How to add bots in Half Life


bot_crowbar 1 (the bots will only use crowbars)[to return it back to normal,just change 1 to 0]
bot_rpgaimlow 1 ( bots have weak aiming of rpg)

I know that I'm late of being addicted in Half-Life games. So stop commenting if it's already late!

The bots are only available for Half-Life 1

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Author Mani Tms ( ago)
thanks it helps me lot

Author Sanjay Maharjan ( ago)
Can you send me a link to download half life
I even dont have the game

Author Lucario ( ago)
help! This mod is exiting after 5 secounds to deskop D:

Author im_see you ( ago)
dosen't work all links so dislike button is works

Author FriendlyCroock ( ago)
''the specified video mode is not supported. The game will now run in
software mode.''
it only happens when I change the game.
Any advice? I used to know a way through properties, target, but I can't

Author william billy ( ago)
lol winrar achiever

Author Carl Joshua San Diego ( ago)
Patulong naman! Nilagay ko na yung Jumbot folder sa directory ng Half Life
sa Local Disk C pero kapag nag-change game ako, nagcoclose yung laro. Pano
gagawin ko dito?

Author Christopher Paul ( ago)
What about half life warzone??..can add bot to?

Author lucca kareem ( ago)
it work fine but the cross hair for sniper is not working everything else
is great

Author hadi nazzal ( ago)
thanks man

Author amar haziq ( ago)

Author cristiano leo ( ago)
Yes this awesome.....yes..

Author Artjoms Pugacovs ( ago)
JumpBot map is in the hl.exe map. JumpBot map contains copy of Maps folder
from the Valve folder. I start game with hl.exe. no bots.

Author Vinipooper br ( ago)
I have the same zoom issue. Did you find any solutions?

Author wlambley2000 ( ago)
Wow im dumb so it doesnt work on hl source which is what i dont have. So my
only question is, does this work on mac? Thanks for the answers!

Author wlambley2000 ( ago)
Does this work on hl1 or jsut hl1 source? And does it work on mac?

Author Pri Vate ( ago)
Look at the comment below and find the comment of this "H2Raby" guy, he
will help.

Author nishchay kumar ( ago)
still the game crashes

Author Pri Vate ( ago)
1. Create shortcut 4 half life 2. On the properties target, replace the
"-nomaster" to "-game jumbot" 3. On the options,video, change "software" to
"opengl" Hope this helps.

Author Shimon Levy ( ago)
half life 2 is anti bots..

Author Elbert John Felipe ( ago)
how did u fix it. mine crashes too

Author Pri Vate ( ago)
and WOW thanks man my comment below is completely a lie so sorry but man
thank you

Author Pri Vate (599 years ago)
close after 2 and 1 minutes then crash... Since I don't know how to fix it,
i'll just delete it

Author H2Raby ( ago)
Totalling nearly 3 hours I've finally resolved the common errors I've
noticed here thanks to woowoo14598, nightmare4evErr1 & google and yahoo
users. *First problem not mentionned in the video: Placing the 'maps'
folder (located in the valve folder) in the jumbot folder (which should
itself be extracted to the Half Life folder) **Second problem: Game
crashing - Change the video options from software to OpenGL or D3D &
finally, you may want to add "-game jumbot" in the properties Target

Author H2Raby ( ago)
Totalling nearly 3 hours I've finally resolved the common errors I've
noticed here thanks to woowoo14598, nightmare4evErr1 & google and yahoo
users. *First problem not mentionned in the video: Placing the 'maps'
folder (located in the valve folder) in the jumbot folder (which should
itself be extracted to the Half Life folder) **Second problem: Game
crashing - Change the video options from software to OpenGL or D3D &
finally, some of you may want to add "-game jumbot" in the properties Target

Author H2Raby ( ago)
That works, but then it crashes after a minute or so and I get a message
saying "Unable to load authentication library, Exiting..."

Author DiddlyFiddly34 ( ago)
go to multiplayer then go to custom game, you can't use jumbot on hl:s sadly

Author DiddlyFiddly34 ( ago)
Can you change the bot models?

