$17 Vs. $750 Facials • Ladylike

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  • Lady tested, lady baby face.

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    FACE HAUS - Studio City

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Comments: 6 497

  • Tamsyn Harle
    Tamsyn Harle 7 hours ago

    Channel and Freddie's face when Safiya told them what the vampire facial 😂😂

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy 9 hours ago

    Just ask your man for a facial instead of paying all that money


    4:14 Chantels Face in the back seat xD

  • Shay Forever
    Shay Forever 19 hours ago

    i love her accent 10:28 😂❤

  • Katelynn Alonso
    Katelynn Alonso 1 day ago

    Beginning "dogs with two legs?" 😹😹OMG IM DEAD😹💀

  • Rigel Acoba
    Rigel Acoba 1 day ago

    I Miss Saf

  • Syd&P
    Syd&P 1 day ago

    Any small youtubers wanna support each other :)

    PASTA LOVER 1 day ago

    is it strange i was giving myself a facial during this i started the facial before i started this video

  • miss cearraj
    miss cearraj 2 days ago

    this is amazing. as an esthetician and business owner I'm def stepping my up ! amazing

  • Dicle Balci
    Dicle Balci 2 days ago

    From intro pic,i thought that it was patrick starr lol

  • redapplejuuice
    redapplejuuice 2 days ago

    I'm so skeptical when it comes to face mask

  • Addy Tooty
    Addy Tooty 3 days ago

    take me next time

  • Katherine Koski
    Katherine Koski 3 days ago

    "I feel like heaven." oh Freddie

  • Bob Dic
    Bob Dic 4 days ago

    I hope Freddie and Safiya are still friends

  • L Shep
    L Shep 5 days ago

    This video is like so relaxing

  • AvaLuvMusic
    AvaLuvMusic 5 days ago

    Hands down the prettiest girls at buzzfeed.

    Or should I say Boldly?

  • Arielle Napoles - Clark Boulevard PS (1408)

    Oh hey! Katie was in the Try Guys too!

  • Deeandfay
    Deeandfay 5 days ago

    Safiya:I feel TIGHT

    Me:BURSTS OUT LAUGHING 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅🙂

    okay not funny

  • Megan Moo
    Megan Moo 5 days ago

    Freddie's singing at the beginning was blessed

  • Catie Marrin
    Catie Marrin 5 days ago


  • SavannahStyles
    SavannahStyles 6 days ago


  • daphnie angel
    daphnie angel 6 days ago

    Well im just warching old ladylike vids with safiya involved in the vid i miss her in ladylike😭

  • ma SK
    ma SK 7 days ago

    I think if you are with friends at home and don't have money at the moment it is fine to have a home facial. The $55 facial could be done once a month or once every 2 months. And the Cleopatra treatment looks very wasteful, but ok for a once in a lifetime facial.

  • Sinay Garcia
    Sinay Garcia 7 days ago

    Does anyone know where I can get Freddie's shirt at 1:40 ? I see it everywhere on social media but can never find where to purchase it, pls halp

  • x.superwoman.x
    x.superwoman.x 7 days ago

    'Suit up' *grabs phone* 'ready' XD

  • XxMuffin DevilxX
    XxMuffin DevilxX 8 days ago

    You guys are practically made of money 24k? Who can afford that?!

  • Rebecca Bunting
    Rebecca Bunting 8 days ago


  • Rebecca Bunting
    Rebecca Bunting 8 days ago

    saf : I kinda look like a babyowner : what the FUCCC GURL

  • Jeroen Cox
    Jeroen Cox 8 days ago

    Welcome to boldy, the new buzzfeed

  • Rosa Stanley
    Rosa Stanley 8 days ago

    is it just me or are ladylike just starting to copy other buzzfeed videos example Ladylike trys...... Try guys and now this kind of boring

  • Honey Bea
    Honey Bea 9 days ago

    doing simple skin care at home makes a huge difference too - wash your face, tone it (no alcohol based toners pls for the love of your skin), moisturizers, sometimes more than one - oils are good too even if you're acne prone. Most skin ailments are caused by thirsty and dehydrated skin, when I started drinking more water the oil production in my skin went down and my acne only really bothers me once a month or so, my skin care routine is eight or so steps and I do a sheet mask every day to retain moisture.

