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The story of a woman who's convinced that a jealous female spirit is out to sabotage her relationship. Also: A single mom raising four daughters believes that an evil entity is trying to ruin her happy home life.


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Author John Wilson ( ago)
This girl from the first part was a demon not a ghost. I have ghosts in my
home. That's right ghosts. Multiple. About 3. And they can fully manifest
to the point where I can physically see them but they can't make physical
contact. One of them can barely turn the TV on and off. There's no way a
single ghost could turn on everything in the house at once and beat up a
woman that bad. And ghosts aren't this violent normally. That girl was a

Author BlueEthereal ( ago)
Seems like jack the ripper if you ask me.

Author crypto457 ( ago)
Holy shit slenderman oh god this is gold and these are the same type of
people that think that bats are birds, oh the hilarity.

Author Carmen_Bixch ( ago)
The young crystal is my drama teacher

Author armpitfuzz ( ago)
I wouldn't describe Robert as a stud muffin.

Author armpitfuzz ( ago)
I couldn't understand a word ghost girlie said !!

Author ThatWeirdBerries ( ago)
first thing on my mind when I saw that black dude - slenderman
but where are the three other girls? ((when they left))

Author Doll Maker ( ago)

Author Kelhi Macmillan ( ago)
I'm just baffled as to why this lady left her son asleep on the FLOOR! Why
didn't she scoop him up and put him to bed? :/

Author dossip dan ( ago)
How much they are paid to utter these bullshit ?

Author MC_Pablo ( ago)
that women ghost in the 1st part is kinda hot...and in the 2nd part the
daughter is also hot but the mom..not sure if she is the real mom :D

Author Theresa Seffernick ( ago)
My god slender not just special effects shit lord

Author Black Mamba ( ago)
This is very Serious this is not a joke...

Author São Paulo, O Soberano! ( ago)

Author Isra Malik ( ago)
Creepy freeky

Author Momotaros Sempai ( ago)
the ghost is stalking her husband, so a change of house is useless

Author Serious Neko ( ago)
Best option is to leave as fast as possible, if only the ghost had no
physical and mental strength to harm you could stay abit longer but still
got to leave, mentally attack loses your character's personality and
Physical attack gives you the possibility to death. 

Author Stephanie Roach ( ago)
Why is every freaking episode shot in the dark? No normal person goes
around in the dark all the time, especially when faced with paranormal
activity! I'd have every light in the house on, not continue to walk around
in the dark!!! 

Author Thompson Weber ( ago)
ide move out 

Author Luke Walker ( ago)
Its not A-ttaked its attacked

Author Rushdy Fouzeen ( ago)
not ghosts,,, its djinns, if its in our country we wud put the culprits in
a bottle. becuz we cant afford to move out, rather teaching a lesson to
these unseen morons

Author Ian Evans ( ago)
It is so ..... aaaaa you see a creepy girl in the reflection 

Author John Samuels ( ago)
how come all the ghosts wear white clothes?Probably there is some kind of
factory for them which makes clothes

Author John Samuels ( ago)
what's wrong in god being a woman?

Author Lady Lithe ( ago)
Some one didn't collect all 8 pages.

Author SlamacowCreations ( ago)
It's real slender. He's at this house haunting these people as we speak!

Author TheDoctorsTardis10 ( ago)

Author Hwawii Chan ( ago)
I hate that there is no lights in all the houses .__.

Author tails ( ago)
This is just TV it's not real

Author Sikander Malik ( ago)
I think the only rational explanation is that ghosts are attracted to fat
people :D

Author Chanh Phan ( ago)
These ghosts stories of course are scary one but not as scary as those
ghosts that I encountered in my homeland Vietnam because my house was next
to an old red stoned cemetery just a wall separation.I seems to me that
most of the eastern ghosts activities are most violent and aggressive than
those in western countries

Author alrazy12 ( ago)
read the quran in that haunted house

Author umbrellaredfield123 ( ago)
Name one stupid show where cooking in pitch dark occurs

Author umbrellaredfield123 ( ago)
This is a reanactment of her true ghost she's telling u guys

Author Audrone Padervinskaite ( ago)
this woman seems like a heavy drinker. the way she talks seems she is still
not completely sober. i might be wrong. on other hand is so great to have
somebody to blame. i suppose it was ghost too when i used to argue with my
husband and when i find children writings on walls and my little ones swear
it were not they. lol watched few parts but not even one seems real story.
more hollywood style product for entertainment but not for truth.

