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Author Marianne Leavitt ( ago)
Last one is me when I park downtown.

Author เบื่อว่ะ เล่นเพื่ออะไรวะ ( ago)
ship หาย ทำยังไง

Author joseph Rapoza ( ago)
This 3rd world ship yards destroying our waters.

Author Peter K. ( ago)
Yes,ALCOHOL is a severe problem...for these ship-captains in fact....

Author Pancakeking 78 ( ago)
at 2:30 the boat got eaten

Author Mr Nguyen ( ago)
These are not all accidents.

Author D'mitri Wijaya ( ago)

Author TJ Jones ( ago)
The picture WASN'T click bait here i thought it would be wow. Better to be in a boat accident then a plane accident.

Author Nasarudin Saif ( ago)

Author Bill Blast ( ago)
3:35 These people had been warned several times already about illegal beach fires, so the harbor master & harbor fire dept made an example of them, lol.

Author Thx1138sober ( ago)
Most of those are just going onto the beach for the breakers.

Author Buck Minster ( ago)
weren't the first two ones supposed to go on land because they go to a ship graveyard where they get recycled?

Author Jeff Womack ( ago)
Whats up with all the beggar panels? Can't watch a video with all that begging

Author Gerald Schumacher ( ago)
wet wet ship hahahahahaha

Author Gerald Schumacher ( ago)
wet ship

Author Jm Obrien ( ago)
No no no 👎👎👎

Author ollie 53 ( ago)
Omg# lol

Author Jeff Womack ( ago)
I have seen beggar banners but as soon a the video starts the whole screen is begging !!! Not even going to waste my time to watch it.

Author Calvin Barnett ( ago)
0:48 move your prius

Author Reparatii Frigidere Chirita ( ago)
Doamne !

Author Lucas Meyer ( ago)
mysterious land person guzypr recent thanks dark credibility time

Author Joe Stafrace ( ago)
fireman sam

Author The Team ( ago)

Author Liesbeth Timmermann ( ago)
1:27 i was like: DONT FALL OVER!!!

Author JP RC ( ago)
1:10 where's the dock wtf

Author untitled ( ago)
you can stop pointing out that these are deliberate. there are literally hundreds of comments already saying that.

Author ADDAM B ( ago)

Author Marc Fleury ( ago)
Some of these are actual crashes, but most are just ships beaching for scrap.

Author Stephen Carey ( ago)
A few things, for one, only 7 video clips in the entire minute video are actual crashes, like everyone in the comments is saying, also at 2:50 you can clearly see that the video was transitioning to a different clip, which makes me suspect that this video was just someone download a bunch of other people's compilations and just cutting it to make some ez youtube money. Fuck this video.

Author Byron White ( ago)
So click bait

Author Sailorman6996 ( ago)
Nice to see that whale killing ship destroyed.

Author Will's Channel ( ago)
shiz most of these are just boats that are going to be dismantled :P

Author carter brock ( ago)
This not cool it's awesome

Author Ron E ( ago)
Beaching at the Breakers is not a fail, just a sad end for ships with no purpose.

Author Mikael ( ago)
Bruh the fuck is happening

Author Incorrect 877 ( ago)
these arnt accidents, they are meant to do that

Author young expectation ( ago)
I wonder what is titanic thinking of right now or the sister ships

Author DaGingerHeadMan ( ago)
Many of these are just beaching ships to wreck them, in some third world hell-hole. Fuel oil, asbestos, PCBs, and more, fuck it, dump it right on the beach. Who's going to complain? Pick up that torch and cut that ship apart boy, one dollar an hour.

Author Palash Malik ( ago)
very nice video ever

Author Kelly Tribier ( ago)
and you see the same vid over and over and over and they are old as shit get some new shit like fuck

Author Luis Felipe Franco Sandoval ( ago)
wow Moch pupils

Author DJ M ( ago)
how did i end up watching this vid. fucking hell. procrastination sucks

Author Habit Trackit ( ago)
1:54 how can two big boats in a middle of the ocean with radar, radio and 500 pairs of eyes crash into each other!?

Author George J Dvorak II ( ago)
Piss poor!

Author ktehmok ( ago)
These guys make Capt. Hazelwood look like a Space Shuttle pilot.

