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Author kevtruth (1 month)
I like it when Bill is more off the cuff in interviews, in lieu of doing
his act. I love him still.

Author Lee Smith (9 months)
God, so many babies saying Anderson is making Hicks feel awkward,
uncomfortable and Anderson's a terrible interviewer and blah blah blah.
Hicks loved wit, something Anderson has in spades, and you can tell Hicks
appreciates how Anderson is acting with him here. Just look at his face
when Anderson says, "That's what you think," when Hicks says he's being
paid either way - he loves it! So knock it off. They're having a laugh. 

Author Atheist MGTOW (7 months)
hicks really unsettles wankerson in this interview, and barely conceals his
dislike for wankerson's snotty one liners...he only makes eye contact with
him a few times.

Author heres johnny (1 year)
Clives interviews could be awkward in his Britishness but he would skewer
deserving dickhead celebs on this show. Jeffrey Archer, the humourless Bee
Gees etc no chat show has come close to this since and i miss it. I think
they are genuinely just playing each other here(they were friends), Bill is
killing himself laughing at Clives jokes. something that is hard to do -
make a great comedian laugh.

Author mannzymunster (2 months)
They were good friends. 

Author Metalikane (2 months)
if you're wondering why people on here are having a go at Clive, watch his
interview with the bee gees....he deserves all the hate he gets after that

Author Wyatt Nite (6 months)
So many Hicks fanboys, who often consider themselves sophisticated comedy
connoisseurs, desperately defending him from what is actually friendly
ribbing and quick wit on Anderson's part. Hicks even visibly enjoys it.

Too many of you are overly used to talentless bootlickers prostrating
themselves toward every guest on contrived chatshows. Why do you think
Hicks preferred performing in the UK?

Author Jonathan Wilkinson (7 months)
Bill, funny guy. anderson knobend.

Author mac morrison (7 months)
Bill loved Clive and stated he was his favourite UK comedian. I've never
seen Bill laugh so much in anyone elses company whilst being interviewed.
Clive is not for everyone, but those of us that love him and his unique
style miss him dearly, although we miss Bill more as he isn't around
altogether. Hicks is Lord.

Author thesharkdawg (6 months)
Bill Hicks was great, his fans, however, tend to be colossal bellends

Author John Barlow (6 months)
God, it's so heartwarming seeing Hicks like this, sharing jokes with
someone who has a similar sense of humor to him and doesn't look down on
him at all, rather than the condescending interviewer in another video I'm
thinking of.

Author The 5th (7 months)
The first thing ever I have watched of Bill Hicks, heard the name countless
times never seen him, just a 6 minute stint and he already made 2 jokes
which made me think about perspectives, the man's a genius. Shame he's
gone. We need more intelligent people in the world, earth is busting at the
seams with idiots.

Author Supreme Buffalo (6 months)
YES! UK. Giving Bill the cheer he deserved.

Author Grieve Graves (9 months)
I get that that's the point of going on a talk show back then, but most of
it is just stan up bits.

There's sprinkles of spontaneity
2:18 - 3:56
4:28 - 5:20
5:39 - till the end

Author BuddhaBoy (7 months)
The Clive Anderson audience was the best too.

Author Adam Weishaupt (9 months)
Always enjoyed Clive Anderson's interviewing style. It made a refreshing
change from every other talk show host who act like fawning sycophants to
their guests.

Author Ben W (1 year)
Bill Hicks laugh at 6:20 is amazing. He did like Clive Anderson

Author Stockmuncha (1 year)
Hicks seemed in good spirits. They made each other laugh and shared some
banter, I don't really see why that warrants a call to hate. I daresay
Hicks even enjoyed this interview, for instance from his reaction to the
"Mind that chair, it's cheap" joke. The video description and a fair
portion of comments reek of blind fanboyism. Please people, this was one of
those times when humour was actually allowed to exist, you do Hicks no
favours by automatically assuming the person asking him questions is trying
to sell out the free world.

Author Ga Wa (1 year)
Clive Anderson is a terrible interviewer. 

Author Alex Black (1 year)
Clive Anderson hasn't changed a bit since 1992. He still looks like a

Author James Crawley (1 year)
+Hector Wiklund Actually they do, Bill Burr and Louis CK both does this,
I've also seen a few others.