Author Rachel “Hex” Nevada ( ago)
Main reenactment actress in the first story has a nice bootay.

Author Hanna Aggassa ( ago)
last video , give me the address details il visit that house with tommy le

Author Hanna Aggassa ( ago)


Author David Smith ( ago)
It is funny how the armchair quarterbacks are out in full force being
skeptical, critical, saying they would do this and that. Yeah, when and if
it happens to you let us see how you all react? I can guarantee you will
be wetting your drawers before it is over.

Author Dawn Koch ( ago)
Love this show

Author Jason Loewe ( ago)
Jesus Christ these fucking fat ass cunts need to hit a fucking gym or go on
weight watchers. 

Author Dave Miles ( ago)
i think you shud just of blessed the house an told the spirits to leave

Author Gladius Gaming ( ago)
2 weeks? Really? I didn't even tell my GF I loved her until two months into
our relationship.

Author Ebony Miyota ( ago)
First story-
Fighting a ghost for your husband? That's like taking on a one-legged in a
butt kicking contest.

Second story-
Man in black, lives in the woods, kills kids, no facial features... I'm not
entirely certain, but- oh, f*ck it. It's a Slenderman story! There, I said

Author Laura Plas ( ago)
That first one didn't sound like a ghost. It sounds much more like a

Author Escorpion Venenoso ( ago)
I bet the little girl saw slender man 

Author Escorpion Venenoso ( ago)
Why didn't they call in an exorcist?

Author 9sorem9 ( ago)
4:47 I was making Robert some lunch... She made a peanut butter and jelly
sandwich .. -_- 

Author MsWaggydog ( ago)
She talks like she is doped up or drunk.

Author Queenie Blanca ( ago)
Wow, this is awesome , thank God this is real, I got to watch now True
Horror and Horrible Stories with real people.

Author eviljasonx ( ago)
Why then hell are the lights off the whole time?

Author Ethan Hedley ( ago)
God dam endings

Author MrDeadlyMatt ( ago)
that guy sounds like some one of wizard of oz "Follow the yellow brick

Author wazark ( ago)
Love watching these things just for a reminder of how stupid America can
be. Ghost attacks, really

Author Nineball WoT ( ago)
Why do people always go right back to bed after they had their shit rocked
by some unknown entity? "something I can't see just yanked my sheets off
and or slapped the taste out of my mouth. I think it's time for a nap!"

Author The Z ( ago)
Anyone noticed that both stories barely doesn't have any lights on
(dimmed)? I know this is a ghost story and set the dark mood on but turn on
the damn lights...

Author BULLOCK ( ago)
Who would make 4 kids with a handy cap lady? That's weird

Author T-bag King ( ago)
Ever think she hurt herself because if the divorce? And the man in black
was a figment of their imagination that they used to vent their frustration
and blame their actions on?

Author pheadrasfall ( ago)
what sort of wife tosses a sleazy peanut butter sandwich in a bag tosses it
at hushand and calls it good, then stomps an ample ass back to bed..

Author pheadrasfall ( ago)
what sort of man hops into bed with that short severely crippled woman,
gets her preggie year after year then takes off..

Author Kat Payne ( ago)
you seriously use a knife that looks like it could slit someone's throat
for spreading butter?!
that's some hardcore shit right there

Author Cyber Space ( ago)
Always the darkness at any time of the day..

Author Cyber Space ( ago)
@jakeeypants I totally agree 

Author brock lynch ( ago)
12:46 the ghost like tunes...SO

Author Amanda Harris ( ago)
2nd one Slendy?

Author neja maček ( ago)
12:38 I don't get it she is alone she knows the ghost doesn't like her but
still she is in a kitchen with no lights I mean if I were like that every
single light would had been turned on 

Author jakeeypants ( ago)
Why are they always fat?!

Author Brooke Allen ( ago)
It really irritates me that it's so dark in the house in broad daylight!
But I guess because it's a dramatized reenactment that they're trying to
scare us more.

Author dylan hawkins ( ago)
I think my old house was haunted in the middle of the night my mom came to
my room and looked at me giggling saying shhhhhhh and she made me follow
her to the living room them she yelled at me and said why did you make me
get up I said u maid me get up it was strange one night a family of puppets
were at the front of my bed staring at me now at my new house I lock my
bedroom doors always and keep the tv on all night every night

Author dylan hawkins ( ago)
Move out dumb asses

Author dylan hawkins ( ago)

Author E J Darly ( ago)
That was scary

Author Trinity U ( ago)

Author darkknight 5150 ( ago)
Why whould a ghost/spirt get atached to a male or female?

