People are outraged by this Pepsi ad starring Kendall Jenner

People are outraged by Pepsi's new ad starring Kendall Jenner. We asked Pepsi about the blowback and they said, "This is a global ad that reflects people from different walks of life coming together in a spirit of harmony, and we think that's an important message to convey.” This isn't Pepsi's first ad controversy. In 2013 the company pulled an ad accused of racism and normalizing violence against women.


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Author Siegfried Vander ( ago)
Can someone tell me what happened to pepsi?i still dont get it

Author Kijunsen ( ago)
so much butthurt.

Author knit1purl1 ( ago)
After seeing this commercial I realize I'm not cool and attractive looking enough to "join the conversation" Too bad. I'll stick with Hanson's soda.

Author HWK ( ago)
Just a bunch of pussies whining and bitching nothing to see here move on....

Author Alessandro Fazolo ( ago)
In the 80s I saw a jeans commercial (winner of 1988 Cannes Festival) in which models in protest were seized by trousers, raided by water jets and dragged by troopers. No one protested. Currently, just open a can of soda in a march that people pisses off. People have become very stupid!

Author databang ( ago)
The most egregious part of the video is when that no-talent-ass-hat, Kendal Gender, handed a black woman a weave. 💁🏾Oh no she didn't!!

Author Kaitlyn Ennis ( ago)
Im not trying to start a thing, but I don't understand what is wrong with the ad..?

Author Ramzi Ajem ( ago)
I feel that some people can't live without accusing and labeling other people.

Author Ludo B ( ago)
i love this pub 😊😍

Author Doctor KoolK ( ago)
I don't care how many of these ads they post. Nothing is changing our love for Kendal jenners

Author Panos Pands ( ago)
So Pepsi tried to "recreate" that famous photo from the 70s, where a girl put a flower in the gun during a protest. And people get mad why exactly? In this one we see all kinds of people united and police officers are friendly and just stand there. Secretly, they would like to join.
I may don't get it cause I am Greek, but I think this is just one more time where Americans are bored and they found something to get offended by just to nag about something.

Author eminemishh ( ago)
I want the 1950s with no racism perfect era

Author M C ( ago)
Pepsi is poison.

Author Purple Smurkle ( ago)
Server: "All we have is Pepsi"
Me: "honey get the kids"

Author Faith in Humanity ( ago)
u dont see coke doing this shit smh

Author Colby Killian ( ago)
God, why is everyone so stupid? Why do people protest against cops? And why do other people try to solve those problems that people have with the cops by making a stupid fucking ad about a rich stuck up bitch giving a can of diabetes to an on duty officer because they think that will sell their product more? Hmmmm maybe they didn't realize that both sides would get pissed off about this ad and now their up shit creek without a fuckin canoe. Pepsi go back to putting ads on peoples youtube videos so they can make fucking money. And the rest of you I couldn't care less what you do just please think before you do it. Alright I'm gonna go put a gun in my mouth and pull the trigger now.

Author Box Addict ( ago)
People need to wake up stop infighting and go after the leaders

Author carlo zarosi ( ago)
They are all racist because they think everything is racist

Author altar7 ( ago)
Political correctness at its worst. Seeing corporations playing that card makes you want to throw up.
But what can you expect from a company that's been poisoning people since the 19th century?

Author Technology Unicorn ( ago)
lol y'all getting mad at Kendall when she didn't even do anything.. Pepsi wrote the commercial

Author florry01 ( ago)
drink more pepsi

Author Jimmy Mboma ( ago)
I'm I stupid for not seeing what's wrong with the commercial

Author Kelio Goken ( ago)
Literally saw nothing wrong with this ad, people gotta stop seeing colour themselves if they believe this was taking the piss out of BLM and the Women's march. "perfect example of what happens when there is no black people in the room when decisions are being made" get the fuck out. Idiot.

Author Yahia Jama ( ago)
Who else here remembers the good Pepsi adverts with footballers?

Author Stingy_Vette ( ago)
WTF is with the dislikes? Was this video biased? It just told it as it is.

SJW's eat their own. Have a Coke and a Smile.

Author phillusionist ( ago)

Author schwänzerausfürharambe ( ago)
I dont get it...........

Author Tazrahzeljr ( ago)
my God this has to be the softest most butthurt, treehugging generation in history. Honestly come on now. THIS is what we're mad about? As a black man i see literally nothing wrong with this ad. I swear if they ran a different ad with just her and a few of her friends they would complain theres no black people in the ad smh. goodness gracious

Author Mr Fathead ( ago)
wtf it's a fucking ad idiots get over it and all the other Bullshit in the world

Author Hthesniper148 22 ( ago)
People are fucking retarded

Author Mi Sos ( ago)
If I was pepsi company my response would be, " You crying bitches are the reason humans evolved to have middle fingers"

Author sean grand ( ago)
Nothing wrong with this ad put ur fucking race behind urself and see the big picture and see that they are bringing everyone together even the police stfu there wasn't anything racist about it

Author LOCK YOUR DOOR ( ago)
Black Lives Matter is a racist, terrorist organization suppressing black people under the guise of racial equality. White males are 80% more likely to be killed by a cop than black males. NEVER equate BLM thugs with true 1960s civil rights activists.

