Come along as I bring you on a journey of my first job as a line cook for a restaurant that actually serves The World's Greatest Cheeseburger. It's unfortunate that the name might sound facetious, but if you could try it for yourself you might just agree that it is in fact The World's Greatest.

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Author DangerousSilence ( ago)
you guys are my favorite on YouTube EVER, even when you're not making awesome giant food you are just as entertaining

Author Robert Kelly ( ago)
Holly fuck, half Asian niece is hot as fuck!

Author Cris Yorke ( ago)
"Remember, practice safe food, always use condiment." LOL

Author razercord ( ago)

Author Kelly Donahue ( ago)
Love ya guys. You make food and artform.

Author Rebeckah Bird ( ago)
How old is your sister?

Author The Real Drunkard Hu ( ago)
Damn. I need to try one of those burgers...

Author Adarsh Abraham ( ago)
wow jp can ccok small things

Author Alanna Newton ( ago)

Author Lonely Bananas ( ago)
KFC chicken 🍗

Author KidEmulat0r ( ago)
Burger King and Friday's Cheeseburger is my preference, but I haven't tried Bill Gray's. YET. That's going on my to-do list.

Author Luka Macgillivray ( ago)
V j

Author princess gamer ( ago)
mine is macdonld's and burger king and bill gray's

Author Ps4gamer 101 ( ago)
my favorite fast food burger is an in n out double double

Author Trevor James ( ago)
Honestly if i was there when she said we have a youtube channel i would have started trying to hide a giant cringe by just breaking shit and screaming violently

Author Jack Good ( ago)
Abbots I go there for ice cream all the time because I'm fat

Author Baz Junk ( ago)

Author Bullzeye101 Martinez ( ago)
dang .. where's the place

Author Eric Cook ( ago)
your niece is a little hottie

Author Kyrillos Hanna ( ago)
J.P stands for Justin pepper lol

Author Thalia Ramos ( ago)
McDonald's Double cheese burger I love it my favorite

Author jesse diaz ( ago)
dude you guys are so funny. DAMN IT don't eat meat and now I have to go to Gary's. Here in LA all I can think of is in and out burgers or Tommy's world famous hamburgers but it's not the same.

Author Jackie Kennard ( ago)
I have to try this place!

Author Karin Chambers ( ago)
That's a great job when you can look back so fondly at it. It's awesome that you got permission to come back for a day and film it! It says a lot about you, the kind of worker you were and what great management they have. Looks like great food and a great place to work. If I'm ever in the area, I will check that place out! Thanks for making and sharing this.

Author 1000 SUBS AND I WILL BOIL WATER ( ago)
My favourite burger is burger nipples.

Author Omair Haq ( ago)
Was that corporate watching over you guys at 9:15?

Author joshua escobar ( ago)
JP is super quick. Still has the skill from the last time he worked there

Author ToTo Ololo ( ago)
amzing video

Author KliveKushOfficial ( ago)
English Breakfast! UK all day!

Author Pablo Ariza ( ago)


Author pistol pete ( ago)
it's a matter of preference

Author Liam Bailey ( ago)
In n out

Author _ɪᴛᴤʟᴇᴠɪ_ ( ago)
I like five guys better.

Author Jaykub games ( ago)
in n out

Author WHYKIAN ( ago)
My favorite burger is the Big Mac

Author Ethan Cochran ( ago)
I want to try it

Author Glurvy ( ago)
the flamethrower From Dairy Qeeun

Author MysticBluz Medz ( ago)
Imagined That Gordon Ramsay Eat That Cheeseburger

Gordon Ramsay: IS FUCKIN RAW!!!!

Author M1devilsparks9 ( ago)
Videos always make me so damn hungry

Author Sharon Pepper Jackson ( ago)
Bud's Burger in Vallejo, California the best burger I've ever had!!!🍔🍟

Author Tweedledee ( ago)
Steak 'n Shake steak burgers

Author Kerflufin cake ( ago)
in-n-out. best burgers

Author Elon Jahiu ( ago)
Mine is "Plus Burger" in kosovo only

Author Taco Gaming ( ago)
Freddy's steak burgers

Author Jailbroken Gameplay ( ago)
i like mini skråvmål

Author Emily Mick ( ago)
i dont eat bugers im vegan

Author TheChocfest ( ago)
big moes at london

Author JahFunny H ( ago)
I live in irondeqouit

Author Bumbl3 B33 ( ago)
That hot sauce looks good! I've got a food truck and we do hand pressed flat top burgers, people can't get enough. It's tough to beat a good burger, thanks for showing how much work goes into making food that tastes good. I've never worked in fast food and the food truck was an eye opening experience. You really got to bust ass in the kitchen to make customers happy and coming back. Then there's all the stuff that goes on before you even light the grill... Shopping, prep, cleaning, always cleaning; it's tiring work but I enjoy having my own business and doing things how I want to do them!