Author maddison beaton ( ago)
Is this real

Author maddison beaton ( ago)
Sorry your being haunted

Author Freddy Ripper ( ago)
WTF!!!!! Americans eat bread with jelly and butter for lunch?
Does not sound very nutritious and healthy to me.

Author Wilson Takiwa ( ago)
some preachers say it is not good to watch horror movies, because the
spirit will come out of the tv and possess you. i can cause even though i
walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
i will fear no evil
for the holy ghost is with me.

Author sachin vapilkar ( ago)
first story is total crap........her last Statement is i won my husband
over a spirit......ohhhhhhhh ur soooooo wrong spirit make your life
miserable & kick your ass till our all move out.............. i fill sorry
for you 

Author Tom Livesey ( ago)
Just gunna ask a quick question and ive wondered it for a while whay are
all the girl ghosts wearing white gouns

Author Alpo Trinidad ( ago)
Not to sound racist, but why do white people continue to stay in their
house when they know it's haunted? If a black person house is haunted they
move out in a hurry.

Author Ansh Bisarya ( ago)
We're the two little children real ghosts or helpers

Author Yazmarohma42 ( ago)
Wow, that female ghost is a bitch! Because she can't have the man she
decided to harm the boy just to kick her out from the house?! How about a
cat fight between her and the female ghost?

Author Yazmarohma42 ( ago)
The first case is funny... scary but really funny... It looks like a TV
drama or a Japanese animation about a woman and a female ghost fighting to
get the man's affection. What a lucky man.

Author Yazmarohma42 ( ago)
So the ghost is crushing on her husband.... I never thought that ghost can
fall in love with a human... 

Author SINTHEMIX29 ( ago)
lol all of a sudden he a tacked me!!!!!!

Author Home Based Business Guide ( ago)
Solution for 1st. Case: get the ghost pocess your misses
Shag the ghost....tell it its a shit sex sensual want ya wife


Author Home Based Business Guide ( ago)
Solution for 1st. Case: get the ghost pocess your misses
Shag the ghost....tell it its a shit sex sensual want ya wife


Author SINTHEMIX29 ( ago)
lmfao ok the hubby is so hot that even a ghost wants him! and im noticing
a trend here that all these hauntings are happening to fat people who sound
totally retarded and have southern accents also noticed that some of the
kids in the other episodes that are telling their "stories" dont look
buggar all like the parents. all a load of crap. no such thing as ghosts.
apparently the one in the first story got beat up by it. wheres the photo
evidence. i think if an invisible entity attacked me id be taking pics of
it so i could prove just to myself let alone anyone else that it actually
happened. and anyone noticed how when the people in these docs have
snapped pics of faces in a window or a person that they have to put a
massive ring around to indicate where it is and even then it looks fek all
like anything other than a shadow in the picture. what a load of shite. i
cant believe ive wasted time watching these piles of crap. sorry to be
crass but load of bs

Author FroggieTheR0gue ( ago)
Why did the ghost think she could compete? She can't fuck, cook, clean or
help with living expenses. She must have been nuts, obviously as she didn't
cross over normally.

Author Adrian Collins ( ago)
With Family #2: I wonder why such a curse, the two little girl victims and
the Man in Black are allowed to exist in this eternal battle. Why hasn't
someone, or something, gone into those woods and that house and exorcised

Author Adrian Collins ( ago)
Regarding Family #1: It's relatively easy to identify who a spirit is and
why it's there. They can usually successfully be removed too. Why leave
the job for someone else to deal with?

Author Sandra Albert ( ago)
He eats pb n j

Author KiwiOz Gal ( ago)
This first woman is definitely toasted - or at the very least she's been
swilling away at a bottle of vino...

Author Daniel Vederame ( ago)
slender man

Author popsishere1 ( ago)
To the people who commented, about my comment , WTF is DIEDxD ? And Blah
Blah ?? Once again SORRY, don't know WTF your talkin about!!!

Author Jack Jones ( ago)
F*** those jump scare endings.

Author juniorsutereo ( ago)
the first case was so shitty it made me almost hate the show, but the
second one was so cool... i just want to see more

Author DacyAndEric ( ago)
So... Christine was haunted by a man in black, with long fingers, no face
and came from the woods...

Author Louise Hampton ( ago)
it's a good thing the spirits don't follow them.

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