Runescape Dragon Slaying - With A Noob!!

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Last video for the week :-(

Dragon Slaying with A Noob, no antifire pots but i let him wear a shield after he managed to save up for one!

I'd heard stories about how noobs were good at slaying dragons, so i decided to test one out.

Thanks to Wildman496/Skills 0wner for being the noob :D

And wow at how stupid some people are, this is not meant to look 'real', if you believe lvl 10s can kill the kbd that easily you're a moron, it's a joke video. The lvl 10 did no dragon slaying lol, it was his main on zammy brews to 9-11hp wearing bronze, lvl 10's can't even get to half of those dragons lol.

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Song used:

Michael Jackson - Wanna be startin' somethin'

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Author Etan Clan ( ago)
I remember this from when I use to search up "noob" on YouTube randomly
before I got banned on runescape for 12 years.. Ahh, those were the days.

Author Marshall Morgan ( ago)
7 years later people are still commenting about how the other guy killed
the KBD

Author Mikki ( ago)
noob win kbd loololo jnice

Author Theodore Julius ( ago)
this isn't funny

Author Theodore Julius ( ago)
wtf he is a noob, not na object.

Author MR. PRO SHADOW111 ( ago)
Is this supposed to be funny?

Author PlanetMars ( ago)
I rememeber this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Mike Bonavico ( ago)
i remember this video when i was younger and its still a classic

Author Weiisam Salma ( ago)
nice armour

Author Jordan Taylor ( ago)
lol my bad just saw 3:55 he has lowered hp

Author Jordan Taylor ( ago)
who has 11 hp with arma grave

Author KewinK0v ( ago)
They muted the song of this classic video... Disgrace

Author Sparklyprincess336 ( ago)
wow talk about a noob. level 500? big lie lol did you do this cause you
knew he was going to die?

Author Dragonball Z Fanpage ( ago)
Thatd funny he cant kill a green dragon but a kbd haha

Author Jo Cold ( ago)
"My main is Level 500", made my day. Even in EOC not possible^^

Author Harry Gipps ( ago)

Author Questioneverything ( ago)
oh the good old days

Author Wildm0use ( ago)
Song name?

Author DangerGuy PvP ( ago)

Author Cookies McScrub ( ago)

Author Joker67Tny ( ago)
The good old days when noobs were 1 in a billion to find...

Author Vurstivoro ( ago)
Lol, i would want to see The Noob Vs QBD

Author tehfan66 ( ago)
YouTube classic.

Author MrHunnyFuzzy ( ago)
the good times before runescape dived down into a world of crap

Author LycanLachlan ( ago)
I do too man. About 3 years ago or so. I miss sosolid2k so badly. :(

Author C4ndy0wn4g3 ( ago)
LMAO FAIL! 2:10 That gravestone the noob had costs like 500k from keldagrim
after a quest, and it took him 2 weeks to save up for bronze 0.o?

Author sad frog man ( ago)

Author Swagmoney Yolo ( ago)
My question is what is a lvl 10 doing on members, and if hes a skilelr then
how come he doesnt have money to buy rune..? i played in late 2007, i know
members was around back then.. Who jsut pays 5 dollars for a random ass
game they find on the internet.

Author Swagmoney Yolo ( ago)
I remember watching this vid.

Author nightfall ( ago)

Author The Vleck Channel ( ago)
I like the philosophical soul-searching at 0:32 - "Am I a n00b?"

Author Cazcatu ( ago)
Vote for 2007 on the Runescape homepage!

Author Joe McGuinness ( ago)
Lol i love how the noob "killed" the kbd but the "pro" got the drop?

Author Zeta699Runescape ( ago)
good times.

Author Jet Li ( ago)
Your nans fucking fake dumb cunt

Author Ahmed Cheikh ( ago)
Omg, I remember when these were good graphics and when this vid first came
out. ;)

Author t0xictreasure ( ago)
the song is young mc - i come off

Author GG Noob (508 years ago)

Author adamkillsall25 ( ago)
haha ur welcome noob get mad much you mad bro hahahaha loser kid

Author YouFatassRS ( ago)
Time for the QBD

Author Triston Poulis ( ago)
are u fucking raterded or something? that was the whole joke. thanks for
ruining it

Author dakotamanomgwtf ( ago)
I remember I was like lvl 60 something and I went with my lvl 80-90 friends
to the KBD. We had loot share one and got the visage. Got 5 mil that day.

