Dave Chapelle: Why Terrorists Won't take black People As Hostages

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  • Unknown User
    Unknown User 21 hour ago

    Grandparents will talk about Richard Pryor

    Parents will talk about Eddie Murphy

    Cousins will talk about Katt Williams

    We will talk about Dave Chappelle

    Our kids will talk about Kevin Hart....

  • hectorisgay '44
    hectorisgay '44 1 day ago

    I almost pissed myself😂😂

  • It's key Naka
    It's key Naka 3 days ago

    I love you Dave!!!

  • Matthew Lide
    Matthew Lide 3 days ago

    A comedic genius.

  • Cyrus Rogers
    Cyrus Rogers 3 days ago

    That shirt is way too big

  • xXPorcelinxxRoseXx
    xXPorcelinxxRoseXx 3 days ago

    The Bob part killed me lmao

  • syed sohaib
    syed sohaib 6 days ago

    come on...sign the treaty baby..😂😂😂

  • Larry Bird
    Larry Bird 6 days ago

    "Come here little nigga baby! Mmmmwaaaa!" I'm dead😂😂😂The voice🤣🤣🤣

  • ㅁㅇ
    ㅁㅇ 9 days ago

    Why negros segregate themselves? Cannot understand.

  • Ernest Hennessy
    Ernest Hennessy 10 days ago


  • Uni Versal
    Uni Versal 12 days ago

    "He'll be at meetings, embarrassing America and shit"
    Trump be like 😭

  • thefirstborn
    thefirstborn 13 days ago

    Terrorists don't hold blacks hostage.... this is deeper than I thought

  • Horatio Lewis
    Horatio Lewis 15 days ago

    Fast forward to today and now he knows about boko haram taking black children as hostages. Still haven't returned them all.

  • doitee52
    doitee52 17 days ago

    Doesn't get better than Dave.  He is one of the last real comedians. He should take over one of the late night shows. Sooooooooooooooooo funny!

    CRUZ CHAGO 18 days ago

    thats donald trump selling info to the russians

  • niagra898
    niagra898 19 days ago

    White people will NEVER tell you who they're voting for.

  • iiamkee21
    iiamkee21 20 days ago

    lmaoooo he said we cant have a crackhead as a president its okay for a mayor tho...I fucking lost it thats right i loved our mayor back in the day in DC

  • Oscar Maidana
    Oscar Maidana 21 day ago

    Chapelle better than Eddie Murphy.

  • Dick James
    Dick James 22 days ago

    so anyways I was fucking my wife in the ass lol

  • Fici
    Fici 23 days ago

    Why does Bob sound like Barack Obama?

  • Royal xJeff
    Royal xJeff 24 days ago

    come here little nigger baby mmwahhh

  • Oussama Abouzahr
    Oussama Abouzahr 26 days ago

    the Crowd just love him.

  • Ryan McElmurry
    Ryan McElmurry 26 days ago

    The reason white people don't divulge their political preferences to blacks is that whites commonly agree with the opposite side, and blacks are so often beligerant and aggressive so they begin talking shit and threatening white people for having different views, even before any insight. Just say "I don't like Obama." and they'll yell at you angrily. That, exactly, has happened to me.

    • Ryan McElmurry
      Ryan McElmurry 26 days ago

      Literally 99% of black voters didn't vote for Obama BC they all just happened to love his politics. Say you don't like Obama to black ppl and you could get yourself killed for not liking black ppl, to them, they're so racist, by the proof in those numbers

    • Ryan McElmurry
      Ryan McElmurry 26 days ago

      What I actually said was "I like Obama as a person. But I think he was a horrible president". And boy did that cause almost fighting hostility

  • Michael Flavin
    Michael Flavin 26 days ago

    Come get little nigger baby

  • WarlordX7
    WarlordX7 26 days ago

    this is why black people annoy me. the niggas in the crowd over acting is cringy and annoying.

  • Omar Placencia
    Omar Placencia 27 days ago

    "Hello, we've got 5 black... hello?" gets me every time 😂😂😂😂

  • Ian Schultz
    Ian Schultz 27 days ago

    "You know why history never talks about that?" Because it isn't proven...

  • alejandro farias
    alejandro farias 28 days ago

    3.983 don't know how to laugh

  • frantisek petrasek
    frantisek petrasek 1 month ago

    he meant to say peace in Palestine not israhell

  • Katy Lee
    Katy Lee 1 month ago

    He is so funny :D

  • YceBox
    YceBox 1 month ago

    "Hello? White House? We've got five black-"
    "Why did Obama just hung up on us!??"

  • Michael Hurley
    Michael Hurley 1 month ago


  • KakiBangkuHD
    KakiBangkuHD 1 month ago

    There is no such thing as white peoples voice lol.

