MFJ-9420 20 Meter SSB QRP Transceiver - Introduction and overview - AF5DN

Quick introduction to the MFJ-9420 20 Meter SS QRP Transceiver.

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Author THE GUY (4 months)
bottem line would you recomend this

Author Bob P (2 months)
I have one of these and it works great. A simple radio with good audio.

Author longboy1998 (7 months)
how much

Author Jerry Koch (8 months)
Well done Dave..Thanks

Author joblessalex (11 months)
Your intro has a ground loop.

Author WX9DX (1 year)
Mine has worked flawless from day one. I have had it for over 15 years. I
did add the CW board last year. It's a very good radio.

Author TomZentra (2 years)
How do you like the MFJ-9420? It is always exciting to get new gear.

Author Paul Pedraza (1 year)
Planning on getting one... I had the older version . for 20 and 40m

Author danr97123 (1 year)
sounds like some real quality control issues for sure. regardless, great
honest review!

Author andrew R (1 year)
I just upgraded to general and want to know how much power the MFJ-9420 has
and if I could successfully use it in a townhouse attic with an attic
inverted V attic dipole with good results/how far will this little guy
reach out? -Thanks

Author Radninja88 (1 year)
Sometimes you just have to give it a wing! If you have an attic big enough
for an inverted V antenna, you have a lot of room to experiment with
antennas, so don't worry about getting out. Just keep experimenting with

Author VImessenjah (1 year)
I had one of these a few years ago, low power consumption and effective
voice processor. I added a DDS frequency counter to know exactly where I

Author Tommyr (2 years)
I have the 9475 and love it! Thanks for the video! I also use the matching
tuner for mine.

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