King snakes

Two King snakes at Tilden Park in Berkeley California

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Author Nojoke88 (5 years)
that is a dominance struggle. if they were mating they wouldnt be twisting
around each other without getting caught in a knot cuz the male would have
to be attached. either it was a dominance thing or one of them was trying
to eat the other. i dunno tho i never saw a king snake kill another snake.
but i do know they eat other snakes so you cant keep them together if you
have ne for pets.

Author Enterprise206 (3 years)
looks like there mating

Author Jake Downing (3 years)
I think they're playing leap frog

Author Markio123123 (3 years)
@Artofbeauty you're an idiot, they are not mating, if you had some common
sense you would realize you can't have sex while both bodies are moving
around each other.

Author sniperbrook (4 years)
not mating. thats two males showing dominance for a mate.

Author Jon Park (5 years)
Two males trying to prove they're dominant, either that or they're fighting
over a female.

Author SPINOSAURUSKING (7 years)
Snake love!!

Author sniperbrook (3 years)
@hellow533 during the mating season male kingsnakes compete for their mates
in a show of dominance, both males show respect during this stage as this
is not a fight exacly, more like a arm wrestle type situation to show who
KINGS,DESERT KINGS, AND BROOK'S KINGS. i know wot im talking about. mating
is a long and slow process were the male follows the female for mins,hours,
days even to get the m8. there is no aggression involved.

Author Frank Jaffe (5 years)
What on earth are you talking about???

Author gizmohalo (6 years)

Author theherpman94 (4 years)
Those snakes are two male california king snakes fighting over a mate; not
mating. if they were mating, they would not be squirming and rolling all
over eachother. they are fighting; that is how snakes fight. they don't
bite eachother at all, contrary to popular belief.

Author maarakailet1 (6 years)
Most snakes don't move while mating, unless the male is dragging the female
around with one of his hemipenes. These snakes are trying to figure out who
gets the prize (territory, food, female) by trying to pin the other to the
ground. It is even more impressive to watch vids of cobras do this as they
rear up nose-to-nose.

Author thatonekidperson123 (5 years)
they are mating rubbing all over each other isnt how snakes fight

Author Ryan9580 (5 years)

Author anna larsen (5 years)

Author meene (5 years)
a good time just killed without any good sight, what is the use of the
camera, i would have got the correct position.

Author CalmLikeABomb1 (5 years)
Yes they are having a round of M0RTAL K0MBAT! and then the prize will be
well mating...

Author edgeyewkated (5 years)
Oh I LOL'd.

Author Stephen Crocker (5 years)
No there definitely mating, i can tell!!

Author thatonekidperson123 (4 years)
@leforain biting hissing more of that and insteed of like "twriling" they
would more of like ball up

Author japukneezboy123 (5 years)
there mating people if they were fighting they would be biting each other
and then eating each other they swirl around each other to line up their
vents so they can start mating

Author grafitti911 (4 years)
@Nojoke88 thats how they mate look it up

Author scope03girl (5 years)
there is no mating here. by the way snakes are really trying how can one be
comfortable with no hands, legs. but still dangerous. WOW

Author toledoglasscity (7 years)
oh my

Author Katie Jean (5 years)
Or it could be 2 males fighting for dominance.

Author maarakailet1 (7 years)
how can you tell mating from sparring?

Author Zomgdevil (6 years)
lol dont piss him off

Author Jay'Da Transon (4 years)
they are definately mating you retards...ew...

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