$80 Tattoo Vs. $875 Tattoo

  • Added:  5 months ago
  • “I’m not gonna be able to hide this from my grandma."

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    Speakeasy Tattoo

    Artist: Scott Glazier
    Instagram: speakeasy_tattoo_la

    Body Electric Tattoo

    Artist: Mike G
    Instagram - @mikegtattoo

    Tattoo Lounge:

    Artist: Patrick Thomas
    Instagram: @skullytattoos

    Made by BFMP www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam.
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  • Runtime: 12:13
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Comments: 8 285

  • Brendan *
    Brendan * 4 hours ago

    free tattoos? y he mad?????

  • DSSR
    DSSR 14 hours ago


  • Adrian Lucero
    Adrian Lucero 18 hours ago

    5:10 magically start driving backwards? 😂😂

  • Mafaca
    Mafaca 18 hours ago


    Text me im bored people xD

  • Nit T
    Nit T 20 hours ago

    This is my favourite episode out of all the worth it series

  • Sonny Beck
    Sonny Beck 21 hour ago

    nice tag dude

  • signyswee 223
    signyswee 223 21 hour ago


  • Glebigoz Swag
    Glebigoz Swag 23 hours ago

    What about the tattoo sticker I get at the end of my hubba-bubba?

  • shahnawaz ghori
    shahnawaz ghori 1 day ago


  • emraldgamer712
    emraldgamer712 1 day ago

    TWIST:cheapest is best

  • Will  Krause
    Will Krause 1 day ago

    does anyone else think Ben looks a hell of a lot like Mike Patton?

  • Josh Daniels
    Josh Daniels 1 day ago

    most worth it is the stars? two tiny stars for 80 is worth it to you? i have almost a full leg sleeve and ive paid 900

  • Robloxity Girl
    Robloxity Girl 1 day ago

    That moment when the $80 tattoo look better than the $400 tattoo .

  • I_ Am_ Batman
    I_ Am_ Batman 1 day ago

    100$ stripper vs 1000$ stripper

  • Ong Rui
    Ong Rui 1 day ago

    Steven got issues

  • Vanessa
    Vanessa 1 day ago

    "So that's your winner?"
    Scott Glazier: "Welcome to your tape"

  • Thunder Hunter
    Thunder Hunter 1 day ago

    Ben sounds just like Nathan Drake.

  • Brayden Holcombe
    Brayden Holcombe 1 day ago

    f..... u

  • Screaming Goats
    Screaming Goats 1 day ago

    He just has to get fit and it will look really cool

  • Joe Bradley
    Joe Bradley 1 day ago

    I actually know Mike G somehow

  • yasmin pops
    yasmin pops 1 day ago

    his arms looks diseased

  • LivingAFK
    LivingAFK 1 day ago

    I know so much better tattoo artists actually that tattoo quality doesn`t look at all like a painting not worth the money

  • Its me
    Its me 1 day ago

    A good tattoo is not cheap and a cheap tattoo is not good.

  • Youism 780
    Youism 780 1 day ago

    At 8:28 is a picture of a guy missing.

  • Nick Trevino
    Nick Trevino 1 day ago

    Looks so ugly .Looks like a bruise or some bad burn .

  • geekifychic
    geekifychic 1 day ago

    I loved the speakeasy tattoo

  • Jessica Jasinski
    Jessica Jasinski 1 day ago

    Speakeasy did a sweet tattoo. Id love to see him and have an Angel in color in memory of my mother and Grandfather.

  • Llama Neko
    Llama Neko 1 day ago

    the last tattoo is so awesome

  • Sofia Heart
    Sofia Heart 1 day ago

    5:04 you guys made me choke on my morning coffe

  • Steven SuperRainbow

    girlfriend: "looks cool, so badass!"

    seriously, he just got peter pan stars and the elevator from willy wonka tattooed on his shoulder, how low is her benchmark for being badass?

  • Blade -Agar
    Blade -Agar 1 day ago

    Did anyone know tattoo gives you cancer because it takes your blood and when you put the tattoo in your body in a few years you will get cancer

    Because the tattoo is expired. Thank me later for the information 😊

  • Sister Daniel
    Sister Daniel 2 days ago

    Although I think his new tattoos are fucking awesome, my favourite is still his original moon tattoo.

