10 BEST PS4 Games of 2017 So Far - MUST OWN PlayStation 4 Games in 2017

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  • Top 10 Greatest PS4 Games of 2017 So Far - New PlayStation 4 Games

    In this video, we take a look at the Top 10 Best PS4 Games So Far in 2017. Will you be picking any of these games up? Have you played any of these games? Comment your thoughts on the 10 Greatest PlayStation 4 Games in 2017 So Far!

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    Games present in this list-

    Persona 5

    NieR Automata

    Horizon: Zero Dawn


    Yakuza 0

    Gravity Rush 2

    Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 + II.5 Remix

    Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

    What Remains of Edith Finch

    Zero Escape: The Nonary Games

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Comments: 232

  • jay
    jay 13 hours ago

    All of these games suck apart from resident evil.

  • kidde13
    kidde13 1 day ago


  • Skylite
    Skylite 1 day ago

    why u let 2B killed by that fvcking easy machine

  • Attila LS Gero
    Attila LS Gero 1 day ago

    should have been called top ten weeaboo games for the ps4

  • Rainbowman
    Rainbowman 1 day ago

    I personally played most of the games listed here, and all was at least worth playing, but it's crazy to make these tiles PS4 exclusives, not releasing on Xbox. Do these developers don't like money or what?

  • Deepak Kumar
    Deepak Kumar 2 days ago

    Its so interesting to see that 9 of 10 games were Japanese. Japanese games are coming back folks:)

  • garret Anderson
    garret Anderson 2 days ago

    anyone pumped for Friday?

  • Ghanim Alnaimi
    Ghanim Alnaimi 3 days ago

    where is Bloodborne? Uncharted ? last of us remaster ?

  • Dragon Vlog Gamer
    Dragon Vlog Gamer 3 days ago

    Felt empty after finishing Final Fantasy XV (what a fucking game) and playing more cassual games was just not fun at all even for killing time good news for me I picked up nier automata being wayyyyyy too hyped for it and overexpecting shit,for the first time ever when I felt this overhyped about a game it actually delievered more than I expected,respect to the devs and square enix as a whole.

  • Que O.
    Que O. 3 days ago

    just bought a pro any recommendations?

  • Kumail HUSSAINI
    Kumail HUSSAINI 4 days ago

    Does anyone want to trade watch dogs or farcry 4 for a controller any couler

  • Max Baar
    Max Baar 4 days ago

    Lol wtf is this list

  • Kail Habib
    Kail Habib 4 days ago

    i didnt care for Nioh...
    also, is this video extremely dark for anyone else???

  • enixfire
    enixfire 5 days ago

    Ommmmggggg who ever you had play NieR I wanna slap cause they didn't dodge ONCE. I felt personally offended seeing that poor display. NieR's an amazing game, I felt the person playing didn't respect it at all.

  • The nerd next Door
    The nerd next Door 5 days ago

    what remains of edith finch was amazing 😍

  • Off-roading vlogs
    Off-roading vlogs 6 days ago

    Half Of These Games Are Completely Stupid

  • stewie 242
    stewie 242 6 days ago

    who ever is playing that nier automata is fucking garbage 👎

  • Logan LeJeune
    Logan LeJeune 7 days ago

    Not excited I like first person shooters or freerome games like cod, battlefield, gta, etc only one I looked forward to is horizon zero dawn.

  • Mr. pickle _
    Mr. pickle _ 8 days ago

    Those all sucked

  • Mohnish Singh
    Mohnish Singh 9 days ago

    the video should be named best rpg games for ps4

  • jay COD
    jay COD 9 days ago

    Great vid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://vimeo.com/snapproductionz

  • Abdul Uddin
    Abdul Uddin 9 days ago

    who tf was playing nier? you should be featured in every gameplay trailer ever!

  • gundamsondam
    gundamsondam 10 days ago

    For the gamers

  • Ayman Islam
    Ayman Islam 10 days ago

    Beware don't buy persona 5. It ruins your life as it's as addicting as drugs

  • Lori English
    Lori English 10 days ago

    must own ps4 that's funny doi doi

  • Best Top 10
    Best Top 10 11 days ago

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    Love You Very Much......................... ♥♥

  • XKINGX Gaming
    XKINGX Gaming 11 days ago

    Hahaha PlayStation sucks xbox has scalebound coming soon

    • BlazeRunner
      BlazeRunner 10 days ago

      XKINGX Gaming some more like battle field mixed with cod the movement though is so smooth and fast paced that you can tell good players and great players apart and free dlc no season pass

    • XKINGX Gaming
      XKINGX Gaming 10 days ago

      +BlazeRunner o

    • BlazeRunner
      BlazeRunner 10 days ago

      XKINGX Gaming if you want to see where some training got me in the game I can like a video

    • XKINGX Gaming
      XKINGX Gaming 10 days ago

      +BlazeRunner damn,sounds cool so it requires strategy?

