YOUR WORLD IS AN ILLUSION | Prey (Funny Moments)

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  • jacksepticeye
    jacksepticeye 1 month ago

    This won't be a full series by the way. I just wanted to do a few episodes dicking around in the game and having fun instead of doing a long let's play on it. This is a long game and would take too many parts to get through but I still wanted to do SOME videos on it at least and miss doing more condensed "funny moments" type videos like I used to years ago. That's why this video is a little different, I know that might disappoint some of you but I found it super fun to record and like how it turned out

    • Arajuana ee
      Arajuana ee 1 month ago

      no your the shit

    • Leni Nelson
      Leni Nelson 1 month ago

      jacksepticeye u poo poo

    • nicholas ford
      nicholas ford 1 month ago

      jacksepticeye I think that the mimic at the end tried to turn into the mirror

  • Oskar Haagensen
    Oskar Haagensen 2 days ago

    when he said Deus ex i thought he said day of sex

  • Tribalwolffey123 AJ

    Is it just me or is deciding your YouTube username difficult? Reply yes or no and like if you agree.

  • Ashlyn L
    Ashlyn L 2 days ago

    Lol we did a play on Singing in the Rain.

  • Kailash Kailash
    Kailash Kailash 2 days ago

    28:26 is the red or green drug from The Matrix

  • Kailash Kailash
    Kailash Kailash 2 days ago

    Bethsda are the same people who made Brink and seriously they make futuristic games as in games in the future

  • Steve Damon
    Steve Damon 2 days ago

    I'm sorry, I had to dislike, at the time ghere were 999 dislikes...

  • moonrose100
    moonrose100 3 days ago

    I love this! Can't wait for more!

  • Devan Frady
    Devan Frady 3 days ago

    I think everyone can agree Bethesda makes the Best games

  • Asia Cook
    Asia Cook 3 days ago

    oh and by the way I'm talking about the game is he a girl on it?

  • Asia Cook
    Asia Cook 3 days ago

    is he a girl or not?

  • Dragon Nikana
    Dragon Nikana 4 days ago

    I like how in the beginning they actually ARE talking about the equipment malfunctioning

  • Sherif
    Sherif 4 days ago

    papa bless you jack, may the john be with you

  • Gabriel Bailey
    Gabriel Bailey 4 days ago

    hi doa sexy vidyo

  • Jenny Ly
    Jenny Ly 4 days ago

    Do you play league of legends? btw love your vids!

  • Ashlie Small
    Ashlie Small 4 days ago

    do more of this please!🙏🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏👏

  • Cute kitty11
    Cute kitty11 4 days ago

    Jack: morgan were you really fooled by this?
    me: you were.
    friend: bruh

  • Michelle Torgerson
    Michelle Torgerson 5 days ago

    top to the morning to you ladis my name is jacksepticeye

  • thehacker 41
    thehacker 41 5 days ago

    when you hear the clicking sounds that means one is near

  • Miga Smull
    Miga Smull 6 days ago

    I think the mimic must be the coolest AI character in any game, ever. Hunting mimics is like playing prop hunt with one player.

  • Broforyo U
    Broforyo U 6 days ago

    This video is all sorts of fucked up it's Glitching out and and all sorts of shit

  • Amanda Fowler
    Amanda Fowler 7 days ago

    creepy cool or what.what I know is that I liked and subscribed

  • Ender Lox
    Ender Lox 7 days ago

    jack why u gotta involve jehova witness 😂😂😂lol

    JIMJIM GAMING 7 days ago

    Jack: where is the fourth squid baby

  • Renagadethesniper 123

    Part 2?

  • Julie Dye
    Julie Dye 7 days ago

    please do more videos like this.

  • Julie Dye
    Julie Dye 7 days ago

    I love the editing here so funny and jacks jokes always make me smile.

  • utterback utterback

    6:29 FISH_its bullet proof glassn duh durr

  • Denise Torres
    Denise Torres 7 days ago

    Have you played Five nights of fear

  • Fluff Nugget
    Fluff Nugget 8 days ago

    where's part t2wooooo

  • Jeremy Leach
    Jeremy Leach 8 days ago

    do more plz

  • Ken Arthur
    Ken Arthur 8 days ago

    Jack, play thumper again. I really miss it.

