Trex 450 SE V2 how to build the kit.

How to build the trex 450 SE V2 in 45 mins.

Slideshow, you may need to pause it (c: this will help explain the manual a bit more.

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Author Gary Graham (5 years)
ah I thought your watch was slow (c: Those are others I made over the
weekend for customers, it's my job, building and repairing RC heli's (c:

Author SHARK MEDIA (1 year)
i have a hobbyking gyro mounted on top of tail boom. can i mount it on the
bottom usd?

Author Gary Graham (5 years)
Hi I set pitch to 40,53,67,80,90 and increase point 3 (middle point)
normally 50 on throttle curve to 68. I set these for beginners, you may
find 35 45 65 85 90 gives you more control for circuits but you may need a
higher head speed. I use Phoenix flight sim to test the curves (c:

Author cat123456789101 (5 years)

Author vlinderbom2 (4 years)
lol why have you got 3 t-rexes.

Author Gary Graham (5 years)
Cheers, blade tracking is easy if both blades are balanced. I colour one
tip with red marker so I can tell which blade is which, then at 50%
throttle see which blade seems to move up or down. Adjust the linkage for
that blade only until both are tracking. check out my belt cp vids I did a
tracking one there.

Author Gary Graham (4 years)
They were built for work I did nine that weekend. But you can never have
enough trex's (c:

Author Gary Graham (5 years)
If you're using DX7 then turn on expo on for throttle and pitch.

Author granturismoMiguel (4 years)
CopterX, T-rex 450 SE/SA and Ark X400 looks the same

Author Gary Graham (2 years)
@GaryGraham66 doh, forgot to say just put those letters etc in youtube, its
my 450 build video (c:

Author Jason Field (5 years)
cheers gary will give this settings a try. 67 @ mid point sounds better
than my current 50% @ mid stik. thanks jason

Author Gary Graham (3 years)
@hek80 see my video on installing the electonics into trex 450 all will be
made clear.

Author Gary Graham (2 years)
@elmardus lol so I did (c;

Author Pedro Taveras (4 years)
head design and servo position

Author Gary Graham (2 years)
@Pathseeker56 yeah they are quite similar and the physical set up is the
same for most helicopters. this one may be closer. Y2bFO1joxxE

Author Gary Graham (5 years)
Hi, we sell the Trex 450s with dx6i. rtf for £399.99. and the rtf 450SE V2
with dx7 etc for £804.99 built and ready to go.

Author Gary Graham (5 years)

Author chrisredjackfl94 (4 years)
thanks for the video love this stuff soaking it up like a sponge . what is
the diff between 450pro and 450SE or SEV2 or V3 as far as control's or
links on the head and tail? Thanks agian

Author razor17 (4 years)
thanx man this video is helping me pretty well but please do concider to
show how to install the electronics. p.s. it's the same as my copterx se v2
with carbon and all the blue parts

Author Gary Graham (1 year)
yeah sure just remember to check the gyro is operating properly, it will
need reversing on the gyro setup.

Author Gary Graham (5 years)
Cheers mate, they are very nice to build and fly, very stable and plenty of
power (c: but can be tamed with nice pitch curves etc.

Author cat123456789101 (5 years)
how come there is more in the boxes

Author vanepico (4 years)
How did you go about building helis for cash? i would love to do that!!!

Author Gary Graham (2 years)
@Stoegerx20sniper I used to work for heligay and got it from there, don't
think you can get them anymore.

Author Mark Escoto (3 years)
@GaryGraham66 thanks buddy

Author dvebvgz (1 year)
never try this at home

Author startazz (5 years)
Great vid mate and now i know where to come when and if i get a T-REX,i
would love a T-REX but i wouldn't bye ferrari untill i could drive a car
lol,very helpful video still mate,5*

Author dean goffe (3 years)
@granturismoMiguel yes they do look the same, practically the same heli,
but the diffrence is the quality :) align stuff has very little to no play
in the head and is all very percise, other clones/copies if the align stuff
has too much slop in the head and the parts are very flimsy, hope that
cleared it up abit

Author Pedro Taveras (4 years)
thanks man

Author avalanchewholesaleco (5 years)
Nice info. I appreciate this. Please consider doing a video showing blade
tracking. That is my other problem. Thanks

Author hek lik (4 years)
hi guys , i need help on how to setup the controls on my heli, just
installed a new ar6200 on my trex450 but the control on the sticks are
reversed, been swapping the servos to the receiver, and reversing the
servos from my dx6i but still cant find a match ,. hope you cant help.

Author Mark Escoto (3 years)
are those measurements set up for stable heli?

Author T vb (8 months)
lol ...time to make another one.............. ;-) i cant even get mine
together pfff

Author Heli Monkey (1 year)
How to properly assemble any heli that comes with the head or any parts pre
assembled is to disassemble everything and rebuild using threadlock. Either
that or wear a suit of armour. The last thing you want is to have a blade
grip or link arm detatch during an eye level hover.

Author Robert Steigerwald (3 years)
thank you so much my friend. it helped me put the boom on. hope you make

Author Gary Graham (1 year)
This is the original trex 450, as far as I can remember it had a cf frame.

Author Gary Graham (5 years)
LOL no I'm not rich but I'm very happy in my work (c: I can do the kit in
45 mins and probably 2 hours from kit to ready to fly. Though I prefer to
take my time and get it spot on so say 3 hours total.

Author Jason Field (5 years)
nice vid Gary takes me back lol. notice you mention taming the heli down a
bit. can you rec a decent pitch/thr curve for just gentle circuit type
flying? just re set my head and its like flying in idle u lol.

Author Donathan Hutchings (5 years)
Great vid! Thanks, a lot of good tips.

Author Gary Graham (3 years)
@don021980 Those measurements will give the best mechanical set up then use
the radio to adjust for your style. stability comes from good servos, gyro

Author JaSeY963 (5 years)
Thanks Gary, some good tips there.

Author carl gamble (5 years)
That was really good. I get the impression you could just about build one
in your sleep ;)

Author Pathseeker56 (2 years)
Hello would this build be about the same as the trex450-sport v2?

Author Gary Graham (5 years)
heheh the first 20 or so make it easy (c: Let's just say I don't open the
instructions now. I was training up a monkey to help but it took him 4
hours to do a 600 head. lol I think he ran off with a gorilla (c:

Author Tim Mega (11 months)
Omg... it must have taken ages to take all these pictures :o) nice work

Author YupHio (3 years)
lol the others awaiting servo's

Author Gary Graham (3 years)
@destrosacuello Thank you for the comment glad I could help.

Author Rayco Arteaga (3 years)
thank you very much mate, I had broken my heli but thanks to this video it
will be more easy to fix, in Spain do not want to get their hands on this
type of heli, and I had difficult to fix. Thank you very much

Author carl gamble (5 years)

Author 7249xxl (3 years)
im 14 do you think its strange when i build one i build a rc tank and a
plane ( P-51 mustang) and a gun from scrap

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