Author Chromosomes O' plenty ( ago)
here's a better question: WHO FUCKING CARES? Why is everyone such a fucking pussy? It's a commercial.

Author AnzekX ( ago)
People are getting triggered for no reason over this. Like damn shut the fuck up and stop complaining about everything. FUCK.

Author James Lyback ( ago)
It would have been better if the cop had pulled out his baton and given her a wooden shampoo. Additionally, I've never seen a smiling protester. In real life most protester are ugly faced women and men who don't bathe. The only thing they give to police is aggravation. Not soda.

Author 88HAILSTONE ( ago)
the tag line Live for now.. selfish and with no grounds in reality what so ever basically the entire Identity politics or rater the people pushing it would love this to be all their sheep's motto, and what kind of protest is this seams more like a festival rather than a march for a cause a carnival of sort, protests involve a lot more vandalism and punching "national-socialists"

Author Dragoon Z ( ago)
good for bringing that 2013 one dayum!

Author Eric Kaliberhall ( ago)
Fuck the "progressive-left" NWO and their race baiting, sick fucking Agenda! You Lost, welcome to Reality you lazy fucking parasites, No One Cares about your Fellings!

Author MixedColors ( ago)
I love this ad just because the drama lmao

Author MixedColors ( ago)
People complain about racism, yet they talk about it wich helps racism keep on going.....

Author Mark Anderson ( ago)
Leftists always eat their own. The madness is uncontrollable.

Author Jimmie Campbell ( ago)
Goodbye, PEPSI!

Author John barfneck ( ago)
hahahahahahahah black people had their race stolen by the lgbtqs the new race as judges in America see they black people are beginning to understand  when judges/the government  give the lgbtqs more rights than everyone else.......what is really happening.

Author MixedColors ( ago)
I give this a month and people be drinkin Pepsi again

Author JackJet Games ( ago)
Got to be politically correct and accepting pepsi🙄

Author That One mimiga _ ( ago)
what is the problem
someone showing respect for those who deserve it?

Author Bumfluff Mckenzie ( ago)
Just fuck off - butthurt retard lefties

Author Blue Balugi ( ago)
in reality kensall would of gotten arrested

Author Ed S ( ago)
gotta love the covert trump-tards tards on here

Author tinytank718 9 ( ago)
Why do people get so pissed about time the police is getting more support. guess people are going to boycott bad boys 3.

Author zmxsy ( ago)
What's so wrong

Author Davis Films ( ago)
Dude that Felicia the Goat ad was funny af and I don't see an issue with this ad yall just have to find stuff to get offended by

Author andrew svejda ( ago)

Author Pyro321boom ( ago)
the jail one was tyler, the creator and his crew, odd future. Tyler wanted a commercial and pepsi let him have one. he directed it too...

Author catherine reilly ( ago)
omg there are so many other things going on in the world right now that need our attention! it's a commerical

Author paycheck dander ( ago)


Putting BLM on the level of gods is kinda worries me. The last time a movement put themselves on the level of gods they killed a lot of jews.

Author FeatheryBird ( ago)
People have gone nuts it's a great add , so many people are off wack they just don't get it anymore.

Author chris ( ago)
i swear some people get triggered over everything

Author Cloud Trap ( ago)
0:44 This fucker is high. How in the hell is handing the wig to a black person more racist? Are you implying that black people have some special treatment so they don't have to hold it? Pathetic...

Author fooly cooly ( ago)
a commercial about unity, and cooperation
proceeds to trigger the right and left, who proceed to fight each other

Author Seth Downs ( ago)
Always complaining. if it's not one thing or another. chill, no one cares.

Author rgordian624 ( ago)
So she wipes cum off of her face and takes off her wig after a long night of sucking dick for attention while brown people watch on then she hands a cop a can of aids. Great ad.

My Pepsi ad idea is Hitler kicks a baby through goal post at a football stadium and on the big screen in the background you see Osama Bin Laden making out with Caitlyn Jenner while pepsi rains down. That is how you market.

Author Theevilrhino ( ago)
if you get upset at this you are more of a bitch than someone that complains about starbuckss cups or the holiday greeting you are given. the right can call the left soft but at the end of the day this whole country is full of a bunch of sheep that will bitch at anything

Author Alex Auro ( ago)
why is this commercial getting so much popularity. its just another stupid commercial. if it was a black women instead of jenner maybe people would have liked it? I don't get it...

Author Nopi ( ago)
...I don't get why people are freaking out?