  • Kasey Mathew
    Kasey Mathew 9 days ago

    Like prop hunt, but the props are hunting YOU.

  • Morgan Williams
    Morgan Williams 9 days ago

    oh good, I'm not the only one who jumped into the helicopter blades to see what would happen

  • Boruto Uzamaki
    Boruto Uzamaki 9 days ago

    Papa bless this shit- Jacksepticeye

  • The MarshanGaming
    The MarshanGaming 9 days ago

    4:44lol he we go

  • gina gilcanu
    gina gilcanu 9 days ago

    Jack they were calling u Dr yu because yu was it last name in the game. It was yu, not you.

  • Courage Back
    Courage Back 9 days ago

    34:00 Major Cringe

  • Assassin Gaming
    Assassin Gaming 9 days ago

    I died laughing when Jack pulled the dead body of Patrica around. lol.

  • Aatu_Ray
    Aatu_Ray 9 days ago

    It's like the start of fallout New Vegas

  • Jasz Fox
    Jasz Fox 10 days ago

    finsh playing prey Ples

  • total gamer kid
    total gamer kid 10 days ago

    god bless that fish" jse 2017

  • Christopher Banzet
    Christopher Banzet 10 days ago

    Your Ms. Yu dumbass

  • WildCat TeeVee
    WildCat TeeVee 10 days ago

    Title 'The world is an illusion'

  • Alex Nicolaou
    Alex Nicolaou 10 days ago

    Where does the pilot sit

  • Muursk
    Muursk 10 days ago

    Loved the editing in this vid

  • ::star girl::
    ::star girl:: 10 days ago

    ...walnut seed?

  • Shimakaze Chan
    Shimakaze Chan 10 days ago

    Jack: "Okey, I'm A Simple Minded Level 15 Human, I Also Have Level 15 Roblox Guild And I Have A Minecraft Shield."

    Me: "Cool Jack But It Doesn't Work That Way.."

  • Ego
    Ego 10 days ago

    it's like of mass effect and the graphics remind me of mirror's edge

  • Makai Mabon
    Makai Mabon 11 days ago


  • Eagle Shadow X
    Eagle Shadow X 11 days ago

    well that sucks that he won't be doing anymore of this game cause this vid made me laugh so hard

  • Zayden Lueth
    Zayden Lueth 11 days ago

    I want the game so bad

  • arya .w.
    arya .w. 11 days ago

    ahh... you play prop hunt again.

  • Jaxon Boyd
    Jaxon Boyd 11 days ago

    Omg Jacks Bis at 17:00

  • CheezyCat
    CheezyCat 11 days ago

    Why is it renamed "funny moments"

  • Micah Morri-san
    Micah Morri-san 11 days ago

    LOL spent the last 40 mins LMFAO, was about to say "You gotta do a let's play of it.." then I read your comment, so its cool if you don't do one due to it being very long and all, but I really enjoyed the video thought it was hilarious, also thought the game was beyond awesome, I legit enjoy it a "fuck-ton", haven't had this much fun with a game in this genre since Alien: Isolation, best ones that came close were Outlast 1 & 2, & Res Evil7. But hope you enjoy making "mess around" videos like this on Prey, I found the game to be very well done, interesting, and kept you on your toes and thinking the whole way through, and also the elements put into it, like the music, a mass effect feel of it where when you make certain choices it effects the games outcome, as well as a very Dead Space/Bioshock feel to it [which I absolutely loved xD]. Hope you will be able to enjoy it as much as I did. xD

  • Dusttale Sans
    Dusttale Sans 12 days ago

    This Game Is like when ,portal 2, half life 2 and overwatch had a baby and BAMMM THIS GAME WAS BORN

  • Nameless Profile
    Nameless Profile 12 days ago

    I love how Jack got killed by the helicopter

  • David Te Raraku
    David Te Raraku 12 days ago

    I like you you are funny, dumb bum

  • David Te Raraku
    David Te Raraku 12 days ago

    you wanna know the meaning of Miss u , it's a women being married to a man.
    the people that calls a women Miss/Mrs, because they she respectfull

  • احمد العلاوي

    I hat when you choos a female charicter when you are a male

  • doom mcdoosh
    doom mcdoosh 12 days ago

    "am I a mimic?" JACK KNOWS THE ENDING!!!!! (just a joke (

  • Cloudy maker
    Cloudy maker 13 days ago

    Since I already watched Marks series I don't feel like watching your series (if you have one) but I noticed that you either made a joke about roblox or that you PLAY roblox, as you can see by my profile pic, I do too and I'd like to know your account name .3.