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 1 month ago

    After Boko Haram though....this joke isn't true anymore. Shit's crazy these days.

  • Original Username
    Original Username 1 month ago

    Id like to know why the fuck youre making money off this mans work

  • Trey Valentin
    Trey Valentin 1 month ago

    "Come here lil n#%*@÷ baby mmmwah" I fucking died😂😂😂

  • Sean Fitz
    Sean Fitz 1 month ago

    Anyone else spot Robbie from ArsenalFanTV in the crowd?

  • Michael Provenzano
    Michael Provenzano 1 month ago

    "Come here little nigger baby" Fucking dead

  • Jimmy Fallon
    Jimmy Fallon 1 month ago

    Rick James brought me here.

  • Peter Joy
    Peter Joy 1 month ago

    "Those two pages in history are stuck together"
    That's wonderful

  • F. Adil Jumanne-Kobla BenAda'mtu

    So much for having a coke-head POTUS in the y'alls White house . . . closest to equal opportunity y'all have publically demonstrated. Done allowed one of each ethnicity caucasian and Heinz 57 to sit in. - - - - - That's right I wrote that! Go 'head an' post sutom back 'bout it.

  • MsUsagi513
    MsUsagi513 1 month ago

    "Terrorists don't take black hostages." Tell that to those girls Boko Haram kidnapped. And yet I remember the US really didn't do that much about it. Sure some celebrities did that silly hashtag about free our girls, but of course that wasn't helpful.

  • TechnocraticDreadnought

    terrorist are racit!XD

  • Sterling Wilson-Clements

    4:35 had me dying of laughter. lmfao

  • Mustafa Idol
    Mustafa Idol 1 month ago

    come here little nigger baby

  • It's Jokes
    It's Jokes 1 month ago

    Come here little nigger baby 😂😂😂

  • ya bro garen
    ya bro garen 1 month ago


  • kelvin funmilade
    kelvin funmilade 2 months ago

    Why I'm I watching this at 3am..

  • Spray And Pray
    Spray And Pray 2 months ago

    Came here little nigga baby.OMG XD

  • Anuj K
    Anuj K 2 months ago

    I am big fan Dave but couldn't take how you compared the asian looking guy to Chinese but instantly when you said one black guy from Nigeria, I don't blame you I would have done same mistake by calling him Somalian.

  • HereIsRick
    HereIsRick 2 months ago

    look at all the dumb niggers cheering everything that paints G Dubya in a bad light. Little do they know he would be President!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH stupid niggers.

  • EJ P
    EJ P 2 months ago

    Yeah, Bill Clinton has SO much character...who believes this shit??? Oh yeah, Chapelle fans. He says basis his voting on character, then washes all slick willy's sins away by saying he wasn't the first presidents to do it. Then I guess everyone should do it, lie, cheat, steal..repeat.

  • HybridFlu
    HybridFlu 2 months ago

    Send some Newport. lol

  • Chris Coyne
    Chris Coyne 2 months ago

    I miss his presence in comedy. Life has really been hard on him, he's just not the same.

  • Dark Matter
    Dark Matter 2 months ago

    Comedians are Professors.

  • No I'm Dirty Dan!
    No I'm Dirty Dan! 2 months ago

    This audience is darker than my search history

  • InProgress
    InProgress 2 months ago

    Dave would be needed so much in today's world! Straight out political uncorrectness.

  • CloseProximity
    CloseProximity 2 months ago

    Are people seriously trying to debate a comedy routine in the comments?? Fucking pathetic!! Just watch the video, laugh and shut the fuck up!! JEEZ

  • Enclave
    Enclave 2 months ago

    Sniffing cocaine might be fine for a mayor...was this filmed in Toronto?

  • Epicnp.64
    Epicnp.64 2 months ago

    Kevin Hart's funnier

  • Mike Mauldin
    Mike Mauldin 2 months ago

    I will sign the treaty. There will be peace in Israel 😂😂😂

  • tony parker
    tony parker 2 months ago

    "come here lil'nigger baby"lol

  • PhreezePhoenix
    PhreezePhoenix 2 months ago

    "Ehh. Oh boy!" LMAOOO

  • Luigi M
    Luigi M 2 months ago

    How are there almost 4K votes down? I am asking for some details...I'm just not getting how this isn't funny.

  • nicoyablazer88
    nicoyablazer88 2 months ago

    FYI JFK tapped that for sure!!

  • nicoyablazer88
    nicoyablazer88 2 months ago

    Hahahahaha " That might be fine for a Major" Lmfao

  • Kodie Jc
    Kodie Jc 2 months ago

    4:53 i fucking lost it

  • There-are No-Gods
    There-are No-Gods 2 months ago

    I fly with terrorists all the time and never had a problem...........Thanks to Emirates.