Author dee henderson ( ago)
looks like blue ships are more likely to crash

Author Ye Naing ( ago)

Author Li Co ( ago)
wtf lol

Author Arthur Eginc ( ago)
yok yok vurmaaaaaz (vurdu)

Author BBermTV2 ( ago)
Boats can really get some momentum going

Author slayer157536 ( ago)
Came through dislike because of Photoshopping 🖕😡🖕

Author abrax1 ( ago)
You cover the entire screen with links to other videos, I automatically downvote.

Author Bundang Bear ( ago)
show your boogers

Author Bundang Bear ( ago)
shamesay shawartae

Author timur arabacı ( ago)
bunların yarısı Türk :DDD

Author Luca Hiemer ( ago)
Roses are red
Violets are blue
You came for the thumbnail
Didn't you?

Author bj00rn ( ago)
That's clickbait..

Author Miguel Dorado rubio ( ago)
donde sacan los carnet de capitan de barco..?? en la tombola..???

Author t johnson ( ago)
All old material from other videos, nothing new to see here. Waste of time.

Author shyamal das ( ago)
bullshitted here

Author TURKEY power gamer ( ago)
3:26 asın lan bayrakları asin asin

Author TURKEY power gamer ( ago)

Author rameez khan ( ago)

Author khalid Arshad ( ago)

Author Trev Mac ( ago)
*Look Below* i never knew there were so many experts on Ships surfing around YouTube
of the 874 comments all these genius are telling each other these were deliberate groundings yet not one of these highly intelligent YouTubes can say something as simple as "Thanks for posting"

Author Shane Jackson ( ago)
a bout broken a big concrete dock it's a crash and tare a bout open no🛥🛥🛳🛳🛳⚰⚰

Author Shane Jackson ( ago)
oh a docking ship crash into a bridge a nother bout and brake a bout dock ya it's a crash

Author Tomasz Nawrocki ( ago)

Author Susan Wahl ( ago)

Author boeeder ( ago)
most of them going to junkyard i guess

Author Todd Enrico ( ago)
2:46 clearly a GTA cop

Author merkin22 ( ago)
Don't watch. Too many dialogue boxes to delete. Annoying. Besides most "fails" are deliberate beachings.

Author Michael Pratt ( ago)

Author Amy 2 ( ago)

Author David Hunter ( ago)
absolute crap 💩

Author JEAN-PIERRE Belleville ( ago)
Je ne savais pas que les aveugles pouvais faire du bateau !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Adolf Hitler ( ago)
I wouldnt call beaching a ship an accident, you dumbfucks

Author LinkJohn Gaming ( ago)
5:40 learn how to drive a boat

Author alper şanlı ( ago)
Turkey ship Code nameTukuaz 8

Author michael eaton ( ago)
what's wrong with these boats and ships

Author Sigita Sučilienė ( ago)
robovars poli

Author Ronald Culver ( ago)
the most epic fail ever is this stupid ads video.

Author Sarah Melchior ( ago)
it'd be cool if there would be more actual crashes not intentional beaching. 😑 But granted, a lot of ship incidents happen further out at sea, where you really wouldn't see them happen.

Author Frank Drebin ( ago)

Author Kent James ( ago)
Azzhole. Why all the boxes? low life .

Author Forum ( ago)
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Author DJ - W0LFB3AT5 ( ago)
Remember kids, no drinking and boating...

Author Taj Job ( ago)
the captains of those ships were probably in there rooms watching titanic 🛳

Author Chris Partridge ( ago)
a large number of these are ships being beached in scrapyards

Author Mr. L ( ago)

Author Osmado ( ago)
Dislike any

Author Osmado ( ago)
All a beaching

Author Greg Jot ( ago)

Author Gerald Dearing ( ago)
Deliberate beaching are not crashes.

Author David Williams ( ago)
k just got through reading bunch of the comments....question #2 lol why would they be scrapping them when it don't look like there's anything wrong with them. They still float n they still run obviously lol

Author David Williams ( ago)
i don't understand why their doing this....CRAZY. How hard is it to stop them things. Most of them didn't even look like they where even trying to slow them down much less stop. smh

Author SlayerSilva 36 ( ago)
How is 3:30 a crash.

Author BLAZ KOLMAN ( ago)
most of that is decomision of old ships, run aground for the purpouse of cutting them for scrap!!!

Author theshit poep ( ago)
the first 2 where not even crashes

Author Joe Van der Linden ( ago)
1rst. one wasnt a accident It was a ship gravdhard where captins Come to dump there ship

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