It is kind of lame to people like you and me, but you gotta figure -
Promoting comedy is very difficult, it's not like music where you can get
your single played on the radio or something like this. When a comedian
does an interview that's their one chance to give people who doesn't know
comedians that well a good hefty taste and leave them to want some more. 

Author Mojodajojo13 (10 months)
Why the Clive Anderson hate? He does a great job and lets Bill do his

Author alf landon (8 months)
look it's Alex Jones

Author Tyler Trent (1 year)
Are all UK casters retarded? o.o

Author Zack C (1 year)
I only liked Clive on Whose Line because he seemed so daft and clueless. In
every other show I've seen him he just seems like an asshole.

Author Mortimer (1 year)
He was a one trick pony who's laughing now! 

Author Murray Hopwood (1 year)
This may sound fucking sad, mavericks such as bill well... I miss the
bloke.. Peace. Small word that can mean a lot.

Author DuffPaddy1 (1 year)
Don't know what people are getting so worked up about. Bill is actually
enjoying the interview and laughing along with Clive, but no, blind
disciples of Bill will not see that.

Author Kristen Sved (1 year)

Author Johnnie Cochran (9 months)
Clive Anderson is much funnier than the idiot calling himself a comedian on
here. Yanks don't know or understand humour. Clive should have reached
over and smacked him. 

Author Jay Quintana (1 year)
A heavyweight champion of comedy who left us too soon.

Author Nick Lewis (1 year)
Hmmm...come on guys, they are both very cynical people, that base their
humour on said trait...they are bantering! Come on, please. Bill's not
loving this?

Author Keith McIntosh (1 year)
Some brilliant one liners. Such a loss.

Author Morjensful (1 year)
awesome interviewer.

Author jeetjerome (1 year)
3:17 best part of this interview: "Is there a upper limit to where you can
"Not if the world comes to peace." I know Hicks wanted to say that but he
said something else: "There is stuff beyond oral sex"
Now you got food for thought :)

Author Mortimer (1 year)
Ur killing ur self with smoking that's ironic. 

Author GalacticCowboy (10 months)
Bill reminds me of a cross between Will Owsley and Wally Farkas.

Author MrBartleby451 (1 year)
I loved this show, very funny for the time with great guests. Nothings come
close since.

Author David MC (1 year)
All those Christian jokes brought bad Karma on him.....

Author Sandra Free (1 year)
Bill Hicks is a legend

bill was great...clive could be such a douche sometimes

Author james collins (1 year)
Why do people hate Anderson? He is the only interviewer who was
controversial and funny. Bill Hicks was too good for this shitty world.
R.I.P. A true funny spokesman for the cunts in charge, who we allow to
shit on us. Shame on you all.

Author james collins (1 year)
To the retard below pancreatic cancer is caused by smoking

Author gsxr750ia (2 years)
bill hicks, changed to alex jones. Now i see it.

Author oilusboyne (2 years)
clive is my butler in my fridge of bald midgets

Author Mike Day (2 years)
He did, it was nice and awkward.

Author RiseOfSuperDogAway96 (2 years)
I've never seen Bill laugh that hard in any of the countless videos of him
on YT. I think he found Clive to be very sharp and funny. It's nice to hear
Bill be the one to laugh so much :-)

Author peninha1975 (2 years)
I'm stupid?who said anything about Clive about Clive you moron?talking
about Bill...go fuck yourself by the way...starting calling people stupid
at random...what a dick

Author char jl (2 years)
why should we hate Clive Anderson? he doesn't seem that bad.... i mean, he
did better than Alan Partridge

Author federz666 (2 years)
Stop with the violence dude... ''trolling on CHRISTMAS. You proved me
right. Now please, either kill yourself ''.. telling someone to kill
themselves on christmas? thats not nice ha.. help WHAT cause? and be
something? coming from the dude posting conspiracy nonsense on youtube.. i
say again. IT DOES NOT MATTER.. really. it does not matter. i dont
understand what sex has to do with this? hitler got laid alot? he was still
an evil bastard? getting laid will NOT turn anyone into a saint.

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