Fish and frogs living out of water - BBC

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  • marty mart
    marty mart 16 hours ago

    educational and unique thank you

  • Czikkan Hardt
    Czikkan Hardt 4 days ago

    Get any in your mouth, man?

  • Morton Fisback
    Morton Fisback 7 days ago

    le genie africain, contruire des murs en terre, comme ça tout les ans tu doit tout reconstruire.

  • Morton Fisback
    Morton Fisback 7 days ago

    do you think the frog survived the experience?

  • Jessie Lewis
    Jessie Lewis 7 days ago

    Amazinggggggggggggg #life

  • Deadpool
    Deadpool 12 days ago

    Watching this in 2099

  • Barney Slapsticks
    Barney Slapsticks 13 days ago

    A fish that can survive four years out of water in suspended animation? Sounds like the perfect apartment pet.

  • inkiidonut
    inkiidonut 15 days ago

    He only got three drops, rip man

  • Eric Simpson
    Eric Simpson 17 days ago

    ive hit that weird part of recommended videos again

  • Hunter Mirr
    Hunter Mirr 17 days ago

    Did I just watch a man drink water out of a frog?

  • Devon Miles
    Devon Miles 19 days ago

    3:16 "Please...Please stop. Put me down"

  • Chrominoid Pro
    Chrominoid Pro 19 days ago

    3:17 *I'M BEING VIOLATED!!*

  • saurabh pande
    saurabh pande 24 days ago

    is special effect are used in this video

  • Jarod Billingslea
    Jarod Billingslea 25 days ago

    That was cool how the thorny thing drinks water... But I still feel uncomfortable about drinking piss from a frog's butt.

  • MasterKush42o21
    MasterKush42o21 29 days ago

    What a Horny Devil.

  • Adrianno Shenah
    Adrianno Shenah 29 days ago

    3:45 "welp, back to the village"

  • khisanthez
    khisanthez 1 month ago

    240p? what is this...compuserve?

  • Mohamed Sakho
    Mohamed Sakho 1 month ago

    3:13 was terrible. more nasty then the mud swallowing our mucus. He sucked on it. 😮😕😖

  • Dagger - الخنجر

    What happens if you throw that fish of the beginning that's already adapted to its new lifestyle into the ocean ? Would it swim or drown ?

  • Liberalguy
    Liberalguy 1 month ago

    This shows some human being lives in a tough condition like animals without proper resources and still don't complain.

  • YAA 001
    YAA 001 1 month ago

    سبحان الله

  • julio conrado marin ardila

    Es muy extraño este video

  • Caio Atila
    Caio Atila 1 month ago


  • Eclypson
    Eclypson 1 month ago

    Amazing creature

  • Robin Gilliver
    Robin Gilliver 1 month ago

    I would pay for NASA to collect water from space and flood the Earth for a few days.

  • Eisha Vashishtha
    Eisha Vashishtha 1 month ago

    If I wake up on a rainy day and eel-like fishes are pouring out of my walls, I would go in a suspended animation!

  • herbin45
    herbin45 1 month ago

    i'm gonna bury myself and cover myself in mucus on hot summer days.

  • JD D
    JD D 1 month ago

    should look more into that lung fish...suspended animation for humans..

  • maroonedsia
    maroonedsia 1 month ago

    So, native Australians have frog-shake for breakfast?

  • Jing Yun He
    Jing Yun He 1 month ago


  • Truly Infamous
    Truly Infamous 1 month ago

    The thorny devil has got to be my favorite looking animal so far.

  • RoscoePColeslaw
    RoscoePColeslaw 1 month ago

    I'm really glad that I got to see a man drink a frog today.

  • Evans Ejams
    Evans Ejams 1 month ago


  • mayank s
    mayank s 2 months ago

    frog bladder seems have unlimited supply of water

  • Kitty S
    Kitty S 2 months ago

    But, how does one know that the desert frog can survive without water for seven years? I'd like to know the person who observed the same frog for that long. 🌚

  • Commodus Alexander
    Commodus Alexander 2 months ago

    someone give that man a bottle of water

  • Frijjdrinker Games l Games & Much More!

    i feel sorry for the frog

    INFINITY 2 months ago

    That lizard looked very satisfied while drinking the water

  • scikick
    scikick 2 months ago

    How does a 2 ounce frog hold half a litre of water tho? Something's fishy.

  • Do you even YouTube bro?

    That must feel *really* refreshing to have to wait 4 years to drink real water and then finally get to dunk yourself in it.

  • hamdan ger
    hamdan ger 2 months ago

    thank you my god

  • Comrade
    Comrade 2 months ago

    I imagine this is all staged, no other way to capture such great footage.

  • Major Winters
    Major Winters 2 months ago

    04:05 "feels good man"

  • xXEagleBoy VlogsXx
    xXEagleBoy VlogsXx 2 months ago

    Ewww drinking a frog XD

  • amilom007
    amilom007 2 months ago

    Now I can apologize for European settlers in Australia

  • GokuPwnsU1
    GokuPwnsU1 2 months ago

    And im here asking myself... How the hell did they get this footage

    KUPHSER 2 months ago

    That was so interesting.

    Also, was anyone else bothered that that guy barely even drink a drop of that water? Frogs like cheers man

  • Adelnoor Gumama
    Adelnoor Gumama 2 months ago

    like pokemon animals to the world

  • leonf1111
    leonf1111 2 months ago

    the thorny devil is remarkable!! actually they all are.

  • Mixey
    Mixey 2 months ago

    That thorny Lizard looked pretty stoned while that water was flowing up it's spine

  • Raptorcyclone
    Raptorcyclone 2 months ago

    I've seen a man literally drink from a frog, I think that's enough internet for today.