Author Ahmed Adnan ( ago)
sorry i mean jumbot , NOT jumbpot

Author Ahmed Adnan ( ago)
Create shortcut of hl.exe then go the the target label and add -game
jumpbot . for more info search google for shortcut commands for half life
game change

Author mircea savu ( ago)
if i don't have costume game, just new do I add bots?

Author Matias Ledesma ( ago)
I've got the same damn problem. Have you figured it out yet?

Author Zaib Ali ( ago)
hello brother i have installed jump bots in my half life,,, they work but
when i open game it will...after 2 to 1 minute it autometically close
...please sovle this problem....

Author Afiqe Farid ( ago)
hi, ive put the jumbot file in my hl file, i have put -console at the
command line, when i enter the game, i have activated the jumbot thru the
custom game, started multiplyer game like normal lan, when i push the ~
button and type addbot, nothing happen, and i cant use right click to zoom
when using the crossbow. can someone please help me?

Author Ueki Whasim ( ago)
Thanks bro!

Author jelo panergo ( ago)
my version is theres no ghange game on me and the bots doest apear
help i will subscribe if you tell me

Author Ueki Whasim ( ago)
Your english is not really bad. And I'm having the same problem.

Author Ueki Whasim ( ago)
I did.

Author RA ExD ( ago)
when you change the game into jumbot, you will not have any maps on your
list, even if you have maps in half-life. for them to appear, you must copy
your "maps" folder in your valve folder to your jumbot folder. do you get
it now?

Author farside041 ( ago)
cant understand top comment

Author gamer1999able ( ago)
How to get waypoints?? I wanna play with bots D=

Author JimmyBonez ( ago)
huh? i didn't have to...

Author Rootsman ReBoRn ( ago)
fuck it,your link is shity,need to register in order to donwload,lame......

Author jeanjigsaw ( ago)
i would like someone to help me , i don't know my hl1 version , and when i
installed the jumbot it appered in the "change game" in the main menu , it
restart the game but when i go to "create server " it shut down , can
someone plz help me ? sorry for my bad english

Author RwkY ( ago)
for latest version, type jumbot on google, and it should take you to
filefront :) thumbs up if you play this game and have good memories with it!

Author Burcin Orce Bekar ( ago)
wrong alarm,I solved the problem,you need to extract every single file -
free from folders - and copy them to HL folder

Author Burcin Orce Bekar ( ago)
same here,no custom game option

Author Tranzorius ( ago)
Is there a way to add sv_cheats 1 with this jumbot? When I type it in then
I type "/restart" the game crashes and get an error.

Author 【 Shu-kun 】 ( ago)

Author Joyce Dedios ( ago)
Philippines YEYE BOYEYE !!

Author 88flamebonez ( ago)
i have tried but it will suddenly close my hl1 and going to desktop as soon
as the game start..anyone can help??

Author TheScorpionAssassin ( ago)
Wondering if this works on the HD pack?

Author DerickVonD ( ago)
What if I want to add bots to Half-life mods?

Author Adrian Eranzi ( ago)
what version of your Half Life.can you give me the download link?..why my
half life doesnt have a "Change Game" option?.

Author Krle MCSG ( ago)
fuck jumbot crashed my hl1 !!!!

Author Aram Dilboyan ( ago)
song name plz?

Author TheJanjan556 ( ago)
how to extract jumbot

Author ArcaneShadowEssence ( ago)
i feel i wanted to play this again, even though its an old game, its been

Author LateralSpiral234 ( ago)
can you upload them to mediafire???

Author Midnight Riders ( ago)
@Jason1999mambu Ignore it. I've had it before the bots. I got this error
when I first got Go-Mod for HL1

Author darion227 ( ago)
Dude,this game's so old...

Author Nabeel Farooqui ( ago)
@Kaine852 counter strike

Author Nabeel Farooqui ( ago)
@Kaine852 counter strike

Author Neil Punjani ( ago)
@MyNoobProduction Where u have installed half life , there will be folder
called valve in which there will be a folder named maps.. copy that folder
and paste it in the jumbot folderwhich u have already transfered to the
place ur half life is installed and u should be ready :D guys please keep
this at the top of the page so every1 can read and get help

Author rising4life1 ( ago)
where i can find half-life ?

