$17 Vs. $750 Facials • Ladylike

Lady tested, lady baby face.

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FACE HAUS - Studio City


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Author Chanakay Aitken ( ago)
I think the last facial they looked better before they did the last one

Author Savannah W. ( ago)
When Saf was explaining the vampire face mask you could tell Chantel was thinking hard about what it would be like and she also looked so shocked and confused 😂😂

Author meepsy2 ( ago)
You ever notice that people will make anything needlessly and ridiculously expensive?

Author Vanessa Hoyt ( ago)
your faces look like babies

Author SnootBooper ( ago)
Freddies face when being told about vampire facials is priceless

Author Sophia Grimes ( ago)
The owner of the last facial place keeps pissing me off. Whenever she's using the letter s i could hear sssssssss at the end

Author Shereene Lee ( ago)
I NEED THIS...especially the last one!

Author Stephanie Truong ( ago)

Author Eliza Schuyler ( ago)
When Saf had your whole college tuition on her face.

Author Abigail lai jie xin ( ago)

Author Serena Alonzo ( ago)
What what is Freddies hair style called??

Author Meiko Potato ( ago)
can we just take a moment to appreciate Jill's beauty?

Author Isabelle Voon ( ago)
The girls should do a LadyLike Worth it

Author Emmanuel Ortega ( ago)
OOOOHHHH. I thought this was a much different video.

Author varvin Karun ( ago)
Who else were like..."THEY SPENT MONEY FOR THAT?"

Author Jefferey Woods ( ago)
They are giving away makeup at

Author Osgood Carlson ( ago)
They are giving away makeup at

Author Tatyana Yasko ( ago)
When she talks about gold "producing your own collagen and reaching the deepest layer of the keratin level...." Sorry but that's not a thing. Your skin has keratin in it, and also has different layers but it does not have "layers of keratin level." Claims like that need to be backed up with solid science and that was not. Perhaps the gold stimulates keratin production in the skin and penetrates deep into the dermal layers, but what she was saying is just incorrect. I'm sorry but people need to be critical of such claims and not take them at face value. I just want to encourage people to question things and really think about whether or not it is true before accepting it as fact.

Author Cerys Davies ( ago)

Author Emma Granja ( ago)
I do all this for 40dls and you get relax and for less you sleep you feel and see better than this.

Author jiu jiu :V ( ago)
they napped for a week?!

Author Keisha Callum ( ago)
Really gone need a zaddy for that last facial 😂💯👏🏽

Author sharshey ( ago)
I actually think the gold one is pretty worth it, like you're not just paying for the mask, you're also paying for the champagne, sushi, chocolate, car ride, and obviously the whole gold thing. sure, it's expensive but I can see why you would pay for the 'experience'

Author Elizabeth Hood ( ago)
i wish i was super wealthy

Author Vin Emari ( ago)
Freddie's Skin. *sigh* So darn lovely. Melaniiiiin

Author Carson Marie ( ago)
High frequency is literally a violet wand

Author I don't need a name ( ago)
Totally not copying buzz feed

Author Hari Parimkayala ( ago)
"Cleopatra was actually named after the queen of Egypt!"


Author Waseem Durgahee ( ago)
I think im motivated to take care of my acne skin now ! ♡

Author Jack Hsiao ( ago)
Wait i thought this girl left buzzfeed. i am so confused.

Author Awenda ( ago)
Mine is a face mask 😷. No perfume as I am allergic. Cover with a beautiful cream and enjoy my wine, OJ and cranberry juice.
👅 yum

Author Sabrina Lubrano ( ago)

Author Leilani Lee ( ago)
the least expensive one was NOT 17 dollars.

Author Cerys Wright ( ago)
What did they get in there gift bags!!!!!!

Author Steven Verbruggen ( ago)
i think cleopatra use honey and milk for her skin routine.. not gold

Author Kathy J ( ago)
now I really want to work in buzzfeed

Author Smol bean ( ago)
is it just me or did freddie kinda look green after

Author Paolina Francheska Gaddi ( ago)
Girl: "Taking out dead skin"

Author Anarchy ( ago)
Oh... I thought differently when I saw the title

Author jenny m ( ago)
suit up omfg how I met your mom reference

Author Aly ( ago)
Mask off fuckin mask off

Author QueenSinnamonRoll ( ago)
I need to go and get some of these done XD

Author ArshKaur ( ago)
2:01 Desi kids be doing that when they have a runny nose. 😂😂

Author Zara Marie ( ago)
I feel like I'd only do the $55 before prom or something, otherwise I'd just buy a face mask thing from Walmart or Target

Author Zara Marie ( ago)
If I'm paying $750 for a facial I better come out lookin' like Kendall Jenner

Author srisarts ( ago)
I thought at least this would be free of gold and truffles. The only thing missing is Caviar!

Author Anushka Rajesh ( ago)
I miss safiya in ladylike

Author Fishytoe ( ago)
Cheap air vs expensive air

Author Jessica Brown ( ago)
How I know I want to be friends with them:

"Should we nap?"

Author Hali Huang ( ago)
didnt saf leave

Author Emily Kerensky ( ago)
"should we call go into the bathroom togther?"