Author John Leon ( ago)
seriously just want to know, are you guys in a relationship? 🤔

Author Simun Topolovec ( ago)
big mac

Author Maricon Espinosa ( ago)
Big Mac

Author Joah L ( ago)
Mmm looks good 😊

Author Queen Meriam ( ago)
wow JP your so fast at making burgers

Author Sneha ShajiAbraham ( ago)
Gotta give it to JP. He is the best cook i have ever seen!!

Author Rhinopocalypes ( ago)
I don't eat burgers

Author Birddy Bird ( ago)
I'VE NEVER HAD A FAST FOOD BURGER! im sorry but in love cheeseburgers

Author Brad Giddings ( ago)
Whataburger is one of the best fast food burger places I have had. I don't live in Texas any longer so I haven't had them in a few years.

Author Jeffrey Fider ( ago)
Getting a burger in the morning... cause it's 2 am..

Author Pradhan Abhijit ( ago)
whats ur fav position

Author darkheaven09 ( ago)
omg i wanna go there!!!

Author Mehithose ( ago)
5:00 guy in the back : "wtf am i doing with my life..."

Author Yeti teddy123 ( ago)
I love five guys

Author Jason P ( ago)
these muhfuckas so cringe

Author Jamecia ( ago)
Sometimes the bun makes the burger

Author Max Anderson ( ago)
Giant enchilada

Author Isiaa Jackson ( ago)
double cheese burgers

Author Little D ( ago)

Author tim ovel ( ago)
How about a 100,000 calorie food item???

Author وليد عبد الستار كارزون ( ago)
big Mac and woper are my favorite burgers

Author Gabe Shorthose ( ago)
I like 5 guys

Author Chris Aguero ( ago)
Emma I love you

Author Danielle Miller ( ago)
I miss Rochester now, lol

Author Wwe gamer 21 ( ago)
Is Hardeez in Kuwait

Author CyindaquilGaming ( ago)
It not a burger but my favourite fast food Item is chicken royal w/cheese

Author Little D ( ago)
11:38 Im not even 13 yet!

Author Thien An Hoang ( ago)
you mean second job, youtube *cough cough*

Author C. M. Black ( ago)
I love this channel. You guys rock.

Author HM drone tube ( ago)
That chili looks like chicken diarrhea

Author Mr Comment ( ago)
jps really good he flipping burgers like they were air

Author Jai Bird ( ago)
In and out burger

Author tommy low ( ago)
Wow u r good at this

Author JacksonHershey ( ago)
Tommys malt shop in Minnesota

Author Lucas Eagle ( ago)
five guys

Author ji Jian Feng ( ago)
big mac

Author Skultra Diamond ( ago)
In n out my favorite

Author Max Guyn ( ago)
Double double

Author Frank Bags ( ago)
that was prob a better advertisement than the company could of done.

Author Ms. Temporary ( ago)
Whats the name of the song they play when they are eating ?

Author Vito Marks ( ago)
No I want this place but I live in cali

Author Bunty Ahuja ( ago)
my favorite chesse burger is Mc aalo tikki

Author Hillary For Prison ( ago)
Too much

Author Samuel Watkins ( ago)
Dude your so old! how do you have a niece that's that old already?!

Author Ruby Dragon ( ago)
wendy bacontor

Author Dakotah Headbird ( ago)
5 guys

Author Shawn Blazington TV ( ago)
Please go to Country Sweet next

Author Jack Richards ( ago)
I live in Rochester! Ive been in that Bill Gray's and I love Seabreeze

Author adrian saucedo ( ago)
flat ass bitch

Author A Potato ( ago)
I want to eat here

Author Olivia Grace ( ago)
I live near a few bill grays

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