  • Max Vermeulen
    Max Vermeulen 2 days ago

    What's next? $30 vs $900 dildo?

  • J P
    J P 2 days ago

    that 875$ tattoo is gorgeous

  • Tyler Bout
    Tyler Bout 2 days ago

    tatoos scare me

  • charlie rowan
    charlie rowan 2 days ago

    that guys anut ugly asf

  • Nhi Pham
    Nhi Pham 2 days ago

    Every single person who works at a tattoo shop basically has tattoos on them

  • Austin Coen
    Austin Coen 2 days ago

    80 bucks for two little stars? What??? I just paid 90 to get my back piece started that covers most of my back. He got ripped off so hard.

  • joshua ledgister
    joshua ledgister 2 days ago

    "You can't put a price o-" *$875*

  • DrOp_HoT 24
    DrOp_HoT 24 2 days ago

    Plz sub to my channel I wanna get 30 subs and I only have 29

  • Brianna Gioia
    Brianna Gioia 2 days ago

    Would've definitely done this

  • Sesh
    Sesh 2 days ago

    €20 noose vs €100 noose

  • The fantastic 2
    The fantastic 2 2 days ago

    God better have made that ink 800 mf dollars

  • Anon
    Anon 2 days ago

    Fucked up line work @ 10:30

  • J Gaston
    J Gaston 2 days ago

    This video is hilarious

  • Flynn Dennison
    Flynn Dennison 2 days ago

    my names flynn

  • Tricia Sunderland
    Tricia Sunderland 2 days ago

    the last artist is too pretentious. hard pass

  • Bubbas Guide To RC
    Bubbas Guide To RC 2 days ago

    I love Donald trump

  • Kevin Bolsajian
    Kevin Bolsajian 2 days ago

    Wtf the Asian guy pussied out

  • Katya
    Katya 2 days ago

    what even is a damn millennial

  • Sloth Savior
    Sloth Savior 2 days ago

    Fun story-

    I just ate a chocolate orange, and my tooth came out

    Luckily it was a baby tooth!

  • Isabel Zenglein
    Isabel Zenglein 2 days ago

    Noooo where's Andrew??

  • Danika Love
    Danika Love 3 days ago

    dude I can't hide this from my grandma....

  • Laurra Linerro
    Laurra Linerro 3 days ago

    When he said petter pan!!! I died 😻😻😻

  • glitt3rgir1
    glitt3rgir1 3 days ago

    There's only one tattoo I want, and I wouldn't just go to anyone to get it. This is a super helpful video

  • Lyra Lee
    Lyra Lee 3 days ago

    It´s funny how we all are just: How am I going to hide this from my grandma? :D

  • Nathan Yost
    Nathan Yost 3 days ago

    This tattoo artist reminds me of Jeff Bridges in a way.

  • Sam
    Sam 3 days ago

    $875 Isnt bad for 5-6 hour with such quality.
    I would pay over 1000$ for a quality tattoo no problem

  • IDS
    IDS 3 days ago

    Wut 870$ tatto is to expensive. Im my country there is tatto artist that have twice skill as bald expensive.

  • 87LaoGaming
    87LaoGaming 3 days ago

    Like = find $100 dollars
    sub =find 1,000,000 dollars
    Scroll everything goes wrong

  • Majin Buu
    Majin Buu 3 days ago

    this guy used micron pens.....artist boner

  • kawaii buterrs
    kawaii buterrs 3 days ago

    make more ep

  • Katierose Xx
    Katierose Xx 3 days ago

    I feel like I've watched this a few months back

  • Wendy Neverland
    Wendy Neverland 3 days ago

    Anyone else think those look kinda crappy?

  • nicholas7372
    nicholas7372 4 days ago

    his missing sign at 8:14 is highly inappropriate and is frankly disrespectful for the families of those who are missing. it is obviously a distasteful joke because you can CLEARLY see the person in the missing poster is in the video. I demand an apology.