    • BlazeRunner
      BlazeRunner 10 days ago

      XKINGX Gaming there is skill movements used to make you move faster like you can travel around the map from a exploding Titan or keep the fastest speed in the game by slide hopping

  • Kalin Lancaster
    Kalin Lancaster 12 days ago

    whoever played the Neir Automata for the gameplay video clip really sucks......

  • Amristar
    Amristar 13 days ago

    What about my fav, Ghost Recon Wildlands? It's not even here. GR Wildlands should be number one. Not that Nonary game. Only gay guys plays that Nonary game.

  • MeltedforYOU
    MeltedforYOU 13 days ago

    Which games don't required for DLC?

  • Dan
    Dan 13 days ago

    Title should have been "10 best ps4 games for Japanese Korean gamers".

  • mneri84
    mneri84 13 days ago

    Where is MLB the show 17?

  • Young Rich
    Young Rich 13 days ago

    Naruto Shinobi Striker will be the best anime games of all times

  • D W
    D W 14 days ago

    just throwing my money everywhere at this point these amazing games bruh and then theres MORE!?
    im nice and moist........


  • Jason dp
    Jason dp 14 days ago

    Nier automata or tales. Hmmmm

  • Clear Silver
    Clear Silver 14 days ago

    2:06 u know there is a dodge button right.... =.=

  • berrlett
    berrlett 14 days ago

    Here is a message to all gamers out there, grab a PS4 Pro, Nioh, HZD and Nier Automata and enjoy real gaming conceived, produced and made this generation.

  • Gino Janssen
    Gino Janssen 15 days ago

    bad list !!

  • Criss Cross
    Criss Cross 15 days ago

    horizon zero Dawn is overrated pretty boring

    • Ian Maomay
      Ian Maomay 8 days ago

      You must be playing a different game lol

  • tj baby
    tj baby 15 days ago

    Horizon Zero Dawn doesn't do it for me. Running through the woods chasing robot dinosaurs, I'll pass.

  • Jax Cristian
    Jax Cristian 16 days ago

    Whoever was playing nier atoms really sucks. Lol

  • blueskyrable
    blueskyrable 16 days ago

    The video does not do justice to Nier Automata at all. Others are fine, only this one being treated differently.

  • Eric Williams
    Eric Williams 16 days ago

    whoever was playing the Nier for this video is fuking garbage.

  • Zachary J
    Zachary J 16 days ago

    bunch of ports to ps4 from other consoles ps4 and its library are terrible.

  • Douglas Storch
    Douglas Storch 16 days ago

    RE7 shouldn't be on this list. It was trash. Not scary, not difficult, and just anti-climactic as hell. You can beat it in like 3 hours. Absolute trash and worst RE game to date.

  • Voice of Insight
    Voice of Insight 16 days ago

    just killing Xbox 1

  • JustGamer
    JustGamer 17 days ago

    For me Gravity Rush 2, Nier Automata and Persona 5 is by far the best games this year.

  • King meme
    King meme 17 days ago

    tbh, I prefer Persona 5 out of all of these games

  • rikudou sennin
    rikudou sennin 17 days ago

    these games don't even come close to <turok evolution of ps2>

    JELLY JELLO 18 days ago

    When you playing Darksoul3 so much you forgot you can't parry in Nier 😂😂

  • Dante Nahuel Ciai
    Dante Nahuel Ciai 18 days ago

    Horizon Zero Dawn sucks.
    There. I said it.
    Open world boring as shit.
    The only thing that's fun is fighting vs giant robots like Thunderjaw and Eagles.
    All the other stuff is repetitive and fells funny.
    The game has great graphics, I'll give you that.
    But the rest of the world is plain and boring.

    Doesn't come close to Witcher 3. Seriously.

