Miss Brazilian Grandma Pageant

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Author anuraag buragohain (4 months)
what is the real name of the model patricia..................

Author Ira Countess (11 months)

Author lino falco (1 year)
They don't look bazillian to me! And not quite grandmas either! 

Author Egmar Fraga (1 year)
This contest was not in Brazil, it was in Las Vegas - USA. The names of
those women are not real. They are not brazilians.

Author Antony Dunbar (1 year)

Author Carlos Thadeu Albuquerque Brasil (3 years)
Unfortunately the information in the video is fake, they are not Brazilian
women. Sory guys! :-(

Author B1Fr0s7 (2 years)
true... our moms had us somewhere at their 20s only difference is that they
are 40 and not grandmothers is cuz we aint having no kids at 20 cuz dat
shit just ain't normal no more.

Author Sludger101 (5 years)
clockwork from deadmau5.. this is a remix though

Author BlackHarryAdams (3 years)
I'm moving to Brazil...

Author unamonu (3 years)
It looks like each and any of them has been under the knife in one form or
another: fake bobs, liposuction aso.

Author mIkefrimnola J fox (3 years)
@Opieradio this legitimizes your grandma fetish

Author scatteredrosepetalss (3 years)
they are like middle aged? O.o That is like the age of a normal mom not a
grandmother :P unless you know.. you had your kids earlier.. but on

Author seppomuppit (4 years)
1:26 is 75

Author ALEX PAOK (3 years)
Milfάρες με τα όλα τους!!!

Author Jos Lutgens (4 years)
What do the feminist think about it?

Author don1985don (1 year)
show me photo

Author peter imseis (4 years)
oh man that is nice!!!!!!!!

Author Marlowann (3 years)
@TheManWhoLaughsLoud Brazil is also the plastic surgery capital of the
world hahahah

Author mafiozaki (3 years)
έεετσι ρεεεεεεεεεεεεεεε

Author nerobiancoful (3 years)
le nonnine .....come si mantengano,bene!!!

Author Michael Prophet (3 years)
this video is bullshit, i know half of those bikini models, their known
bikini models from south beach and their all in their 20's and 30's

Author Pong670 (3 years)

Author wolfmiste r (4 years)
1:26 Jessica Canizales Born July 30 1979. She's not 55 years

Author Nino Beats (5 years)
Damn I want me some Brazilian grandma!

Author Crashyoxd (5 years)
what's name of the song?:D

Author nukdollars (4 years)
damn...gotta get to brazil

Author frankivalli (3 years)
0:57 Patricia. MY FAVORITE and the best.

Author Andrew * (3 years)
This was from a 50+ contest in Las Vegas. Bogus posting

Author happyjack39 (2 years)
Yep...I'm moving to Brazil and find me a wife!!!!

Author 1988Justin1988 (3 years)
if they are all 'grandmas' i wanna fuck em all especially at 0:40

Author N1xh0 (3 years)
wtf... i fucking want they...

Author Dimitrakopoulos Giorgos (1 year)
all the dislikes are from girls who can see themselfes in their 50ies not
being even close to that kinda HOT

Author Mad-Sniper (3 years)
If they're 50's, then I'll be definitely a nun... LOL Especially the blonde
in blue bikinis at 0:28, but generally all of 'em. Just take a look.

Author nerobiancoful (4 years)
sono la belle zza !!!!in massimo attrazzioneirresistibile mistura di classe
fascino esperienza e consistenza di essenza femminilita !!!!meravigliose e
irresistibili!!!come vorrei cuccarmene una !!!!!grand mas 6ete

Author SadisticMagician54 (3 years)
Hmm they all just have fake tits

Author donnomar (3 years)
@TheManWhoLaughsLoud Not really, all the boobs in this video are plain
silicon, and I guess they keep good shape cause all these women work out
while pole dancing in a stripclub.

Author Niobeplayer (5 years)
I need this Song pease!!

Author prettyhands (4 years)
@JosLutgens Fuck a feminist.

Author Bob Habib (2 years)
hot hot hot

Author Edy45d (3 years)
nao e o mentiroso do caralho......

Author doesntfitinatag (3 years)
Gilfφάρες θέλεις να πεις...

Author pesfan15002900 (4 years)
i don't belive ;]

Author Bob Habib (2 years)
im moving to brasil to find my self a grandma lol

Author ItsNeezy (2 years)
@GRBphotos What a stupid fucking fuck you are.

Author Haddix11 (3 years)
ouhhh, going to visit youporn....

Author 23124468 (3 years)
It was not in Brazil. It was in Las Vegas so they are hot.....I watched on
TV. Isso não foi no Brasil, foi em Las Vegas, emfim elas são gostosas....Eu
assisti na TV.

Author bebe25yo (4 years)

Author Starrman69 (5 years)
Whoa!! It's either the climate or the water..

Author deep7544 (2 years)
I need to see birth certificates

Author Skylar Gray (3 years)
Thats ewww but I hav nothin

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