    ANDERSON MAX 13 days ago

    Make the part 2 to of Prey . pleas make it !

  • Sport Ronan
    Sport Ronan 13 days ago

    I like your channel and I'm Irish

  • Addisonf23
    Addisonf23 13 days ago

    u r cray cray jack and take a shit funny

  • Addisonf23
    Addisonf23 13 days ago

    it,s weird and pritty confusing

  • Addisonf23
    Addisonf23 13 days ago

    yeah i have the game it has lot,s of guns in it and don,t fuck around

  • Addisonf23
    Addisonf23 13 days ago

    a new?

  • Ethan Schneider
    Ethan Schneider 14 days ago

    M.yu = MU = Monster's University.

  • Smartalicious Randomness

    What if the cake,

    WAS ALSO A LIE?!!?!?

  • Jose Jalepeno
    Jose Jalepeno 14 days ago

    And a deadpool referance!

  • Jose Jalepeno
    Jose Jalepeno 14 days ago

    Lol the rick and morty referance is on point!
    25 Shmeckles!

  • MAYRA Vazquez
    MAYRA Vazquez 14 days ago


  • Trent Matuszewski
    Trent Matuszewski 14 days ago

    Who calls him the Queen Latifah of YouTube? I'm being serious here. I want to shake your hand.

  • Dreamer er
    Dreamer er 15 days ago

    jack play more

  • emarld minecrat
    emarld minecrat 15 days ago

    do more prey

  • Moushka Gaming
    Moushka Gaming 15 days ago

    rip humphrey

  • Debbie Holcomb
    Debbie Holcomb 15 days ago

    Who came from the live stream XD

  • Danbro666 Bryers
    Danbro666 Bryers 15 days ago

    can I get an amen

  • Lewis Billinge
    Lewis Billinge 16 days ago

    Jack they wasn't tied to the track 16:30

  • Mister MADNESS
    Mister MADNESS 16 days ago

    Jack please do more of this game

  • william fares
    william fares 16 days ago

    Can you play more prey please jack

  • Cool Kid challenges
    Cool Kid challenges 17 days ago

    I've got all the weapons in the game and I recommend to useing the shotgun because it is the best gun in the game but that's in my opinion I'm sorry for writing such a long comment

    DANI-VOLOR 17 days ago

    jack I love your videos no matter what you do, you got me out of my depression I love you!! if you don't ever see this it is fine I know that your always busy.😊

  • bill hall
    bill hall 17 days ago

    jack you funney bastard, keep it up

  • Jake From Statefarm
    Jake From Statefarm 17 days ago

    awe i was hoping for a full lets play on lol il have to watch markimoo and jacks videos now

  • Dylan Norton
    Dylan Norton 17 days ago

    Not to be mean but ur actually annoying when u send me Videos

  • Charjune
    Charjune 17 days ago

    This game reminds me of Bioshock... in space. With a bit of Prop Hunt and Dead Space.

  • anangel223
    anangel223 17 days ago


  • Faze Riptic
    Faze Riptic 17 days ago

    It's like mirrors edge

  • Sideclover 33
    Sideclover 33 17 days ago

    Do another

  • Freddie Tins
    Freddie Tins 18 days ago

    He's literally going to stop the train, dead.

  • Tambra Courtright
    Tambra Courtright 18 days ago

    u play league of legends?

  • Jaxon Schwarzwalter
    Jaxon Schwarzwalter 18 days ago

    You were supposed to hide behind the char

  • Luke wilson
    Luke wilson 18 days ago

    Jack : I'm having fun!

  • I. N.
    I. N. 18 days ago

    Does the black squid thing remind you of the Thing in the movie Life?

  • Kaon The Destroyer
    Kaon The Destroyer 18 days ago

    I like how they used Benedict Wong to do the voice acting for Alex Yu.

  • shinju ryuu
    shinju ryuu 18 days ago

    guten Morgan , Morgan :))

  • Sori Ch
    Sori Ch 19 days ago


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