Binging with Babish: Pollo a la Plancha from Moonlight

Chiron is prepared a Cuban classic in the movie I don't really want to make fun of here in the description: Moonlight. Simple ingredients prepared simply often yield stunning results - will the chef's special rise to the occasion?

Special thanks to my buddy Steve for letting me use his gorgeous new kitchen!

Music: "See" by Tycho

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Author Ishizu Ishtar ( ago)
sofritoooooo <3

Author shadowwolf8698 ( ago)
" I would eat them for breakfast" BOY THAT'S WHAT WE DO!

Author jabba the hutt ( ago)
just made this dish for dinner tonight, although I had to substitute Red Kidney Beans instead of Black Beans I think it still turned out well. You're not joking, those beans are incredibly tasty. I am going to prepare them that way every damn time haha. I wanted to say, Thank You Very Much for demo'ing/recommending this dish. I am not a cook, and even I busted this out in 45 minutes.

Thanks Again,

Author Lachlan Beagley ( ago)
Getan ingredients list going in the descriptions of your vids dude. It makes recreation easier.

Author David Martinez ( ago)
I eat bowls of cereal

Author Kelly Kay ( ago)
the dish looks cuban

Author Z mcdump ( ago)
Dude I got so excited when I heard some tycho start playing

Author Lucia Ronan ( ago)
the plantains!?

Author Jeff Harper ( ago)
The black beans did look delicious ...

Author Mariana Fernandez ( ago)
Is kind of curious and funny to watch this as is a daily food for Latin people I'm Colombian and well i just saw your video and start to feel starving haha keep making videos like this are really good

Author rose s ( ago)
what a smooth person...

Author megaman616 ( ago)
dude just give me a bowl of those beans!!

Author Kevin Thompson ( ago)
i knew the music was tycho lol

Author Conal Quinn ( ago)
Wow that looked incredible

Author Blargaha ( ago)
Did this today, soo good.. That combination of cumin, lime, and salt on the chicken..

Author RCKTBNY ( ago)

Author InvalidWaffle98 ( ago)
Moonlight is such a shit film, no idea why it won best picture

Author {DB} DYNAMICBOMB ( ago)
hey did you win hells kitchen 17 andrew rea

Author Just Dave ( ago)
if you shift up the background tunes, might I suggest Slow Magic or Chrome Sparks? Also, awesome videos, keep it up!

Author Michael Scott ( ago)
Why are the beans so blue at the beginning? Am I the only one confused by this?

Author Aaron Rice ( ago)
do one from the movie good burger 🤙🏽🤙🏽 please man

Author swankHD ( ago)
Angel's Envy, very good bourbon choice.

Author spanky1113 ( ago)
Hey! I'm from Delaware. Welcome to the tiny state everyone forgets about!

Author albert jones ( ago)
I love your intro man HAHAHAHA

Author Daniel Hernandez ( ago)

Author Michael Conner ( ago)
What watch is that! I can believe no one else has asked

Author Devon Flynn ( ago)
Make a krabby patty

Author Aesthedicc ( ago)
The way that guy said what does patriarch mean lmao

Author Pencil Eraser ( ago)
When I first watched this I thought you said you hated the black beans and I was like "WUUUTT" but then second time watching, I find out that they were incredible. imma make em.

Author Abu Junayed ( ago)
I've been binging on these videos!

Author KpopNoodle ( ago)
That intro was so savage.

Author Jerard Man ( ago)
Do krabby pattu

Author Cyberstorm8 ( ago)
Could you make Gus Fring's Chilean fish stew Paila Marina from Breaking Bad?

Author Dj ballard ( ago)
dude that joke at the start was to much im dead haha

Author Cristian Recinos ( ago)
Crusty Crab Burger next pls

Author Will Houghton ( ago)
I had the happy accident of discovering this video right after I decided to make Cuban chicken, black beans, and rice for dinner this week without knowing yet how to prepare it. Now I know exactly how I'm cooking it. And here I was just going to heat up a can of black beans. I feel guilty about that now. Thanks a bunch for the tip!

Author Isaac McSchnaar ( ago)
Great recipe. I had this for dinner tonight and it was stupid delicious.

Author Max Whitacre ( ago)
best cooking intro ever

Author The Scrimmiest Bingus ( ago)
Holy shit. The second I heard Tycho, I clicked subscribe.

Author Kai Gundlach ( ago)
Make a krabby patty

Author Joe Edwards ( ago)
This channel is so good! First El Ten Eleven and now Tycho! Obviously the food looks great too

Author Socomnick ( ago)
moonlight was such a shit movie

Author Helen Knudsen ( ago)
Could you do some of the food from Toast?

Author Oscar Bowskill ( ago)
What's kosher salt?

Author Sad Walrus ( ago)
what was the overly dramatic music in the clip tho

Author Sammy Markoe ( ago)
Lmao the joke at the beginning killed me

Author theogflounder ( ago)
when you can't even make a ramen right

Author Shalama_ ( ago)
You took a lot of liberties with the beans and the rice and also with the chicken.

Author Rami Mikati ( ago)
Thank you 🏳️‍🌈♥️

Author JOHN WAYNE ( ago)
lowkey best channel

Author Iri Iri ( ago)
No plantains?

Author Jon Wukasch ( ago)
make stuff from chef

Author 1104zion ( ago)
Huge kitchen sink envy here.

