MFJ-9420 20 Meter SSB QRP Transceiver - Introduction and overview - AF5DN

Quick introduction to the MFJ-9420 20 Meter SS QRP Transceiver.

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Author Bob P (4 days)
I have one of these and it works great. A simple radio with good audio.

Author THE GUY (2 months)
bottem line would you recomend this

Author longboy1998 (5 months)
how much

Author Jerry Koch (6 months)
Well done Dave..Thanks

Author joblessalex (9 months)
Your intro has a ground loop.

Author WX9DX (11 months)
Mine has worked flawless from day one. I have had it for over 15 years. I
did add the CW board last year. It's a very good radio.

Author TomZentra (2 years)
How do you like the MFJ-9420? It is always exciting to get new gear.

Author Paul Pedraza (1 year)
Planning on getting one... I had the older version . for 20 and 40m

Author danr97123 (1 year)
sounds like some real quality control issues for sure. regardless, great
honest review!

Author andrew R (1 year)
I just upgraded to general and want to know how much power the MFJ-9420 has
and if I could successfully use it in a townhouse attic with an attic
inverted V attic dipole with good results/how far will this little guy
reach out? -Thanks

Author Radninja88 (1 year)
Sometimes you just have to give it a wing! If you have an attic big enough
for an inverted V antenna, you have a lot of room to experiment with
antennas, so don't worry about getting out. Just keep experimenting with

Author VImessenjah (1 year)
I had one of these a few years ago, low power consumption and effective
voice processor. I added a DDS frequency counter to know exactly where I

Author Tommyr (1 year)
I have the 9475 and love it! Thanks for the video! I also use the matching
tuner for mine.

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