  • Cristian Smistad
    Cristian Smistad 2 months ago

    Lmfao he's giving Bush shit does he know about Obama's past? Probs just ignored it cause the dude was black

    • Cristian Smistad
      Cristian Smistad 2 months ago

      Ik ik, I'm talking when Obama got on the ticket and the entire black community was championing him as the best thing of all time. Chappelle was probs a part of that group, that is unless he went full Ben Carson mode

    • Kaden O'Keene
      Kaden O'Keene 2 months ago

      This was before anybody even knew who Obama was

  • Robert Jensen
    Robert Jensen 2 months ago

    The way he switches on a dime from black voice to white voice is amazing. Hell, he can do any accent he wants.

  • TheJR1948
    TheJR1948 2 months ago

    American stand up is crap

  • Burnin Colours
    Burnin Colours 2 months ago

    Hey look. The nigglet niggels.


  • Cousin_Vlogs
    Cousin_Vlogs 2 months ago

    His white person voice sounds like obama

  • Murmad Man
    Murmad Man 2 months ago

    Terrorists don't take black hostages, because blacks aren't doing the terrorizing

  • Vishesh Singh
    Vishesh Singh 2 months ago

    hello we got 5 black ... hello? 😂

  • Dyderich Schmidt
    Dyderich Schmidt 2 months ago

    Hang on? Cocaine sniffing OK for Mayor but not for President...ohhh....guess Americans made a boo boo when they allowed Obama for 8 years from his cocaine sniffing past :P

  • Jacob Hoss
    Jacob Hoss 2 months ago

    Dave's white guy voice sounds eerily like former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick.

  • Juan Gonzalez
    Juan Gonzalez 2 months ago

    come here lil niggerbaby

  • Wyatt Hulse
    Wyatt Hulse 2 months ago

    I lost it at "sign the treaty baby, I'll suck yo dick!"😂

  • Jeremy L
    Jeremy L 2 months ago

    Amazing how much it was not a big deal to make racist jokes from the 90s with Chris rock through till 2011 with Dave Chappelle. Hmm ironically Obama became president almost the exact time racism became a hate only thing and the comedy aspect was lost. Thus the division started and now is..divided. Thanks obama for messing up literally everything that was still great in America. If he wasn't a Muslim I'd call him a n-word for that shit.

    Well how did I do? That was my attempt at bringing back funny racism! 😂

  • CaityBlack Cherry
    CaityBlack Cherry 2 months ago

    Lawd he said those two pages were stuck together 😩😩😩

  • Abhishek Sharma
    Abhishek Sharma 2 months ago

    He sure does get a lot of love from them brothas... those standing ovations and shit.

  • A Burrito
    A Burrito 2 months ago

    lmao Clinton was busier than Kennedy? 😂😂😂😂 yeah rrrrrrrright

  • yowzephyr
    yowzephyr 2 months ago

    Chapelle frightens me a bit. I laugh so hard that I'm afraid I'm gonna burst a blood vessel.

  • phil smith
    phil smith 2 months ago

    the teamster drivers ,in ga., cracking thier whips, were crackers. ga. crackers were a team in the aaa baseball league in atlanta.

  • Stones Levi
    Stones Levi 2 months ago

    4:38 😂😂😂😂😂😂 dead

  • Kevin F
    Kevin F 2 months ago

    I lose it everytime he makes white guy voices

  • Yasser Khan
    Yasser Khan 2 months ago

    this is gold

  • Llama Commander
    Llama Commander 2 months ago

    *Gasp* Mister President...

  • TheTheratfarmer
    TheTheratfarmer 2 months ago

    no one talks about native american's. crack some jokes (Dave), we are real humans.

  • Michelle W
    Michelle W 2 months ago


  • Kaliss
    Kaliss 2 months ago

    215 black victims were killed on 9/11. Funny joke, but not really relevant.

  • Gang Green Honcho
    Gang Green Honcho 2 months ago

    "Everybody, get on the fucking ground! NOBODY LOOK AT MY FACE!" That Arab voice killed me 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Damon Lee
    Damon Lee 2 months ago

    this man has better delivery than pizza Hut and that shits .3 miles away

  • Kevin F
    Kevin F 2 months ago

    Chappelles "white person" voice is one of my favorite parts about his sets "DAVE! Dave, come on with the voting. Tryin to tell ya bout fucking my wife here. Askin me all these personal questions." His white face in The Chappelle show is icing on the cake.

  • Odd M.A.S
    Odd M.A.S 3 months ago

    Dave Chapelle is Legend

  • Deel2506
    Deel2506 3 months ago

    every line gets me laughing, dunno how he does that

  • Duston McCreary
    Duston McCreary 3 months ago

    Funny but some inaccuracies. JFK had much more to deal with than Clinton at the time.

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