  • FancyFufflyBunny
    FancyFufflyBunny 9 days ago

    When I want to treat myself, I just wash my face with a gentle cleaner, then do some exfoliating, pat on a bit of toner and then use a korean sheet mask. As last steps, I sometimes pat the product in then use moisturizer all over. It's very relaxing and fun. Also not 750$; no facial is worth this much.

    I usually use korean beauty products; they're cheaper and just as effective if not more.

  • sekirama
    sekirama 9 days ago

    "so cold is really good for your skin"
    *runs outside*

  • M V
    M V 10 days ago

    750 they have fake gold peel offs putting them on faces :(

  • Iliana Banana
    Iliana Banana 10 days ago

    24K Magic kept playing in my head during the Gold facial😂

  • katie xx
    katie xx 11 days ago

    when saf said "suit up!", i immediately thought of barney from how i met your mother 😂😂

  • Cottielove
    Cottielove 11 days ago

    this and the camping/nature hiking video are my fave ladylike videos! camping comes before this one tho! It's a close one tho!

  • Shellaine De Villiers

    4:21 when you realize you writing a test tomorrow

  • Pooopman243
    Pooopman243 12 days ago

    I can give you a facial........for free

  • Shine Seon
    Shine Seon 12 days ago

    Ugh I miss Saf

  • Grace Fanelli
    Grace Fanelli 12 days ago

    I was relaxed by watching this

  • lotuskayj
    lotuskayj 12 days ago

    the last spa, they kept pushing the skin downwards

  • Clark jR. Lemke
    Clark jR. Lemke 12 days ago

    WHERE DO THEY GET THE MONEY FOR THIS??!?!?!?!!!??????!!!!!!

  • SuperJayXD
    SuperJayXD 13 days ago

    7:50 What is a town car?

  • Courtney Michelle
    Courtney Michelle 13 days ago

    "Suit up" BARNEY IS THAT YOU?

  • Gabrielle Bella
    Gabrielle Bella 13 days ago


  • Noor-A-Saba Mondal
    Noor-A-Saba Mondal 13 days ago

    I want a facial now 😭

  • Irrelvant Fangirl
    Irrelvant Fangirl 13 days ago

    Waste of money.
    All of them.

  • Sailorperson
    Sailorperson 13 days ago

    Whenever I watch facial videos, my whole body relaxes.

  • Hannah Lo
    Hannah Lo 13 days ago

    I really want to get a facial now 😂

  • Isabella Navarrete
    Isabella Navarrete 14 days ago

    Katie was in the try guys video

  • Chloe Wagner
    Chloe Wagner 14 days ago

    Now I want a $750 Facial...

  • ii_32
    ii_32 14 days ago

    Did anyone else think their skin looked the EXCACT SAME?
    No... Nobody... Ok...

  • anu kumar
    anu kumar 14 days ago

    that look Chantel and Freddie give though!! LOL

  • Indiana 896
    Indiana 896 15 days ago

    That Katie girl was on the try guys thingy 😂😂

  • Danielle Luma
    Danielle Luma 15 days ago

    Freddie's face when she said the blood helps with wrinkling...

  • Haziel Llanes
    Haziel Llanes 15 days ago

    Is there a 20$ facial😂55$ no to much for me

  • Roslyn Walker
    Roslyn Walker 15 days ago

    Spouse burst travel rhythm tremendous tender.

  • mihaela dog
    mihaela dog 16 days ago

    "Tell me about your skin?????"So..you are the estetician,you diagnose and tell me what about my skin.

  • Iris Bos
    Iris Bos 16 days ago


  • Shaylinn Woodward
    Shaylinn Woodward 16 days ago

    psst you forgot your water

  • Kawaii_ noob_19
    Kawaii_ noob_19 16 days ago

    So does this mean they are worth at least $100 or even more because they have gold in their skin?

  • Lowkeybaddy 123
    Lowkeybaddy 123 16 days ago

    "Oh wow!"

    "I kind of look like a baby"

  • X Lit
    X Lit 16 days ago

    You guys are copiers

  • Noa Azar de vlieger
    Noa Azar de vlieger 16 days ago

    "Freddie's singing : priceless " 😂

  • Suniti Rao
    Suniti Rao 16 days ago

    Freddie has such a great laugh!