  • Kuruk War
    Kuruk War 18 days ago

    They're all single player....
    That makes me sad...

  • Martin Stravens
    Martin Stravens 18 days ago

    Japanese games better this year so far

  • Andrea F.
    Andrea F. 18 days ago

    You should try Yakuza 0; sadly it's not well known in the West, but it offers many hours of great story and fun. You won't be disappointed!

  • Lord Ethereal
    Lord Ethereal 18 days ago

    It's funny how he doesn't do these videos for XBOX games 😂

    • Lord Ethereal
      Lord Ethereal 13 days ago

      Kaijuusuru exactly 😂

    • Kaijuusuru
      Kaijuusuru 13 days ago

      Lord Ethereal i mean. How many exclusives did xbox released right now?

  • Grand thief
    Grand thief 18 days ago

    i just played nier automata demo on ps4 and its an awesome game i ll definately get it

  • Retro Electro
    Retro Electro 18 days ago

    Where is outlast 2

  • Cyrunix
    Cyrunix 18 days ago

    Hey anyone can tell if Gravity rush really is all that and a bag of chips?

    SVX SARVEX 18 days ago

    should I buy horizon zero dawn or persona 5???

    • gtafreak134
      gtafreak134 10 days ago

      SVX SARVEX persona 5 hands down.I have to say that it's a good enjoyable story.

    • L
      L 16 days ago

      SVX SARVEX That's a hard choice

      SVX SARVEX 17 days ago

      Hanif DKK thanks,I was thinking same

    • Hanif DKK
      Hanif DKK 18 days ago

      SVX SARVEX save your money, and then buy both

    • Red Paragon
      Red Paragon 18 days ago

      SVX SARVEX Persona 5 easily

  • Wungafication
    Wungafication 19 days ago

    I might be wrong but it looks like Persona 5 steals the "hollow Mask" from Bleach. I never played any of the games so I am not sure but it just looks like that..

    • Name Less
      Name Less 18 days ago

      Wungafication really? they're totally different....

  • Alex Townley
    Alex Townley 19 days ago

    Horizon Zero Dawn is pretty damn perfect in my eyes.

  • Lidor Tamano
    Lidor Tamano 19 days ago

    All of those games and i have a fucking xbox

    • Julius Sumulong
      Julius Sumulong 18 days ago

      Lidor Tamano RIP mate =(, sell that xbox and come to the darkside

  • Oscar
    Oscar 19 days ago

    Is this Cultofmush

    • Prince Dizzy
      Prince Dizzy 18 days ago

      This is his other channel with better content and not as many toxic PC fanboys

  • Death Stranding
    Death Stranding 19 days ago

    After giants like Uncharted, The Last of Us, Witcher 3.. Horizon Zero Dawn continues the line of masterpieces. Hands down the best game I've played this year. Can't wait for Red Dead Redemption 2!

  • eustass kid
    eustass kid 19 days ago

    well despite all of the jrpg I'm surprised that tales of berseria was not on the list

  • ronald7795
    ronald7795 19 days ago

    Japan is carrying the ps4

  • TheNKere10
    TheNKere10 19 days ago

    All I see is "NieR: Automata" on these lists. I played it, absolute garbage. Boring and couldn't interest me in the slightest. Not to say that it isn't good for other people but seriously. People in the comments, just chill out about this game being the best game ever. It's far from it.

    • caos024
      caos024 17 days ago

      TheNKere10 To each their own. GTA V bored me senseless but that game really is overrated.

    • Vincent Kiu
      Vincent Kiu 19 days ago

      TheNKere10 Nier automata is a great game the story progressed deeper in each ending though the starting part might be boring till u unlock fast travel. I do had a hard time for the 1st 3 hours. To be honest the game juz start after the 1st ending.

    • TheNKere10
      TheNKere10 19 days ago

      I have no incentive to play it at all. it just downright bores me. No sense in wasting my money on a game I have no interest in playing.

    • HopOnTheHype
      HopOnTheHype 19 days ago

      If you have trouble with it, play it alongside another game.

  • Olek Dosz
    Olek Dosz 19 days ago

    What about prey??

  • Z3R0
    Z3R0 19 days ago

    Nier is  the best rpg that has been released on the current gen consoles hands down. This has already been a great year for japanese devs and there is more to come.

    Nice clip of Nier btw. Its... breath-taking.

