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Author Alex Larsson ( ago)
Sosolid2k okay bro this is 2008. 2016 rules: the noob vs vorago hard mode.
Live your vids :)

Author Theodore Julius ( ago)
wtf those graphics are lame

Author Etan Clan ( ago)
I remember this from when I use to search up "noob" on YouTube randomly
before I got banned on runescape for 12 years.. Ahh, those were the days.

Author Marshall Morgan ( ago)
7 years later people are still commenting about how the other guy killed
the KBD

Author Mikki ( ago)
noob win kbd loololo jnice

Author MR. PRO SHADOW111 ( ago)
Is this supposed to be funny?

Author PlanetMars ( ago)
I rememeber this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Rangerfan300 ( ago)
i remember this video when i was younger and its still a classic

Author Weiisam Salma ( ago)
nice armour

Author Mr. Anderson ( ago)
I remember when I was younger I figured out that he was the one that killed
the kbd because he got the drop and was clicking hard to stop attacking
plus got the drop :P

Author Chris West ( ago)
I remember this from when I was 8 :)

Author Jason De Leon (1269 years ago)
What happened to the song?

Author Robin Black Hood ( ago)
omg if someone can send me the song of the original video i would be so

Author Pinkbeard guy ( ago)
4:34 the noob didnt actually kill the dragon.The other guy lowered the hp
of the dragon then he let the noob kill it that's why the loot showed up
since the bandos guy was recording the vid.

Author Robin Fan ( ago)

Author Michelle Hugo ( ago)
Lol against the kbd it was your loot so you killed it

Author Jordan Taylor ( ago)
lol my bad just saw 3:55 he has lowered hp

Author Jordan Taylor ( ago)
who has 11 hp with arma grave

Author KewinK0v ( ago)
They muted the song of this classic video... Disgrace

Author Sparklyprincess336 ( ago)
wow talk about a noob. level 500? big lie lol did you do this cause you
knew he was going to die?

Author Dragonball Z Fanpage ( ago)
Thatd funny he cant kill a green dragon but a kbd haha

Author Jo Cold ( ago)
"My main is Level 500", made my day. Even in EOC not possible^^

Author Harry Gipps ( ago)

Author Questioneverything ( ago)
oh the good old days

Author Wildm0use ( ago)
Song name?

Author DangerGuy PvP ( ago)

Author Cookies McScrub ( ago)

Author Joker67Tny ( ago)
The good old days when noobs were 1 in a billion to find...

Author Vurstivoro ( ago)
Lol, i would want to see The Noob Vs QBD

Author tehfan66 ( ago)
YouTube classic.

Author MrHunnyFuzzy ( ago)
the good times before runescape dived down into a world of crap

Author LycanLachlan ( ago)
I do too man. About 3 years ago or so. I miss sosolid2k so badly. :(

Author C4ndy0wn4g3 ( ago)
LMAO FAIL! 2:10 That gravestone the noob had costs like 500k from keldagrim
after a quest, and it took him 2 weeks to save up for bronze 0.o?

Author sad frog man ( ago)

Author Swagmoney Yolo ( ago)
My question is what is a lvl 10 doing on members, and if hes a skilelr then
how come he doesnt have money to buy rune..? i played in late 2007, i know
members was around back then.. Who jsut pays 5 dollars for a random ass
game they find on the internet.

Author Swagmoney Yolo ( ago)
I remember watching this vid.

Author nightfall リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー ( ago)

Author The Vleck Channel ( ago)
I like the philosophical soul-searching at 0:32 - "Am I a n00b?"

Author Cazcatu ( ago)
Vote for 2007 on the Runescape homepage!

Author Joe McGuinness ( ago)
Lol i love how the noob "killed" the kbd but the "pro" got the drop?

Author Zeta699Runescape ( ago)
good times.

Author Jet Li ( ago)
Your nans fucking fake dumb cunt

Author Ahmed Cheikh ( ago)
Omg, I remember when these were good graphics and when this vid first came
out. ;)

Author t0xictreasure ( ago)
the song is young mc - i come off

Author GG Noob (509 years ago)

Author adamkillsall25 ( ago)
haha ur welcome noob get mad much you mad bro hahahaha loser kid

Author YouFatassRS ( ago)
Time for the QBD

Author Triston Poulis ( ago)
are u fucking raterded or something? that was the whole joke. thanks for
ruining it

Author dakotamanomgwtf ( ago)
I remember I was like lvl 60 something and I went with my lvl 80-90 friends
to the KBD. We had loot share one and got the visage. Got 5 mil that day.