  • Jamie Ann Barnes
    Jamie Ann Barnes 4 days ago

    getting tattoos for the sake of buzfeed

  • Saleh Adrian
    Saleh Adrian 4 days ago

    I knew it it was BUZZFEED

  • Kawiiyanchan 22
    Kawiiyanchan 22 4 days ago

    Can we just talk about how flipping HOT Ben is!?

  • Breanne Doria
    Breanne Doria 4 days ago

    That tattoo is badass. This tattoo artist is a genius. 😁💕

  • Indigo
    Indigo 4 days ago

    Basically it comes down to what youre looking for. If its simplistic, go the cheaper route. If you want something with great detail, the pricier route is worth it.

  • Viper
    Viper 4 days ago

    7:40 My ant passed away? Your pet ant? sorry I had too xD

  • Black Specture
    Black Specture 4 days ago

    That tattoo is incredible

  • -sin- sin-
    -sin- sin- 5 days ago

    This is fucking awesome that last one was amazing omg

    SETAREX WOLF 5 days ago

    So, become a tattoo artist.

  • pippin_Kik 931
    pippin_Kik 931 5 days ago

    "it sounds big and painful" xD

  • Kennzo Music
    Kennzo Music 5 days ago

    875 for six hours is hella cheap

  • Pistol Tim
    Pistol Tim 5 days ago

    is that tai perez

  • LukasSuperGamerDK
    LukasSuperGamerDK 5 days ago

    When I turn 18 I will go and get the assassin's creed logo tattooed on my right lower arm.

  • MusicalFanatic04
    MusicalFanatic04 5 days ago

    When he said, "Sperm swimming into the moon" I was like 😁🙄👎🙀🙅

  • Neptune Vasilias
    Neptune Vasilias 6 days ago

    7:41 I thought he meant a literal ant

  • J. Bing
    J. Bing 6 days ago

    I've probably seen this video 906 times, but I love this video so much.

  • Mia Barnett
    Mia Barnett 6 days ago

    Mike G. from body electric tattoo looks like Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers

  • Wizard Ed
    Wizard Ed 6 days ago

    When I'm old enough I want to get a little moon on my wrist.

  • Taylor Duda
    Taylor Duda 7 days ago

    Can you imagine if he would've been like "Nah I don't really wanna tattoo you"

  • SweetBabyGeesus_XO
    SweetBabyGeesus_XO 7 days ago

    7:58 when your uncle tells you to pick up a quarter but he tickles your butthole

  • Kink Whitely
    Kink Whitely 7 days ago

    it's not about the money it's about the artist

  • GlitterGirl- STUFF :P

    Is it bad that when I saw the last tattoo drawing, I instantly thought about Ariana Grande and her bunny mask? 😂

  • Chocolate Chip
    Chocolate Chip 7 days ago

    I don't like Ben....

  • Durv
    Durv 7 days ago

    Adam :(.

  • Thomas Torrissen
    Thomas Torrissen 7 days ago

    Getting a tiny tattoo from a high quality artist does not count as a "cheap tattoo" in that sense. If you really wanted to do a good comparison, have different price-range artists do the same motif.

  • Sinnahmon
    Sinnahmon 8 days ago

    The only BuzzFeed video I'll ever watch ✨✨✨

  • jasminejo2424
    jasminejo2424 8 days ago

    i feel like the cheap tattoo was the most expensive place in the end. $100 for 2 stars would be $800 for 16 stars that would use the same amount of ink and cover the same area as the last one did

  • Matthew Polcari
    Matthew Polcari 8 days ago

    wow. the moment he started talking about his aunt and her eyes. strong story.

  • Munna Abdelhady
    Munna Abdelhady 8 days ago

    they should try different hair cuts at different prices.

  • K Bread
    K Bread 8 days ago

    $50 dollar strip clubs vs 50000

  • choloeseguay
    choloeseguay 9 days ago

    such a great episode

  • Xaviar
    Xaviar 9 days ago

    He was like " What are you doing" lol it was his plan

  • Ethan Hepburn
    Ethan Hepburn 9 days ago


  • Get Off The X
    Get Off The X 9 days ago

    $875 is a freakin' BARGAIN for that work and artistry.

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