How to add bots in Half Life


bot_crowbar 1 (the bots will only use crowbars)[to return it back to normal,just change 1 to 0]
bot_rpgaimlow 1 ( bots have weak aiming of rpg)

I know that I'm late of being addicted in Half-Life games. So stop commenting if it's already late!

The bots are only available for Half-Life 1

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Author Tails. ExE (27 days)
help! This mod is exiting after 5 secounds to deskop D:

Author william billy (6 months)
lol winrar achiever

Author FriendlyCroock (4 months)
''the specified video mode is not supported. The game will now run in
software mode.''
it only happens when I change the game.
Any advice? I used to know a way through properties, target, but I can't

Author Carl Joshua San Diego (1 year)
Patulong naman! Nilagay ko na yung Jumbot folder sa directory ng Half Life
sa Local Disk C pero kapag nag-change game ako, nagcoclose yung laro. Pano
gagawin ko dito?

Author im_see you (3 months)
dosen't work all links so dislike button is works

Author lucca kareem (1 year)
it work fine but the cross hair for sniper is not working everything else
is great

Author Christopher Paul (1 year)
What about half life warzone??..can add bot to?

Author SureKiLL1000 (4 years)
@s0096901 ask a friend who has half life. try troubleshooting your friend's
folders and find the folder where the maps are installed. copy the maps,
and put it in your folder.

Author Ueki Whasim (2 years)
Your english is not really bad. And I'm having the same problem.

Author ck23adik (4 years)
@affe1212 what kind of question is that?????? -_- do you know what's a
console? or, you really don't know how to type?? o.O

Author jeff63355 (3 years)
where do i gonna put that file?

Author jeanjigsaw (3 years)
i would like someone to help me , i don't know my hl1 version , and when i
installed the jumbot it appered in the "change game" in the main menu , it
restart the game but when i go to "create server " it shut down , can
someone plz help me ? sorry for my bad english

Author Watdapaksyet21 (3 years)
@jeff63355 Me too, can't use the scope of the crossbow

Author Shimon Levy (2 years)
half life 2 is anti bots..

Author Rattle Ratle (4 years)
@Jason1999mambu Failure install VModEnable.txt CMD

Author affe1212 (4 years)
how do i type fx. bot_num into my console?

Author IcedEarth1231 (4 years)
@shadow9946 read the video bro. Or type "bot_num #"

Author HAVOC ZAIKALYAN (4 years)
Hey man ! evrything works fine thx a lott BUT- i cant use SCOPE in
sniper(bow) !! Any thoughts ?

Author ck23adik (5 years)
@CurlyTopsRicoa non-steam ako

Author Thegeorges123 (4 years)
Thanks it worked! Like

Author Ahmed Adnan (2 years)
Create shortcut of hl.exe then go the the target label and add -game
jumpbot . for more info search google for shortcut commands for half life
game change

Author ck23adik (4 years)
@ltsonic1 download/install a new half life

Author XR096 (4 years)

Author Vinipooper br (2 years)
I have the same zoom issue. Did you find any solutions?

Author ck23adik (4 years)
@niomiby give me a screenshot. that way i can see what do you mean

Author jiya560 (5 years)
tagalog hi

Author DerickVonD (3 years)
What if I want to add bots to Half-life mods?

Author trollelil . (4 years)
I have hl and cs but i cant faind custom game on the menu and i dont find
mod viewer on cs!

Author moonrays00 (3 years)
how can i change the difficulty of the bot? and theyre using high powered
weapons when they spawn is this normal? O.o

Author Twrmois Lynx (4 years)
i put it in and i got no maps, the HD doesnt work anymore and the game is
broken it keeps crashing and the faq says re-buy a cd key

Author KennySan (2 years)
go to multiplayer then go to custom game, you can't use jumbot on hl:s sadly

Author ck23adik (4 years)
@affe1212 A console is like the brain of your game... press this symbol on
your keyboard (~) just below escape, right before number 1, and above TAB

Author nishchay kumar (2 years)
still the game crashes

Author Oliver Queen (4 years)
@SaltyCap extract the whole jumbot folder into half-life's main folder

Author MajoRT300 (4 years)
click custom game or change game ?

Author H2Raby (2 years)
That works, but then it crashes after a minute or so and I get a message
saying "Unable to load authentication library, Exiting..."

Author H2Raby (2 years)
Totalling nearly 3 hours I've finally resolved the common errors I've
noticed here thanks to woowoo14598, nightmare4evErr1 & google and yahoo
users. *First problem not mentionned in the video: Placing the 'maps'
folder (located in the valve folder) in the jumbot folder (which should
itself be extracted to the Half Life folder) **Second problem: Game
crashing - Change the video options from software to OpenGL or D3D &
finally, you may want to add "-game jumbot" in the properties Target

Author ck23adik (5 years)
@K4k4ounakis i've got nothing to do with it..... well i guess your hl1 is

Author ck23adik (4 years)
@steeverthebest try to re-install/re-download the game.. uh... about the
theme... idk

Author M-J R (5 years)
is it for steam too??

Author Jay Christ (4 years)
how do i update my pathversion

Author affe1212 (4 years)
@ck23adik no, unfortunately im not sure what you mean by console

Author hamzah194 (3 years)
the console is not working when i use jumbot ..... it works on the original
half-life but not jumbot can anyone help me plz?

Author Ryuu Tsubasa (3 years)
i instaled in inside half life the whole jumpbot than separate jumpbot than
separate(the small files inside THE jumpbot) in dmc and when i start
normaly there is no custom and when i play it doestn load bots how to start
that loadjumpbots how to start with console?

Author Raymart Sandoval (3 years)
@ck23adik kalimutan mo na ung post ko... hehe ok na gumana na.. slamat d2 !

Author ck23adik (5 years)
@niomiby expLain further.... i don't understand u

Author Jason1999mambu (4 years)
I have error in the console : Unknown command: VModEnable

Author blakmallet (4 years)
@affe1212 try typing in "sv_cheats 1" (without the quotations) then load
the map again and try it. it should work. :)

Author wlambley2000 (2 years)
Wow im dumb so it doesnt work on hl source which is what i dont have. So my
only question is, does this work on mac? Thanks for the answers!

Author Matias Ledesma (2 years)
I've got the same damn problem. Have you figured it out yet?

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