Author adamkillsall25 ( ago)
lol 1 i seen this 3 years ago and 2 he did not kill the king black dragon
bec u could see the drop that means u killed iot for him

Author pyroyeal ( ago)
Lol, what's the song? :p

Author mindfuck34 ( ago)
fake and gay

Author zomg0101 ( ago)
good old rs days :'( miss them

Author Matthew Clark ( ago)
i am a noob i dont even have full bronze yet

Author woezii ( ago)
i keep loving a noob (lvl 10) with 70pray :D

Author Jake Pouray ( ago)
Are you fucking retarded?

Author Eric Pabian ( ago)
u are a champ! stupid ass noob! god i hope this video isnt fake

Author LeooooonScottKennedy ( ago)

Author LeooooonScottKennedy ( ago)
You cant thumb up Smartass

Author patrick reyes ( ago)
no top coments it's my time to shine i love puppies!!!!!!! thumbs up if you
would shove you sword up its ass

Author Friende ( ago)
i miss the old days

Author Sasuke Uchiha ( ago)

Author LeooooonScottKennedy ( ago)
The KBD drops stuff you can make bronze armor with!

Author LeooooonScottKennedy ( ago)
Ok Nooby go fetch me some KBD drops :)

Author LeooooonScottKennedy ( ago)
I want a pet noob :(

Author George Zhang ( ago)
Noobs>dreadnips. 'nuff said.

Author JinjOMania ( ago)
Now... Lets try QBD

Author JinjOMania ( ago)
Cutter. Blue dragon Evades the attack Blue Dragon uses Flamethrower. ITS
SUPER EFFECTIVE! Noob fainted.

Author Callum Cox ( ago)
I remember this video :')

Author AlbinoHydra ( ago)

Author Odd Impossiblegamming ( ago)
Miss Old Rs

Author Excision704Community ( ago)
Watching this in 2012, This never gets old.

Author TheGiveaways4you ( ago)

Author Overlord1380 ( ago)
Hes a noob but he has the best death marker in the game? XD

Author Mike Joe ( ago)
i watched this vid like 3 days after it came out when runescape was good

Author Bad Luck Brian ( ago)
i remember watching this video years ago with my friend... good times

Author Fartingpop10 ( ago)
omg the noob killed kbd im bringin 100 noobs and watchen kbd die in 1 second

Author ChRiiSpYDuCk ( ago)

Author LeooooonScottKennedy ( ago)
shut up spammer

Author OdouDog ( ago)
Lol suddenly the noob has like 90 hp x)

Author PoorSharkie ( ago)
@bryantan2044 Noob.

Author 真善美 まこと ( ago)
This isn't the original music. I was actually looking for a version with
his original music in it ;P

Author Frostbite AoG_ ( ago)
Yea. He attacked the kbd until it left 1hp

Author RsnEric ( ago)
are you being srs?

Author Frostbite AoG_ ( ago)
Last part, u got the drop from the kbd, it shows u hlped

Author sean casey ( ago)
When rs was still good

Author graffitidct (1205 years ago)
dumb ass

Author Johan Jonsson (856 years ago)
Haha. The last one gets hitted by 7 and the lifebar doesnt go down much.
The real noob died of 11. !:)

Author SmackingUSilly ( ago)
Lol look at how many comments are advertising for a website for rs gold
lol... Thumbs up if you've seen 20 of them ;)

Author tacos61192 ( ago)
Lol good times

Author Zyresh ( ago)
watching this on 2012 :F oh wow just think about the difference.

Author dylan moozo ( ago)

Author ryanjf97 ( ago)
240p, i remember when this was amazing quality ;3

Author Blades Phantom ( ago)
march 14 is ma birthday

Author Paul Pham ( ago)

Author Derek's Very Shitty RuneScape Related Content ( ago)
Read the upload date, this was before RuinedScape.

Author William King ( ago)
ok well i took my very own noob there after i bought one and he died. i
think there is a problem with his manufacturer. plzzz tell me where u got

Author Bobharshal1 ( ago)
U forgot mith and queen =|

Author caleb meadows ( ago)
lol i remember watching this in 08 gooooood times :P

Author i hunter (996 years ago)
lol he killed kbd why can you see drop?

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