil 3 days ago

    podiam me dar um desses

  • Stettner Alfred
    Stettner Alfred 3 days ago

    What an idiotic test!!!

    THE FIRE BALL 3 days ago

    Mother fucker why do you make this

  • htryd vibu
    htryd vibu 3 days ago

    bhai tu chutiya hey kay trackter chala de ya gadi .are ye phone hey hathoda leke kon marata hey tamperd glass ya scratchgurd laga ye chutiyapanti band kar

    GATTO PAZZO 3 days ago

    I'm watch this video on my S8+!!!!!XD

  • Sangeetha J
    Sangeetha J 3 days ago

    I have already got one and it is there in service centre almost for a month.. due to many display issues. We will get to know the problems after 2 weeks only. So please don't go for S8plus it is total waste of money. Samsung is making fool of CUSTOMERS

  • Юра Шыман
    Юра Шыман 3 days ago

    подари мне его у меня на него денег серавно нет

  • Lorreacute Vlogs and Tutorial

    please give me one pls you are always destroying phones alot of phones but i wish you can give just one hahaha plss😂😂

  • Vishal Dhiman
    Vishal Dhiman 3 days ago

    halka sa niche or tut gya ye video sb fake h hammer ye halka sa marte h bed or jamin me kitna farak hota h nivh3 girte screen crack waoo yaha fudu bnayi ke liye hum he mile ... i wil never purchase samsungg mobileee ever

  • Vishal Dhiman
    Vishal Dhiman 3 days ago

    fudu phn bed se niche gira display he tut gyi fudu bnate h samsung vale

  • Anuj Shany
    Anuj Shany 4 days ago

    badwe inti chull machti h tho phone mujhe dede :- take that phone up into your arse and shit it out

  • Dany Mare
    Dany Mare 4 days ago

    Trovo inutile comprare un bellissimo galaxy s 8 e poi romperlo. Che spreco di soldi!

  • Rica Marie
    Rica Marie 4 days ago

    African kids could have eat that phone + table.

  • All in one channel
    All in one channel 4 days ago

    Samsung is best

  • Đức Anh
    Đức Anh 4 days ago


  • Эльмар Рагимов

    ты сукин сын соси свой пидаразский членник и гони мне долбоебый телефончикчик сиська ты гондон

  • Motori Potenti
    Motori Potenti 4 days ago

    sei solo un grande deficente......

  • T J M
    T J M 4 days ago

    are you fucking crazy man... why why tell me why you do this..

  • Apple Apple
    Apple Apple 4 days ago

    After 20 days my phone fell down and screen broken just in first shot.. talking abt s8+

  • Ian Ffield
    Ian Ffield 4 days ago

    Glass has very strong and very weak spots. Thats why despite he phone doing good against the hammer, your phone might still crack with the slightest little drop. Hitting it hard in the same spot doesnt say much about the uniformity and consistency of glass strength.

  • Suave Bill
    Suave Bill 4 days ago

    good to know it's strong thank q for making this video

  • Suave Bill
    Suave Bill 4 days ago

    huh huh huh braking stuff is cool yah yah huh huh

  • Prasetiya
    Prasetiya 4 days ago

    daripada di hancurin buang buang uang mending di kasih saya juga mau asal gratis....

  • Nedrel Nedret
    Nedrel Nedret 4 days ago

    mada faka you

  • Amadeo Trujillo
    Amadeo Trujillo 4 days ago

    love the ending you can tell he has a hatred towards Samsung he always goes off on the Galaxy's

  • Yassine Halim
    Yassine Halim 4 days ago

    can you give one phone pls

  • Asxat Taziev
    Asxat Taziev 4 days ago

    NO NO NO O_o

  • Asxat Taziev
    Asxat Taziev 4 days ago

    Е онанди ебан

    MCPE LEGEND 4 days ago

    not cool breaking a good phone for nothing what a waste

  • Михаэль Виттман

    сказочный долбоёб.

    X LEVEL 4 days ago

    minuto 3:10 ojalá se hubiera martillado el dedo

  • Juggalo R/C
    Juggalo R/C 4 days ago

    I just broke my hammer trying this

  • Rudra Chowdhury
    Rudra Chowdhury 4 days ago

    plz don't break the phone
    plz give me.

  • Hunter Dino
    Hunter Dino 4 days ago

    please send me a phone .My parents won't buy a new 1 for me

  • Rajan Pradhan
    Rajan Pradhan 4 days ago

    when you was hitting the phone by hammer i was like oh my god please don't do that😭😭😭

  • Justin FastEvo x
    Justin FastEvo x 4 days ago

    WOW,This phone is amazing !Is strong!and work Too!impossible!i'll buy two of this phone one to me and other to my Girlfriend

  • Isaiah James
    Isaiah James 4 days ago

    I was crying the whole time 😢😢

  • Ax360ff13freetime
    Ax360ff13freetime 4 days ago

    It's meant to be damage-resistant, NOT damage-proof. Some people think just cause it has Gorilla Glass 5, it's indestructible. Do you mind trying a chainsaw in your next test?

  • Ayush Raj
    Ayush Raj 4 days ago

    S8 plus is a good mobile I LIKE IT

  • Reza Salim
    Reza Salim 4 days ago


  • Reza Salim
    Reza Salim 4 days ago

    very very stupid

  • Reza Salim
    Reza Salim 4 days ago

    you so stupid

  • Ellen Ryšankova
    Ellen Ryšankova 4 days ago

    mysliž ze nepozname ze to je atrapa😂

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