Author Belfry Bat ( ago)
750$ is over priced. You can buy the gold leaflets for 15 dollars. But I guess the experience was worth it.

Author Savannah Garza ( ago)
The background music was lascia chio pianga which my amazing choir is singing at comp Wednesday 😍

Author Victoria Phillips ( ago)
The last facial made Saf's freckles show more!

Author Danielle Calicdan ( ago)
I love Freddie. She's so cute

Author Lola Paulmier ( ago)
Freddie's singing: priceless

Author Clare Nalezyty ( ago)
For some reason those cucumber masks are supposed to be soothing ??? They make me feel like my face is on fire !!!

Author Maimouna SOUMAH ( ago)
but cleptroa is isis

Author Niden Mladenov ( ago)
dont wanna hate but i dont see the difference

Author girlsrule558 ( ago)
Safiya! we miss u!

Author emilie tessier ( ago)
Tisk tisk buzzfeed, it's not the same without her

Author MonsterHoncho ( ago)
Gold and truffle facials? Where's the caviar?!?

Author KawaiiPotato ( ago)
wait have buzzfeed changed name to Bouldy?

Author Chelsey Thai ( ago)
Suit up omg reminds me of Barney from HIMYM

Author IGE Vhanz ( ago)
Imagine the video without the music

Author Doom Dragon ( ago)
Didn't the woman in the intro leave buzzfeed???

Author pfcchaidez ( ago)
this seems a awful lot like worth it

Author Kevon Crumb ( ago)
Before looks better. Anyone that puts holes in their face shouldn't go to a beauty salon.

Author Kevon Crumb ( ago)
Total fake!!!

Author Faith ( ago)
they looked really fresh after the cleopatra one

Author pikachu pika ( ago)
am i wrong ? considered im a 20 years old man wanting to have facial

Author Flamehopes ( ago)
*has acne everywhere*
Your guys' faces are so perfect! Why do people with acne not get this? XD

Author rainbowcanoe ( ago)
i like how the guys get all the food worth its... like why?

Author Kristine Ilagan ( ago)
Bruno Mars would definitely go to Gold Elements

Author Paola Galeano ( ago)

Author Ninja girl ( ago)
friend: Let's get vampire facials
me: Whats that?
friend: the draw your blood and put it back into your face
me: f*ck that!

Author Cup OfYoongi ( ago)
Putting gold on your face seems so weird 😂

Author Hera Moni ( ago)
i'm loving you Girls :)

Author Emma 26.71 ( ago)
Where is the blond girl who works at the expensive place from ? Russia? Belarus? Ukraine? Poland?

Author Mary Vu ( ago)
People try out cheap hair treatment vs expensive treatment

Author Mia Pranzo ( ago)
Freddi I need you to sing in my bathroom

Author eddebrock ( ago)
Ah, yes, mushrooms and gold. Just what your face needs!

Author Kaiden Cuthbert ( ago)
Bro it don't look that different why didn't they get people with acne faces

Author Maegin Williamson ( ago)
Were they playing The Dying Swan Instrumental during the final facial?

Author bloopbleep23 ( ago)
the middle one was the best I think. they customize the treatment for each person's skin and seem to really be able to clear pores. I would personally go there like once a month maybe if I had money lol

Author FreeFromWaste ( ago)
AHAHA OMG, watching it, I have both Pacifica products, right off the bat. xD

Author HelenisNOT cool ( ago)
At the beginning I said that I'd never pay 750$ for a facial but by the end... I still wouldn't pay it.

Author Jon Pike ( ago)
am i the only person who thinks chantel looks like hazel from the fault in our stars

Author Paula Ben ( ago)
why did they change the youtube name from buzzfeed to bodly?

Author Sierra Cabral ( ago)
I wish they went to a real high end spa and not one of these gimmicky "luxury" spa/stores. Only a little bit of research shows their products are a scam.

Author AnnaZ ( ago)
The middle facial is worth it since you get a lot of facials in one. Maybe once a month.

Author Sam A ( ago)
I don't know how anyone else feels but Safiya is my favorite person in the whole wide world! I honestly think she is the coolest and I love her! She is my role model and I would love to be as proud and intimidating as her!

Author Kanae B ( ago)
they should've had Music and chairs at the apartment 😡

Author NerdingOut777 ( ago)
Ok honey, if I'm paying $750 for a facial, i better look like Emma Watson or Cleopatra herself.

Author Joanna Garay ( ago)
*chantell* sorry

Author Joanna Garay ( ago)
4:20 look at shawntell

Author Nicki Ta ( ago)
the best job in the world

Author Abigail O'Brien-Roberts ( ago)
I'm on my bed binge watching buzz feed and life feels good

Author Jaden Vu ( ago)
Lmao "facial"

Author wierdsquirrelgirl ( ago)
Gotta say that last one disappoints and angers me. Acres of rainforest are destroyed for less amounts of gold then that. Don't believe me? Look it up.

I'm not accusing Ladylike. They're just doing business. Its the people that regularly do this and propagate such waste that tick me off.

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