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Author neshgfx (4 years)
savadi song...first urumi samy song with rap...

Author bala moon (4 years)
hi guys, i'm from singapore, well done brothers. i enjoyed the movie and
overjoyed hearing this song. god bless u guys. my hats off to u guys from
the bottom of my heart.

Author cupunihubby (4 years)
how to download tiz video lar.....

Author satguruom (3 years)
ya lyrics by Pinang Mr Mugunthan sri selva vinayagar urumi melam and the
music by AAmigoz Sugu. Buy original cd and read again the credits

Author Kuberan Ganesh (3 years)
Hi bros superb afford in this 1st release... but there is a lack of
research in this movie... i'm will to provide research material if there is
a sequel... Hari om

Author Miragana Jumbo (4 years)
MUNI ATTAM ! Ayyah Valgeh! Amigoz Sugu Is TheBest

Author esa seboh (4 years)
the movie is damn happening!

Author cmbillionaire (4 years)
hei guys first i would like to salute you for you first ayya movie. the
movie story simply amazed me with the superb grafiq, story, etc i
personally believe that you can do more and more ayya movie in time to come
and also you can do it better by editing more on corrections, Always
remember guys no victory without lose. once again i salute you and thank
you for your superb movie hope to see movie ayya and amma movies. signing
off ungal anbudan

Author xamir06 (4 years)
is This a movie or jus Audio track??

Author Riya1609 (3 years)
niceee !!!!!!!!

Author Alai Osai Productions (4 years)
@cupunihubby Please kindly buy the original DVD in support of local tamil
film & audio industry.

Author bramasakti (4 years)

Author GEE (3 years)

Author perakipohbercham (4 years)
my appa song... muni aiya vaalge

Author Revati Naidu (3 years)
REALLY MY tiz song to much...may god bless all of the living
thing in tiz earth..

Author lordzieta (4 years)
hai sugu ' sri selva vinayagar urumi melam juru penang' hidup to muni attam

Author Vaikeshwary vaikesh (4 years)
hey u like send me e songs ....

Author mdeepereka (3 years)
FACEBOOK(Ananth Subang Ananth)..hehehxxx

Author PiNkDeViL0707 (2 years)
this song so shoik.....

Author aboy raj (1 year)
supeb song

Author TheDani0492 (2 years)
katti song!!!!!

Author sugunana sugu (4 years)
great movie aamigoz sugu valga

Author Vishnu Rozar (3 months)

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