Author Raduku008 ( ago)
thanks man

Author metermanic ( ago)
thanks mate. I manage to use it. Its nice to play bot in half life...the
bots r really mad

Author jeff63355 ( ago)
@Watdapaksyet21 and the zoom of magnum. does not working too .. but still
the zoom is active, you can't just notice it.. like the crossbow when you
right click it then fire it does not do a explosive arrow ...

Author Kaine852 ( ago)
hey what's CS?

Author Michael Wijaya ( ago)
hey, why in the jumbot i cant start the game ? and no maps ?

Author Simolkaw ( ago)
Link down - not work

Author Rattle Rattle ( ago)
I have the steam version of half-life, it is version 1.6 Will it still work?

Author C0S1Z ( ago)
I can't find "Mod Viewer" in CS!!

Author Valian Masdani ( ago)
@TheBoybakalss102 No, never.

Author Rgcoolm .Rgcoolm ( ago)
@daumisx you write that after the command line, so right click on the half
life icon click properties and make sure it says C:\Sierra\Half-Life\hl.exe

Author jeff63355 ( ago)
ck23adik hey i have a problem in the weapon of crossbow .. the zoom of the
crossbow does not working ... why? (sorry for bad english)

Author TheBoybakalss102 ( ago)
It Work with Half life Source? i have it

Author jeff63355 ( ago)
where do i gonna put that file?

Author Raymart Sandoval ( ago)
@ck23adik kalimutan mo na ung post ko... hehe ok na gumana na.. slamat d2 !

Author Raymart Sandoval ( ago)
brad alam ko pinoy ka... haha may adik eh hehe... me prob ako.. gagana ba
to sa

Author PSPmyDS ( ago)
It is NEVER to late to be addicted to Half Life

Author Ryuu Tsubasa ( ago)

Author Ryuu Tsubasa ( ago)
@Dmxas12 same :)

Author Ryuu Tsubasa ( ago)
@s0096901 same problem :)

Author Ryuu Tsubasa ( ago)
i instaled in inside half life the whole jumpbot than separate jumpbot than
separate(the small files inside THE jumpbot) in dmc and when i start
normaly there is no custom and when i play it doestn load bots how to start
that loadjumpbots how to start with console?

Author Ryuu Tsubasa ( ago)
@ToneGarvey where are the source mods?

Author fikri nazim ( ago)
download jumbot dekat maneer?

Author Tehwoon ( ago)

Author moonrays00 ( ago)
how can i change the difficulty of the bot? and theyre using high powered
weapons when they spawn is this normal? O.o

Author ToneGarvey ( ago)
No custom game? Put Jumbot in the Sourcemods directory and run halflife's
properties with "-game jumbot"

Author eNeru ( ago)
This game will never dies,Half Life Fans know it best.

Author eNeru ( ago)
This game will never die,Half Life Fans know it best.

Author Rattle Rattle ( ago)
@Jason1999mambu Failure install VModEnable.txt CMD

Author Ezekiel Mendoza ( ago)
@SaltyCap extract the whole jumbot folder into half-life's main folder

Author SureKiLL1000 ( ago)
@s0096901 ask a friend who has half life. try troubleshooting your friend's
folders and find the folder where the maps are installed. copy the maps,
and put it in your folder.

Author s0096901 ( ago)
after changing the game to the jumbot, the game doesn't show any maps in
"create server".... please help. P.S. Thank you sooooooo much.!!!

Author IcedEarth1231 ( ago)
@shadow9946 read the video bro. Or type "bot_num #"

Author Vinci Sid ( ago)
How can i change the difficulty of the bots? Any ideas?

Author SureKiLL1000 ( ago)
@shadow9946 it's in the vid how to add more bots. watch 0:59

Hey man ! evrything works fine thx a lott BUT- i cant use SCOPE in
sniper(bow) !! Any thoughts ?

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