  • Ismael Silva
    Ismael Silva 19 days ago

    This list was straight shit

    • Ismael Silva
      Ismael Silva 16 days ago

      Ali Atif your right & my fault that was childish

    • Ali Atif
      Ali Atif 16 days ago

      i respect your opinion but i got mad when you said these games are for weaboos, (do people even know what this word means) Not every game has to have photo realistic graphics to be good thats what i meant.

    • Ismael Silva
      Ismael Silva 16 days ago

      Ali Atif sorry for stating my opinion but if you liked theses games that's good for you & mass effect is horrible

    • Ali Atif
      Ali Atif 17 days ago

      Come on man don't get triggered, let him play amazing american rpgs like mass effect. it is a perfect game with no flaws at all /s

    • eustass kid
      eustass kid 18 days ago

      de fuck does that even means? I enjoyed playing persona 5 & horizon zero & I don't even watch anime, does playing something like persona 5 makes me a weaboo? what a fucking dork, just go kill yourself, you disgust me

  • GameBroy
    GameBroy 19 days ago

    woah I didnt know kingdom hearts was just remastered ones. I might just picked that up Ive never played Kingdom hearts games

    • AnthonyS
      AnthonyS 16 days ago

      GameBroy yep! Some of my childhood games

  • Erik Lee
    Erik Lee 19 days ago

    If one of these reviews doesn;t include persona 5 or nier,  it's obvious they do not know what they are talking about

  • overage gamer
    overage gamer 19 days ago

    Don't agree with this list.....gamecross really likes his Japanese games, and that makes his list too bias
    Maybe call the video "Top Jap games that most gamers will find boring "

    • kostas xenos
      kostas xenos 11 days ago

      overage gamer You started of saying that this list is too bias because it has some japanese games in it and that most people will find them boring and i replied to you by saying that if that was true they will neither had sell so well nor they have get so high metacritic scores,you see facts. You continue by saying that asian games have boring gameplay as if they are all the same genre. A puzzle game (the last guardian)is a completely different experience than a survival horror game (resident evil 7) and a survival horror game is a completely different experience than a old school turn based jrpg (persona 5) the only common thing these games have is that they are made on japan, the fact that you categorise them all in the same genre just because they are made on the same country by saying that they all have boring gameplay just shows off how bias you are against them.I didn't said that you can't criticize them or have an opinion for them.what a said is that if your critique of a game is based on what country it is made on instead of (gameplay,story,soundtracκ,etc) then you are close-minded. and still after all that you haven't yet give a actual reasoning about why they are boring.all you do is going on about how japanese games have boring gameplay and bad art but without giving any evidence to back up your claims.
      btw just because your girlfriend is asian doesnt mean that you can get away with what ever bullshit you are saying. My best friend is black but if i go out calling all black people punks they will probably hit me so hard that i couldn't move my legs for one mothn

    • overage gamer
      overage gamer 11 days ago

      Well someone can't let this go, so allow me to gv you sum siht to back up my statement.....firstly what facts did you present? Nothing that can't be slammed with the argument hmmmm just look at player counts, secondly the art for Asian games sucks, as for gameplay like you boring, if an Asian game becomes good il play it, but if I don't or have an opinion against jap games then I am a racist lol fcuk up you feculant maggot and go back to cooking your French fries, i don't have to share your opinion on anything or agree with it, but since you made this personal by calling me a racist (with an Asian gf) guess I won't be on your xmas list, I'm rather happy to not know idiots like you....enough said you just got owned lolololol!!!!!!

    • kostas xenos
      kostas xenos 14 days ago

      overage gamer lol because i defending these games with actuals facts means that i am a hater? nice logic buddy😂😂😂.Your only critique about these games being "boring" is the fact that they are made on japan instead of some other country.Sorry but if you are calling a game boring just because it is made on a specific country then you are racist and close-minded

    • overage gamer
      overage gamer 14 days ago

      kostas xenos my gf is Asian you biggot noob, the fact ur a hater must be a heavy burden to carry however I think you enjoy it.

    • charon
      charon 18 days ago

      overage gamer If he didn't include Japanese games it would be impossible to make a 'top 10 games this year' list, as So far pretty much all the great PS4 games were made in Japan. Maybe just try something different for a change and stop ignorantly labelling all games made from a certain country bad.