Author Muhammad Zafarullah Chaudhary ( ago)
Do a Kobe meat steak special

Author 454Casull ( ago)
Why a fresh bay leaf instead of a dried one?

Author Mi rae ( ago)
When you cook rice, only rinse the rice twice. I don't know why but my mom said twice is good enough. Also, the starchy water can be used in other recipes, like soups or something.

Author Anon Ymous ( ago)
Whaaaa? Seeing your face is a Patrion exclusive? I thought the way you do it here was so interesting, new and cool. We catch a glimpse of your face here, plus.. ya know.. your channel photo, and that's always a cool treat/reminder thata real person is behind all of this. lol. I'll make sure to never skip an ad here, unless it's like one of those insane 10 or 30 minute ads.

Author Courtney Lynne ( ago)
what if i only have non-kosher salt

Author BigPooprr ( ago)
moonlight only won best picture because it had black people in it

Author blasoonstorm ( ago)
What was your cooking process for the beans? Cause I tried to make it and had a problem where the beans just weren't cooking whilst simmering and it led to the other ingredients burning.

Author Pascal Costa ( ago)
thanks again for this video and for all of them, your channel is perfect!
just one question : I've been told not to use salt in a marinade because it makes the blood and liquids go out of the meat, hence making it dryer and less tender... is it legit?
merci !

Author Josie ( ago)
omg this looks so delicious

Author Celina Camille ( ago)
ooohhhh I want your knife 😑

Author Chris Shaver ( ago)
Andrew was in Delaware?!?!?

Author Angelique Gates ( ago)
this scene was so meaningful in the film. Your channel is amazing and I am happy to have found it!

Author a cross ( ago)
am I the only one who thinks this is like the professional version of You suck at cooking

Author Psychoconuts ( ago)
I really need to stop watching these when i'm about to go to bed...

Author Lisa Dear ( ago)
Love that Tycho is in the background <3

Author Dee Banks ( ago)
There I'm done!! Watched every single video, EVERY SINGLE ONE AMAZING. GOOD JOB BROTHER.

Author kanaki ken ( ago)
one of my favorite channels now

Author jeebs621 ( ago)
La La Land was still better

Author axecat ( ago)
i'm a terrible cook, but tbh your videos are super inspiring for me and they make me want to try harder to get better at cooking!

for sure subbing to watch out for more recipes!! :)

Author Challe Johansen ( ago)
What do you do as work ?

Author laxman2136 ( ago)
plz have more Tycho in your vids!

Author Andrew Armstrong ( ago)
Keep it up with the Tycho music!

Author cuban52 ( ago)
The blend of African American and Cuban culture in moonlight was awesome.

Author fazeel ashraf ( ago)
Isn't this dish from LA LA land 😉

Author TheStallion234 ( ago)
I can't help but long for that ratatat song from your older videos. Either way, love your channel, man!

Author Nicolas Otey ( ago)
lmfao LaLaLand! Also, I loved this channel but the fact that you used Tycho in the background just brought you way up in my book!

Author Natalie Burchesky ( ago)
Andy Rea! What a cool channel you've got. I'm a movie fanatic and will try to think of some cool recipes you could do! Love it!
-Natalie Burchesky

Author Arrowhead ( ago)
What do you think of the sous vide?

Author mythirdchannel ( ago)
you sound remarkably like MovieBob

Author Christopher Greiner ( ago)
mostly for me but others might find it useful. Basic shopping list, assumes you have salt pepper oil etc.

1 spanish onion
3 chicken breasts
2 cloves garlic
3 limes
3 pinches sugar

half spanish onion
half green bell pepper
2 cloves garlic
4 oz bacon
12 oz black bean

2 cloves garlic
1 cup white rice
2 cloves garlic
bay leaf


Author BobKaare123 ( ago)
You should make the stew from the Hateful Eight next.

Author Koala Productions ( ago)
you should make a krabby patty

Author Goodnight ( ago)
*Hey Babash!*
Since SpongeBob is coming up on their 18th anniversary, you should make a Crabby Patty! or Chum!

Author Jorge Berrios ( ago)
Ingredients? uwu.

Author shay douglas ( ago)
You should try the luther burger from the boondocks

Author DEFxRECON ( ago)
Your voice is nice. I want you to read me bedtime stories

Author Tardis1384 ( ago)
This is a super simple recipe but dang this is good this is probably going to be a cheap meal go to

Author Justin Groth ( ago)
You should make the cubano from the movie Chef

Author GossamerWaits ( ago)
Mendl's Courtesan au Chocolat from The Grand Budapest Hotel please!!

Author Matt Nobrega ( ago)
Looks mad good and easy too. simplicity is best. I'm gonna try to make it for my girl.

Author Lonestarr1337 ( ago)
Do Sansa Stark's beloved lemoncakes from Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire next!

Author Fishing Chen ( ago)
lol i died in the la la land

Author Alex Baumann ( ago)
you should do the pasta sauce from godfather!

Author souperman72 ( ago)
I recently watched Moonlight and have to say that the cooking scene came out of nowhere. The scene was done well but it felt out of place.

Author Francesca Kritikos ( ago)
i love this also u should make the pasta puttanesca from a series of unfortunate events tbh that whole scene was gold

Author RubleTrillions ( ago)
My hope is that you become famous enough that directors intentionally include food scenes just to give you more material.

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