Runescape Dragon Slaying - With A Noob!!

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Last video for the week :-(

Dragon Slaying with A Noob, no antifire pots but i let him wear a shield after he managed to save up for one!

I'd heard stories about how noobs were good at slaying dragons, so i decided to test one out.

Thanks to Wildman496/Skills 0wner for being the noob :D

And wow at how stupid some people are, this is not meant to look 'real', if you believe lvl 10s can kill the kbd that easily you're a moron, it's a joke video. The lvl 10 did no dragon slaying lol, it was his main on zammy brews to 9-11hp wearing bronze, lvl 10's can't even get to half of those dragons lol.

You can play Runescape at

Song used:

Michael Jackson - Wanna be startin' somethin'

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Author Chol Tong (10 days)
I remember when I was younger I figured out that he was the one that killed
the kbd because he got the drop and was clicking hard to stop attacking
plus got the drop :P

Author charles west (1 month)
I remember this from when I was 8 :)

Author Lee Ching (3 months)
What happened to the song?

Author The Batman (7 months)
4:34 the noob didnt actually kill the dragon.The other guy lowered the hp
of the dragon then he let the noob kill it that's why the loot showed up
since the bandos guy was recording the vid.

Author DrunkRuneScape Videos (5 months)
omg if someone can send me the song of the original video i would be so

Author Michelle Hugo (11 months)
Lol against the kbd it was your loot so you killed it

Author Robin Fan (9 months)

Author erminasaxo (2 years)
be a billionare on this game. goto: megammomarket com

Author SmackingUSilly (2 years)
Lol look at how many comments are advertising for a website for rs gold
lol... Thumbs up if you've seen 20 of them ;)

Author Bobharshal1 (2 years)
U forgot mith and queen =|

Author LeooooonScottKennedy (2 years)
I want a pet noob :(

Author epicfailsongaaa (1 year)

Author xSMBx36 (2 years)
ya forgot about mithril

Author TheRealHackmaster (2 years)
@snipermw2snipz I think it's intended to be. (it's super obvious that this
is supposed fake, it's entertainment)

Author AlbinoHydra (2 years)

Author t0xictreasure (1 year)
the song is young mc - i come off

Author Harry Gipps (1 year)

Author sean casey (2 years)
When rs was still good

Author Wildm0use (1 year)
Song name?

Author JinjOMania (2 years)
Now... Lets try QBD

Author 2hot4uim (2 years)
ask someone with bronze full if he is a noob. what a stupid question

Author delindasmdw (2 years)
did you know you can buy rare items and money for this game for dirt cheap.
goto: megammomarket com

Author Cazcatu (1 year)
Vote for 2007 on the Runescape homepage!

Author tacos61192 (2 years)
Lol good times

Author chriversen (2 years)
u mean u kill it...

Author caleb meadows (2 years)
lol i remember watching this in 08 gooooood times :P

Author LycanLachlan (1 year)
I do too man. About 3 years ago or so. I miss sosolid2k so badly. :(

Author zomg0101 (2 years)
good old rs days :'( miss them

Author Zeta699Runescape (1 year)
good times.

Author OldGhostHD (2 years)
Shut up noob

Author MrHunnyFuzzy (1 year)
the good times before runescape dived down into a world of crap

Author Overlord1380 (2 years)
Hes a noob but he has the best death marker in the game? XD

Author woezii (2 years)
i keep loving a noob (lvl 10) with 70pray :D

Author PoorSharkie (2 years)
@bryantan2044 Noob.

Author Eric Pabian (2 years)
u are a champ! stupid ass noob! god i hope this video isnt fake

Author Katteraffy (2 years)
I laughed hard when it said " and after 2 weeks he finnally got his BRONZE
armour back." then he died within 5 seconds of the vid.

Author Excision704Community (2 years)
Watching this in 2012, This never gets old.

Author EarlGordon123 (2 years)
fail he has like a 500k gravestone

Author Sparklyprincess336 (1 year)
wow talk about a noob. level 500? big lie lol did you do this cause you
knew he was going to die?

Author Mike Joe (2 years)
i watched this vid like 3 days after it came out when runescape was good

Author 14mamaluigi (2 years)
No mithril drags?

Author nightfall (1 year)

Author pyroyeal (1 year)
Lol, what's the song? :p

Author Ahmed Cheikh (1 year)
Omg, I remember when these were good graphics and when this vid first came
out. ;)

Author Chuck Norris (2 years)
its supposed for entertainment, just enjoy the vid and pretend the nub
owned him

Author The Vleck Channel (1 year)
I like the philosophical soul-searching at 0:32 - "Am I a n00b?"

Author Joe McGuinness (1 year)
Lol i love how the noob "killed" the kbd but the "pro" got the drop?

Author 真善美 まこと (2 years)
This isn't the original music. I was actually looking for a version with
his original music in it ;P

Author Matthew Clark (2 years)
i am a noob i dont even have full bronze yet

Author LeooooonScottKennedy (2 years)
shut up spammer

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