  • Dick Deepinsideher
    Dick Deepinsideher 19 days ago

    Horizon Zero Dawn is one of my favorite games this gen. Next to Bloodborne, and the Witcher 3.

  • Dick Deepinsideher
    Dick Deepinsideher 19 days ago

    Playstation is killing it with amazing exclusives.

    • Alex Townley
      Alex Townley 19 days ago

      Dick Deepinsideher just like they do every console generation :)

  • thuthuka desele
    thuthuka desele 19 days ago

    So why use that clip for nier automata? seemed random

  • Χρηστος Κρητικακης

    I don,t know but i don,t like Horizon zero dawn.

    • Χρηστος Κρητικακης
      Χρηστος Κρητικακης 18 days ago

      Noctis Fon Zero Nostalgia E3 :DDD

    • Noctis Fon Zero
      Noctis Fon Zero 18 days ago

      it's gonna be sweeeet , Kingdom Hearts 3, FF7, Dragon Quest 11, Code Vein, as a JRPG lover, thats absolutely great, am actually savouring Persona 5 !, the last of us 2 will be huge , God of war and Spider man also :D it's gonna be a sacred E3 for us

    • Χρηστος Κρητικακης
      Χρηστος Κρητικακης 19 days ago

      Noctis Fon Zero hahahaha :D I am waiting so much for the last of us part 2 , God of war 4 , and spiderman !! o my god so many games.. :D

    • Noctis Fon Zero
      Noctis Fon Zero 19 days ago

      Same here !! only one month left ! so many games to be excited about, i hope so much they announce Bloodborne 2 , we have so many great games to celebrate, what a time to be a PS gamer, 2017/18 gonna be harsh on our wallets haha

    • Χρηστος Κρητικακης
      Χρηστος Κρητικακης 19 days ago

      Noctis Fon Zero I am waiting for E3 ! The last of us 2 , spiderman , maybe a bloodborne 2 game.. death stranding.. i am waiting so much for this E3.. its going to be amazing

  • DevilGames
    DevilGames 19 days ago

    just got Nier Automata platinum, my 102th 👍

  • zxzablxzx jesse
    zxzablxzx jesse 19 days ago

    Great time to be a ps4 owner ;)

    IAMKIAHhh 19 days ago

    Brilliant vid keep up the good work I really enjoy these vids

    IAMKIAHhh 19 days ago

    I love KH 1.5+2.5 remix I bought that shit as soon as it was out and I love it

  • Toby Ryberg
    Toby Ryberg 19 days ago

    too much anime or not enough content

    • SuperPatinator
      SuperPatinator 11 days ago

      Toby Ryberg 😂 there cannot be too much anime

    • Toby Ryberg
      Toby Ryberg 19 days ago

      not exciting enough gameplay*

  • The Casual Gamer
    The Casual Gamer 19 days ago

    Can't you block or dodge in nier automata ? You got hit 6 times by that axe!

    • íob doì
      íob doì 19 days ago

      The Casual Gamer
      There's totally a dodge.

    • Adanna
      Adanna 19 days ago

      The Casual Gamer kinda wish they used a better clip for that one

  • Truth From Within
    Truth From Within 19 days ago

    Kingdom Heart series is just too goofy for me. Im more of a Darksiders rpg kinda guy. I am thinking about picking up that new Tales, Berseria i think its called. I already bought most of the top hits from this list like a pokemon master going after legendaries, which is my main reason why I dont own a switch.

  • MOD RuLeZ
    MOD RuLeZ 19 days ago

    The list is all exclusives/console exclusives except for RE7. Mostly Japanese games. and the fact that there is no Uncharted 4 or The Last of Us pisses me off

    • Ryoichi Richard
      Ryoichi Richard 13 days ago

      MOD RuLeZ I know that wss mean but still

    • Ryoichi Richard
      Ryoichi Richard 13 days ago

      MOD RuLeZ Shut up. Listen to the first sentences. your stupid excuses don't work

    • MOD RuLeZ
      MOD RuLeZ 13 days ago

      The Title has changed

    • Kaijuusuru
      Kaijuusuru 13 days ago

      MOD RuLeZ don't you know how to read? Lmao

    • Prince Dizzy
      Prince Dizzy 19 days ago

      Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us are absolutely amazing games but this video is covering PS4 games released in 2017

  • monkeyswag57
    monkeyswag57 19 days ago

    that was some great gameplay of nier automata lmao.