Author adamkillsall25 ( ago)
lol 1 i seen this 3 years ago and 2 he did not kill the king black dragon
bec u could see the drop that means u killed iot for him

Author pyroyeal ( ago)
Lol, what's the song? :p

Author mindfuck34 ( ago)
fake and gay

Author zomg0101 ( ago)
good old rs days :'( miss them

Author Matthew Clark ( ago)
i am a noob i dont even have full bronze yet

Author woezii ( ago)
i keep loving a noob (lvl 10) with 70pray :D

Author Jake Pouray ( ago)
Are you fucking retarded?

Author Eric Pabian ( ago)
u are a champ! stupid ass noob! god i hope this video isnt fake

Author LeooooonScottKennedy ( ago)

Author LeooooonScottKennedy ( ago)
You cant thumb up Smartass

Author patrick reyes ( ago)
no top coments it's my time to shine i love puppies!!!!!!! thumbs up if you
would shove you sword up its ass

Author Friender_Men ( ago)
i miss the old days

Author Sasuke Uchiha ( ago)

Author LeooooonScottKennedy ( ago)
The KBD drops stuff you can make bronze armor with!

Author LeooooonScottKennedy ( ago)
Ok Nooby go fetch me some KBD drops :)

Author LeooooonScottKennedy ( ago)
I want a pet noob :(

Author George Zhang ( ago)
Noobs>dreadnips. 'nuff said.

Author JinjOMania ( ago)
Now... Lets try QBD

Author JinjOMania ( ago)
Cutter. Blue dragon Evades the attack Blue Dragon uses Flamethrower. ITS
SUPER EFFECTIVE! Noob fainted.

Author Callum Cox ( ago)
I remember this video :')

Author AlbinoHydra ( ago)

Author Odd Impossiblegamming ( ago)
Miss Old Rs

Author Excision704Community ( ago)
Watching this in 2012, This never gets old.

Author TheGiveaways4you ( ago)

Author Overlord1380 ( ago)
Hes a noob but he has the best death marker in the game? XD

Author Mike Joe ( ago)
i watched this vid like 3 days after it came out when runescape was good

Author Bad Luck Brian ( ago)
i remember watching this video years ago with my friend... good times

Author Fartingpop10 ( ago)
omg the noob killed kbd im bringin 100 noobs and watchen kbd die in 1 second

Author ChRiiSpYDuCk ( ago)

Author LeooooonScottKennedy ( ago)
shut up spammer

Author OdouDog ( ago)
Lol suddenly the noob has like 90 hp x)

Author PoorSharkie ( ago)
@bryantan2044 Noob.

Author 真善美 まこと ( ago)
This isn't the original music. I was actually looking for a version with
his original music in it ;P

Author Bryan Tan ( ago)
Yea. He attacked the kbd until it left 1hp

Author RsnEric ( ago)
are you being srs?

Author Bryan Tan ( ago)
Last part, u got the drop from the kbd, it shows u hlped

Author sean casey ( ago)
When rs was still good

Author graffitidct (1204 years ago)
dumb ass

Author Johan Jonsson (855 years ago)
Haha. The last one gets hitted by 7 and the lifebar doesnt go down much.
The real noob died of 11. !:)

Author SmackingUSilly ( ago)
Lol look at how many comments are advertising for a website for rs gold
lol... Thumbs up if you've seen 20 of them ;)

Author tacos61192 ( ago)
Lol good times

Author Zyresh ( ago)
watching this on 2012 :F oh wow just think about the difference.

Author dylan moozo ( ago)

Author ryanjf97 ( ago)
240p, i remember when this was amazing quality ;3

Author Blades Phantom ( ago)
march 14 is ma birthday

Author Paul Pham ( ago)

Author Derek Commentates ( ago)
Read the upload date, this was before RuinedScape.

Author William King ( ago)
ok well i took my very own noob there after i bought one and he died. i
think there is a problem with his manufacturer. plzzz tell me where u got

Author Bobharshal1 ( ago)
U forgot mith and queen =|

Author caleb meadows ( ago)
lol i remember watching this in 08 gooooood times :P

Author i hunter (995 years ago)
lol he killed kbd why can you see drop?

Author XMARXUSXx ( ago)
[Y]ou [O]nly [L]ive [T]hree [T]ime's

Author Ibrahim Baig ( ago)
whats the song name?

Author Pelle Arn ( ago)
hes not a real noob :( had 11 hp @ -3:50 and wasn't full green :(( whatever
lol funny vid =)

Author 2hot4uim ( ago)
ask someone with bronze full if he is a noob. what a stupid question

Author fallinghigh2000 (228 years ago)
Y does every one have to put an ad up and not a real comment about the vid
and the vid was amazing btw :)

Author philip brown ( ago)
lol...i just relezed how much the graphics changed from then...holy SHIT

Author rockstar5146 ( ago)
I remember first watching this video years ago :D

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