Author Saul Rodriguez ( ago)
The complaints had to start from the blacks smh. If it doesn't involve them then its considered racism smfh

Author richboy27 rick ( ago)
The fuck is the problem here? Just because the ad shows a damn protest for something?

Author Pedro Moniz Teixeira ( ago)
The hilarious thing is for an SJWfeministLGBQTASD NOTHING is ever good. If there's no diversity "racism", if they try to please you with depicting your shitty protests against GOD KNOWS WHAT THIS TIME there's also something wrong with it, some detail some shit.

Dear SJWs: You want CIS scum dead. We want you dead as well.

Author Jen H ( ago)
omg that 2013 ad though... what were they thinkin lmao

Author AnonaMousetookmaname ( ago)
She got no ass.  A man needs some bubbleage back there, you know, somethin' to hold on to.  Her old man has a nicer ass, just have to shave it from time to time.

Author Jaylee Leistiko ( ago)
I love when the Sjw's diversity system they created end up eating them up in the process, hilarious they get mad at their own rules because even they can't follow them. Keep it up idiots, most movies suck so i need something to keep me entertained.

Author Ethan Fisher-Perez ( ago)
At this point handing a black person your wig makes you a devil-racist-aryan-supremist.

Author T Bone ( ago)
I'm not offended at all. This commercial just goes to show how fucking retarded the left has become.

Author sir kukucashu ( ago)
this commercial is the best one coca cola ever did.

Author Gabriel Lopes ( ago)
Somebody please try to get in contact with that muslim woman, she hugged a guy, by now she must be below a pile of rocks, let's all hope that guy was her husband

Author Michael Simmons ( ago)
Meh, people just like to complain and the media gives those people a voice because it gets ratings. I hope this shit gets old before everyone starts to accept this fake reality tv style news as reality.

Author Катюша ( ago)
Right-wingers are mad at it for pandering to SJWs and BLM.
Left-wingers are mad at it because they are actually retarded.

Author Mind Control Experiments ( ago)
All the division is caused by the left and the media.

Author Jose C.A goldenwhite ( ago)
cmon conservatives yall gonna act like the ad wasnt fucking shit let go of that fucking ego. "oh let me give this police officer a pepsi everything will be fine and we will dance and everything is ok now".. hhaha fuck outta hereeee who wrote this shit lmao

Author Kevin Hill ( ago)
BIG Pepsi fan now!! Any pro police ad is PERFECT!!

Author Between Shades Of Black ( ago)
This is making a mockery of the things we hold dear to our hearts. Cops treat people like animals.

Author Harasser ( ago)
People are offended by everything these days; my solution? Stop giving a fuck, I'll say/do what I want, where and when I want. Fuck your feelings, grow up and be an adult.

Author felipe jannotti ( ago)
Liberal lunatics

Author Trever Stears ( ago)
um so what's the big deal? someone explain the Pepsi kendall thing?

Author Nick Zimmerman ( ago)
I thought there was a rumor that Pepsi never paid for this add to happen. Maybe Coke made it to bash pepsi. just a rumor tho

Author Julian Rojas ( ago)
i didn't notice anything about race, police, sexual orientation, ect. i just thought it was a stupid fucking commercial.

Author Jimmy P ( ago)
Didn't like the ad. Pathetic.

Author Bayne Anthrist ( ago)
I love the ad.I think they're sending a great message and Kendall's Performance was amazing.

Author Asapgross ( ago)
Hahaha people serious over a commercial with a goat in a police lineup I think it's time to turn off the tv you can't handle it

Author Sheila stop it ( ago)
i don't care about any of these complaints tbh. I just thought the ad was stupid and doesn't make sense for a company that sells fizzy drinks.

Author Rex Gaub ( ago)
Never liked Pepsi anyway never did drink it so I'm out of this. I don't give a shit anyway.

Author tripp sharpe ( ago)
There's nothing wrong with this ad people just have lil pussies for feelings.

Author Andre Johnson ( ago)
Everyone comes with judgments, opinions and an ego! There are no rights or wrongs just consequences... Everyone's entitled to doing things differently... Be okay with the truth and the facts... We live in a society where there are a lot of thinkers more so than believers.. hopefully someday individuals will understand that no matter the circumstances or challenges... We should a rise above the lesson & learning Experience...

Author CT-5597 Jesse ( ago)
That's why I drink a nice refreshing Coca Cola

Author JY Kim ( ago)
people are too sensitive! It's a miserable commercial!!! it doesn't mean anything if we don't give it so much importance! Stop complaining about mundane ads and do something! Trump won because of those same complaining people that just gave him more popularity. Get off your lazy complaining shoes and actually live for the change. Be the change.

Author John MDM ( ago)
So many confused liberals came together to make this video. Whoever talked this vapid young lady into being part of it should be ashamed.

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