    • monkeyswag57
      monkeyswag57 11 days ago

      xX_DarKAngeL_Xx ikr lmao, if that was very hard mode he would've died several times over

    • xX_DarKAngeL_Xx
      xX_DarKAngeL_Xx 12 days ago

      monkeyswag57 Lmao there's a dodge button. Use it.

  • Rami Merehbi
    Rami Merehbi 19 days ago

    THE SURGE will fit in very very very nicely in that list soon, against all odds, it is a great game, i recommend u pick it up if u are a soulsborne player when it releases soon, got an early copy, so in love with it :)

  • Ampii Teehee
    Ampii Teehee 19 days ago

    Kingdom hearts II is easily one of the greatest game on earth

    • jay
      jay 13 hours ago

      Ampii Teehee fuck off you idiot it's a godamn cartoon game

    • Dankeus
      Dankeus 14 days ago

      Just because he enjoys kindom hearts 2, you have to say you enjoyed everything that helped spawn kingdom hearts first, petty as hell

    • Truth From Within
      Truth From Within 19 days ago

      Ampii Teehee exactly when did you start playing video games? My generation fell inlove with final fantasy 7, Chrono Trigger, tales "insert any of them", Phantasy Star 3, and the list can go on for eons. There are so many retro old school games that could be considered the godfathers of why you have exactly what your enjoying. :)

  • Wilsonite 00
    Wilsonite 00 19 days ago

    What Remains of Edith Finch is probably the saddest and most powerful game I've ever played but also the shortest

  • Marcello Alfaro
    Marcello Alfaro 19 days ago

    The one playing Near Automata in the video reaally sucks!

    • Kelvin Chan
      Kelvin Chan 18 days ago

      Marcello Alfaro, yeah I've only played the demo but I cringed every time the player got hit.

    • Major Kushanagi
      Major Kushanagi 19 days ago

      and you nearly spelled the title correctly -.-
      but yea theyre a disappointment to platinum games whoever the frick played it

    • justin athon
      justin athon 19 days ago

      Marcello Alfaro I was saying the same thing xD

  • Fullmetal Gamer
    Fullmetal Gamer 19 days ago

    Persona 5 and Tales of Berseria are two of the greatest games this year.

    • theinsfrijonds
      theinsfrijonds 1 day ago

      too bad it isn't brasieria

    • InV Der
      InV Der 7 days ago

      Fullmetal Gamer berseria wasn't that good.

    • Jason dp
      Jason dp 14 days ago

      Thanks for your reply. I just can not get into nier automata tried just something about it.....

    • Fullmetal Gamer
      Fullmetal Gamer 14 days ago

      Jason dp All the Tales games exept two (Symphonia 2 and Xilla 2) are standalone games. So, you should be fine.

    • Jason dp
      Jason dp 14 days ago

      Love the tales games just only played Vesperia heard this was the next best. Is it stand alone like the others?

  • Saws
    Saws 19 days ago

    NieR: Automata is by far one of the best games I've ever played.

    • Skylite
      Skylite 1 day ago

      you can dodge bullets, but you cant dodge tears

    • Familyguy Familyguy
      Familyguy Familyguy 8 days ago

      Many player using auto chip... But for best experience dont use auto chip..just use auto aim in a normal mood..its all about practice

    • deadlyvenom354
      deadlyvenom354 15 days ago

      same i was surprised on how amazing this game was

  • Marcel Duran
    Marcel Duran 19 days ago

    Nice vid , definitely recommend persona 5 I just picked up gravity rush

  • KoustavSpecials
    KoustavSpecials 19 days ago


    • IAMKIAHhh
      IAMKIAHhh 19 days ago

      KoustavSpecials correction "Nick ers"

  • Jackie Logan
    Jackie Logan 19 days ago

    I nominate NieR: Automata, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Nioh

    • jonsytube maenhout
      jonsytube maenhout 11 days ago

      Jackie Logan

      i agree

    • Anas Abderrabi
      Anas Abderrabi 19 days ago

      Jackie Logan Your taste is identical to mine, I think these three games are the best out of this list.

  • Prince Dizzy
    Prince Dizzy 19 days ago

    Excellent video, and really amazing games.

  • Harry Juillerat
    Harry Juillerat 19 days ago

    Fucking love persona 5

  • King Roshi
    King Roshi 19 days ago


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