  • T10 Titan
    T10 Titan 2 months ago

    did he just put water in his lips and not drink it.

  • Ali Emre GERÇEK
    Ali Emre GERÇEK 2 months ago

    küçücuk kurbagadan bir kova su çikti amq inanilmaz dasadadada :)

  • zagul777
    zagul777 2 months ago

    Interesting video. But too short.

  • alexandre desrosiers
    alexandre desrosiers 2 months ago

    Did the frog die? D:<

  • sleepybird09
    sleepybird09 2 months ago

    that lizard.. Was amazing

  • Aaif khan
    Aaif khan 2 months ago

    I felt bad both for the Aborigines and poor frog. he emptied all his/her bladder

  • kujtim gjikokaj
    kujtim gjikokaj 2 months ago


  • ed shanmar herø
    ed shanmar herø 2 months ago

    even what u call about that frog thingy! .i call it urine

  • domenic cmey
    domenic cmey 2 months ago

    well now we know Aborigines eat ass if water is involved

  • Brahm Datt
    Brahm Datt 2 months ago

    This video seems like magic. I mean how can they shoot things in so much detail. the fish is in brick, the frog was underground it was like the dig a hole put camera somhow knew fish will come there or the frog must be here.whatttt the hack.

  • TheOriginDuo MegaXD
    TheOriginDuo MegaXD 2 months ago

    i almost puked at the frog bit.....

  • Screencapped and Emailed to my lawyer

    I've been on a streak of desert wildlife videos and I have never been so thirsty in my entire life

  • blobstermob
    blobstermob 2 months ago

    Lol what happens to the frog anyways? Sure he puts it in the ground but does it still live?

  • dainiu
    dainiu 3 months ago

    Just when I thought it weird to see a human drink a frog's urine, I saw a lizard absorb frog urine through it's skin

  • Kamarcus Gray
    Kamarcus Gray 3 months ago

    Damn all that water he wasted smh

  • Dominic Davis
    Dominic Davis 3 months ago

    love the way this is edited; and possibly shot of film?

  • Nathaniel Wibowo
    Nathaniel Wibowo 3 months ago

    not real

  • brooklyn560
    brooklyn560 3 months ago

    that time you wake up to find fish borrowing out of your walls

  • Katherine Venes
    Katherine Venes 3 months ago

    Amazing! fish coming out of houses the interelatedness.

  • julien muller
    julien muller 3 months ago

    Allahou Akbar

  • Music 4Fun
    Music 4Fun 3 months ago

    The way that man drank the water was the diffinition of sexy

  • Hotshott1990
    Hotshott1990 3 months ago

    At 0:49 the lung fish is like. "See..this is what I do."

  • Edward Aivazovsky
    Edward Aivazovsky 3 months ago

    Who need napkins, when you can have that lizard.

  • Elizabeth Armada
    Elizabeth Armada 3 months ago

    4 years before the rain drops in Africa? that's too long droughts

  • Enoch Wong
    Enoch Wong 3 months ago


  • Carlos Baez
    Carlos Baez 3 months ago

    The frog is of a size of a small ball but have a gallon of water

  • Suleel Shetty
    Suleel Shetty 4 months ago

    amazing documentary

  • Gerardo042196
    Gerardo042196 4 months ago

    Did you really had to RAPE that frog to get the shot of the lizard's capillary action? Why not just use some of the water that you were obviously carring? That frog was totally violated.

  • Gerardo042196
    Gerardo042196 4 months ago

    Why are people complaining about the water of the frog being wasted? The clearly did it to get a their shot of the lizard absorbing the water. NO WATER WAS WASTED

  • Narwhalman02
    Narwhalman02 4 months ago

    Imagine an immigrant coming after a drought and sees a bunch of fish spewing out the bricks.

  • Queef DojoMaster
    Queef DojoMaster 4 months ago

    Is the dude drinking the damn water, or taking a shower in it?

  • Jude B
    Jude B 4 months ago

    Damn and he's just spilling it everywhere

  • yourleftnut1
    yourleftnut1 4 months ago

    poor frog..

  • Ceiling Cat
    Ceiling Cat 4 months ago

    My mind is thoroughly blown

  • MrC0MPUT3R
    MrC0MPUT3R 4 months ago

    Oh good. I'm not the only one who coats themselves in mucus before sleeping.

  • Wali Leorex
    Wali Leorex 5 months ago

    I remember watching this years ago on the TV ...ah memories of childhood.

  • Παραπολιτικός Τηλέτυπος

    all cultures are equal. Stop being racists.

  • Rockotic
    Rockotic 5 months ago

    Did this guy just drink a frog?

  • я
    я 5 months ago

    this video is staged

  • Alen Žeravica
    Alen Žeravica 5 months ago


  • ZEPS Sofrito Pito
    ZEPS Sofrito Pito 5 months ago


  • Louis Turner
    Louis Turner 6 months ago

    Very cool.

  • Steph Snyder
    Steph Snyder 6 months ago

    that thorny devil looks like it came out of hell

  • TrillBandit ID
    TrillBandit ID 6 months ago


  • n0vembr
    n0vembr 6 months ago

    Construct my house with bricks that will melt in the rain, please!

  • Lunar the Gryphon
    Lunar the Gryphon 6 months ago

    Hurray for Evolution!

  • Ch Chand Tanha
    Ch Chand Tanha 6 months ago

    Dirtiest survival techniques. If i was there i would have died .

  • Barack Patrick
    Barack Patrick 6 months ago

    this is why I like about the nature

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