  • ammi katrin
    ammi katrin 16 days ago

    i have very dull and dey skin.any recommendations plz ? any cleanser or regular face wash plz??? i dont use any makeup or something else.plz recommend me anoyone some good cleanser

  • Aisha Rehan
    Aisha Rehan 17 days ago

    I do the steam all the time

  • Ava Lantz
    Ava Lantz 17 days ago

    I just realized that Liza's life hacks were somewhat accurate

  • Tia Zelrioux
    Tia Zelrioux 17 days ago

    imaging going in to a airport and it beeping cause you have gold in your skin

  • Espurgur R
    Espurgur R 18 days ago

    At the very start Freddie was in the back of the car like what did you say again

  • Janice Pandian
    Janice Pandian 18 days ago

    lol.."gold is a powerful anti aging?" did she finish her sentence there?

  • katya
    katya 18 days ago

    I used to sell the gold line at the mall at a kiosk, I pretty much bought everything I must say It's highly over rated, I prefer my drugstore products.

  • Makayla Hsu
    Makayla Hsu 18 days ago

    The face haus in also in the Try Guy's video!! Woah....

  • Lexi Jae
    Lexi Jae 18 days ago

    saf come back youre the only reason i watch buzzed

  • Brooklyn Carlson
    Brooklyn Carlson 18 days ago

    this is the best video ever I feel like middle one made them look so much better what do you guys think? I feel like they had less shine on the last one. read more

  • Daijah Brown
    Daijah Brown 18 days ago

    leave "worth it" to Andrew and friends. Thanks.

  • Rhiannon Klodowski
    Rhiannon Klodowski 18 days ago

    So Saf gets a $750 mask and Freddie gets a $325 dollar mask?

  • LickingBugattis
    LickingBugattis 19 days ago

    is it me or just the fact that the most expensive ingredients in every thing, not even just food (like in "worth it") just so happen to be the things with health benefits?

  • LickingBugattis
    LickingBugattis 19 days ago

    mask off.....mask off

  • Jane Lirios Forever
    Jane Lirios Forever 19 days ago

    We missed Safiya Nygaard ❤️❤️❤️

  • Trix
    Trix 19 days ago

    Why does the last girl explaining the products sound like a sssssnake

  • Dania Taleb
    Dania Taleb 19 days ago


  • Enya Buckley
    Enya Buckley 19 days ago

    My name is enya

  • Cheryl Z
    Cheryl Z 20 days ago

    I love how in a lot of the "before" pictures they weren't smiling and in the "after" they were. That makes you look better, even though their skin looked exactly the same.

  • Jack Burzynski
    Jack Burzynski 20 days ago

    "Yeah, let's just curl up with each other" This isn't Netflix and Chill, Freddie.

  • Dor Musa
    Dor Musa 20 days ago

    Can I work on BuzzFeed?

  • Rachel 4 Riley
    Rachel 4 Riley 20 days ago

    I thought they were going to stick their face in the boiling water

  • Blue Ranchero
    Blue Ranchero 20 days ago

    for $750, i better have clear skin, a new car, and straight A's

  • Rosa Stanford-Harris

    There is something so satisfactory about watching other people get facials...

  • Courtney Vaught
    Courtney Vaught 20 days ago

    Does anyone else wanna know how those blue globes feel???

  • Amber Anderson
    Amber Anderson 21 day ago

    They have those GOLD brand stores in my mall and they give you the same facial for like $60

  • Creativinity7
    Creativinity7 21 day ago

    Check out the Aztec Mask on Amazon. Amazing reviews, I use it on my skin each week and people think I've 10 years than I normally am.

  • ZealousZ _
    ZealousZ _ 23 days ago

    yikes i thought this was buzzfeed

  • Newuser619
    Newuser619 23 days ago

    Does Steve get any kudos, I mean he started the thread of WorthIt.

  • Old Potato
    Old Potato 23 days ago

    This lady rubbing the gold facial into the skin must have magically soft hands. She is probably stealing half of the product. :/

  • Lilah Mechura
    Lilah Mechura 24 days ago

    Saf has to make sure she left Buzzfeed after this video 😂😂😂 same

  • Jonathan Hardee
    Jonathan Hardee 24 days ago

    I'll give you a free facial

  • Kelly MSP
    Kelly MSP 24 days ago

    Your like beauty trippin

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